My Night at the Dance Club

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It was a cool, late Friday night and the club was banging. There were people all over the dance floor getting down with the rhythmic beats of the up tempo blaring music.

I was standing in the corner drinking a Miller Lite when I saw a beautiful Asian girl in a short silky black skirt and tight, glittering, red open necked casual blouse. She had on a pair of shiny, black, long, stiletto heeled shoes, a black garter belt and silky black hose and was swaying wildly to the crazy beat of the music.

Her long black hair was wildly dancing on her head and her medium sized breasts were bouncing crazily as she got down to the music.

I could see the sensual smile on her plump cherry hued lips and the dazzling fire in her seductive brown eyes. Her slim body and tight little round ass were bumping and grinding awash in the bright neon lights.

She was very alluring to me as she dipped, swayed and jiggled all over the place. Finally the song ended and she sashayed wearily to her table next to where I was standing and gulped her Pina Colada.

I gazed at her with a twinkle in my blue eyes and mentioned to her that she was an amazing dancer and that I wished that I had some rhythm like that.

She gave me a wink and said that she’d been dancing for years, and that it was second nature to her. She asked me if I came here often and I told her that I came on occasion. I noticed that her glass was empty and offered to buy her another drink and she accepted.

I got the attention of the server and ordered another beer and got another Pina Colada for her.

When the drinks arrived she introduced herself telling me that her name was Kimiko. I told her my name’s Don and that I was pleased to meet her.

We got to talking about this and that and she told me that she needed a partner to dance with for the night and asked me if I’d join her on the dance floor when the next song came on. I told her I wasn’t a very good dancer, but she smiled and said I’ll make you look good darling.

I smiled at her and said ok I’ll give it a shot.

We talked a little longer before the music began playing. I was relieved that it was a slow love song so I wouldn’t look so bad when I danced with her.

Kimiko grabbed my hand and said let’s go dance the night away, so off to the dance floor we went.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me close holding me tightly as she pressed her tits against my chest and ground her groin into mine as we began to sway slowly around the floor to the music.

When the slow song ended a fast up tempo beat song began to play. Kimiko let me go and we started crazily to the new song.

She was swinging her hair around, swaying her hips like a wild child and rubbing against me to the beat as I tried to keep up. Pretty soon she slid down my body letting me feel her tits as she brushed them against my chest and down my body and I could feel her lips on me as she kissed my chest while running her hands all over my back and over my ass.

We danced wildly like that for several minutes until the song ended. We smiled at each other as the next song came on and began to dance. We danced and swayed erotically to the fast song.

We shared a sensual kiss as we pressed our bodies against one another and tightly held on to each other and made out as we began to move as one to the fast beat of the music. We danced to several more songs then headed back to fethiye escort her table and had a drink and talked some more. Kimiko finally said that we should get out of there and find something more fun to do as she gave me a seductive little wink and a sexy smile.

We got up and as we headed outside arm in arm she asked me where my car was parked because we’d have to take it as she’d taken a cab to the club. I walked her slowly to my little sports car and opened the door for her and gave her a little kiss before getting in myself.

I asked her where she wanted to go and she smiled impishly at me and said your place. I told her it would take us a little bit to get there from here. Kimiko smiled and said that’s ok we’ve got all night. She rolled the window down as we got on the highway and headed to my little house just outside of town.

As I drove she stuck her head out the window letting her long black hair blow in the wind as she smiled happily.

I turned on the radio and found a station playing some older music and she began to sensually wriggle around in her seat to Against the Wind by Bob Seger. She told me that it was one of her favorite songs, giggled at me as she played with her hair and tossed her shoes off. After about 15 minutes we got to my little place and pulled into the drive.

Kimiko put her shoes back on as we walked up to my porch and before I could open the door she reached up and pulled my face to hers and gave me a long, slow tongue twisting French kiss as she ran her hands wildly and passionately over my back and pulled me close, pressing her body against mine, and began to writhe against me.

We held the kiss for several minutes before Kimiko released me and let me open the door. I let her into the living room and turned on a lamp, keeping the room dimly lit.

I told her to have a seat and that I’d be right back and walked to the bathroom. When I came back she was partially undressed and standing beside the couch in nothing but a silky black bra and panties attached to a sexy little pair of black garter belts, hose, and her stiletto shoes. She stood there smiling at me slowly running her hands over her body.

I took her into my arms and began to passionately kiss her. I pulled her close and ran my hands over her back down to her tight little ass and began to caress it while she pressed herself against me.

As we kissed Kimiko began to rub my groin and softly moan as she got more turned on. I pulled away from her then picked her up and carried her into my bedroom and laid her on the silky black sheets of my bed.

She looked so sexy lying there with her long hair all fanned out on the pillow so I slid in beside her and began kissing her body from head to toe then I lifted her off of the bed and slowly removed her bra and began to kiss her breasts and lick her nipples as I ran my hands down her back. Kimiko moaned then wrapped her arms around me and held onto me as I kissed and caressed her all over.

Finally I worked my way to her legs and began to run them up and down feeling the silky softness of her garters and silk hose as I began to kiss her warm, wet pussy. I ran my tongue slowly up and down her long, thin clit, allowing my tongue to just slide into her.

Then I turned her around and gently sucked on her ass cheeks as I caressed them as Kimiko moaned and bent over spreading her legs revealing her tight little asshole. I rimmed her then escort fethiye slid my tongue into her tight hole and worked my tongue in and out of her slowly.

