My Loving Mother-in-Law Ch. 04

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Ever since my Slut Mother-in-Law, told me that she occasionally had been intimate with her best friend Rena, my imagination had been running wild.

I’ve been so pre-occupied with the idea of getting them both into bed together, that I’m walking around with a hard-on most of the time.

Let me tell you about Rena. She’s a bit younger than Jean, 52. Her hair is long and red, beautiful green eyes, pouting lips. Her breasts don’t compare with Jean’s, but they’re a very respectable 34C. She’s about 5′ 7″, lovely legs, thinner too, really sharp

Damn can she fill out a pair of blue jeans. More than once I wished I could peel those jeans off of her luscious ass.

She lost her husband, Joe, several years ago to cancer. She was devastated, but didn’t let herself go to pot when he died. Joe left her pretty well off, so she never has to work.

Nice clothes, always wears make-up, but not overdone. Rena was always warm and gracious, but always seemed to have the blues.

Jean told me that Rena had not been with a man since Joe died. Rena had confided in Jean that undisclosed fact and thought that she’d never be with man ever again. I made it my objective to be the first man she will feel inside of her again.

I was all caught up in my planning and scheming and didn’t see what was coming. I was really blind-sided. It was my own fault, because I was so focused on my own pleasure. You know, typical, self-centered MAN.

Denise asked her Mom to watch the boys on Saturday while we ran errands most of the day. Jean came over for dinner on Friday night and was to spend the night, so we could get an early start the next day. That’s when I came up with my brilliant plan, or so I thought it was.

After a pleasant dinner, I sat at the kitchen table finishing my coffee and watching Denise and her Mom wash and dry dishes. Admiring their figures, I was getting hornier and hornier.

When they finished, Denise left to give the boys a bath and get them ready for bed. Jean sat down with me to have a cup of coffee and another piece of cake. I wasted no time in asking.

“So tell me, how did you and Rena start having sex?”

“Shush Michael.” Jean said looking over her shoulder.

“Denise may hear you.”

“She’ll be busy for some time.” I replied.”

Now tell me how you and Rena started having sex!”

“Well, it all started about a year after Joe died. Rena came over one night. She was lonely and missing Joe something awful. We spent the evening talking, drinking wine and she asked if she could spend the night because she didn’t want to be alone.”

“And…” I said, encouraging her to continue.

“I suppose you want all the juicy details.” She said sarcastically.

“But of course I do.” I said wryly. Jean continued,

“Our talk turned to sex and how much we both miss it. Rena said that she read that Arab women in a harem turn to each other because the Sultan can’t take care of them all.”

“I told her about my ‘little friend’ and bahis firmaları how I use it when I get sexually anxious. She was quite inquisitive about it. Wanting to know, where I got it, how big and so on. I brought it out to show it to her and she examined it thoroughly.”

“So what happened next”, I asked, practically drooling on myself.

“Nothing happened until we got into bed. Innocently, Rena asked me to hold her. We embraced. She thanked me for being such a good friend by kissing me, but it was really different and electrifying, so I kissed her back.”

“The wine, the sex talk and our lack of a regular sex life, just boiled over into pure lust.”

“Ohhh Jean.” Rena moaned. “I’m so hot, fuck me with your ‘little friend’. Please fuck me with it. I haven’t had an orgasm in so long. I wanna Cum.”

Jean’s nipples noticibly hardened and her breathing quickened as she reminisced. She was getting turned on. She squirmed in her chair as I suspected her pussy began to water.

Rena unbuttoned Jean’s nightgown and fastened her mouth on Jean’s rigid nipple. Jean gasped at the feeling of Rena’s hot wet mouth suckling her as she reached for her ‘little friend’ in the nightstand.

Rena wasted no time pulling her pajama bottoms off in anticipation of Jean’s ‘little friend’.

“Spread you legs, baby.” Jean said as she moved the dildo to Rena’s sopping pussy.

Rena pulled her legs up to her chest, while Jean rubbed the head of the fake cock over Rena’s puffy labia. The dildo split her pussy lips and started its decent into the depths of her neglected cunt.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, that feels so fucking good Jean.” Rena sighed.

“By the time I was done using my ‘little friend’ on her, my hand was covered with her juices. I lost count of the number of orgasms that I gave her and don’t remember how many times she made me cum.”

“Michael. Michael, are you listening?”

Snapping out of my trance I said,

“Jean, you are going to watch me fuck your daughter tonight.”

“What! Are you insane? I’ll do nothing of the kind.” She said resolutely.

Ignoring her objections, I continued.

“I will follow Denise into our bedroom and I’ll open your door behind her back. That will be your cue to sneak into our room where I’ll position her so she won’t be able to see you watching us.”

“Oh Michael, what if I get caught?” She worried.

“Not a chance.” I assured her as Denise walked into the kitchen.

“Mom! Mom, the boys want to kiss their Grandmother.”

“Hey, what are you two whispering about?” Looking at us curiously.

“Nothing dear. Just a little chit-chat is all.” Jean said casually.

Getting up from the table and walking out of the kitchen, Jean gave me a look back over her shoulder that told me that she would do it.

The three of us watched TV until 10 o’clock. Jean said that the boys had worn her out and if she was going to be able to keep up with them tomorrow she was going to bed.

