My Sister Anastasia Pt. 02

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.

I don’t normally split a chapter between sections. The end of Chapter 6 has a gangbang. Although it may initially appear that she had sex and did not have fun, when she goes home, she admits (in chapter 7) that she enjoyed it and then she reveals more, that part you need to read though. I can’t spoil the entire story. I thought it would be helpful to bring this section here so it’s closer to the text that describes how much she liked it.

If you don’t like gangbangs, skip to chapter 7.


Chapter 6 — Continued …

Laura didn’t move a muscle.

In my commanding voice, “Laura, look at me.” She looks at me, she has been crying. “As of now, your life has changed. You’re a bad woman, that comes at a cost. Tonight, you start paying back those you hurt. You’re going to see some close ‘friends’; they are unhappy with you. You’ll be humiliated and feel some pain, but you will not be hurt like you probably deserve. Your bank accounts have been drained, and the money has been returned to those you took it from illegally.

“There’s still some money there, you need to live still, we’re not trying to kill you. You can retain your practice and even continue to charge customers your standard fee, but that’s all you will charge them. They now will also have the right to fuck you, expect blowjobs or get their pussy eaten the last fifteen minutes of each session. That means you will still earn a decent living just not fantastic like before.

“I’m the police, if anyone is unhappy, I will dispense justice. Many wanted to leave you homeless or in jail. We were persuasive. We explained that if you have a decent life, as in not dead or in jail, that will make you a more willing partner when they fuck you, give head, or when you eat pussy. If we’re wrong, death or jail are still available options. Do you understand?”

Laura is still crying and shakes her head, yes.

I continue, “I figure with the deal we made, and I think even you must agree it is far better than you deserve, we will occasionally have a night like tonight again. You’ll be our obedient slave, right?”

Laura is no longer crying and shakes her head, yes.

Annie is a bit firmer, “Tonight is about your humiliation. This is part of the price for this deal. Do you know what a creampie gangbang is?”

Laura looks at us with surprise. I don’t see hate in her eyes, no, it’s lust. No shit! Her pussy is glistening, fluids are running down her long legs. She hasn’t resisted us at all. In fact, she has made this very easy. No fighting, no fussing, no dragging her feet. Annie would be fighting like a mama bear who thought her cubs were endangered. This is rather curious.

Laura is docile. The ball gag is removed. She can complain, scream, bitch, moan, and groan. Yet she doesn’t say a word, she only hides the hint of a smile. I don’t understand, this is a punishment. She seems to be suppressing a smile, like she wants this. She hates men, she can’t like a gangbang.

Annie sees the lust and says with venom, “What a fucking slut you are. You want this. Everyone is going to ream your pussy and shoot a load down your throat. You will be spit on, spanked, nipples abused, drenched in cum, shared, and taken in the ass. You will be taken to the event and then to your home naked. If you don’t learn to love cum, we will take you to a trucker’s rest stop where you will suck cock until you do.”

Laura starts to cry again from Annie’s anger. That was a response to Annie, not her situation. She seems calm and at east about that. I put the blindfold over her eyes. I pick her up by her arm and walk her out of the building. Annie turns on the butterfly, Laura moans. A few people are milling about outside, discussing where to go for drinks. I take off the ball gag, push her down to the ground, then motion for them to take turns. Three guys drop large loads and a woman orgasms from an eager eating.

Ball gag back in place, I lift her and put her in the front seat of my car. Annie drives Laura’s car. I put the window down, so she can hear the people talk about her being naked at the stop lights. She tries to slither down in the seat, but I suggest that I might have to make her walk. She sits up proud with her tits sticking out.

I compliment her, “Nice job sticking out the tits. To be honest, I’m surprised they didn’t just want you dead. I want you to remember that after tonight. The people you’ve wronged have given you this second chance.

I continue my scolding, “I think that says a lot about these people. You tried to ruin their lives, and yet they let you breathe another day. You even get your full salary. I tell you this because if you fuck with these decent sweet people you tried to ruin, the consequences will be … severe.

“You sarıyer escort should swallow your pride and anything else they want you to and learn damn quick to be submissive. That way you may live to old age. One last thought, that pharmacist you blackmailed, he has been giving you a placebo for birth control for the last few months. That is part of the cost of your sins.”

