My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 06

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Note: All characters are over 18

Author’s Note: If you’re wondering why I re-submitted this, it’s because I noticed that part of it was missing that I had written. The part in question is when Sasha mentions her mother’s arrival to Kaitlyn.


Sasha could tell Kaitlyn was upset. It was in the way she looked at her that was she could tell. There was a sad smile on her face when she smiled. After the lesson that day the two had gotten something to eat and they hadn’t said much to each other about the events. Despite having come to the knowledge that Sasha was okay with her taking a little advantage of her, Kaitlyn said nothing because she was upset and Sasha said nothing because she didn’t know what to say at that point. What was there to say besides the fact that she loved her sister?

That statement alone was almost like a culture shock to Sasha. She still didn’t remember why she hated Kaitlyn, but she would never have admitted that she loved her even to herself a week ago even. Now, she loved her more than anyone else, even if it wasn’t romantic. She loved the feel of her strong arms around her and the way she treated her. It was like she actually had a sister for years that loved and respected her. But, she knew it was mostly unrequited prior to their little ‘sessions’. She just enjoyed being with Kaitlyn.

It made Sasha reflect inwardly, something she was always scared to do before now. Knowing deep down that no one cared about her as a person, but rather what she could do always scared her. But with Kaitlyn, who cared about every aspect of her despite all the shit she’d given her, it was completely different. Sasha had actually felt… excited these last few days. She didn’t feel like she had to try extra hard to impress someone so they’d like her. She wanted to impress Kaitlyn because Kaitlyn wanted her to succeed and be herself.

But, now, Sasha was worried Kaitlyn wouldn’t be the same with the learning. As fun as learning about bdsm was, Sasha didn’t feel like it was the same without Kaitlyn. That wasn’t to say she was obsessed with Kaitlyn, but she felt that learning about it wouldn’t be as good without Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn’s approach was enticing and alluring… not to mention it turned Sasha on something fierce when she wanted it to.

Sasha could see that sad smile, Kaitlyn trying to reassure her that it was okay and she was still gathering her thoughts. But, Sasha knew that it was untrue; she’d shown that same smile before to those she considered herself close to.

Sasha thought to herself, trying to figure out an idea to help Kaitlyn understand that she didn’t care if she did some things that could be considered wrong to her at first look. She had a safe word and she didn’t use it because she wasn’t scared. Kaitlyn, despite what she did to teach her a lesson, never gave her a reason to be scared. Sasha knew that, according to Kaitlyn, her physical contact would be craved for a while, but she wanted to see a genuine smile from Kaitlyn. It actually hurt her to see her in pain.

“What am I becoming?” Sasha asked herself. “She sure has changed me. But, it’s definitely for the better.”

Kaitlyn did promise that she would continue their sessions, however, but needed time to let herself understand how she should go about it. Sasha, despite her lack of understanding of the subject, did understand that Kaitlyn was conflicted because of her concern for her. Sasha did understand her mistress had some things that she needed to work out with herself, but she also knew there were ways she could help jumpstart that process… but she couldn’t do it. She needed someone else to.

Kaitlyn tried, boy did she try, but every time it got even almost sexual, she would stop, looking as if she had committed an unforgiveable crime. The third day after the first time she had brought Sasha to consensual orgasm, she broke down, leaving the room. Sasha had managed to finish untying herself with help from Kaitlyn’s knife she had, but she still felt as if she was trying to get her to do something different.

When Sasha had walked over to Kaitlyn to talk it over with her, Kaitlyn had just pulled her into a hug and held her, sobbing into her shoulder. Sasha had managed to calm her down long enough to eat something and watch a movie, but any sort of bdsm had ceased for the day.

The next night as the two of them were snuggled together on Kaitlyn’s bed, Sasha, unbound at her own request so she could hold Kaitlyn, both as consultation and as part of a desire to enact a plan. She waited until she could tell Kaitlyn was asleep; her sleep was peaceful, the platinum haired dominant clearly comfortable holding her submissive close. Sasha had also worn a ballgag to bed, something Kaitlyn had suggested in jest, but had turned Sasha on enough to try it. She had a plan and it involved Rebecca.

