My Older Neighbour

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I live in a small village in the middle of England with my wife. We have been married for 30 years and both of our children have now left home. This particular day she was out all day and I was working from home. We have great neighbours especially Paul and Margot. Unfortunately Paul passed away 12 months ago and as he looked after most things, Margot had been a little lost and at a fit and spritely 68 had a lot to live for. We helped out when we could which meant we had seen quite a lot of her lately. There was an air of sexy about her, Paul and her were very close and she missed him terribly.

I was in the kitchen making a coffee when I heard a crash and scream from her garage, I ran around and saw Margot on the floor holding her knee. She had been climbing up to get some chair covers down and had slipped. I helped her up and into her house and laid her on the settee. Her knee had a scrape on it; nothing too serious so I went into the kitchen and made a tea towel wet and then applied it firmly to her knee. As I pressed her legs flopped apart and her skirt rode up her thigh and there winking at me was a neatly trimmed pussy. I had to look twice; I couldn’t believe she was walking around without any underwear on.

She caught me looking and tried to close her legs but my pressure on her leg kept them open. She started to apologise, saying she loved the freedom of not wearing panties and hoped I wasn’t too shocked. I said she had a beautiful pussy and she relaxed and let her legs fall fully apart making her pussy lips open. I gave up on the cloth and started to rub her knee and slowly move my fingers upwards until I felt her pussy lips with my fingertips. I pushed her skirt up out of the bahis firmaları way and leant forward so I could taste her, my tongue licking along her crack opening her lips up, her taste was sweet and soon my tongue was pushing just inside of her. I felt her hand on the back of my head directing me where she wanted me, she pushed until my tongue touched her clit, she moaned and pushed my head hard keeping my tongue on her clit, I lapped, licked and sucked it as hard as I could. I slid two fingers into her pussy and pushed them in deep, searching for her g spot, I felt it and started to fuck her with my fingers hard and fast, still licking and sucking on her clit.

Margot was moaning now, bucking her hips and the she came, her body went rigid, her arse lifted off the settee and she squirted some thick sweet juice over my face. I licked her until she was clean and then moved up her body, she looked me in the eyes, smiled and then pulled me in for a kiss, her tongue gently pushing past my lips into my mouth. She pushed me back onto the floor and started to undo my trousers; she pulled them off along with my underwear and grabbed hold of my cock. I was rock hard by now and leaking some pre-cum, she licked my glans and wrapped her tongue around it then slowly lowered her mouth over my cock, taking me deep into her throat. She got into a rhythm sucking me in deep and then pulling off to swirl her tongue around my cock head, it felt wonderful.

Then Margot did something I had never experienced before; she pushed my legs up and over her shoulders and then licked me behind my balls, all the way to my arse, licking my arse, pushing her tongue just inside of me. As I relaxed her finger replaced her tongue kaçak iddaa and she slid it in real deep and proceeded to finger fuck my arse, her other hand started to wank me and then her mouth found its way back onto my cock, the feeling was so intense I only just managed to warn her – coming – her mouth locked onto my cock and I could feel her sucking and swallowing my jets of hot spunk as it pumped into her mouth. She licked me clean and dry and then as she pulled her finger out of my arse she looked me in the eye and sucked it into her mouth.

I sat up and took her hand and helped her up and walked through to her bedroom. I pulled her tee shirt up over her head, turned her around and undid her bra and then cupped her full tits, she turned around and I looked at her tits, full, blue veined with huge nipples sticking out about an inch, lowered my head and started to suck her nipples moving between the two, sucking them hard and biting down on them causing Margot to moan. I took off her skirt and then pushed her onto the bed and crawled between her legs to eat her again. She was so wet four fingers slid in easily as I licked and nibbled on hr clit, I added my little finger so I was fucking her with all my fingers hard and deep, as she loosened up I added my thumb and pushed, as she pushed back my hand slipped past her lips and inside of her, I was fisting her. Margot was writhing and twitching on the bed, then she squirted her juices, I could feel her clamping down on my wrist as she came. When she had calmed down I pulled my hand out of her pussy and she sat up and grabbed it and licked it clean, loving the taste of herself.

She knelt up, looked over her shoulder and said I had better fuck kaçak bahis her in the arse as her pussy wasn’t very tight at the moment. I rubbed my cock between her pussy lips to lube it up and then pushed against her brown bud, it slipped in and very gently I pushed with an even pressure until I was fully in her arse. I started to rock backwards and forwards and then we picked up the pace, my belly slapping against her arse as we fucked, she was tight, I was in deep and very soon I was coming again, filling her bowels with my seed. As I pulled out my spunk started to pour from her arse, she caught some and sucked it off her fingers then some more but this time, offered me her fingers to suck, it tasted good so I drank form the source, licking and cleaning her arse until all my spunk had gone.

We drifted into a sleep for a short while when we both woke and need to pee. She looked at me and mentioned her and Paul were quite into water sports and had I ever tired it? I hadn’t but was willing, she squatted over the toilet and I knelt in front of her, my fingers pulling her pussy lips apart, feeling the arm piss trickle down my arm, I leant forward and stuck out my tongue to taste it, warm and sweet, I moved forward so her stream was going straight into my mouth. When she had finished she got up and knelt in the shower and held my cock, aiming it at those big juicy tits of hers, as I relaxed it came, a steady stream over her tits, she moved my cock upwards over her face and then opened her mouth and drank, as I finished she sucked me into her mouth to drink down the last few drops.

We showered together and got dressed and then sat over a coffee and talked things through. She missed Paul and the sex and this had made her realise there was life after 68 and the death of her husband. We parted company promising each other if she needed me again I was very willing. If only I could get my wife involved somehow …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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