My Niece’s Come-On

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Alexis Texas

My niece Chelsea and I seemed to be attracted to each other. She would often tell me I was her favorite uncle. When I was at my sister’s house, Chelsea always caught my eye. I don’t know why my sister allowed it but her eighteen year old daughter would wear the most revealing clothes. Chelsea would wear tight shirts with no bra. I could see her small breasts clearly and her nipples would be showing.

She also wore the smallest shorts I ever saw. I was sure I could see camel toe. I was home one Saturday when the doorbell rang. There stood Chelsea.

“I was in the area so I thought I would stop by,” she told me.

I had no problem with that. She came in and sat down on one of the chairs. It didn’t take long before she popped a question.

“I see you looking me over all the time. Are you attracted to me Uncle Rob?”

I couldn’t lie. I told her I found her very attractive. Sometimes I got turned on by her. This was one of those times. Chelsea then did the unexpected. She stood up and pulled her shirt up over her head. I was now looking at her small breasts. Her nipples were hard pebbles on her chest. My cock was beginning to stir in my pants.

“I get turned on etiler ucuz escort when you look at me,” she said.

Next she shed those form fitting shorts. There was a small patch of pubic hair surrounding her small pussy. I couldn’t take much more of this. I stood up from the couch and I undressed myself. My eight inch cock came springing out.

“Oh my God!” Chelsea said.

She told me my dick was huge. I walked over and I pulled her towards the couch. I sat down and pulled my niece onto my lap. I was soon rubbing the fat part of my cock against her wet slit. Chelsea was getting turned on alright. A few minutes of this and I couldn’t take any more. I lifted Chelsea up until the tip of my dick was at her opening. I pushed down on her hips and I entered her.

I only managed to get a couple of inches inside. Her tiny pussy had trouble taking my big dick. I had to work at it. I kept pressing upwards. After maybe fifteen minutes I was totally inside Chelsea’s pussy.

You should have heard the moans and cries as I pushed into my niece’s small pussy.

“You’re cock is so big!” She told me.

I wanted her to think that I had a etiler üniversiteli escort large cock. Chelsea said she had fantasies of the two of us having sex together in bed. Like that, I picked Chelsea up, my cock still buried in her pussy. I walked back to the bedroom and placed her on the bed.

That is when the real fucking took place. I drove my rod into my niece as deep as I could. She was screaming by then. I was going to make sure I would be able to have her whenever I wanted. I did think about fucking Chelsea with my bare cock. I would pull out before I came. That had to be some of the best sex I ever experienced. Chelsea’s muscles were wrapped tight around my erection. It didn’t hurt that I was having forbidden sex with my niece. That actually heightened the pleasure.

Chelsea craved hard cock. That much I was sure of. When I felt I was getting close to cumming I told Chelsea I was going to pull out.

No, don’t pull out. I want to feel you cum in me.”

My reasoning failed me that day. I did as she asked. A few minutes later I unloaded inside my niece. I shot hot ropes of my cream deep into Chelsea’s belly. fatih escort Chelsea seemed to lose control. I felt her pussy going into contortions. Her muscles got tighter around my dick, if that were possible. I had a lot of seed to give my niece that day. She took every drop from me.

I did slow down and finally rested my cock inside Chelsea. I could still feel her orgasms. I eventually pulled out. I looked down to see globs of cum leaking from Chelsea’s spent pussy. She didn’t move for the longest time. When she did, she kissed me on the mouth and then got up and went to the bedroom.

When she got back she almost looked like she needed it again.

“Please tell that you will want me again.”

Those were the golden words I wanted to hear. Chelsea somehow managed to make me hard with her mouth. She sucked on my prick until I became erect. This time she mounted me once more. I was able to enter her more easily with some of my cum still coating her pussy. We went at it hard this time. Chelsea did most of the work. She worked her pussy muscles all around my fat shaft. I reached up and pinched her small nubbins. That really got Chelsea wound up. Somehow I had a little bit left in the tank. I creamed her pussy a second time. Our sex was done for the day.

Chelsea said her Mom would be expecting her home shortly. I did have to ask, was she on birth control? Chelsea said not to worry. She was protected. We made plans to get together when time allowed. I only hope my young niece doesn’t wear me out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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