My Niece Needed a Loan

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The call came in very unexpectedly. The voice on the other end was a little bit frantic, and at first I didn’t recognize it was my lovely niece Jessica.

The 24-year-old had been married four years, had two children, and worked for a law firm in Philadelphia as an administrative assistant. Jessica and her family lived several hours away, so I only got to see them at Thanksgiving or sometimes other holidays. Her husband Daryl was a hard-working taskmaster who loved fast cars, his young kids and sweet Jessica.

We exchanged small talk, the entire time with me wondering what prompted the young woman to give me a call out of the blue. In fact, at first I asked if she wanted to speak with my wife, only to be told that, no, I was the person she wanted to speak with.

“Uncle Rob, can you talk, uh, privately? We need your help.” Of course I could.

For the next few minutes I listed as Jessica told of her mean boss revising her work hours, a fact which forced her to leave his employ as she couldn’t find proper babysitting for the young ones. From there she moved over to Daryl, and how he was in a car accident that along with her own car suffering a break down and extended service left them without transportation. Then there were doctor bills, loan payments and, well, you get the picture. Times were tough in their household, and they needed a loan.

Normally I wouldn’t have thought twice about lending her some money. They were a nice young couple, I had watcher her grow up from a little girl to a smart and pretty young woman. She was clearly my favorite niece, and I would help if I could. I knew they were good for it, even if Jessica was out of a job at the moment. Heck, I remember when I needed a loan and my parents helped me our.

It was, though, a difficult time for me. My own daughter had some pretty hefty tuition bills and I had only recently taken a second loan to do some long-needed renovations to our house. There wasn’t a lot of money sitting around for family loans.

Jessica was also eye-candy to me, a look, not touch, family member. You know the kind, young, innocent, pretty. Jessica was always the hot, slutty teenager who turned guys heads, mine included. Of course, being family (oh, yes, and the fact that I am 30 years older than she) I only allowed my eyes and mind to drift toward the girl. Over the years she’d bat an eyelash and I’d spring for a new outfit or help fund her shoe fetish.

We talked a while more and I promised to give her a call in a day or two to see what I could do.

That night over dinner I mentioned the call to my wife, Cheryl, who immediately went ballistic.

“You didn’t fall for that bullshit story did you,” spat Cheryl, changing in seconds from a normal woman into a bitch. “She’s been asking everyone who will listen for money. I guess she ran out of people to call so she’s trying to get old pushover like you to give her money.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Jessica had always been a favorite niece of my wife as well as me. It took some doing, but I finally got to the bottom of the matter.

“She’s been gambling and doing some kind of drugs,” said my wife. “That’s why she lost her job. And the cars? She was drop-dead drunk and crashed into a fricken stop light. They don’t have insurance and that’s why it hasn’t been fixed. She spent the night in the drunk tank and her parents had to bail her out the next day. That’s why she lost her job, she wasn’t there again.

“The kids are with her sister Carol, and from what I hear Daryl is no better. He crashed his car alright, because he was out joyriding with his friends, showing off for some whores or something. I hear he was joyriding because he came home and caught Jessica making out with a friend of his. They are trouble, and you stay away from it. You are by no means going to lend them a dime.”

I was stunned by the disclosure. I never imagined Daryl and Jessica to be anything but even-keeled, loving parents. Oh, before the kids, they were wild. But in recent years the “kids” aged as they had kids of their own.

News of Jessica being on drugs really confused me, as she always maintained that those who “used” were only hurting themselves. It took forever to get to sleep that night as my mind kept thinking of my niece and her problems.

The next day I called my niece back and confronted her on the issue. I told her I didn’t appreciate her lying to me, and advised her to get some counseling. She hemmed and hawed but gave no indication my wife’s assessment wasn’t true.

I spent the rest of the day upset with not being able etiler otele gelen escort to help the needy girl but understanding that a little tough love was what she had Daryl needed to get their life back on track. Knowing that her parents would take care of the kids made the decision a lot easier.

