My Playful Wife

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This took place about ten years ago.

I had just gotten married to Debbie when this chain of events started. Debbie was around 38 at the time. Tony, a guy about 10 years younger than us, worked in my office and was the one that told me about this house for sale in his neighborhood.

We bought it, and Tony helped us move a few things into our new place one day. I could tell he had a thing for Debbie right away. I would frequently check him checking out her tits when he thought no one was looking. Debbie is a busty woman, and I could understand why he would look. Frankly, it kind of turns me on when other men, and women, look at her.

Anyway, on that day, Tony seemed very excited at one point. When Debbie went into another room, Tony walked over to me and after looking to make sure she was out of range, whispered into my ear.

“Debbie, does she have hair under her arms?”

I was a little startled by his question, and was puzzled as to why he would ask that. Debbie had let her armpit hair grow at my request, but she was very shy about showing it, and would never wear a sleeveless blouse if she was going out.

“Uh, I think most adults do,” I said, buying some time.

“You know what I mean,” Tony said impatiently and nervously. “Doesn’t she shave her pits?”

“What makes you ask that?” I said a little loudly, and he got all flustered and motioned for me to keep it down.

“Because when she was reaching up to grab that box, I could have sworn I saw hair sticking out from under her sleeve.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was afraid he was going to say something smart and piss me off, or embarrass Debbie. Finally, I told him that he was right, but quickly added that she was letting it grow for me.

“Oh man that’s awesome!” Tony said, looking like he was going to explode right in the middle of the kitchen. “You asked her to and she did it?”

“Hey, it’s just something that I find sexy.” I started to say in explanation, but Tony cut me off.

“I love it man!” Tony said. “I wish Eileen (his wife) would let her pit hair grow!”

“Ask her,” I suggested, knowing that given her prim and proper attitude, Eileen would have none of that.

“I wish,” Tony said. “Man, does she let you touch it?”

“She’s my wife, for crying out loud!”, I said with a laugh, not wanting to get into the many things I did there in addition to touching.

Debbie came back into the room and the conversation ended. Later that night in bed, I told Debbie about what she had missed.

“You know, Tony really pendik ucuz escort has the hots for you,” I told her.

“I know, but I wasn’t sure if you could tell,” Debbie said. “He’s a cute kid, and he’s harmless. You have nothing to worry about, if that’s what you’re thinking about, but he was following my every move like a puppy.”

“Oh, it was pretty obvious,” I admitted. “I guess it got a little worse today because he got a look at your hidden trasures.”

I then told her that the reason our young neighbor was so taken by her was that Tony had gotten a peek at her armpit hair when she was reaching up. Debbie turned crimson when I told her how excited he had been.

“Another pervert like you?” Debbie asked while hiding her head in her hands. “You can see it when I wear short sleeves? God, I’m so hairy I’ll have to wear long sleeves all the time!”

“Told you I wasn’t that weird,” I said proudly. “There’s a lot more of us than you realize, and besides, you aren’t too hairy. You can’t be too hairy any more than you can be too rich.”

It had taken a little bit of doing to get Debbie to put aside the razor, and I didn’t want to screw that up, but I wanted her to know that I wasn’t the only one that found the natural look erotic either.

A month or so later when it started to get warmer, I bought a gas grill. When I took it home I saw that it had a zillion parts. Unlike these days, when some of these things come almost assembled, this thing had to be built from scratch. Tony was a heck of a lot handier than me, so I asked him if he would come over to help me in exchange for some beers and a barbecue afterward with him and his wife.

Tony agreed and came over. I had all the parts laid out on the patio, and was planning on being an assistant to him. I went inside and told Debbie that Tony was here to help. She asked if Eileen had come with him, but I told her that Eileen’s mother had come over to visit them, and that’s why Tony had been so eager to help.

We started putting the thing together when all of a sudden Debbie comes out to the patio with a couple of beers for us. My mouth almost hit the deck when I saw what she was wearing. My modest wife was wearing a yellow tube top that left very little to the imagination. Tony was drooling when she handed him the beer, and not just because her nipples were popping out like crazy. I couldn’t believe Debbie was doing this, and could only guess that she must have had a couple of cocktails inside to get her courage up.

As if it couldn’t get much tuzla anal escort weirder, Debbie goes over and sits in the reclining chaise lounge. If I were trying to pose her myself I could not have done any better than Debbie did on her own.