Rebecca. Every time she heard that name, Sasha felt jealous of the woman who had claimed her mistress’ heart. She didn’t even know why fulya escort she was jealous about this. While she loved Kaitlyn like a mistress, she had absolutely no romantic desires for her. Why then was she so jealous of the woman whom Kaitlyn had chosen to marry? Why should she care if Kaitlyn’s chosen to marry? Kaitlyn had given a theory, but it did nothing more than confuse Sasha, who was still like an infant in this amazing new world.

It hurt her to see them like that; why did it hurt so much? Sasha wanted to understand that. She knew Rebecca wouldn’t take Kaitlyn from her; far from it. If anything, the other woman would take her on as another mistress. These feelings were so alien to Sasha. She’d always closed herself off so much from others so they couldn’t hurt her. She didn’t want to become a bully, but she wanted to be a stone wall.

But… Kaitlyn had broken that wall, hadn’t she? With the simple acceptance of her, she’d broken many cracks in the stone wall, revealing what she was underneath: a scared girl who just wanted someone to love her truly. Sasha would always be grateful for that… perhaps that was why she was jealous. Kaitlyn had told her that she would help her understand herself and to accept herself, but Sasha truly didn’t understand that statement fully and probably never would. Hell, Kaitlyn had even told her she’d find her someone who loved her as she did that she could love back.

Sasha felt her heart grow heavier at that. Kaitlyn loved her like she did and Sasha could never love her back the same way. She would always love her as her mistress and now sister, but she just couldn’t love her like a lover. At least she had Rebecca, who would give her that love and she loved her back.

Sasha took a deep breath through her nose; she forced herself in that moment to swallow her jealousy for the moment. Rebecca, the love of her mistress’ and sister’s life, had to be the one to help her. Together, they possibly had a chance to help Kaitlyn.

Before she decided to enact her plan, Sasha thought for a second. Was this selfish of her? Was it selfish to do this simply because she wanted her sister to go further? Perhaps it was both selfish and unselfish, but she wouldn’t know the answer. All she was thinking of at this moment was the fact that Kaitlyn was worried about her and losing control and going too far. Sasha wanted her to at least know she wouldn’t hate her. Despite any words she’d spoken, it seemed they were only that. Perhaps Rebecca knew the only way to bring her into comfort teaching her submissive everything without worry of hurting her.

She reached carefully for the phone Kaitlyn kept next to the bed as an alarm, pulling it over to herself to use it. She was immediately glad that Kaitlyn had never invested in a phone with a fingerprint lock.

The password, however, was something she was stumped on. On a whim, she attempted her own birthdate and was shocked to see it worked. She tried to be quiet; she knew this might make Kaitlyn upset, but if it could make her happy again, Sasha would try it. It was odd considering how she once wanted to see her suffer; now she wanted her mistress to be happy. Oh, how people can change.

“Is that a coincidence or something else?” Sasha asked, truly not caring enough to ask the sleeping dominant. She scrolled through Kaitlyn’s contacts to find Rebecca’s name, which had hearts on both sides of it. Sasha had to stifle a giggle. Even her own name in Kaitlyn’s contacts didn’t have hearts. Sasha was glad that Kaitlyn loved someone more than her… like she even deserved it.

Sasha mentally kicked herself. That was the kind of talk Kaitlyn would tell her to stop. But, it didn’t matter. She went back to her mission. It was a bit tricky, but she knew it could work.

“This is Sasha,” She typed into the messaging system to Rebecca. “I need your help and didn’t want to ask Kaitlyn about this. Kaitlyn’s upset and I need your help to cheer her up. Text me at this number. I borrowed her phone since I don’t have your number in mine.”

Sasha added her own phone number to the end of the message, deleting the message once she’d sent it. She then put the phone back and returning to sleeping, holding Kaitlyn close and feeling the warmth of her body. In the back of her mind, she wished that she could find someone else to share this feeling with; not that she didn’t love doing this with Kaitlyn, but she wanted someone she had romantic feelings for. But, it’s not like someone else would share her feelings toward this sort of thing.

She let her thoughts swirl around in her head as she began to inhale Kaitlyn’s scent. She wasn’t in love with her, but her scent was calming along with her touch. Despite being able to easily overpower her if she chose, Sasha had never known anyone to handle her so gently. While she didn’t have to guess considering the way Kaitlyn spoke with her, it was as if Kaitlyn was going out of her way to be gentle, especially gebze escort recently, unless Sasha specifically asked for it rough.

Sleep came roughly to her, but was sweeter in the arms of her mistress. The next morning, Kaitlyn was awake first, having been a better sleeper.

