My Sis in Law and I

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Thanks to Candace Frazier for editing.


Trish and I had a bond which went further than brother and sister in law. We were always really close and had a sexual energy between us that we had never acted on, until last Friday.

We had been having our usual chat over coffee when we got to the subject of sex as we always did. Trish knew I had not been getting any action for a while, as my wife had lost the little sex drive she had and as usual Trish joked that she would help me out.

I pointed out what would her boyfriend think and she said “Charlie and I have discussed this and he wants you to join us. And he also wants to know what you would be up for, as he wants to suck a cock again after trying it for the 1st time?”

I realised Trish was serious and this was what I had fantasised about for years, not only having sex with my sister in law, but also having another man suck my cock.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked.

“Oh yes I’m sure, we have wanted a threesome for a while and we both want it to be with you.”

“Ok I’m in. I would love Charlie to suck me and I would like to see what it’s like to play with another cock myself.”

Trish moved up to me, gave me a kiss and said “When would you like to do it?”

She turned around to the sink and I said “What about now?”

I moved up behind her and gently ran a few kisses pangaltı escort over her neck, she gave a small shiver and let out a small sigh, I continued to kiss her soft neck as I ran my hands up under her shirt to cup her unfettered breast.

She moaned as I gently rolled her swollen nipples between my thumb and finger, her nipples swelled even more until it felt like I was caressing steel bullets.

“I see you accepted our offer. Shall we take this to the bedroom?” said Charlie as he came into the kitchen.

“Mmmm, lets.” I said as pulled on both Trish’s nipples and she let out a small gasp.

We went to the bedroom and Trish said to me, “Undress, it’s your turn.”

I shed my clothes as Trish and Charlie quickly got naked as well and moved to the bed. Trish leaned over me and fastened my wrists to some ties that were already attached to the bed posts and as she leaned over her breast brushed over my face and I instinctively tried to suck on her nipples, she laughed and said “Not yet lover.”

As I lay there, they both started to run their hands over my body from my chest to my legs up and down before their hands met at my now erect cock. The mixture of Trish’s soft hands and Charlie’s more calloused hands caressing my cock and balls had me at a boiling point.

“Mmmmm, that feels good.” I moaned,

“If you think pendik escort that’s good then this will blow your mind,” said Trish as she moved her head to my cock and slowly took me in her mouth, as she did this Charlie moved down and started to lick my balls before moving up and licking my shaft as Trish sucked the head of my cock. Trish eased of my cock and Charlie immediately took me in his mouth and started sucking. The only way I can describe this is fucking fantastic I thought as I lay writhing under this oral assault, every time I thought I was going to cum they eased of my cock and let the pressure ease before starting all over again.

Charlie moved off my cock and let Trish continue pleasuring me. He moved up the bed and presented his raging hard cock in front of my face; he moved forward and rubbed his cock over my lips, making me taste his leaking juices.

Charlie pushed his cock against my lips and I opened my mouth allowing him to slide his cock inside me, I started to suck him as he slowly moved his cock in and out.

All this continued for a few minutes before Trish said, “My turn for some cock.” she spun round and placed her legs astride my face letting me study her swollen, juicy pussy before lowering herself onto my face. I immediately attacked her pussy with my tongue; dipping inside her, tasting her juices before flicking rus escort across her clit, Trish resumed sucking my cock which was now leaking precum in a steady trickle.

Charlie positioned himself behind Trish and slid his cock inside her juicy pussy as I continued running my tongue over her clit. Charlie was now fucking Trish and I had the best view in the ever, as he plunged in and out making a slushy sucking noise as Trish’s juices flowed.

Every few seconds he would pull out and push his cock into my mouth letting me taste that lovely pussy juice. Charlie was now building up a steady rhythm as he fucked Trish and Trish was now really going wild and my cock was momentarily forgotten in her passion.

Trish suddenly started shaking and screamed “Aggghh I’n cumming!”

Her juices were now dripping out of her pussy and dripping on my face, Charlie tensed and held his cock deep inside Trish as he started to cum with a loud moan.

Both Charlie and Trish have now cum and Charlie eased his now softening cock out of Trish’s well fucked pussy and slipped it briefly into my mouth allowing me to taste their mixed juices.

Trish now resumed her sucking of my cock and pushed her pussy down on my mouth giving me more of their mixed juice, I pushed my tongue in as far as possible trying to get as much of the combined juice as I could, when my cock erupted into the biggest cum I have ever experienced. Trish swallowed all my cum and tenderly continued to suck me as I lay back as exhausted as I have ever felt.

Trish looked up at us both as she wiped a drop of cum from her chin to her mouth sucking it down, and said “Right that’s the starter.”

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