That night I attempted to get some loving from my wife, who pushed me away (as she had most of the time in recent months) and I moped off to bed in the guest room. It was not a night of fitful sleep.

I battled the Beltway traffic the next morning, and just minutes after arriving my assistant put through a call from Jessica. “Uncle Rob, I am so very sorry for lying to you,” said the throaty voice of my niece. “You are my final hope. I don’t know where else to turn. We’re going to lose the house, and Daryl is too proud to beg. But I’m begging.”

“Jessica, what about the drugs?”

“It’s mostly painkillers, and some grass,” said the girl, coming clean. “Mom told me she spoke with Aunt Cheryl, and told her everything. I should have told you the truth. But it’s so embarrassing.”

Jessica paused, and I didn’t know what to say.

“Yes, I lost my job,” she continued, “but I have been in counseling. I’ve kicked the habit for now. I am not perfect but I am trying.”

My mind wandered to better days when Jessica was just a girl. We didn’t see the family a lot, but when we did she was always the smart sister, the good kid, the hard-worker, and, yes, the looker. Jessica was pretty as a girl, flirtatious as a teenager, and beautiful as a bride. There was more than one occasion that I’d be screwing my wife and thinking of the little girl.

Hey, it was innocent fun. I also fantasized about Cheryl Ladd, and sometimes I’d say her name out loud when I was screwing my wife. Lucky for me it wasn’t another woman’s name.

Jessica spoke more of how she had changed her life, wanted to go straight, but I knew it was bullshit. She was saying all the right things, but I knew I was being used. It was too easy to hit me up for money for grass or whatever, I knew that, so I was very non-committal. We talked a while more and agreed to speak later in the week when I’d be up in Philly on business.

Cheryl asked me twice whether I’d caved in and given Jessica a loan, or worse yet, cash, and I assured her that wasn’t the case and that it was a closed issue.

Still, that night, I fantasized about the situation as I made love to my hand. How low is that?

On Friday I finished my meetings near City Hall at 3. I called Jessica and she agreed to meet me at the 30th Street Amtrak station for coffee before my 6 o’clock return trip. An hour later I watched her walk across the lobby of the station — she looked adorable in her tight tee top and mid-thigh skirt. It reminded me of the days when she’d come to a party looking like a slut, low cut top, tight jeans. She was always a looker.

She arrived at my table, twirled, and said she hoped I liked her outfit. “I thought I should dress the part when looking for a loan,” said Jessica coyly.

If I were a bank officer with an eye toward the female persuasion, she’d have walked away with the cash in a flash. But I had no intention of giving her money, it would head right down the drain.

On this trip, though, I planned to counsel her to get a job, kick the habits, and get her life back in order. At least that was the plan, but halfway threw my spiel I realized I was merely staring and the pretty young girl.

“Is something wrong Uncle Bob?”

I mentioned how disappointed in her I was, how she is putting people in a very precarious position. I mentioned how loaning her money without collateral was a dumb idea even if she was good for the money because, quite frankly, none of us thought she had kicked the habit nor would be working anytime soon.

We discussed her situation for about 20 minutes, and I once again told her I didn’t have the money to lend but that I was truly concerned.

She shook her head. “Concerned my ass. I’m desperate and nobody will help.”

Again I told her she made her own bed.

“My bed? Any bed? I have to find the money somewhere. I have some offers you know. I can work the bars,” said the indignant girl. “I’ll screw a few guys and get some money, you all are bastards anyway.”

Jessica got up to leave but I grabbed her wrist.

“Sit down Jessica!” I forcefully said, pulling her back into the hard metal seat.

Staring at the pretty young girl, I realized she was frightened and maybe even etiler rus escort a little scared of her situation.

