My Sister Kelly

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My name is Ashley. I just turned 18 years old. I have a 36C chest, a 21 inch waist, and 34 inch hips. I’m 5’2″ tall and weigh 90 lbs. My hair is dark brown and hangs down to my shoulders.

I realized I was bisexual, if not a lesbian, the other day in gym class. I don’t know if I woke up on a the other side of the bed, or what opened my eyes, but I suddenly saw the girls at school in a different light. Tight, red short-shorts and spandex running shorts clinging to a nice ass were suddenly a turn-on for me, as well as nipples that show through the many sports bras I see in gym class. I felt my nipples getting hard as well, and my pussy started to tingle. I couldn’t wait to get home. When I got there, I had to relieve my sexual stress immediately. My sister was supposed to be at her dentist appointment until 6:30 pm with our mom. I went straight to our room we share, shucked off my gym shorts, unsnapped my sports bra, and quickly slipped out of my thong panties. I lay down on the bed, on my back, spread-eagle, and plunged two fingers deep into my already moist pussy.

“Oooooh… yeah,” I moaned. That’s just what I needed, I thought to myself. Mental images of my friends bostancı escort at school naked in the showers popped into my head. I imagined kissing down their athletic bodies and licking their sweet pussies in the shower. I was about six minutes into it, just starting to find my rhythm, when my sister suddenly walked in!

“Kelly! Don’t you know how to knock!” I yelled in surprise. Kelly has a body just like mine, and is nearly my identical twin, except that she wears her hair long.

“Ashley, I’m sorry. It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone. Wow! That is so sexy, please don’t stop,” she replied.

“Huh? You mean, you’re okay with this? Do you… you know, masturbate when I’m not around?”

“Ash, I do it after you fall asleep. And those times when you think I have fallen asleep, and you start fingering yourself, I imagine that you are thinking of me… I think of you when I masturbate.”

There was a silence. Not an awkward silence, but more like a quiet understanding. I gazed at Kelly, and she walked over to the bed, stripping along the way. She was naked in a flash, and quickly joined me on the bed.

“Wait, let me lock the çeliktepe escort door. Turn on some music; Mom is cooking dinner– tuna helper with garlic bread.”

I reached over and turned the radio to a quiet jazz station. My lovely sister quickly returned, slid up between my legs and rubbed her tits on mine.

“Ash, have you ever made it with another girl? Like Jenny or Teresa? I see the way they look at you sometimes.”

“No, I haven’t done anything. But I have seen them, together… going at it.”

“You have! When?”

“During a sleepover we had last summer. It was really hot, but I wasn’t excited then. Now that I think about it, I should have joined them.”

“Wow! It must have been a sight. Who ate who first?”

“They ate each other at the same time.”

“Sixty-nine?! I’ve come many times while imagining us together. Do you want to try it?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Kelly slowly lowered her lips to mine and we began our first lesbian sex session together. She darted her tongue out first, and I followed suit. We both moaned in unison. Kelly must have been anxious, because she started kissing cihangir escort my neck and moved down to my tits, sucking one and the other, swirling her tongue. She lingered only for a moment, then traveled her way down to my pussy and shoved her tongue in.

“Hey, swing your leg around, silly,” I teased. “Together, remember?” Her sudden action took me by surprise.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry, I wanted a taste. Hehe.”

She swung her leg over my head. Her clean, shaved pussy hovered over my face. Since Kelly was a virgin, her pussy held tightly closed. I had to taste her.

“Ooooh, yeah. Right there, Ash,” she moaned.

I sucked on her labia, then began to swirl my tongue. After a few minutes, I concentrated on her clit, flicking my tongue quickly back and forth, then sucking it in again. Meanwhile, Kelly had her arms wrapped around my legs, spreading my lips and eating me so beautifully. We were two free spirits, enjoying each other’s body and soul. Finally, Kelly came hard on my tongue, squeezing it tight. I licked her clean, savoring the taste. I came at the same time, quivering and shaking. We lay like that for some time, unable to move, lost in post-orgasmic bliss.

Finally I returned to reality, the soft sounds of Kenny G filling the air. My stomache grumbled.

“Hey, sweetie, let’s go get some dinner,” I said to her.

“But I’ve already ruined it. I had dessert.”

We both laughed and got dressed, and joined Mom in the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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