We get to the restaurant, the one we were at the other day. I let her out of the car, she can hear the cars going past on the busy street. We go inside, the place is packed. A few people famous from TV commercials are there, the others only have one thing in common, and she just came inside. They see her and let out wolf whistles.

I remove the bonds from her legs, and she is taken from me. All the tables are full but one, that is for Annie and me. They moved the tables, so there is a large area with a blanket laid down on the floor. Laura is on the blanket, and the debauchery ensues. Everyone orders dinner. Not everyone can be served at once, so when not eating, they are fucking, getting sucked, or watching. It appears Laura is loving it. The bitch has a smile on her face!

The place is quiet until someone ejaculated, and then there is a “Hurray!” They have her on her side, so they can triple penetrate her. They came on her face, her hair, her boobs, and they fucked her at least three times each. She had to be sore, but she never complained or objected. She took it very well.

The owner was one of her victims, and he was all too willing to share his restaurant with us. It didn’t hurt that everyone bought dinner and packed the place. He, his wife, his two children (in their twenties) and all the wait staff, bus boys, and kitchen staff had runs at her. All his employees are twenty-one and older because he serves alcohol.

Chapter 7 — Clean Up Table 9

Laura is lying on the floor. She looks worn out. I had expected to see tears and sadness. Instead, she seems indifferent. How do you get bored with so much sex?

By 11:00 PM it settles down and most of the people have left. Everyone came many times (if they could) and just had nothing left at the end. They wore themselves out. Even I rubbed a few out and painted her face white. Laura stands up and it looks like a hundred pounds of donut glaze has dropped on her head. It is mostly white yet translucent. The remaining few push her out the back door and hose her off. They use the hose in her mouth, cunt, and ass to clean out every orifice.

I walk her around to the front of the restaurant, where my car is. She is shivering from the night chill and cold water. The ball gag is in again, so she can’t ask for help. I have anticipated this and have a blanket from the back seat out for her. She is on display to all that drive by. Many slow down, some came back to take pictures. I wrap the blanket around her and can see the obvious sense of relief and appreciation in her eyes. Her shoulders sag a bit, she isn’t as tense.

I drive her home, and Annie follows behind us. There is nobody there. Huge house, fountain, circle driveway, bushes, and flowers. Yet no children, husband, or staff. Just a cold lonely house to return to. Annie and I talk quickly, and then we take her home. Laura is genuinely surprised at that.

We get home, and she gets out of the car, again naked, no blanket although Annie brought that in, so I can wash it tomorrow. I take her by the arm and guide her upstairs to our bedroom. I take her into the washroom and set her on the toilet, then into the shower. I stop her at the shower door, remove the ball gag, and then remove the cuffs. I set those on the sink and point at the shower. No need for words.

Annie and I sit on the bed as Laura showers. She takes about thirty minutes to shower, but half of the time she cries in the corner. When done she turns off the shower, dries herself off, grabs the cuffs and starts to put the ball gag back on.

In my casual voice, “I think we are done with the ball gag. How about you come in front of us and sit down on the carpet.” She sat at our feet and looks up at us, silent but attentive. “We took you home intending to leave you there. However, with no husband, children, staff, or boyfriend there, the house seemed like a mighty cold place to stay after the night you’ve had so we brought you home to get clean. You’re not here against your will. Would you like to go home or somewhere else?”

Laura thought, then seems to get even sadder, “I have nowhere to go, nobody to take me in, no friend I can trust with my condition. If you don’t mind, you two have shown me much more love and compassion than I deserve. I’d like to stay here. You’re right, I don’t want to be alone tonight. I would rather not be in that huge damp, cold, house.”

She starts to cry.

Annie is curious, “So what was it like? Your first time as an exhibitionist. Your first BSDM. Your first creampie gang bang. Your first time as a cum silivri escort slut. Your first time being humiliated. Your first triple penetration.”

