My Mother In Law: In The Car

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After my mother in law, Anita, caught me naked in the kitchen, she’d spanked me and made me jerk off for her while my wife slept unawares down the hall.

Just as I had cum all over the floor in front of her, my wife arose and came out of the bedroom. Anita closed her robe. Retreating, she’d smiled at me. “Think about me when you jerk off,” she’d said wickedly, before leaving me naked in the kitchen again.

While my wife was in the bathroom, I’d thrown on my running clothes and just made it out of the door.

In the eight years that I’d known Anita, she’d never shown me this side of her. Remembering how she’d opened her robe completely, allowing me to gorge on her hot, mature, naked body while I stroked for her…my cock swelled in my shorts, bouncing in front of me as I ran.

I couldn’t get her out of my head.

Her body was exciting. Her breasts were much larger than my wife’s. I thought again about the thick, dark bush between her thighs.

Swelling to full erection in my shorts as I ran, I pictured again the way she’d looked at me…so naughty.

“Call me mama,” she’d said as I’d masturbated naked in the kitchen while she watched. The feelings I’d experienced were insane…I’d been scared to death that my wife would catch us at any moment…but…I’d also been so excited that I could barely breathe.

I ran farther than usual that morning, needing to wait until my erection was under control before returning home.

Finally, I reached the end of my street and slowed, walking the rest of the way to cool down, attempting the gargantuan task of pushing my mother in law and what had happened that morning from my mind.

As I entered the living room, I peeked around the corner to the kitchen. My wife, Karina and her mother sat at the table, chatting over their morning coffee in their robes.

“Hi honey,” my wife greeted me, “have a nice run?”

Her mother, Anita, grinned at me, catching me off guard.

“Uh,” I started, then, “yes…yes I did.” I recovered quickly.

Facing me from across the table, I saw Anita spread her legs beneath it. Her robe parted.

I swallowed hard.

My cock twitched as I stared.

“breakfast darling?”

“Huh?” I said, jerking back to reality.

“Would you like some breakfast darling?” my wife said again with a smile.

“I…I uh, I mean, okay. I’m gonna take a shower first,” I said, hurrying by before my cock formed a tent in my shorts.

“Okay,” my wife said, sounding a bit puzzled as I rushed down the hall.

Once in the bathroom, I stripped and started the water. When it was hot, I stepped under it and closed the shower door.

My cock pounded and throbbed.

Taking it in hand, I closed my eyes and re-imagined my mother in law standing in front of me, totally naked. I saw her large, bare breasts capped by her dark, thick, excited nipples. In my imagination, we were in the kitchen again. I was totally nude in front of her, stroking for her while she fingered herself…slapping and playing at her swollen clitoris.

“Oh Hijo,” I heard her say, “stroke it for me…stroke it for Mama…”

With my eyes closed under the shower, I pounded myself, pulling and twisting on my throbbing erection to the mental images of my mother in law.


My wife’s voice reached my ears, shocking me out of my fantasy.

“Babe, what are you doing?’

Suddenly, the shower door opened.

“Wow,” she giggled, as I stood there, embarrassed, erection in hand.

“Your run really turned you one huh?”

“I…well…” I stammered.

Karina and I sometimes masturbate for each other, but I was embarrassed at being caught fantasizing about her mother. I knew she didn’t know it…but still…I felt awkward and guilty at what I had been doing.

“I think I want me some of that,” my wife smiled. Eyeing my erection, she slipped off her robe and stepped under the water with me.

Taking my cock in her dainty hand, she stroked it, before clamping her mouth over mine and pushing her tongue between my lips.

Her pert little breasts pressed into my skin as her nipples hardened into it.

Horny as hell from fantasizing about her mother, I grabbed her. Spinning her around quickly, kurtuluş escort I bent her over in front of me.

“Woa!” she giggled, placing her hands on the shower wall for support.

Spreading her legs with mine, I guided my throbbing erection to the entrance of her folds. She was already wet.

With a thrust, I entered her, sliding my cock full-long into her as she moaned, swallowing me whole with her tight, wet box.

“Yah fuck me…” she said, pushing back, fucking herself onto my cock. With one hand, she reached between her thighs and rubbed herself while I pounded her hard from behind.

Only, in my mind, it wasn’t her I was pounding.

My wife’s dark skin matched the color of her mother’s. From behind, it was easy for me to imagine that it was my mother law, bent over naked in front of me.

Sliding my hands underneath my wife’s taught body, I cupped her tight breasts, kneading her them, pinching and twisting her stiff nipples between my fingers…imaging that it was my mother in law’s big, pendulous tits that I was feeling.

I imagined the weight of them and how they felt in my palms.

“Fuck me Hijo,” I heard her say in my mind as I thrust deep and hard into my wife, pounding her little pussy for all I was worth.

As my wife moaned hard, she rubbed herself faster, pulling and pinching at her clitoris as my cock entered her, rammed her to the hilt, pulled back and repeated the pattern over again, growing steadily faster.