After putting on a pair of sunglasses Debbie adjusted the chair backward a little, and then leaned back into the cushions, raising her arms high and putting her hands behind her head. Tony starts dropping tools, and nuts and screws hit the deck, and I couldn’t blame him. Hell, I saw the woman every day and my cock was throbbing!

With her arms raised as they were, Debbie’s armpits were fully exposed. The dense, dark brown hair, unshorn for almost a year, practically exploded out of her armpits like feather dusters. Debbie was probably watching Tony staring at her, but behind the shades I could only guess at that.

Tony was going out of his mind. My mechanic had become worthless. He was sweating like a pig and kept looking up at Debbie, who just lay there and pretended to be dozing. Finally, Tony said he had to use the can and got up and walked past Debbie and inside.

“You could have waited until he put this together first,” I hissed at Debbie, and I saw a little smile at the corners of her mouth.

“What’s the matter?” Debbie asked innocently.

“He’s going crazy, you know,” I told her, and her smile told me that she was enjoying playing around with our young friend.

Her nipples looked like bullets trying to burst through her top, which meant that this was turning her on too. That made three of us. A couple of trickles of sweat dribbled down from the thick tufts of hair under her arms and down her sides, and even that turned me on.

“I hope Eileen doesn’t come back here and sees me like this,” Debbbie said. “I would die.”

“He wants you to talk her into not shaving,” I informed my wife.

“Not gonna happen,” Debbie said, just as I expected. “We have to live near these people.”

Tony eventually came back outside and resumed helping me. We finally got the thing put together, even if it did seem to take forever. Tony loitered around after wrapping up the assembling but finally departed, promising to bring Eileen over once her mother left. When Debbie went inside I followed her, tackling her from behind and dragging her into the bedroom.

“I’ve gotta change in case Eileen come over,” Debbie said, but I was too busy pulling her tube top up over her head as we landed on the bed, and with her arms wrapped up in the top, I buried my face tuzla elit escort in her moist armpits, feeling the damp fur with my tongue and making it wetter still.

“Fuck Eileen,” I said, and in a minute we were humping like animals in heat.

Afterward, as we lay in a sweaty heap on the bed, Debbie had to admit something.

“I can’t believe how exciting that was,” Debbie said. “While Tony was staring at me I felt really sexy.”

“That’s because you are. I loved it too.”

Later in the day, Tony called me up. He was in his workshop whispering, telling me that they wouldn’t be coming over because his mother-in-law was still there and didn’t want to leave.

“That’s alright,” I said. “Debbie changed her top after her fan left.”

“Omigod!” Tony said. “Was I that obvious? I’m so fucking embarrassed!”

“Don’t be,” I said. “It kinda turned me on to see you that excited.”

“Do you think Debbie noticed?” Tony asked.

“Nah!” I lied. “She was snoozing.”

“I tell you man, I’m a happily married man but Debbie looked so fucking good… You don’t mind me saying this do you?”

“Nah, I kinda like being the one with the good stuff for once,” I told him, since he had a nicer car and a pool.

“That was the sexiest thing I ever saw,” Tony went on. “I couldn’t believe how hairy Debbie’s armpits are! She’s got more hair under her arms than I do and I’m a full blooded Italian! The way she was lying there… Damn! Would you please ask her to try and talk Eileen into letting her pit hair grow?”

There was no way Debbie would do that, and I told him that was something he would have to work on by himself. I gave him a rain-check for the barbecue and thanked him for his help.

“One thing I gotta tell you,” Tony said. “Don’t get mad at me or anything, but when I got home I was so horny I wanted to jump Eileen’s bones, but her damn mother was still here. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and so I… well, let’s just say that I was not the master of my domain.”

I caught the Seinfeld reference, and was left speechless. What do you say when your best friend tells you he just jerked off because of your wife? Confessing that he was pulling his pud while visions of my wife’s hairy armpits filled his head.

“Hello?” Tony said. “You still there? Are you mad? Guess that was a stupid thing to say, huh?”

“Actually, no,” I finally said. “It was a little bit too much information, but it’s cool.”

While the thought of him jerking off didn’t excite me, the fact that someone else thought my wife, and her armpits, were as erotic as I did was a turn on.

“Good,” Tony said. “And if you still see her mother’s car in my driveway in an hour, I’ll be doing it again” Tony said with a laugh. “God, Debbie is beautiful! You are one lucky SOB!”

I agreed then, and still do today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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