My Step-Sister and Mom Ch. 03

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This is the third revealing of my adventures with Sally my now 36yr old sexier sportier Catherine Zeta Jones lookalike step-mom, and Nicky my 19yr old very pert and pretty Jennifer Love Hewitt lookalike step-sister. Nicky’s measurements are a luscious 34b, 24, 34 and Sally’s a sultry 34c, 24, 35, both ladies are so sexy and cool.

Well all of three of us have acted as normal around each other after all we have done Sally or Nicky haven’t acted differently at all. That slightly encourages me.

There’s still lots of teasing in this house but no atmosphere for my step mom or step sister and I to consciously be sexual as is usual and not normally accepted.

I wouldn’t want my Dad, step-mom or step-sis knowing the naughty things we three have done.

On the surface we’re a very normal family.

This morning eating cereal Sally was wearing with nipples protruding a white lycra workout top and shorts. And Nicky wearing a red crop top and white loose shorts were both at this point jogging on the spot on their exercise mat in the corner of our living room.

I watched from this side view Sally and Nicky’s tits bounce up and down the bottom of Nicky’s ass cheeks just revealed under her shorts and Sally’s pussy cupped tight in her small lycra shorts the legs risen above her pussy and showing a bit more cheek than her daughters shorts, such teasers.

I’d noticed after flicking TV channels glancing back and forth they were touching each toe with the opposite hand then stretching each arm up.

“Mmm mmm mmmmm.” I grunted in my throat with the horny site of Nicky’s ass from the side bending over then her tits straining her crop top material.

Sally’s body partly visible in my view I see both their npples are protruding as they stretch up. I finished my cereal watching them do their warm up.

I received a text message a aout five minutes later and I was supposed to be leaving for golf shortly.

“The drunken.” I said jokingly as I read the message seeing them bouncing from foot to foot.

I noticed they were going to start their stretches and quickly said.

“Want me to help with your stretches not going golf now?” Their bouncing tits look extra special first thing in the morning when I watch they’ll give them an extra little bounce.

I think to myself looking at Nicky’s tits I’m going to carry you to your mom’s bed tonight side by side again you sexy teasers just before she says.

“Come on then Neily.” Using her affectionate pet name she calls me over. They both smiled both standing panting and flushed their hands on their hips looking straight at me.

“Simon let you down for golf Neil?” Sally asked.

“The drunken can’t get out of bed” I tell her then admiring her protruding nipples and realizing her new outfit which was squishing her 34c’s firmly was partially see-through showing a hint of her pinky areola.

I have completed many advance classes I love to help and it’s a total perve fest.

Counting out the last ten they know I want them doing twenty reps of each stretch with playful strictness in my voice I started them touching their toes, walking around them perving.

Sally’s lycra shorts had ridden high her arousing cupped pussy as I walked behind almost cut this short by getting me instantly hard.

And switching them to parting their legs bending over putting both palms flat on the floor they are both very adept. They push their asses back pushing their heads between their legs and holding it until I say relax. When I have them raising each leg back I love perving on their asses lifting their legs higher, twisting and bending their legs with them.

Then instructed them to grab an ankle and they in turn stretch their legs in an upwards splits. I as push their leg further.

Onto their backs next lying flat I pushed each of their outside legs up to side of their heads in multiples of ten pushing further with each count and I did both of their inside legs together, quite a view.

After squat lunges I got them rolling back into a ball from lying flat on their fronts to their calf’s curled up leaving their arms stretched out in front of them to enjoy their asses. I stopped them mid-way through the last rep of that in the doggy style position and got them to stretch their legs out to the sides, twenty reps and still counting out the last ten.

Walking round them surveying my prey with a perving eye. I’d give encouragement to make them stretch that bit harder of further.

“Hold, now push 7, 8, 9 ok relax.” And such things I’d say encouragingly perving on them.

Getting them spread legged on the floor and rolling forward raising and holding their asses up and forward as I continue counting walking around them, cupped pussy heaven. I felt the twinge of a semi coming on so I said.

“Ok ladies shake it loose.”