“Wake up, sweet.” She kissed Sasha on the lips after removing the ball gag. “It’s about nine and it’s your wake up time.

“How do you always wake up before me, mistress?” Sasha muttered sleepily once she’d awoken.

“Because it’s what I was trained to do.” Kaitlyn giggled, seemingly feeling better. “And, it’s what I’m going to train you to do.”

“Good luck, mistress,” Sasha snickered as Kaitlyn pushed the ball gag back into her mouth.

“For that, you are going to be bound for breakfast,” Kaitlyn said with a small smirk.

“Gld er fhlng bffr (Glad you’re feeling better),” Sasha said behind the ball gag as Kaitlyn pulled some ropes from the closet.

“I just needed some time to clear my head, I guess,” Kaitlyn said. “I just needed some good sleep with my nice submissive of a sister. But, I don’t think I can do sexual with you, not yet. I’m sorry, I just… can’t. I’ll do everything else I can with you, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. I feel like I’m taking advantage of you.”

“FF nfr flf thff, mrshtrsh (I’ve never felt that, mistress),” Sasha said behind the gag.

“I understand that, but…” Kaitlyn said, sighing heavily, glad to get it off her chest. “It’s just hard to explain. My worries are preventing me from having the guts to go through with it. I guess I’m just scared of making you too reliant on it or something. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to do it someday. But, I think most of it is because you’re still new to this. Being brought to orgasm by another woman, I mean.”

Sasha was glad her mistress was being honest with her; it would help so much more if and when Rebecca assisted her in this matter. She stood up, only to be pushed back down by Kaitlyn.

“Oh no, little missy,” Kaitlyn said, straddling Sasha’s stomach and twirling some of Sasha’s chestnut brown hair on a finger. “I said you were going to be bound for breakfast and I meant it. And, don’t worry; I’ll have you untied in time to get dressed for practice.”

Sasha blushed as she felt her face heat up from the slight arousal. She was glad Kaitlyn wasn’t too afraid to tease her a bit; she just needed to help her mistress push through that one roadblock to sex and she would feel much better. The irony of the situation was not lost on Sasha, but she didn’t care. Her mistress was hurting and she was trying to help, just like she was for her.

“Ysh, mrshtrsh (Yes, mistress),” Sasha nodded in submission. Kaitlyn smiled; she was glad Sasha wasn’t upset with her over her not wanting to take it too far. She was trained to be gentle and treat it like she was dating, but it was different.

Breakfast went well and Kaitlyn untied Sasha afterwards (much to the latter’s dismay). Sasha then went up to her room, leaving the ball gag in. She picked up her own phone that she’d left in her room since she hadn’t expected to be sleeping with Kaitlyn that night.

There were two messages on her phone. One was from her mother and the other was from a number she didn’t recognize. She opened the one from her mother first, hoping it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was.

“I’m coming home in a week,” It read. “You had better be on your best behavior or else. You better have gotten that gay phase over with. That dyke sister of yours too. (A/N: I don’t like the use of this word, but for the sake of this story, it was the only word I felt would be used here.)”

Sasha, feeling her face immediately pale, copied the message and turned her attention to the unknown number, opening the text.

“Meet me at this address if you truly want to help Kaitlyn.” It read, signed with the name ‘Rebecca Masters’. Sasha raised an eyebrow at the irony of her last name. Though, since Kaitlyn had mentioned that some in her field, she included, use aliases to fit the job more, perhaps this was one. Of course, there was also the desire of privacy and not having your name plastered everywhere. Though, Kaitlyn also said she didn’t give out either of her names for fear of their mother finding out or it being found out by Sasha before she’d discovered her secret.

Sasha read the address, knowing it sounded familiar to her from somewhere. Fortunately, she had practice, so she could use that as an excuse today.

“Alright,” She texted back. “But, I need to be back before eight. I’ll be there around five thirty.”

“I’ll make sure of it,” Came the reply five minutes later. Sasha pocketed her phone in her athletic shorts pocket. Putting them on, it occurred to her that she was lying to Kaitlyn. While it was for her good, she had told her she’d try to be honest and Kaitlyn promised the same. It was funny to her how much she actually cared gültepe escort about lying to her sister now.

