My UK Adventure Pt. 03: Becoming a Willing Strumpet

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I hope you have read part 2 or the beginning of part 3 may be confusing. Since I’ve used this term several times, the definition of a Strumpet from English slang dictionary is: “First used by Shakespeare as a term for a loose woman that doesn’t care who she has sex with. She could ask for money for having sex. Other words for a strumpet are: trollop, harlot, tramp, or whore.”


“Wake up gorgeous,” I heard Dirk say.

I opened my eyes and realized that I was still in the back of a stopped van. The van where I went dogging in earlier. I wasn’t sick like before, but still felt a little woozy. I heard footsteps as the back doors opened with Phil looking in at a naked me. I tried to cover myself as he turned on the light.

“Oh sorry, I thought she would be dressed by now,” he said with a chuckle. “Whew! Shit bro, it’s ripe in there!”

Dirk laughed and answered, “Yeah a little sex aroma mixed with barf, but you get used to it. Now help me find her shit. It’s late and I have to dump her back to Connor’s before he locks up.”

Phil took a deep breath and jumped in looking for my items. He found my jacket and threw it at me. Giggling, I asked where my bustier was. Phil quickly answered that it had barf all over it and I probably shouldn’t put it on. I found my skirt but no panties. Dirk chuckled and told me that he gave it to Olly as a souvenir for his first time. As I sat up, I started to feel better. I wrapped the skirt around me, but it was wet from something and it wasn’t barf. I put it on anyway. The jacket was short and had no buttons. It wasn’t ever intended to be a cover, just an accent for the bustier. Not being able to button it left my boobs barely covered.

Scooting out of the back, I tried to stand but fell back and leaned on the rear bumper. I felt something damp and sticky on my ass as I leaned back. Dirk finally got out and helped me up. I told him about the wetness. He laughed telling me it was just some guys jizz. More laughing as he told me that I still have some on my boobs too. I looked down and felt the glob of cum beginning to seep down my chest. I scooped it up and wiped it on my skirt. I began wondering where else had guys left their seed. It wasn’t long before I found out. As I began gingerly walking while being held up by Dirk, I felt cum dripping onto my legs probably from my pussy. My inner thighs rubbed against the goo massaging it into my skin. That’s when I began remembering the evening.

As we walked I meekly asked Dirk, “Did I really go dogging and have sex with lots of guys or was it all just a dream?” I guess the semen spattered on me should have answered my question.

As he guided me to the lighted opening for the pub, Dirk chuckled and answered, “Oh yeah Kathryn! Can’t tell by how messy you are? You went dogging and it seemed like you really enjoyed yourself. I could tell by your verbal embellishments that you had numerous orgasms. It sure seemed that you were having fun making guys horny and shagging you. You have turned into one hot, horny, fit little strumpet and we should do this again a few more times before you go home.”

Phil began laughing and added, “We should take more photos too”.

My thoughts kept remembering the night of hard cocks fucking me in every hole. I didn’t say a word as we walked into pub. Suddenly the fun I had with Olly’s flashed in my thoughts. I smiled thinking about how I would always be remembered as his first girl. So I guess Dirk was right. I did have lots of fun. But I wish I could remember it all.

Dirk took me to the bar and I sat on a stool. Laying my head down onto the bar made me feel better. Connor walked over, looked at me and asked where I have been. Dirk told him that we went dogging. Then he laughed and told him that I needed a seltzer. Connor quickly gave me a glass filled with sizzling water. Then I was told to drink it all down. Picking my head up, Dirk took the glass and helped me drink it. Then I laid my head down again into my arms.

I could feel Connor staring at as he nastily asked, “Is kurtköy escort bayan that right Kathryn? You went dogging and shagged a lot of guys? Or is that what he told you, but instead you were really whored out!”

Oh my God! I don’t know now. I thought we went dogging but suddenly it occurred to me that guys did pay Dirk 50 quid to fuck me. So I mumbled that we did both. Starting to feel better, I sat up and explained that it started out as dogging but then guys were paying Dirk too, until I got sick. Connor gave Dirk a mean look and said something about Myles was going to be pissed. I closed my eyes, laid my head back down and tried to remember the night as they continued quarreling.

Suddenly Dirk angrily blurted, “Fuck you Connor! You know she had to start shagging sometime. It’s what we brought her over for anyway. She needs to start earning her keep just like all the others. This was something that should have been done during the weekend, but Myles thinks she’s some sort of classy lady. She’s not. She’s exactly what her photos she gave him say. Strumpet! She definitely enjoyed the shagging just like the strumpet she really is. So fuck you and Myles!”