They shake and needless to say I perved on their tits bouncing side to side as they both shut their eyes and shook fast and committed breaking into both of them şişhane escort jogging on the spot and warming down. I was getting a semi as I went to kitchen and Nicky rolled the mat up. That was a nice start to the morning.

I have continued my love of showing Sally my cock and giving her access to it seemingly by accident and I did this a while ago.

That morning I set up repeating on my TV on mute a tape of me getting my cock sucked rampantly by an off screen mystery girl. I went into my en-suite I knew Sally was going to come in to my room to look for washing.

Peeking through ahole next to the door frame I’d made I watched her step in to my room and heard her call out for me giving no answer. She walked to my bed picked up my jeans turned folding them and stopping still looking at the video.

She stood facing my TV watching the video which was about forty seconds long six or seven times over I didn’t see her move or hear her make a sound. I got hard fast for her and the scenario, I stroke my cock after quicly pushes my tracksuit botoms tomy thighs watching her from behind.

She dropped the jeans bent over at the hips in my full view wearing a black business suit I wanked harder. She stepped to the door and began pulling it shut when I got to see a very naughty pleased broad smile on her face as she closed it. I turned wanked hard and came pointing it in strain and pleasure into the toilet.

She couldn’t have known it was her beautiful but step-brother cock sucking daughter in the video. Nicky as I write this now is hopefully still wearing the slightly see through white tube top with a circumference sized heart shape cut out in the middle of it showing her lovely cleavage in my taste one of the sexiest tops I’ve seen her wear.

With really short loose light blue shorts and visible light blue thong little ankle socks and trainers cute as you like. I hope because five minutes ago she called me to her bedroom door standing in a model pose tits out hand on hips exenterating her legs wearing that outfit.

“What do’ya think Neily?”

Look at them titties was my first thought but I couldn’t say that, I quickly looked her up and down.

She quickly turned sticking out her ass her hands on her knees her arms straight looking over her shoulder at me then just as quickly turned and stood and before I could reply said.

“It’s my new workout outfit.” She grinned then posed biceps did her mean face roaring.

“AArrggrrghgghhh.” I had to laugh then she started laughing, she’s one of the funniest girls I’ve ever met.

“Great outfit, you crazy loon” I spurted jokingly while chuckling.

“I is craaaaazzzyyy!” She pronounced crossing her eyes back and forth and in circles shutting the door as she chuckled.

Giggling and horny I’ve come to my room where I am revealing to you some of what goes on in our house, I really hope she’s wearing that when she goes to bed might have to visit her first I know your both available tonight. Speaking of the hottie Nicky I had a great orgasm cumming in her ass last night. She’d had her sleeping pill and half of one of mine she asked for last night. In the early morning I went to her room as I’ve said in my previous stories My Step-Sister and Mom and ch.02, nothing wakes me or either of them when they’ve had one of these pills.

After stripping her naked fondling her tits and sticking my cock in her mouth for a while I maneuvered her on all fours with two pillows under her belly her face and upper body partially turned to the side.

I reached and got her dildo from her bed side draw and worked a few inches into her not surprising any more slippery pussy. I held it between my palms and rubbed fast like I’m trying to start a fire with a stick. Hearing her give out a sexy little moan.

“Haauurr.” She exhumed a sexy deep toned and pleasurable whimpered sigh.

“Mmm .” I moaned because it sounded like raw pleasure in a moan.

I built up the pace slowly gradually going faster and faster listening to her occasionally moan it made me so hard straining my cock. I couldn’t make it twist back and forth in her pussy any faster and concentrating on hearing her moans I hear her let out a louder ones.

“Huuaar; haauurr.”

I pushed the dildo in and out six or seven times working two thirds of its six inches in and abruptly with speed twisting it again fast as I could. She raised her ass in a jerking lift of enjoyment with a simultaneous moan.


And I watched and listened as she came with a squirm dribbling down her leg I wiped it up quick so not to be too messy.

That gave me a lightning bolt of horniness so I pushed the dildo all the way in pulled her ass down and back toward me.

I gripped and rubbed my cock all over generously with lube grabbed my mobile started a forty second video and eased my bell end into her ass pushing it in one go in gently.

Pumping my bell end back and forth I slowly şişli anal yapan escort pulled dildo out of her pussy watching her pussy skin latch to it like it didn’t want to release it beckoning it back well I’ve got something for that.