Trying to push it in the back of her mind, she knew it would hurt until she got it off her chest. But, for now, she had to go through with it. It wasn’t like she’d miss anything missing a practice. They only cared about what she was capable of doing anyway. The only reason she didn’t quit was because it was one thing that kept her mother off her back. She forced herself to not think about how she was coming home in a week and instead focus on Kaitlyn. Sasha had recently been doing that more and more. IT was just to her to odd to find someone who cared about her that much for her. It’s why she ws doing this in the first place.

She began to dress herself for practice, despite it only being after breakfast. Anything kinky Kaitlyn desired to do wouldn’t get her sweaty and wet anyway so she didn’t have to bother with changing out of them. She walked downstairs to see Kaitlyn watching TV.

“Can I sit here, mistress?” Sasha asked, watching Kaitlyn turn to her.

“Of course, sweet,” Kaitlyn smiled a genuine smile, her gaze stopping for a second on the collar Sasha wore. “I would love that.”

Sasha felt a slight blush creep to her cheeks. It was that nickname. While Sasha had been using it a lot, it never occurred to her until this point. Irony once again set in as Sasha remembered how she’d acted towards Kaitlyn, something certainly not deserving of the title ‘sweet’. But, once again, she realized Kaitlyn saw through her façade and saw something better.

Sasha sat down next to her mistress, who pulled her into a one-armed hug, the older inhaling the scent of the younger briefly. Sasha sighed, enjoying the feel of her mistress’ arm around her.

“I’m worried about you, you know,” She said once again, Kaitlyn sighing sadly.

“I know,” Kaitlyn kissed the top of her head. “But, I told you; I just have to get used to this. It’s still a little too soon from… that time.”

“That’s not all it is,” Sasha said, her mistress nodding.

“That’s true,” Kaitlyn said. “But, this is all so new to me too, you know? Not doing bdsm, but actually being able to have you like this. It’s just gonna take a bit to sink in and let me feel good about it. No sense rushing things.”

“I understand.” Sasha sighed. “But it still worries me since you’re acting nearly as scared as I was.”

“This is a whole new territory for me,” Kaitlyn chuckled softly. “It’s different when I chased you like I did for so long and finally having you in some way… it’s odd. Besides, like I keep saying, I’m worried about you myself. You’re not the first person I went too far too quickly with… but, that’s another story. I’ll tell you about it later.”

“Alright,” Sasha said, deciding to back off her mistress for now. “Do you want to watch something until I go to practice?”

“Sure,” Kaitlyn smiled. “I’ll let you pick this time, sweet.”

Sasha blushed softly as she picked out something for them to watch. Halfway through, she remembered something.

“Mother said she was coming,” Sasha said, her tone evidently full of worry. “She sent me a text and told me so. She also said to make sure I was done with my ‘gay phase’ and you too. I’m worried… what’s going to happen to… us?”

“Don’t worry,” Kaitlyn said, holding her close. “I’ll protect you, both as your mistress and as your sister.”

Sasha felt such warm feelings come to her from that simple action alone. She hugged Kaitlyn tightly, her eyes beginning to water as she just lay there. She felt truly safe in Kaitlyn’s arms, as if nothing could hurt her.

When time came for her practice, she stood up, Kaitlyn kissing her on the cheek before she left.

When she walked out to her car, she placed the key in the ignition, her hand resting on it. She thought about the decision she was going to make. Was it the right one? Sighing, she started her car, turning out of the driveway and going down the road. Making sure she was out of sight of the house and Kaitlyn, who would undoubtedly be watching, Sasha made the turn that would take her to her choice.

She arrived in front of the house, her eyes widening a little at it. It wasn’t massive, but it was certainly bigger than hers. She parked her car and exited it, walking up to the front door. She pushed the doorbell, hoping that this wouldn’t be awkward. Her jealousy began to rise up to the front, but she pushed it back down, wanting to make this as pleasant as she could.

The door opened and Sasha half expected it to be someone else, the other half being that it was a prank address since Kaitlyn had mentioned Rebecca was quite mischievous. However, to her surprise, the person that opened the door was not Rebecca.

Sasha came face to face with a nice pair of blue eyes with a short cut of black hair that touched the shoulders of the person they were attached to. Ruby red lips accompanied the set of eyes and hair. The person was also clad in a dark brown latex catsuit that hugged her nice, modest body like a glove, showing off almost every curve she had to offer. Said catsuit covered her whole body except her head and went down into the boots she wore that were almost the same shade.

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