Connor smiled and tried to defuse his wrath. “Yeah you’re right. I knew by how easily she shagged me and Myles that she was not a lady. But Myles isn’t going to like it. He really likes this one and her attractive innocent lady qualities had him planning to sell her cunt to those rich bastards. She was going to be our way into the money. But if she was willing and shagged like you said, then we should get her out there and start with some ads describing her.”

Dirk replied, “Oh well! I didn’t know he was saving her. But bro Kathryn took 6 fucking cocks like a pro. I’m sure she’s done this before. I guarantee you that her Lady act is just that an act. Maybe we should test the slag to see if she can pass shagging the top class. I’m all for that, but let’s get her going. We do need the bread.”

Dirk turned to me and asked, “Isn’t that right Kathryn. You have been a strumpet before and you like lots of guys paying attention to you and fucking you. Now don’t you? You are a really just another cum sucking cunt?”

I had my head down on the bar, half way listening. I was so freaking tried and still tipsy but my stomach wasn’t queasy any more. I still didn’t totally understand what a strumpet was when I answered, “I guess so!”

Dirk blurted, “See Connor. She’s an expert. I knew she was from all of those fucking photos she sent to Myles. She’s really a whore acting like she’s not and we should treat her like one! But again if she can bring in more than 200 a shag then I’m all for it. Otherwise we should get her out shagging for as much as we can get.””

As they kept discussing my attributes, I got up and slowly staggered up the stairs to the toilet. Once I splashed cold water on my face to clean up, I suddenly began feeling better. I stayed in the restroom a long time trying to decide on what to do. As I remembered the evening events, I became somewhat angry with myself for again allowing to be used like a piece of meat. And now listening to them debate on whoring me to anyone had me worried too. How was I going to get out of this mess?

I started talking to myself, “Dam girl! Are you that fucking stupid? You should have known that guys wouldn’t pay your way to the UK without getting something in return. What were you thinking? And then going dogging? You should have known that you would be fucked by a lot of guys. You are so brainless. Now how are you going to get out of it this time?”

“You aren’t,” I heard a voice behind me. I didn’t see Connor coming into the restroom. He came up to me and put his arms around me. He pulled back my jacket exposing my boobs while kissing my neck. As he played with my boobs, we looked into the mirror at each other.

“Look at how beautiful you are Kathryn,” he stated. “You are so attractive and blokes will pay handsomely for the opportunity maltepe escort bayan to shag your hot fit body. It’s perfectly legal in the UK too. So you have nothing to worry about but enjoying a lot of orgasms from horny guys. I guarantee you’ll have a fun pleasurable time too. What you did tonight was your undoing. We now know you like shagging strange men. Also, Kathryn this trip wasn’t free. You’ll have to help pay for it like other girls have done before. Dirk told me about how horny you were tonight, which shows me that it shouldn’t be a problem for you to continue being our little strumpet for the rest of your trip.”

Kissing my neck as he pinched my nipples he whispered, “Just think of all the nice places you’ll be able to see and the nice blokes that you’ll enjoy shagging. It will be a perfect vacation for you. If you cooperate, you’ll even make some extra quid or have a few more shopping sprees. Myles has great plans for you to just shag the elite, which will save your body. But first I think you should start working up the ladder. Why don’t we go downstairs and get started on paying us back for your travel costs. They’re some nice blokes that would like to shag you. Okay Kathryn?”

I didn’t get a chance to say anything. He pushed my head around and kissed my lips, making sure I would agree by actions and not words. I found myself passionately kissing him back. When we broke for air, he turned me around and lifted me up onto the sink. As we kissed again, he opened my legs and began rubbing my pussy. I leaned back and moaned. As usual, my pussy betrayed me. His fingering felt so very good exploring my clit. I forgot everything he just said and now wanted to be shagged again.

Connor then chuckled and said, “Ah, that’s it Kathryn. Just enjoy being played with. I knew you would agree.”

All I could do was moan with pleasurable sighs. I finally answered, “God that feels so good! I’ll agree if no more gang bangs.”

Then laughing he replied, “Okay gorgeous! You are such a hot little trollop. I don’t know why Myles thought of you differently with all of those nasty photos you gave him. I do know that after tonight, you will be our busy little harlot. Rich are not, you’ll going to have fun shagging.”

Lifting me off the sink, we kissed again. With his arm around my waist he began guiding me out of the bathroom toward the stairs. I stopped at the top of the stairs because I was still a little tipsy. Connor held me tight as we started to slowly walk down. Once at the bottom I looked around.

There were two older guys drinking at the bar. Off to my left was a couple sitting and his eyes were glued on me. I wondered what he was staring at. Then I noticed that my jacket wasn’t covering my boobs. The girl he was with was a little over weight and her blouse was unbuttoned. There were two more guys staring at me. One of them asked if I was the strumpet that Dirk was talking about.