I plunged all my cock in her pussy instantly pounding fast as I could fondling and squeezing both her tits leaning over her back then upright pounding her as I please watching her ass cheeks take a pummeling.

I was at a point where I was as hard as I can get so I pulled out and pushed my bell end back into her asshole covered in her juices it was easier quickly I was pumping half in almost as fast as I was her pussy so tight then slowed and worked it all in watching her lifeless pretty face.

“Heeuur.” She moaned then moved both her hands under her left cheek her upper body and face now turned more to the side on the bed her.

Building up my thrusts till I was pumping balls deep in and out of her ass grabbing both her tits squeezing mauling them. Pumping back and forth balls deep all in all out watching her asshole over my cock and her cheeks giggling as I pump in.

“Ohhh damn mmmmmmmmmm.” I groaned as I had an extended intense orgasm cumming five spurts her inside her ass quivering on my knees behind her managing feeble thrusts because of the sensitivity I couldn’t take any more.

After pulling out I watched some cum run back out of her ass and down to her pussy but cleaned her up put her on her side after a fell and squeeze of her ass and left for bed before it got too early in the morning.

Our pool was completed a few months back it’s twenty feet from the house 25ft by 15ft and indoors in a basic no frills building my Dad built half the structure with me and his friends helping. Adjacent male and female changing rooms with showers and toilets across the far end wall which points down are secluded garden high fenced and totally surrounded above that with a thick tree lining. Two naughty things happened on that day.

Sally and Nicky had finished their lengths of our indoor pool after me and Dad. They’d always shower after and our shower was in the corner straight behind the door, so I knew they would see me if they came in without knockingall I left the door unlocked, stripped and got in the shower.

I was rock hard pointing to the sky as I entered the shower facing the door waiting. Sure enough they burst in laughing both looked at my hard on instantly I cover with my hands looking at them moving out the door in surprise.

Nicky looked more surprised rushing out under her mums arm as she was letting her pass holding and pulling the door shut. I noticed Sally glance back at my crotch maybe the fact I moved my hands as the door was nearly shut maybe caught her eye, but I think she’s just a naughty lady because she really shouldn’t have had such a horny grin on her face. I love flashing them.

That evening I’d made a big point of telling my Dad Sally and Nicky I hadn’t slept well for days while we sat and watched a movie and that probably wouldn’t last the film awake.

Sally and I in a row of two sofa’s were on the furthest from the TV in the corner Dad and Nicky were almost half turned away from us as they sat glued to the movie.

Sally and I had a thin duvet across us raised over mid-section by my knee leaning against the armrest. She was curled up next to me tenting the duvet further with it tucked around her and her sideward curling her head almost on my shoulder. I’d pretended nodding five minutes ago with groans and limpness. Under the duvet not feeling its spider web like taughtness disturbed she pinch then push my arm rocking me a bit.

“Neil.”She whispered leaning into my ear slightly I felt her tits on my arm.

“Neil.” She asked then abruptly they all laughed at the film.

Sally like she was impatient and wanted to wake me pushed me back into the sofa on my shoulder I grunted moved and flopped my hand down next tomy right thigh.

I almost jumped up alomost straight away I felt her lift my hand lean in and put my palm on her tit under the duvet. Grasping over my hand then squeezing my fingers into her tit. Then slowly rubbing my fingers back and forth over her nipplethat i felt harden up. They all laughed she squeezed her tit with my hand as she did.

After five big hard squezzes she placed my hand as it was. Shortly after her hand rubbed over my thigh over to my achingly hard cock gripping it very gently.

She held for a while then traced fingers up and down it pinching gently squeezing my bell end taking her time seemingly really enjoying it. Wow it felt good she gripped my bell end in her palm squeezing in and out then pulling it out my boxers slit. She left it for a few seconds her hand on my thigh then gripped it again harder around the middle and wanked slowly firmly alternating slow and slightly faster wanks.

She had been doing this for a good ten minutes when I felt her rub down and cups my balls şişli bdsm escort squeezing them. Then suddenly she had her head under the duvet and shockingly but so quickly hard suck on me taking over half my cock four of five times. Nearly moaning out loud and nearly blew my load that was so horny you naughty, naughty girl.

