My Own Son Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

A Curious Week End

While Annie was getting ready, Jake fumbled through some papers on the table and made a phone call. He told the person he had a leak that needed plugged and would he come over and take care of it.

Mr. Mayes told Jake that there was a janitor in the basement to take care of those things, but Jake told him he just wanted to apologize for his attitude earlier and to try to make it up to him.

Mr. Mayes tried to get out of it but Jake wouldn’t take no for an answer and he said he’d be over shortly.

While he waited, Jake went into his room and got out his bag of tricks.

“All set Annie? ”

He pulled out a blindfold and put it over her eyes and tied it in back. Then he got out a length of rope and tied her legs and hands to each of the four bedposts. She struggled a little but agreed that this was really turning her on.

Jake smirked and ask if she minded if he watched. She giggled and said “do I have a choice?”

“No”, he said flatly.

Fifteen minutes later Mr. Mayes was standing at his door.

“Come on in Mayes. The leak is right down here. He led him down to his bedroom and watched him as his mouth dropped open…

“What…who…is this?”

Jake laughed and said “It’s my sister. She’s a little kinky at times so I said I thought you might like to make up and be friends and this is my gift to you, Do what you will.”

Mr. Mayes looked at Jake and then at Annie and back to Jake. “Are you serious”?

“Dead serious”.

Mr. Mayes licked istanbul escort his lips and reached out and touched Annie’s bra, which barely concealed her nipples.

Annie squirmed a little and then told him to touch her harder.

He giggled a little and said to no one in particular, “I’ll be damned!” His cock was already accepting the fact that this lady wanted to be fucked.

He wondered what his wife would say if he described the “tip” he received this evening from one of his renters. He laughed to himself and thought she would think it was hilarious and why hadn’t he called her to join.

He turned to Jake and ask, “And no one will ever know?”

“Nope” Jake answered.

Mayes moved over on the bed pulled her bra down and fingered Annie’s nipple’s. Getting braver and leaning over, taking one in his mouth and sucking it, he could feel the arrousal of his cock in his pants and shifted himself to give it room.

She was so soft and smelled so damn good. He leaned over her and ran his tongue down the front of her slowly, from her breast to her belly. His finger playing with her cunt and finding her clit he pressed harder on it, rubbing it as it swelled in response.

Annie groaned and lifted her butt as much as she could try to get more from his fingers. She bucked and groaned and kept asking ‘who are you?’

Mayes didn’t answer. He arranged himself between her legs and slowly licked her inner thighs and trailed his tongue to where his fingers were getting sloppy from the attention his tongue kabataş escort paid to her clit, sending incredible electrical currents through her. “Please, please, please”, she begged.

Mayes stopped and looked over at Jake who was quietly watching and filming. Mayes mouthed “anything?”

Jake nodded yes, “anything!”

Mayes got up and walked to the bottom of the bed. “I’m going to release your legs but I want you to move over on the side of the bed and lean over it. I’ll loosen you wrists a little but not completely.

Annie did as she was told wondering what he was going to do. She ask him and was answered with a swift slap to her face.

“Owwwww” she cried out.

He told her not to question anything else. She whimpered and scooted over the edge of the bed. He pulled the red thong down and off her smooth solid ass.

When it was off he bent over and licked her ass, while holding her down with his hand. It hurt but she didn’t say anything.

Mayes hurriedly pulled off his clothes and looked around. He saw the paddle he had noticed when he came in. He picked it up and pulled his arm back bringing the paddle down on her ass with a ‘whack’.

Annie screamed and cried out ‘NO, please don’t.’

Another swift ‘whack’ followed by a soft rubbing on her reddening butt. After several more swats, he put down the paddle and got up close behind her.

He fingered her clit and used the vast amount of moisture there to lubricate her ass hole. She was sobbing but was so turned on she didn’t think kadıköy escort she could wait to cum.

As soon as she was opened a little she felt him put his cock against her. It was swollen and dripping precum. He moved it into her ass slowly and as soon as the head entered her, he shoved harder; she cried out but was moving her ass in rhythm with his thrusts.

“I can’t wait any longer,” she cried, “I’m cumming” and she went over the edge and convulsed with waves of cream joining his sperm inside her.

She lay there shaking and realizing he wasn’t done. He got up and untied her hands from the bed but tied them behind her back.

She felt his fingers opening her mouth and pushing his 8″ cock into her mouth while ordering her to. “Clean it off.”

She couldn’t do anything else. Then he shoved her back on the bed and pussy fucked her until she came again.

Jake was filming all this but thought “damn! For a geeky looking guy he could get it on.” He was in awe.

Mayes got up and put his clothes on. “You want some?” he asked Jake.

“Later.” Jake answered.

Jake walked Mayes to the door and said “Man I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Mayes laughed and said, “My wife and I are swingers.” and left.

Jake went back in to Annie and untied her and removed the blindfold.

“You alright Sis?” He figured she would be furious.

“That was awesome! Can we do it again sometime?”

Jake just shook his head and said, “Go get cleaned up. You’re a mess”.

It was 4:00 in the morning and he was exhausted. He needed coffee. As he walked by Danny’s door he could hear his brother and Sarah getting it on. He shook his head and laughed.

What a night. His mom was softly snoring in her room. He walked into the kitchen and said to no one in particular, “I really need coffee!”

The End

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