Denise kaçak iddaa and I stayed up until eleven, all the while we were making out. Trying as hard as I could to get her into the fucking mood.

I had her shirt up and was sucking on her nipples. My hand down her pants playin’ with her pussy. Kissing her neck in that special place that never fails.

“You do know that I’m not doing anything tonight with my Mom over, don’t you?”

“Awwww c’mon Denise, we can fool around. We’ll be very quite. I promise.”

“I don’t know Michael. You know how I get when we fuck. I don’t think I can keep quiet.”

“You’ll just have to bury you face in a pillow.” I suggested.

“All right, but not a sound. Do you hear me? Not one peep.” She directed.

I knew that she was turned on by the way she gave in so easily.

“You have my word, baby. I just want my cock inside of you.”

Just as I planned, I followed Denise upstairs and as she entered our bedroom, I reached back to the spare room door and opened it.

Illuminated by the night-light in the hall, I seen Jean’s silhouette sitting on the end of the sofa bed. She was ready, now I had to get Denise in position.

That night-light cast the perfect amount of light into our room too. It was just enough to see what you are doing.

Standing next to the bed, I looked down at Denise’s already naked body.

“C’mon Michael, get out of those clothes and get inside me.”

While I hurriedly stripped off my clothes, I said,

“I want to fuck you doggie-style baby.”

“Ooooo yeah Michael, you know I love when you fuck me that way.”

Getting on her hands and knees, with her ass facing the door, I pushed my thumb into her burning hot pussy.

“Mmmmm, that’s it baby.” She purred. “That always gets me goin’.”

Working my thumb on her G-spot, I looked back at the door of our room and seen Jean poke her head in. I motioned to her over to me and she tiptoed in to stand right behind me.

To my surprise she was naked. I felt her burning hot nipples digging into my back as she pressed herself into me. Whispering Denise begged,

“Fuck me Michael. Fuck me with that fat cock.”

Positioning myself so Jean could see, I took her hand and led it to my cock. She wrapped her fingers around the base and I moved closer to Denise’s gushing pussy.

Jean instinctively rubbed the head of my cock, up and down over her daughter’s pussy lips. Pushing the head in, pulling it out and rubbing the length of it over Denise’s swollen clit.

I then heard Denise say something that felt like someone punched me in the gut.

“Mommy, stop teasing me. Push that fucking cock in my pussy. Please Mommy.”

My back stiffened. I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind. I stood there like a statue. My Mother-in-Law was pushing my cock into her own daughter.

And her daughter knew that her Mom was doing it. As my cock entered Denise, Jean said,

“Oh you like this big cock in your pretty kaçak bahis pussy. Don’t you, baby girl?”

“Ohhhh yessss Mommy, it feels soooo fucking good. Make it fuck me hard Mommy.”

Jean slapped me on my ass with a loud whack.

“Fuck my baby girl. Fuck her hard. Make my baby girl cum.”

Placing my hands on Denise’s hips, my thrusts became more vigorous.

“Ohhh Mommy Yes, He’s Fuckin’ Real Good Now, Mommy. His Cock Is So Hard and Thick Mommy. OHHHHH MOMMY.”

“Mommy knows how good that cock feels baby. Mommy’s had this big cock in her pussy. This dirty little boy has fucked your Mommy up her asshole too!”

“Fucking my Mommy? He’s a bad boy Mommy. Spank Him! Make him fuck me Faster!”

Jean whacked me on my ass again and it spurred me on to quicken my stroke.

Licking her fingers, I watched as Jean reached between Denise’s legs. I knew that she found what she was searching for when Denise began to howl.


Hearing my wife cum, not only because my cock was plowing into her, but also because her own Mother was rubbing her clit pushed me over.



Pulling my cock from her daughter’s clutching pussy, Jean locked her lips on the head and forcefully pumped her hand up and down my shaft.

My cock exploded in Jean’s sucking mouth. My head spinning and my knees buckled as Denise jump up next to me to whisper in my ear.

“Are you cumming in my Mommy’s mouth? You dirty fucker!” Denise slapped my ass.

Jean released my cock and I fell onto the bed. What I saw next was just too much.

Denise was kneeling on the bed, sitting back on her feet with Jean standing over her. Jean slowly let a stream of my cum slip from her lips.

I watched as it made it’s way into Denise’s open mouth. Denise’s tongue swirled the stream like a string of spaghetti.

Jean followed the stream down to Denise’s mouth. In disbelief I was watching my wife and her Mother, not only swapped spit, but swapped my cum too!

Breaking their lip lock, they both looked back at me and smiled. Jean turned and headed out of our room and back into her’s.

“What’s the matter Michael?” Denise inquired dryly.

I was too dumbfounded to answer. I realized what a chump I had been and how these women put me in my place.

“Moms and daughters talk to each other. I knew what was happening all along. I told Mom that she could have you again, after the first time. You must have a million question. Don’t you?”

All I could do was nod.

“They can wait. My Mom is waiting for you. Go to her and do whatever SHE wants. Understand?”

I nodded again.

Getting up on my feet, which were a bit unsteady, I made my way to Jean’s room. I was almost out of the door, Denise said.

“Michael, I have decided to let you have Rena. Mom is going to set it up.”

I practically sprinted back Denise and kissed her deeply, passionately and thankfully.

“I love you so much Denise.”

Looking me straight in the eyes she replied.

“I know.”

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