Laura smiles a bit, “You mean my second to all of those. My first time I was slipped some drugs at a high school party for my 18th birthday by my father and three brothers and everything that happened tonight, happened that night with my dad, brothers, and all their friends. That’s why I hate men, why I’m a lesbian, and why I blackmailed all those decent people. It was revenge for what my family did to me. Obviously, I was never satisfied, the real criminals were never convicted, I couldn’t say anything.”

I feel a bit of pity for her now, “Wow, that’s some story. However, you of all people should know that it wasn’t going to solve your problem.”

Laura explains calmly, “The psychiatrist in me tells me how to deal with it, how to live with it, how the blackmail isn’t fair, how my family should pay. Yet I can’t hurt them, I love them. I know it sounds silly, but one night does not kill eighteen years of love. My mother found out, and she died soon after of sadness, grief, anger, and embarrassment. They said it was a heart attack. I know better, I wish it happened to me as well, it didn’t.

“So how did it feel? About the same. A sense of humiliating and that it was my fault. Somehow, I figured I did something to cause my family to do that to me, so I deserved it. Tonight, I deserved it and enjoyed it. I had lots of sex, got my slut on, and it set me free of the guilt for what I was doing to those people. I was paying back their pain with my body. Mostly, I thought about tonight and what you two did to me. Your brother does something to me that no man ever has. I think it’s his dedication to you.”

Annie smiles, “He is a special guy. Two years of searching dirty streets around homeless people and criminals couldn’t have been fun.”

Laura, “Nope. In this world of quick paybacks and fast action, to see a guy spend two years dedicated to finding his sister is amazing. I listened to him tell me how he made love to you, I’ll never find his equal. You two have seen to it I’ll get lots of sex which I appreciate, however, I will never be loved anywhere close to what you are. No man will want a woman like me, I’m a whore now. I have turned into what my brothers wanted all along, a human fuck toy.”

I had enough of her self-pity, “It could be worse. There is a small faction that wants you dead. You hurt those people, they are not going to show much compassion, especially since you get to keep your base salary. Others wanted to turn you in, ruining their lives just to get you. You would never have practiced again; your job prospects would have been zero. You are also getting a child, something that we can’t have.”

Laura questions us, she looks curious, “Why did you help me? Why allow me to keep my salary? Why fight for me at all?”

Annie is quick to answer, “Our family had been torn apart by missing just a single, family member, we assumed you had a family you cared about, or they cared about you. He knows exactly how much it hurts to lose a family member. Charlie couldn’t stand to see it happen to you. Also, you’re good looking when dressed up nice and have your makeup on, I think he likes you. He liked fucking you, that’s for sure.”

I quickly change the line of questioning, “You’re going to have at least one child and possibly more. I didn’t want them growing up poor because their mother did terrible stuff to others. If children were not in your future, things may have been much different. You will need to downsize your house; you can’t afford that mansion anymore. You have a lot of work to do in the next nine months.”

Laura, calmly says, “I hope you’re the dad. Also, just so you know. I will never tell either of you ‘no’ to anything, you saved my life. However, just in case you were wondering …” She lifted her hands and moved her legs, so we could see her red cunt. “… I am sore, sex will hurt for a few weeks. I will do it because that is my punishment, but it is going to hurt like hell.

“Plus, there is nothing like a real cock. As a lesbian, I had a lot of plastic and glass. I sure enjoyed having real cocks slide in and out of me. You just can’t replace the real thing.”

Annie sweetly extended her hand to Laura, “How about we go to bed?”

Laura, “I deserve to be handcuffed to the bed and left on the floor like the family dog.”

I smile, “We have no dog, but if we did, it would sleep up on the bed too, so get up here.”

I stand aside to see how Annie arranges us. She points to Laura to get the right side of the bed, then me in the middle. She got the lights and climbs in on the left side. She rolls me on to my side, facing Laura and puts my hands on her breasts. Laura flinches in pain but never says anything. Annie gets in behind me and spoons me.

Before I fall asleep, Annie whispered in my ear softly, “You’re şirinevler escort a good man. You have no idea how much I love you. I thank my lucky stars for having such a wonderful brother. Good night my sweet prince.”