“Fuck me Hijo,” I imagined my mother in law’s voice filling the shower. “Fuck me harder…fuck Mama…”

“Oh god…” I moaned aloud, as my orgasm built in my belly.

As my wife turned her ecstasy-twisted face over her shoulder to look at me, I saw her mother’s, grinning wickedly at me.

“You like my big tetas son?” she said. “Fuck it, fuck that pussy…yah… cogerme…follar mi coño!”

The idea of my mother in law telling me to fuck her cunt was too much.

I came, hard…jettisoning thick, hot ropes of cum deep into my wife’s hot pussy as she fingered herself to orgasm. Moaning loudly, she thrust onto me, cumming all over my cock.

“Oh god mama…” I breathed aloud, slamming myself into my wife, cumming, filling her with my seed.

“Sí! Dios papi…oh god, I’m cumming…” my wife matched my moans. Squeezing her cunt muscles hard, she wrapped my spasming cock with it, riding the waves of her own orgasm.

Finally, when we were finished, my wife stood as I slipped from her.

Pressing her lips on mine, she kissed me deeply.

“You’ve never called me Mama before,” she giggled, searching my eyes as I flushed deep, feeling my face hot with embarrassment and a tinge of fear.

I hadn’t meant to do that out loud.

“I’ll fix breakfast,” she said, rinsing off. Then stepping from the shower, she smiled at me.

“Mama…” she grinned. “That’s so hot.”

I smiled back but inside I felt ashamed. Grabbing the soap, I tried to wash it away as my wife wrapped her robe around her and disappeared through the door.

After my shower, I dressed in the bedroom, wondering at the mix of feelings inside me.

I’d just had sex with my wife, imagining that I was fucking her mother. That morning, I’d masturbated, totally naked in front of Anita while she spanked me.

It was all too much.

I worried that my wife would somehow discover what I’d done.

Although I felt pretty certain that Anita wouldn’t say anything…still…she had threatened it that morning. She’s threatened to tell her daughter that I had exposed myself to her if I didn’t do as she wanted.

I’d allowed myself to get carried away with lust and excitement…but now…I wasn’t sure. At first, I’d thought maybe it was a one-time thing; it would be a secret between my wife’s mother and I that I would take to my grave.

But after she’d spread her legs under the kitchen table at me, I wondered, and I worried.

Thankfully, the rest of that day passed without any further incidents between my mother in law and me. Anita behaved as if nothing was out of place, and I began to relax around her. The following day was the same.

By the third day after what had happened in the kitchen, I levent escort began to think that maybe I had been right. It had been a one-time thing. Anita had gotten her excitement, as had I, and now I could just chalk it up to a hot memory and get on with things.

I was wrong.

Three days later, on a beautiful, warm afternoon, my wife decided that it would be a perfect day for a family picnic. After packing some sandwiches and drinks into our picnic basket, we loaded it along with some blankets to sit on into the trunk of the car.

Anita had dressed in a light, yellow summer dress for the picnic, while my wife wore shorts and a tank top, while I had chosen a pair of summer shorts and light collared shirt.

As we prepared to climb in, I opened the doors for the ladies.

“You sit in front Mama,” Karina said, indicating that her mother should take the passenger’s seat while she sat in the back.

This wasn’t unusual as my wife normally offers for her mother to sit in front whenever we drive together.

Once we were seated, I dropped the car in gear and pointed it towards the park by the lake, several miles away.

“It’s a gorgeous day Mama,” my wife said from the back seat. I smiled at her in the rearview and blew her a kiss.

“It’s very hot.” Anita stated flatly.

Glancing over her, I nearly drove the car off of the road.

Turning her head towards me, my mother in law smiled as she slowly folded the hem of her dress back onto itself revealing a snatch of luscious, nylon covered thigh.

I swallowed hard, shocked, and maintained course.

Glancing over again, I now saw that she’d rolled the hem of her dress above the border of her stocking.

Leaning back in her seat, she relaxed and spread her legs wider.

“Honey, let’s go to that spot by the playground,” my wife said, making conversation, totally unaware of what was happening in the front seat.

“Okay babe,” I shot back, trying to sound normal. But things in the front seat were far from normal.

With her dress now at her waist, my mother in law smiled wickedly at me. I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. Her thick dark bush was completely bare.

With my wife, her daughter, in the back seat, my head swam as my cock rose quickly, pressing against the front of my shorts.

Running her fingers over the bare flesh of her exposed thighs, Anita played at it, stroking it lightly with her polished fingernails as she grinned at me.

“Well, I hope we can have a decent time before it rains,” my wife frowned, craning out of the back window. “I heard it was supposed to rain later…but maybe not for awhile.”

Feigning normality, I smiled at her in the rearview. “I doubt it will rain for awhile babe,” I said.

Meanwhile, through my peripheral vision, I saw Anita slide her hand between her thighs.

Turning her head she smiled at me as her fingers moved over her exposed pussy.

“It’s very hot huh?” she said casually.