She pulled the duvet back damn I thought you just sucked most of my cock while Nicky and Dad are in the room as I finished the thought she gripped my cock tight squeezing it.

A few laughs and five minutes went by with her slowly wanking my cock up and down rubbing and squeezing my bell end in her palm. Carrying on wanking me I heard Dad go upstairs well I thought he didn’t see anything then heard Nicky say.

“Want oat from the kitchen Mum?” As her mom was still wanking me under the duvet right in front of her behind the sofa.

“No babe I’m not hungry for any food yet.” Sally replied.

As soon as Nicky stepped out Sally was sucking on my cock quickly sucking taking in more each time whilt cupping and fondling my balls I moved and groaned because it was so good.

She stopped instantly cock still in her mouth I thought bet she’s wide eyed looking at my face cock filling her mouth I tensed it in her mouth twice sharply and thought now I’ve blown it. She was confident though because quickly she did nine or ten deep fast hard sucks then abruptly popping off she rearranged the duvet and curled up again.

Dad jogged down stairs barely five seconds later just before Nicky came back with a sandwich.

Nicky was talking to Sally a lot she had only reach over once in the last half an hour wanking me gently a little her hand inside my boxers. The film ended shortly after that last groping and they all went to go bed I was still hard and waited till they were walking up stairs to pretend to wake.

The early hours that morning when after my Dad left for work at 2am I knew Sally had taken her sleeping pill I went to her room.

I was really horny took my video camera Sally’s room and found her in a lacy black bra and knickers under her duvet I tried to wake her to no avail and quickly pulled took them off.

Fondling and playing with her ass cheeks as she was on her front I then turned her over and mauled her tits for a while.

Straddling her chest I enjoyed a firmly squeezed tit wank my cock hitting into her chin. Then up on my knees I straddled her face rubbed it around and probing into her open mouth then thrusting my bell end past her lips.

She licked adjusted her mouth instantly swallowing, I quickly pumped half my length in and out in ecstasy of receiving pleasure loving her occasional licks and her mouthing and swallowing on my cock. Enjoying every second of it and getting it all on video camera which was framing her chest and face.

Building up to fucking her face and cumming in her mouth not a drop escapes. I watched her taste and swallow it all down as I groped her breasts while tit wanking watching her gum it down. But as always time was passing fast so I cleaned up and went to bed but not before a little tit shake and ass smack for the camera.

Anyway naughty things I love doing to Sally and Nicky.

I now love carrying Nicky to her Sally’s room for nights of fun.

Love them naked their lips almost touching and putting my cock between both their lips at once also roughly if I desire.

I love their heads turned on the corners of their groping and pumping my cock in their mouths nice and easy enjoying it watching and feeling.

Inserting and using random items on and inside them. And love that I can film them doing and the fact I can and have put allsorts of stuff inside them, maybe I’ll get back to that another time.

Using their hands to rub and squeeze me and each other occasionally getting them to sleepily kiss gently is hot.

Bending one over the other in different ways and fucking is horny I love that like fucking one bent across the others belly.

Laying them naked side by side, love tit fucking one then the others lovely tits.

Grabbing one each of their tits and shaking and fondling them watching them always gets me hard.

And still love trying to show my cock to Sally and Nicky when I can.

That they are naughty get wet and turned on in my night visits that they love cock and that we were not them now bad insomniacs. These pills deinetely work for them I still only take mine when I really need to.

Brings to mind how I love my new sleeping mask because this night last week I was glad I had bought it.

Late in the evening after I asked Sally told me she had to work late to prepare for a meeting tomorrow. And that Dad had left that morning for a two day business trip and Nicky was at a sleepover at her best friend Emma’s house. So with horny thoughts of the last time this similar scenario happened, I set my video camera up facing my bed on movement to record hid it from view at an optimum diagonal angle. I got in bed naked put on my new sleeping mask laid under the blanket and waited.

The naughty woman about an hour later around 1am I heard her creek my door open and say out loud.

“Neil, Neil.” She briefly waited then strode over to my side.

“Neil,Neil.” The second time she said my name she quite sharply prodded my chest.

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