My mind whirled, I couldn’t lend her the money. But I wanted to. I couldn’t let Jessica sell her pussy for cash, could I? I mean, how low was that? To even consider renting her ass for some strange man was unbelievable to me. Still, Cheryl would kill me if I lent the girl a dollar, though, so she couldn’t find out.

And I needed some collateral.

“So, Jessica, you’d sell your ass to get some money?” I asked in a matter of fact manner.

She smiled and batted her eyes. “I’m desperate. There are worse things than sex you know.”

My mind was working overtime as I looked at the girl. It wasn’t long before the idea hit me.

I pulled out a blue fountain pen — a gift from Cheryl — and gently wrote on a napkin: “I hereby acknowledge the loan of $5,000 from my Uncle Bob, to be repaid in entirety in 15 months. If, at the end of 15 months, I can’t repay the lump sum amount, I willingly will allow Uncle Bob to have sex with me for an entire night. I would be at his disposal to use as he pleases, his Whore for a Night so to speak.

“I will still owe the money, which, after that night, would be due in $100 increments each month. In addition, I will pay quarterly interest in the amount of $500, payable on the first of April, July, October and January. If such interest is not paid, I will give Uncle Bob as good a blow job as possible. All of this will be confidential. I will not let anyone know. Anyone.”

I turned over the page and continued: “To ensure compliance, I will allow Uncle Bob to spank me this weekend, bare bottom if he chooses, and I will pose for some provocative photos. If these two conditions are met this weekend, and if I agree to all terms stated above, I will get the loan. If any of these terms are broken, Uncle Bob is free to do as he wishes with the photos, up to and including selling them.”

I passed the note to Jessica, and her eyes widened as she read the words.

“I couldn’t do this,” she shyly said. “I’m not a whore.”

Shaking my head, I asked, “you’d screw strangers for money, but you won’t accept a loan from me? Hey, the collateral is the same ass you’d give up to strangers. You’re a whore, alright, we’re just negotiating the price.”

The girl looked at me with disbelief.

“But you are family,” said my niece as I cringed just a little. She was right, I was attempting to take advantage of the situation. But it was five grand I had to find, quietly, and money I might never see again.

“There’s no handout for this kind of money, Jessica. You don’t have to do anything, and you surely don’t have to have sex with me, if you follow the rules and pay back the loan in 18 months as agreed.”

The girl pondered the offer. “But the, uh, spanking?”

“You’ve been bad, and your parents didn’t want to deal with it. I will….but don’t worry, it won’t hurt that much. You will remember, though, in case you even think about skipping on the repayment.”

She asked about the photos.

“They will be provocative, and you will be embarrassed if they were to get out,” I surmised. “You know, this isn’t blackmail, or anything, just a security deposit. You will get them back when you repay the money.”

I looked at the girl. “Think about it. You can trust me, Jessica, you know that or else you wouldn’t have come to me. I’m also your last hope…unless you want to sell your ass. And besides, pay the money back on time and you can save that ass for your husband.”

Jessica nodded her head. I had her.

We made plans to meet Friday night for her attitude adjustment spanking, a couple risqué photos, and the exchange of the loan. I couldn’t wait.

* * *

Cheryl never heard about my meeting with Jessica, and surely didn’t suspect I had moved over to the Dark Side or whatever. I’d be divorced in minutes, for sure. Heck, I couldn’t believe things got as far as they did.

I went to the bank and cashed some savings bonds, sold a couple DRIPs and emptied out my rainy day fund. Five large, and who knows if I’d ever seen it again. I’ve had second thoughts before, but third and fourth? Still, the thought of Jessica over my knees, or posing naughtily took over my mind.

Snapping back to reality, I told myself this was nothing but a loan. Yes, I’d shock her this weekend, but it would not involve actual sex…damn, she deserved a spanking. I had to have “something” on her or else I could kiss the money goodbye.

Jessica called etiler türbanlı escort twice during the week, asking for the money without any strings. I counseled her to ask at her bank. After what seemed like a long pause, she said she’d be home alone Saturday and we could “do the deed.”

