My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 1

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When I graduated from college I landed a pretty good job with the company I’d interned with the last three summers. I needed a place to live, and one of my new co-workers recommended an condominium complex not far from town. The real estate manager, a dapper, coiffed woman named Susan, showed me around, and while I liked the unit she showed me, it was just too big for a single guy like me.

“And it’s a bit out of my price range,” I admitted.

“Well,” she said, “We do have some small apartments under the big double-sized units. For rent, not to buy. They’re under the big double units,” she pointed to the large, wide, two-story condos that anchored each corner of the complex. “We only have one available, the other apartment is used as our sales office.”

“Well, let’s have a look,” I said dubiously. I didn’t really want to rent, but Mom raised me to always be polite, so I followed her to the apartment.

It was nice. Very nice. Good sized kitchen, big living room, a bedroom with a nice master bathroom and another room that I could turn into a really nice office. As we walked out the door I said, “I hate to sound crass, but how much is it per month?”

She closed the door and quoted the price. I winced. Not as much as I’d planned on spending for a mortgage, but definitely more than I wanted to blow on rent. I was just about to thank her for her patience when I heard heavy, HEAVY, footsteps clumping down the stairs to the tiny courtyard that fronted the building.

The man who made those thunderous footfalls was about the biggest goddam human being I’d ever encountered. I’d say he was about 50 years old, stood more than six-and-a-half-feet tall, and weighed like about 300 pounds, none of it looked like fat. He wore a white T-shirt and jeans and I could see the tattoos that covered his arm and chest. This behemoth was going to be my neighbor? That made up my mind for sure.

“Hey, Susan,” the giant boomed. “How’s it going?”

I thought she would cringe in fear, but she said, “Great, Buddy. I was just showing this young man the apartment under your house.”

He gave me a look that made me take a step back. “You noisy?”

“Um, well, I haven’t decided to…”

“I don’t mind noisy, sometimes,” he said, “just so long as it isn’t that goddam rap music. You listen to rap?”

“Um, well, no, I don’t listen to rap all that often, but I don’t think I’ll be moving…”

“Unless it’s older stuff, Public Enemy, that’s cool. None of that Eminem shit. You into Eminem?”

It was like a job interview in hell. “No, I don’t, but I really don’t think I’m going to be taking this…”

There were more footsteps coming down the stairs, light, quick, bouncy steps. The giant said, “C’mon, honey! We’re gonna be late!”

The woman who appeared from around the corner was, without a doubt, the sexiest, hottest, most fantabulous-looking female I have ever seen. She was maybe 40 years old and was so relentlessly gorgeous that I forgot about the huge man glowering at me. She was maybe a foot shorter than her husband, and had rich honey-blonde hair and dark brown eyes that fixed on me with delight. Her body was luscious and ripe, her full breasts just a bit too big for her slender frame, her sprayed-on jeans showing two half-moon shadows from the curve of her tight, magnificent ass.

“And who are you?” she said, her glittering smile alone giving me a stage-3 erection.

Her huge husband said, “Susan was showing him the downstairs apartment.”

“Are you our new neighbor?” she exclaimed, those brown eyes making me go gooey inside. She touched the inside of my wrist with her fingertips, and I shifted quickly to stage-4.

Susan said, “Well, he said…”

“…I said I can’t wait to move in!” It was an impulse, it was stupid, but the idea of living so close to a woman so exquisite overwhelmed my rational mind.

“Really?” Susan asked, incredulous.

“Really?” the goddess squealed.

“Really!” I said.

“OK, fine, he’s really moving in,” the giant rumbled. “Two seconds ago he wasn’t sure, now he’s moving in. What do you think changed his mind?” He answered his own question by pinching his wife’s bottom, and she squealed with delight.

“Oh, that’s ridiculous!” she said, and then abruptly wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me. Welcome to stage-5. “I’m sure we’ll become the best of friends.”

“I’d like that,” I said.

“Yeah, I bet you would,” the huge man grumbled. It was weird, he obviously knew that I was enormously turned on by his wife, and that she was blatantly flirting with me, but it didn’t bother him. Then again, what did a man like THAT have to fear from little ‘ol me?

He extended a huge, calloused hand. “I’m Buddy,” he said. “This is my wife, Cindy.”

I shook his hand and said, “Nice to meet you, my name’s Nick.” I shook Cindy’s hand and she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. She said, “It’s nice to meet you, Nicky! We’ll have so much fun together!”

“Maybe later,” Buddy said, taking her hand. bahis firmaları “We’re late, let’s go.” He steered her to the parking lot and said, “You need help moving in, just let me know.” They turned the corner, and just like that they were gone.