After working her ass for awhile I stood up and pushed Kimiko onto her back, slid on top of her and began to kiss her eye lids, lips and forehead then worked my lips down to her throat and kissed it gently before working my way to her shoulders as I caressed her body.

Then I began to kiss my way down her body and down to her pussy and began licking it and sucking on her clit as I fingered her wet hole while I played with her ass making Kimiko moan and quiver with delight as she sweetly whispered, please don’t stop.

After several minutes she started shaking and screaming and pressed my head tightly against her quivering pussy as she came. I pulled off of her tight little pussy and rolled onto my back beside her then Kimiko began kissing me as her hands reached for my cock and began to stroke it slowly.

Then she kissed her way down to my groin and slid the head of my cock into her mouth as she sucked gently on it and stroked my cock faster. Slowly she took my shaft into her mouth and began to run her tongue around it before pumping her mouth up and down my shaft taking it deep into her throat.

She worked my cock for a long time. I began to moan and quiver but before I could cum she pulled off of it and straddled me before sliding my cock deep into her pussy.

She leaned over me as she rode me wildly shaking her head and running her dark red nails across my chest moaning derisively. I reached around and grabbed her ass with one hand and slid a finger into her tight asshole as I began sucking on her tits while she rode me hard and fast.

After she rode me for awhile I slid her onto her back and slid my cock deep inside of her and began pounding it into her fast and as hard as I could.

After several minutes of pounding into Kimiko as hard as I could she moaned and whispered for me to fuck her tits. I slid out of her and got on top of her and slid my wet cock between her tits and began to fuck them fast while she slid her tongue out and licked the head of my cock.

Then I pushed my cock to her mouth letting her suck on it for a few minutes before I slid it between her tits again and fucked them.

When we began to moan, quiver and shake wildly I rubbed my cockhead against her long, pink nipples until Kimiko grabbed my cock and began stroking it fast until I came all over her tits.

She bent her head to her tits and began licking my cum off of her nipples then she started licking my cock head clean before taking it into her mouth once more. She sucked my cock for awhile then let it slide out of her mouth and pulled me on top of her, then gave me a long tongue kiss swirling her tongue around inside of my mouth.

Finally she stopped and pulled off of my cock and pulled me onto her and gave me a long kiss as she held me tightly against her pressing my chest into her form tits. I moaned enjoying the feel of her hardened nipples against me and wrapped my arms around her as I kissed her again.

We caressed one another for a long time then drifted off to sleep in a tangled heap of spent passion and dreamy desire to be close to one another.

The next morning we showered quickly, dried off and messed around a bit then had a quick breakfast before she took me by the hand led me back into the bedroom for some fethiye escort bayan more exciting sexual shenanigans.

We tumbled onto the bed together our lips hungrily pressed together in a hot kiss as we wildly ran our hands over each other and began playing with each other’s groins.

Then I slid my hands down to her ass and squeezed it hard and slid my hard cock deep into her pussy as we began to grind against each other in a tangled heap of passion. I pounded into her hard and fast for a long time before pulling out and rolling her over onto her hands and knees.

Then I spanked her for a few minutes then slid my hard cock against her tight, round ass and slid it into her. I reached around and grabbed her nipples, pulled then and pinched them as I kissed her neck and pounded my cock into her very fast and pumped into her roughly.

She moaned and begged for me to fuck her harder so I began to really pound my cock into her as I reached between her legs and fingered her wet, pussy until I began to moan. Then she began to scream for me to my stick my cock into her pussy and fuck her hard.

Kimiko bucked hard against my cock as it slid in and out of her fast and hard. I pulled out of her and slid between her legs and kissed her thighs, caressing her legs and played with her ass. Then slowly ran my tongue up and down her tight little slit and took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it for a while causing her to moan delightedly and buck and tremble underneath of me as she came.

Then I pushed her onto her back and slid my cock between her nice firm tits and fucked them for a few minutes before sliding it into her mouth and letting her suck it until I filled her mouth with my large creamy load of white cum. I rolled off of her and lay next to her holding Kimiko until we fell asleep.

A little while later Kimiko rolled back on top of me and began kissing her way down to my cock and began to teasingly lick it. Then she began to work my cock slowly, running her long tongue up and down the long, hard shaft of my cock until she took it into her mouth and began sucking it as she ran her hands up and down my chest.

After several minutes of sucking it she spit on her tits getting them slippery then slid my cock between her tits and squeezed them together around it and began to rub them fast up and down my shaft. She worked my cock like that for a long time before she pulled her tits away.

Then Kimiko slid up to my face and sat on it grinding her pussy against my lips and whispered eat me baby.

I slid my tongue into her pussy and began to eat her out sliding my tongue into her fast, as I slid my fingers over her pussy running them all over her tight slit and hard clit.

Kimiko grabbed my head and rubbed her pussy all over my face and ground it hard against my mouth. I worked her until she began to moan wildly and squirted her hot juices all over my face as I moaned delightedly licking her cum form my face.

We rested for a while then Kimiko got up and began dressing. I sat up in bed and told her how much fun last night and this morning had been. She nodded in agreement as she smiled at me.

When she was dressed she leaned over and gave me a long kiss whispering that she needed to get home and that we should do it again sometime.

I gave her a pen and a small notebook from the dresser and asked her to leave me her number so that I could get in touch later.

She wrote her number down then pulled me out of bed and walked with me to the living room. She grabbed her purse and kissed me again and told me she’d be waiting for my call then walked out the door ending our tryst.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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