“Sí mama, está caliente,” my wife agreed with her in their dialect.

With trembling hands, I reached for the radio. My cock throbbed; my mind screamed. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Shifting slightly in my seat, I adjusted the front of my shorts.

Anita smiled at it.

Spreading her legs wider, she moved her hand quickly over the area between her thighs, openly masturbating in the seat next to me…teasing me hard as my wife peered through the window.

I was scared to death and excited at the same time. It was hard to breathe. It was hard to drive.

Glancing towards me, my mother in law extended a hand below the level of the seat and made a jerking motion with it.

Snapping my head straight forwards, I swallowed hard again. I couldn’t believe what she was doing.

Did she really expect me to jerk off right there with my wife in the back seat?

Suddenly, she changed. With her hand still between her legs, she turned over her head over the seat to face her daughter.

“Hija,” she said sweetly, “can you get me some water, I am very thirsty.”

“Of course Mama. Honey, stop at that gas station, so I can get Mama something to drink,” she said at me.

Making an immediate right, maçka escort I pulled in and parked at a pump under the awning.

“I’ll be right back,” my wife said pushing the door open and sliding out.

When she was gone, my mother in law grinned at me.

“Take it out Hijo,” she said wickedly.

“What?’ I said in total disbelief. “Mama, surely you don’t mean…”

“Take out your cock,” she stated flatly.

Glancing towards the gas station store, I saw Karina through the window, busy at the back, looking for something to drink.

“Remember the kitchen?” my mother in law said. “Don’t make me tell her.”

My cock pounded in my shorts and my heart leapt in my chest. This was insane.

“Take out your cock Hijo, take it out right now.” Anita pressed.

Spreading herself wider, she laid a stocking-covered thigh over mine.

As if in a dream, my hands found their way to the front of my shorts. I pulled them down over myself, and allowed my cock to spring free. Hard and throbbing, it stuck straight up between my belly and the steering wheel.

Terrified but barely able to breathe, I watched my wife in the store, moving between the aisles.

“Look,” my mother in law said.

Turning to face her, I saw that she had one hand in her pussy, rubbing it quickly. Sliding down in the seat below the edge of the window, she pulled the front of her dress down, exposing one huge, bare breast. Her nipple was swollen hard with excitement.

My hand went to my cock.

Watching my hot mother in law masturbate next to me in the car while my wife was in the store, I stroked myself fast.

Her yellow sundress contrasted with her dark skin. With one tit out, she diddled herself. She was so fucking hot. It was dirty and exciting.

“Oh god Mama,” I breathed hard, stroking myself quickly.

My wife was at the register.

“Ay…ay…oh god…yesss…” my mother in law hissed hotly, rubbing her wet pussy fast and hard.

Her hot thigh lay across mine and her exposed, fleshy breast jiggled with her movement, teasing me to insanity.

I stroked myself, gorging on her with my eyes, feeling my cock swell hard in my palm.

“I’m gonna cum…” Anita said, biting into her bottom lip.

As my wife turned from the register, I felt my orgasm begin. Stroking hard and fast, my cock exploded. Just as the first wave erupted from it, I pulled my shirt up quickly and emptied my load all over my bare belly.

“Yeah, cum Hijo,, cum,” my mother in law moaned, as she squirmed in orgasm in the seat next to me.

I did. I came hard and fast, wetting myself with my own hot cum.

As my wife emerged from the gas station store with two bottles of water and some snacks in her hands, my mother in law quickly pulled her dress back up over her breast and pulled her dress down again.

“Finish it,” she said to me, “don’t stop until you’re done.”

There was no way I could.

My wife was nearing the car as I jacked myself empty.

I swung my head around wildly trying to keep my wife in sight.

“Don’t stop…” Anita warned again…

Karina came around the back of the car and opened the door just as I pulled my shirt down over my cock. I hadn’t had time to pull my shorts over it.

“Here Mama,” she said, passing a bottle of water and a small bag of chips over the seat to her mother.

“Honey?” she said, “want some water.”

I sat, trying to breathe normally.

“Honey, are you okay?” she said, eyeing my flushed face quizzically in the rearview.

“I’m fine,” I managed. Trying to sound normal, I took the water and smiled back.

“Hmmm, drink some water love,” she said. “It must be the heat.”

“Yes,” her mother said, smiling at me.

“It’s very hot, no?”

Starting the engine, I dropped the car in gear and headed towards the park with my cock outside of my shorts under my shirt…praying for an opportunity to stuff it back in.

Finally, at a red light, I reached down with one hand. My mother in law grinned wickedly at me again.

“Something wrong?” she said.

“Uhnnn, ahh, no Mama,” I stumbled, jamming my finally flaccid, cum-covered cock back into my shorts.

Anita giggled.

When the light changed, we reached the park at long last. Turning left, I pulled in and parked. We were finally there, but my head was still at the gas station.

“Yay!” my wife said, pushing her door open.

“This is going to be fun.”

“Yes…yes it is,” her mother said, facing me.

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