“Well,” Susan said with a chipper smile, “I guess we have some papers to sign!”

With Cindy gone, my brain resumed normal functioning. Did I really want to spend all this money on an apartment? Did I really want to live below a beast like Buddy, below a force of nature like Cindy?

What I finally decided was, hey, what the hell? If I didn’t, I’d regret it the rest of my life. So I ignored the logical part of my brain and answered with my heart. Or, perhaps, another vital organ.

“Show me some dotted lines,” I said, and followed her to the sales office.


Buddy took an immediate liking to me, thank the gods. He had two sons older than me from a previous marriage who lived out of state, and he took a fatherly interest in me. Well, not exactly fatherly. He liked taking me out with his buddies to the local bar and getting me loaded with the rest of the crew from the welding company he owned, and I think they all liked seeing a white-collar technical writer like me arm-wrestling guys who could eat me whole in three bites. He was a fabulous guy.

And Cindy…Cindy was more woman than even Buddy could handle. She and Buddy had been married for five years, the second marriage for both. She didn’t have kids of her own and she absolutely doted on me. But like Buddy, she was not exactly a maternal presence. She was constantly flirting with me, introducing me to girls when we would go out, asking the morning after if I’d gotten lucky. They were both far more adventurous and party-hearty than me, and they wanted to get me out in the world more, corrupt me a little bit, get some swagger in my step.

They were definitely not your typical middle-aged couple. A short staircase led up from my landing to their house. One night, coming home from a late night at the office, I heard a strange, WHUMP WHUMP coming from upstairs. It sounded like someone was banging against their door. I tiptoed upstairs, wondering if it could be a burglar, trying to pick a lock. I peered around the corner…

And saw Buddy, his jeans down around his ankles, and Cindy, on her knees, hands wrapped around his shaft, furiously sucking at the tip of his cock. It was an mesmerizing sight, Buddy enormously erect, his cock a huge white tusk, and Cindy, her blonde hair swirling about her face, actually slamming Buddy against the door with the fury of her fellating. His hips shivered and his breath came in sighs of pleasure, and the wet sounds of her mouth on him gave me the all-over shivers. It was a scene out of my wildest fantasies. I felt faint, and my cock, while not as girthy as Buddy’s, was just as hard.

He moaned. “Yeaaah,” was all he said, and then Cindy raised her eyes to his and she let him slip from her mouth. She stroked him with her gorgeous hands, her long red nails tickling his balls, and her tongue swabbed his glans.

“I love you, baby,” she moaned, looking up at him. “I love you so much.”

His hips thrust frantically. “You ready for it?” he panted.

She licked his tip and said, “Mmm-hmm!” She put him back in her mouth for several more long, slick strokes before releasing him again and groaning, “Come, baby!”

She pumped his cock with her hand, tickled his balls with her long red nails, and his head slowly lolled back and he erupted, thick, creamy white streams over her entire face. She stuffed the big plum back in her mouth and sucked and sucked and sucked, and Buddy groaned and twisted and writhed in her merciless grip.

Cindy held him in her mouth for a minute after Buddy ‘s seizure ended, then let him go. Neither looked over at me, but Buddy said, “Show’s over, Nick.” I jumped about six inches, and Cindy turned and said, “You dirty little boy.” The way she smiled at me weakened my knees and stiffened other parts. I mumbled, “Uh, I heard a noise, uh, sorry,” and I stumbled back to my apartment, to take care of some unfinished business, by myself.

They put on shows like that all the time, on purpose or not I couldn’t say. I woke up at 6 every morning to log on and get my overnight e-mail. I’d be sitting in bed with my laptop when, like a rooster crowing, I’d hear Buddy’s voice coming through the window about my head. The whole building was air-conditioned but Buddy liked fresh air so they kept their bedroom window open. If I opened my window a crack I could hear every word, and hear other sounds through the ceiling. Knowing what I might hear, I kept that window cracked.

Here’s a sample of what I would hear, early in the morning:

Buddy: “Aw, come on, it’s too early for this.”

Cindy: “Oh, please, baby, I want it.”

Buddy: “Go back to sleep.”

Cindy: “You go back to sleep. Just let me do this.” A pause. The bed, squeaking. The faint sounds of lips, wet lips, sucking on something.

And kaçak iddaa then, Buddy: “Oh, fuck, baby, that feels good. Fuck.”