Laughing Connor blurted, “To anyone interested, this is Kathryn from California. We paid her way over here for a little R&R and now she needs to work off that expense. So yes she is our new little strumpet until she pays her debt off. You guys are lucky because tonight is her first try at shagging for quid and she’ll shag anyone for 100. After tonight the price will double for a fit slag like Kathryn. Who wants to be first?”

I heard the guy with the girl saying, “Gee Olivia, that’s a great price for a hottie like her.”

Olivia barked back, “Fuck you Connor. I needed the bread for rent.” She quickly got up and left out the front door.

Another guy asked what I looked like. So Connor pulled off my jacket and had me twirl in a circle so everyone could get a look at me. I played with my boobs yanking on my own nipples. The two guys sitting at the bar quickly got up to get a closer view of me. As I pulled up my skirt, the cat calls of me showing them my pussy radiated the room. Connor obliged their requests and pulled it off me. Then he brought mecidiyeköy escort bayan me over to the guy who was a fat bloke. He wasn’t clean shaving and had a big belly. He told him to touch my body. He did and so did the guy he was sitting with. He was a lot younger. Next thing I was lifted onto a table and he paid Connor a hundred pounds to fuck me.

I sat up with my legs tightly together as I watched this guy undo his trousers and pull out a fat small but throbbing cock. Taking both hands to my knees he forced my legs apart. Then he pulled me to the edged of the table forcing me to flop on my back. Standing in front of me he pushed my legs up and took one hand to finger my wet slit.

As he pushed a finger inside me he blurted, “Dam the slags twat is soaked. Are you sure we aren’t doing her a fucking favor. It feels like this bitch needs to start shagging. Anyone have a rubber?” Connor said he had a whole box just for tonight and threw him one.

Once he covered up, he pulled me to his cock. I felt him going into my wanting cavity and it felt great! Then he started a nonstop pumping me. I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure. Connor was right. I was enjoying myself. Hearing his big belly flapped against me as he kept ramming in and out, actually turned me on. I felt hands on my breast as another guy told to open my mouth. He said he was next and wanted to be nice and hard when he fucked me.

After some time the fat guy began to fuck me faster and harder. He suddenly pulled out, took off the condom and spewed his goo over my stomach. In a minute the guy I was sucking on had a condom on and was entering my drenched pussy. He was a lot bigger and made me cum a few seconds later. I shook with a nice long orgasm and loudly moaned about cuming. I heard him say to enjoy it while I can because there are a lot more guys wanting to shag me for only a 100 quid.

After he finished his rampage inside me, I was flipped on my stomach. As the next guy was fucking me, he began reaming my ass and asked if I did anal too. It was Dirk that answered that I would do anything requested. Pulling out of my pussy, he began a slow deliberate entrance into my ass. When he was all the way in, he snickered and told everyone how tight I was. Thank god he didn’t have a thick cock. Soon everyone wanted to fuck my ass too.

I thought I would be done after the five guys unloaded but that wasn’t meant to happen. For the next hour or more the five guys kept taking turns fucking my ass and pussy. Load after gooey load of their jizz was dumped on me or in my mouth. Their insults telling me about how great I looked with their cocks stuffed in my holes went on all night. I was finally getting very tired and asked to stop. Dirk blurted about I needed to finish off one guy but Connor told him to just jerk himself off on me. Then I was finished.

As everyone was dressing to leave, I just laid on the floor exhausted. I could barely hear them talking about what a great strumpet I was. I heard Dirk laughing telling Connor about getting me do lots of guys every night.

That’s when I heard Connor blurt, “Dirk, she’s not going to be shagged like that again. I promised no gang bangs and she’s too fine to be treated like a cheap whore. Myles won’t go for it and we would use her up before she flies home. Let’s go for quality and more money per shag. She’ll have fun too and will be a willing participant.”

Dirk countered, “But we made 900 quid just for tonight. And she took it like a pro. I don’t see the harm in shagging her like a cheap strumpet just like the others. What’s so different about Kathryn?”

“Dude, if you can’t see the difference, then there is no way I can explain it to you,” Connor replied. “I’m going to get her back to Myles and we can discuss it with him tomorrow. I think we should all agree on her agenda, right Dirk!”

I didn’t hear anything back. They walked over to me and helped me up. I had spunk splattered all over me. Dirk took me to the kitchen and with a faucet hose had me stand over a floor drain. I took off my stockings and shoes and he proceeded to wash me off. Then he threw me a towel to dry off. Half naked Dirk gave us a ride back to Myles flat.

He took to the spare bedroom where I immediately crashed. As I was drifting into slumber, I heard Connor telling Myles that I fucked 11 guys during the night for money and agreed to cooperate shagging. That was the last thing I remembered.

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