My Son, Benjamin Ch. 01

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I was a divorced mum, after my husband left me 13 years ago for a slut who is richer, but not as attractive a woman as me. I was so in love with him, and yet he had to do this to me. This emotionally hurts me a lot and to this day I can’t forgive, much less forget. The only gift that this jerk left me was a beautiful son named Benjamin as I struggled throughout all these years to raise him up. There was love and hate for my son, as he looked really like that jerk. As much as I hate to admit, his father was a handsome man – high cheekbones with a well-defined nose and high nose bridge. Benjamin’s eyes though looked like me, big, round and sparkling.

In these 18 years, he had since grown up to be a handsome young man. My lovely Benjamin is very attractive even though he is just an 18 year old boy. There is always this pure innocence and gaze in his eyes that can melt away the heart of any young girl, as he once revealed, he had many secret admirers in college. Apart from his sharp physical features, he also got a very good build – broad shoulders, well-defined chests that can almost be seen underneath his translucent high school uniform. I guess that can be attributed to the hard dragonboat training he receives in college, as he gyms and runs alot. He has always been physically active since secondary school, as he likes to play basketball after school at the basketball court under sarıyer escort our block with a few neighbours of ours. He is rather introverted, doesn’t have much friends in school. Perhaps I guess, physical activities or sport is an effective way to channel his energy as he can be really quiet. What a waste since he is such an attractive male. He could have bedded many girls, if not for his shyness.

Maybe I was to blame, as since he was young, I didn’t pay much attention to his emotional needs. In fact, I scolded him for no reason whenever he reminded me of that heartless jerk. He grew up being very reserved but I have to say he is also a very obedient child as he seems to know my pain and he helped out with household chores whenever I was outside working. I never need to worry about this child as he is very sensible. I really love my sweet Benjamin alot even though I don’t show it. I still very often throw my temper at him, due to another reason I was ashamed of. I am petrifed by the fact that aside from motherly love I have for Benjamin, I also have sexual attractions towards him, which I am trying my very best to abandon these taboo thoughts. But these thoughts never did go away, but grow only stronger. I am a woman and I too have my needs.

Whenever he came back from basketball, his uniform will be so soaked with smelly man sweat that it silivri escort just sticks to his back and front, exposing those muscular back, chests and abs through his translucent uniform. I don’t even know how he can come up in the lift like that without attracting the attention of so many onlookers. Hell, my son is damn hot. Those nipples are perking and inviting, not forgetting those tight abs as I find myself wanting to “eat” my son up. During times like that, I can’t help but to always lean closer to him so that I can have a sniff of his boyish odour. It stinks yet smells good at the same time. I can’t describe, but the feeling is heavenly. Strangely, like a routine that we had been doing for so many years, he didn’t move as he allowed his mummy to unbutton his wet and stinky uniform to wash. Me unbuttoning him for him to wash up has always been a routine I am doing since he was a baby.

We treat it as a form of quality quiet bonding time. I don’t remove his pants or underwear as he is already an adult. He would do it himself, in the presence of me yes, as I have no qualms seeing my son naked. I don’t know about other parents or family but to Benjamin and I, this is rather common and natural and we don’t see a big deal about it. Of course, he don’t walk around naked at other times. Every time as he strips down to his underwear, I can’t help eyeing şirinevler escort on his hairy cum sweaty armpits as well as that piece of juicy man meat under that wet clothing. The shape is outlined so clearly like a curved banana. And then when you size him up together with the sweaty face, neck, pits, chests and abs, he was extremely desirable to be used as my toy boy. As he removed his underwear, his cock sprang out like a piece of eager young meat waiting to serve. How good it would be if I can have his manhood in my mouth and pussy. When he is done, he will retreat back to his room as he prepares a fresh set of clothing for bath and to wear. I then walk into the kitchen with his dirty laundry.

In the kitchen as I secretly wrap his wet uniform and underwear across my nostrils, I delight and take in the musky cheesy odour of man’s sweat and cock. My pussy is freaking wet as I fondled my breasts and fingered myself to orgasm on these occasions. My stinky Benjamin also have a bad habit of “loitering” in his room and not going to bath immediately after his sweaty game. Behind the closed door of his room, I can often hear ecstatic moans of a horny young man playing with his tool. In no while, my pussy will be wet again as my desire for a young energetic cock is so strong. I don’t mean to sound like a slut, but hell, Benjamin is too hot. Another sadistic streak of me ignites as I thought of using Benjamin’s dick as my personal play thing and for him to submit to me whenever I have the need to satisfy my carnal pleasures. Since that face of Benjamin so resembles that jerk father of his, he can jolly well be my toy for “revenge” and pleasure.

To be continued…

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