That was a typical opening. Sometimes Cindy would sit on Buddy’s face and demand his tongue, and when he acquiesced I got to hear that unimaginably sexy woman groaning and moaning and screaming his name, screaming for Buddy for lick her, lick her PUSSY, LICK IT!

By now, of course, my dick would be in my hand and I’d be working it pretty good. But I always waited. Eventually Buddy would grunt like a grizzly tearing open a beehive and that meant it was time to fuck that hot, silken sheath between her legs. I couldn’t even fathom what their lovemaking was like. He groaned and she squealed and the bed squeaked in a rhythm like a machine gun rattling off.

It was insane. Every morning this happened, and maybe three or four nights a week. It was almost always Cindy who started things, too. I would come all over my hand and stomach and smile at the ceiling and whisper, “Buddy, you are the luckiest bastard in the world.”

She was a great lady. She was friendly with everyone, and when she flirted with some fortunate soul you could see the guy light up like a Christmas tree. It was obvious that she was crazy about her man, but whenever she turned the charm she could overwhelm the most hardened heart. She loved to touch, loved to put her soft hands on you, loved to whisper in your ear, so you could feel her warm breath on your skin. She knew the power she had over men, and she loved to use it.

I know that for damn sure, because of the many times she gave me her full, undiluted treatment. One Friday night Buddy came pounding on my door to take me to the bar, and I begged off. He was about to grab me by the scruff of the neck and drag me out until he saw the look in my eyes.

“What’s fucking wrong?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “You know that girl I’ve been dating on and off?”

“Yeah, that little redhead piece of ass.”

“Julie. Her name’s Julie.”

“I beg your pardon. Julie.”

“Well, it’s off for good.”

He shrugged. “The horse throws you, you get right back on. We’ll go out, find you some girl, get you laid. Piece of cake.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that, but I think I’ll just stay in.”

He shook his head. “Yeah, stay home and mope, that’s fucking productive.” But he left me be.

About 20 minutes later there was a softer knock at my door. I opened it and there was Cindy. She’d gotten home later than Buddy and she wanted me to escort her to the bar. I can’t tell you how sexy she looked. She was in her usual outfit for our local bar trips, snug blue jeans and a form-fitting turtleneck that displayed her big, soft breasts to their best advantage. I immediately thickened in my pants as I asked how she was.

“Oh Nicky, that isn’t important. Buddy told me on the phone what happened. How are you?” she asked.

I told her my sorry tale, and when I finished she put her arms around my neck and pulled my head to her shoulder. Her fingers, with their long, sexy nails, ran gently through my hair Her lips were next to my ear and she whispered, “Sweetheart, any girl who wouldn’t want to be with you isn’t worth worrying about.”

I started to say thanks, but she continued, “You know, there are times when I want to kiss you so bad that I can’t take it.”

That floored me. I pulled my head back and said, “There are? You do?”

Those brown eyes fixed me like a bird of prey and she nodded. I was staring at her warm lips, lipsticked dark red for the night out, and I found I couldn’t swallow. She said, “You are so adorable, and such a good friend, and I just wish I could give you a big kiss.”

“You can, you know,” I said helpfully. “Nothing wrong with a friendly kiss. You and Buddy have been such great friends.”

“It wouldn’t be a friendly kiss,” she said.


“No,” she sighed. “You would make me want to kiss you more, and I can’t do that.”

“I guess not.”

Her eyes were still locked on mine. “I mean, if I kissed you, I would get so excited! Wouldn’t you?”

Oh, God. “Probably.” Probably? “Yeah, I think I would.”

She closed her eyes and leaned forward until her lips were nearly brushing my ear. “If I kissed you I would want to go to bed with you so bad!”

The room was spinning wildly. “You would?” I squeaked.

“I’d have to. Because I’ve had a crush our you for so long…you’re just so adorable.”

“You have a crush on me?” I squeaked.

She nodded and nibbled my earlobe. “So I have to be careful around you, because I might lose myself and do something crazy. Can you understand that?”

“I guess so.”

She crawled into my lap, until she was straddling me, her lips still by my ear. “And we can’t do that. I would never do anything behind Buddy’s back. I love him too much.”

I nodded, since speech was beyond me right now. I thought I might faint. “Honey, are you all right?”

“Sure,” I squeaked.

She kissed my earlobe again. “You’re upset, aren’t kaçak bahis you? Don’t worry, I won’t tell Buddy about my crush on you!”

“Oh, uh, that, good.”

“Or that you have a little crush on me.”

I made a kind of gurgling sound, and she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. “A woman can tell when a man likes her. And I think you like me.”