I said that instead I wanted her to give me a yell at 10 a.m. and we’d figure out what to do from there. No way I was going to be over her house…that smelled like a set up.

Bright and early Saturday I caught the 7:03 to Philly from Union Station and for once the train was right on schedule. I walked up the stairs and into the cavernous main station, keeping my eyes out for darting pigeons. Grabbing a soft pretzel (coated with spicy mustard, of course) I waited for Jessica’s call.

On schedule, she called and I advised her to grab the subway toward center city, where I asked her to call when she arrived downtown. I sauntered over to the Fairmont, checked in using points, and awaited her call. Good think I had called in advance for an early check-in.

An hour later she called and I sauntered over to City Hall where I met her in the courtyard. We slowly walked to the hotel — she kept looking around anticipating where we were going — which spooked me. So, spy-like, I slipped up and down the several stairways that went underground between the Penn Center complex, past the subway, elevated like, and Suburban Station trains.

Soon we were at the Fairmount, and we made our way to the 9th floor.

“So, Jessica, are you in agreement with the terms of the offer?” To help persuade her I took out a handful of Benjamin’s and set them on the bed stand. I swear her eyes opened wide looking and longing for the money.

The young girl asked to see the document, looked it over, and signed it with a flourish.

“There’s no way I will have to fuck you, Uncle Bob, I promise to pay back the loan.”

“I know you will, Jess, but I am serious…you don’t comply and I will bang you. Imagine that for a minute.”

She looked me in the eyes and shook her head. “Things are bad now, but there’s no way I’m doing that. This is all so embarrassing. I can’t believe I got into this situation.”

Telling her I believed her, that I knew it would work out, I assured her it would be our little secret. That nobody needed to know anything, but that I would use the photos if I had to.

We argued a little about the photos and spanking but I wasn’t swayed. I told her it was all the deal or nothing, and that if she wanted the cash she had to live up to her end of the bargain.

She asked what was next as I smiled.

Huh, imagine the opportunities! I told her to sit in the large chair near the desk. I brought out the digital camera and began taking shots of the girl in provocative poses. After some risqué but still with a bit of modesty I pushed the envelope.

“Put your legs over the arms of the chair, Jessica.”

She did, and I saw under her skirt that she was wearing blue panties. I had her pull them down her creamy thighs and lift her legs. What a photo it was, Jessica was in the chair, legs akimbo, panties below her knees and a clear shot of her smartly trimmed bush. The smile she shot me was priceless. Later I got shots of her kneeling on the bed, her ass prominently displayed, and others holding her tits.

I snapped dozens of shots before the coupe de grace, her holding her pussy lips wide open for the camera and then of her playing with that wet snatch. Then, to cap things off, I whipped out my hard cock, much to her dismay.

“We didn’t agree…”

“Hold on, Jess, just a shot. You don’t have to touch it.” I maneuvered around so that it appeared she was licking my cock when she was actually an inch or so away from it.

I wanted to fuck her right then but a deal is a deal and I merely snapped photos. God it was hot. The beautiful girl was pretty in the shot, almost as if she actually had been licking my cock.

Camera safely put away, I pulled the young girl over my knees. She began to whimper, and I told her to stop. I caressed her ass for a while as she anticipated the spanking, and after waiting and watching her I lifted her skirt. “Now Jessica, you will pay me back the money, right?”

She nodded.

For the next few minutes I spanked her pretty ass, first softly, then, once I had the rhythm, much harder. It was an erotic moment, watching the girl attempt to wiggle her ass away from the endless attack on her creamy bare ass. That ass soon became pink, then red, as my hand spanked like never before.

Only when my hand started to hurt did I stop the onslaught. By then Jessica was crying and begging me to stop.

I kept her over my knees, observing and stroking her pretty ass while telling her she had better pay me back. That money didn’t grow on trees. That she had to change her ways.

Only time will tell if she got the message.

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