I hear Laura cry herself to sleep. I wonder, is she crying because she doesn’t have a man like me, because she doesn’t have a family, because of her family, or because she will soon have a child? From her comments and what I saw, she enjoyed the humiliation and being used far more than she wants to let on. She is a “proper” girl, they don’t do gangbangs. Yet, that was a lot of cocks to get for someone that is cock starved. It’s not often I can’t read the situation, that alone fascinates me.


The next morning, I slowly wake up to the bright sun coming through the windows. Fuck that bitch, she opened the drapes all the way! I smell bacon, ok, maybe she isn’t so bad after all. Now I hear slurping sounds and can feel a tongue going under my hardened cock. I can’t see who it is because of the blankets. It must be Laura, she isn’t quite as eager as Annie, but she has come a long way. I guess swallowing a hundred loads will do that to you. I lift the blankets to get my confirmation and a beautiful smile.

Laura giggles, “Annie gave me permission, we have five minutes until breakfast is ready.”

I drop the blanket, and Laura attacks my cock with gusto. She has a hand on my balls, her tongue on the underside of my cock moving from side to side, she is sucking hard, and she has saliva for lubrication. I am close to exploding when she deep throats me. Few women can do that. I am amazed that she can. She held it and held it and held it. She came up, licked some more and then quickly deep throated me again, and this time I reward her.

I am wondering if it is the practice or a powerful desire to deep throat this morning? Either way, I am excited and blow load after load into her mouth. After two down the throat, she came up to catch two large and three small ropes in her mouth. She crawls up the bed, opens the blanket, and I see her swallow. She grabs me, and we run into the shower.

Laura is all smiles, “Last night you missed one bit of humiliation. I want you to pee on me. You should be ready.”

I sure was ready, no need to ask twice. I have full pressure and start high in her hair. She straightens her back so that I run down her face and into her mouth. She eagerly drinks all she can and makes it obvious she is swallowing. Then she tilts her head back, so I can paint her body, which I do.

As I finish, I gave her instructions, “Shower, dry off, then bring down the gag and cuffs. You will sit at the table and eat breakfast.”

I then quickly shower, dry off, and put clothes on. Breakfast is waiting for me. Annie didn’t say anything, but she has a smirk on her face. She knows I was up to no good.

Finally, Annie explains quite happily, “That girl does enjoy eating pussy. You missed a hell of a show.”

I smugly reply, “My show was quite good as well. She has improved at sucking cock and taking a load.”

Annie smiles, “Hell, she has ten times the experience I do. She can teach me!”

Laura came down and is quiet. After breakfast, I will take her home. I am a bit surprised by her attitude. I caught her, got her gangbanged, and turned her into a fuck toy by her clients. She should hate me. Yet, I don’t sense that at all.

I need to understand so I ask, “Laura, somehow I’m expecting you to be more joyful that this is over, you’ll be going home soon. Yet your mood and body language don’t indicate that. What’s wrong.”

Laura is hesitant to answer, she looks embarrassed but finally replies meekly, “I don’t want to go home.” The tears start again. Annie and I are stunned. “My dad and brothers always bullied me growing up. I was raped and shared when I turned eighteen. They took turns with me until I started college where I was safe. I lived in an all-girls dorm, which meant they could not follow me. I went to the campus police, and they watched over me. I had a scholarship from my good grades, so I could attend school.

“Even with all the stuff that has happened, I sensed I was never in danger. Even when you and they were rough, I always felt you watching to make sure it wouldn’t go too far. Both of you could not leave me on my own last night. I don’t think you realize I’ve NEVER had that happen before in my life. I meant nothing to my family, I was a piece of meat. I’ve never felt safer in my life than with you two.”

I wonder, is she playing us? I need to research her some more. The story seems real, but this could be just another scam of hers. She wants her files back and what better way than to have her live here. Yet, those tears seem real, and that story is a bad porn movie.

I am straight up with her, “We don’t know much about you. I need to learn more. We need time to think about this relationship. You’re going home. I want you to offer lunch dates, dinner dates, and sleepovers to your clients to see if any of them have feelings for you. Maybe you’ll find some love in unexpected places. In three months, we will take you out to dinner. I want a report card of your interactions and how you are doing in general. Then we will go from there.

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