I worship the ground she walks on, I fantasize about her every time I jerk off, I think up scenarios where I can get rid of Buddy and marry Cindy, and she can tell that I LIKE her? “I like you a lot. And I like Buddy too.”

“So we’ll keep this our little secret, OK?”

“Ohhh-kaaay,” I burbled. She kissed my cheek, and then my other cheek, and then she kissed me on the lips. A quick, soft kiss, and I about dissolved in a puddle on the floor.

“Come on, go with me, I don’t want to walk in there by myself. Please, honey?”

“Sure. Thanks, Cindy.”

She shifted in my lap, so that my erection was briefly trapped between her thighs. I made a quiet noise, I couldn’t help it, and she giggled. “No, honey, thank you.” She gave the bulge in my pants a little squeeze and got up. “Now, let’s find you a girl and put that thing to use!”

When we showed up at the Cutter there was much joking about the lipstick marks on my cheek, but Buddy didn’t give me too much grief about it. A few hours and many beers later I saw Buddy and Cindy sitting close, whispering to each other and looking over at me every few seconds. My neck got hot as I felt them staring at me. When Buddy sat down at the stool next to mine I had already said my Hail Mary’s. I was ready to die.

“Cindy told me what she put you through,” he said sheepishly. “Sorry, man.”

“Sorry? I, uh, what?”

“You two have “crushes” on each other. When she has a few she can’t keep her mouth shut.”

“Buddy, don’t be mad, please, I mean, sure I have a crush on her, but she was just being nice to me.”

“No, she likes to flirt with guys, I know that, but she just does it for fun. She really has a thing for you.”

“Buddy, Jesus, there’s no way I would ever, ever do anything like that, no way, never.”

He grinned at me. “Hey, kid, I hate to burst you’re bubble, but I ain’t exactly worried that you’re gonna steal her away from me. That’s just the way she is. Don’t let her mess with your head too much.”

I laughed weakly. “Too late.”

“She is a handful, isn’t she?”

I nodded. “Two handfuls.”

He finished half his beer in one long pull. He ran thick, gnarled fingers through his iron gray hair. “You know, when I met Cindy, I had jet-black hair. I’ve gone gray since I met her. The woman’s taking years off my life.”

“Bullshit. You’ll live to be 100.”

“I’ll be like a raisin in a few years, all shriveled up!” He laughed, and I laughed too, because he didn’t believe it either. “The woman wants to fuck more than anyone I’ve ever known. I fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her, and I keep waiting for her to say, ‘enough!’ and it hasn’t happened yet.”

I was pretty buzzed, so I had the courage to say, “Buddy, what’s it like, having sex with a woman like that? In college I slept with a girl I had a crush on for years, and it was fantastic. And Cindy would be a hundred times more incredible than that girl was. What is it like?”

I was afraid I had offended him, but he put his arm around my shoulder and said, “Kid, it’s so much better than anything you can imagine.” He finished his beer and said, “Maybe someday you’ll find out what I’m talking about.”

At the time I thought he meant that I someday I would meet a woman like Cindy. But that night, slipping into a drunken sleep, I heard the bedsprings above me straining to withstand the assault of Buddy and Cindy. I could tell that Buddy was fucking her doggy-style, because the squeaks weren’t as loud as they were when he was pounding her or she was riding him. I reached down and gave it a tug, and then another, and I closed my eyes and visualized the scene from earlier in the day, when Cindy’s lips touched me, when her hands were on my arms, touching my body, yes, touching my erection, yeah, I could feel it happening, the tip of my cock swelling like a ripening fruit, ready to burst.

And then I heard them. Buddy said, “Say it, say what you want to say. Say it and I’ll fuck you for real.”

“Oh Buddy, please, I want your cock! I want you all the way in!”

“I can keep this up all night. I’ll tease you, I’ll make you crazy. Say it and I’ll really give it to you. Say it.”

“O.K., O.K., baby,” she moaned. The squeaking came louder as Buddy picked up the pace. And then I heard Cindy’s voice.

“Oh NICKY!” she moaned.

My heart stopped.

“Nicky! Nicky, I want you to fuck me!”

Buddy said, “He is fucking you.”

“Oh, shit!” she squealed. “Fuck me! Keep fucking me! Nicky!”

The sounds from above grew louder and the squeaking more frantic. Cindy kept moaning how she wanted to be fucked, needed to be fucked, needed NICKY to fuck her. I knew that this was some fantasy game they were playing, and I knew that they knew that I could hear them. I could hardly breathe.

Then Cindy said, “Oh Buddy, go down and get him, I’ll suck his cock while you fuck me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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