My Marine Corps Adventure

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This is a true encounter I had…probably my most memorable and exciting. Only the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

* * * * *

I was really young, and pregnant, when I got married the first time so it should come as no surprise that the union eventually fizzled. He was in the Army and we were stationed in Hawaii, so when we were divorced, I had to wait to be “shipped” back home. During that wait, I got to enjoy the night life as a single for the first time.

At one bar, with my best friend, I met a guy. Not surprising, either. The ratio of men to women seemed to be 15:1 with blondes few and far between. I had been taking advantage of the tropical sun and had developed an incredible tan. Walking instead of eating dinner with my now-ex husband had giving me my pre-baby figure back and I loved wearing short skirts and tops that accentuated my 34DD breasts.

The music was blaring, but Don introduced himself to me and we hit it off. Over the next couple of weeks we dated quite a bit and I spent a lot of time at his barracks. Yes…like most of the men on the island, he was in the military. Specifically, the Marines. We spent a lot of time in his room making his roommates jealous.

About a week after my 23rd birthday, Don and I were laying in his bed after a particularly erotic romp, listening to music bakırköy escort and talking. One of his roommates was out, the other was in bed sleeping. Finally, he said he had a surprise for my birthday that he’d like to give me, but I would have to stand and close my eyes first. With a thrill of excitement, I did.

Don proceeded to cover my eyes with a blindfold. I heard the door open and close and figured his roommate had returned, but I was in no way ashamed of my body, so I didn’t give him another thought.

“Hold your wrists in front of you,” Don ordered. When I did, he clamped a pair of handcuffs on me. He then led me to one of his roommates bed (or rack, as they say in the Corps) and tied my cuffed hands to the head of the bed.

I didn’t hear a word, but suddenly, I felt hands all over my body. Not just two, not just four. With some concentration, I counted six hands caressing every sensitive inch of my naked flesh. Don’s other roommate must have wakened. I later learned that he had opened his eyes to see me lying there tied to the rack and decided joining would be a better idea than rolling over and going back to sleep!

I felt Don’s breath in my ear as he whispered, “I want you to guess who’s kissing you, who’s fucking you.”

A pair of lips fastened on my own and a tongue began başakşehir escort an erotic journey of my mouth. He took his time, gently sliding his hands over my breasts, tweaking my hard nipples, then dipping lower to tease my wet slit. I let myself be swept away in the moment until his lips finally left mine.

“I think you’re Tanner,” I said, speaking of the roommate on whose rack I was tied. It wasn’t hard. Tanner was the only one with a mustache!

“Good guess!” Tanner replied, then spread my legs and thrust his hard cock into my hot pussy. He pistoned in and out of me relentlessly while the other two caressed my breasts and legs. I was soon gasping as my second orgasm of the night rocked me. My thighs trembled and my cunt clamped down on his cock, milking him. Within seconds Tanner came too, filling my pussy with his hot creamy load.

No sooner had he rolled off the bed, than another cock was pressing between my thighs, but this one I recognized immediately.

“Don,” I purred, “that’s not a hard guess at all.” I giggled as he began pumping into my dripping pussy.

With my arms bound over my head, I could only arch my back when he leaned forward to latch onto one turgid nipple. I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist and thrust my hips at him frantically, speeding toward bayrampaşa escort another orgasm. When it exploded, I gasped, trying to catch my breath. Don pulled out and shot his load on my stomach, each hot spurt making me quiver; his fingers digging into my thigh as he held onto me.

Suddenly, I heard a big commotion and Don jumped back onto the bed, frantically trying to untie the rope binding me to the rack. He said something about the NCO of the Day headed this way with distinct panic in his voice. After all…if Uncle Sam had wanted you to have horny women in your room, he would have issued them!

Still blindfolded and handcuffed, I was hurried into the bathroom, where Daniel sat me on the counter, my knees on either side of his hips. He gently untied my blindfold, but left the handcuffs on.

“Too bad we had to stop,” I said wistfully. Daniel WAS really hot.

“Who says we have to stop,” he smirked, spreading my thighs and stepping between my legs. His long hard cock was at full attention and quickly pressing into my cum-drenched box. After a few minutes of hard fucking, Daniel turned around and turned on the shower. He then lifted me in his arms, telling me to wrap my legs around him.

Holding me like that, he stepped into the hot shower, pressed me against the wall and proceeded to fuck me senseless. I came twice more, and received two hot loads of cum from Daniel before we came out of the bathroom.

With my hair still dripping and a towel around my now clean body, I sat on Don‘s bed with him, sharing soft kisses and nibbles.

“Happy Birthday,” he whispered.

And it was, indeed, my most memorable birthday…so far.

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