My Life With Rose Ch. 03

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I woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of my text chime.

“Don’t forget to water my plants.”

Still groggy and spent from last night’s Skype session, I stumbled into the shower and began my morning routine making sure that I left myself time to water her plants.

When I entered her apartment the first thing I noticed was how impeccably clean it was. I decided I should let her know that I was inside and texted her:

“Watering them now.”

“Good. Don’t forget to water the one in the bedroom.”

I looked around and couldn’t find a watering can, so I went into the kitchen and filled up a glass. There were various plants placed intermittently around the house. One stood perched on top of a bookshelf and I couldn’t help notice its content. A few erotica anthologies, four or five Andrew Blake DVDs, some gay porn intermingled with a pretty interesting collection of classic literature and science fiction. Done with the plants in the living room, I went into the bedroom.

On her bed was a pink lacey silk thong. Next to it was a note.

“Wear this to work today.”

Just as I was picking the thong up another text message came in.

“Did you get my present? Have you put them on yet?”

“Just found them. Not wearing them,” I wrote back and then paused. “Yet,” I typed, completing the sentence.

“Well put them on so we can be twins!” That reply had an accompanying photo of her standing naked in front of the mirror wearing identical panties.

I stripped off my pants and underwear and pulled the thong on. The fabric fit snugly into my ass crack, but the front barely held in my engorged dick.

“OK, they are on.” I wrote her.

“Send pic!”

Her bedroom had a fairly sizable full-length mirror and I stood in front of it and snapped a shot. It took about four shots until I was satisfied and sent it to her.


“OK, I have to get to work,” I wrote and started putting my pants on over the thong.

“Have fun,” came the reply.

I got to work about five minutes late and the office seemed particularly quiet. It was a small office with typically just four other people besides me. I knew that Richard and Scott were both out at meetings all day, but Jenny and Susan should be in. Just then Jenny stepped out of her office.

“Susan’s sick,” she said. “Just you and me.”

I had only been in the office for a couple of weeks, but I already liked Jenny. She was about three years older than me but had the same job title so she didn’t have any official seniority over me. She was easy to joke around with and had been very helpful at showing me the ropes.

“How have you been?” I asked.

“Bleh,” she said, sticking out her tongue, “Brian’s being a douche.”

Brian was her husband. I had met him a week ago after work when he stopped by to pick her up. It was not hard imagining him being a douche. He had a frat boy air about him and a sense of self-importance that has always rubbed me the wrong way.

“Oh, sorry. How’s he being a douche?”

“Its stupid. We were at a dinner party last night and he got drunk and when he’s drunk he’s mean. Started calling me tubby and then started playing that stupid game where you make a list of celebrities you can sleep with. He was making it a point to list the skinniest celebrities he could think of.”

Jenny is certainly not skinny, but I wouldn’t call her bahis firmaları fat either. Jenny was a redhead and had that buxom Irish look to her.

“Then when we got home,” she continued, “He started to demand that I suck his dick.” Whoa, I thought, this was a new territory of conversation. “I told him to suck his own dick and went to bed. I mean, really. I can count on one hand the number of times that he has spent meaningful time down there, but he thinks I should suck his dick on demand. Its not like it is a huge deal—I mean the guy can only last about thirty seconds.”

I must have been staring at her in disbelief, because she suddenly had that look on her face that one gets when they realize they may have shared too much. But then she quickly added, “I could really go for a real fuck right now.”

The way she looked at me I could see in her eyes that this was not just an off hand comment. She wanted to fuck and she wanted it to be me. My dick began to move when I remembered that I was wearing a damn thong. Dammit, Rose.

That moment of hesitation was enough to break her from her spell. She blinked at me and said, “OK, back to work,” and scurried back into her office.

I walked into my office and turned on my computer. Skype automatically loaded and within a minute there was an incoming call from Rose. Her video went up and there she was sitting in her hotel room in nothing but her pink panties.

I gave her the “shh” sign with my finger and she began to type.

“I’m on lunch break, but I had to come up here and Jill off to your photo. How is your day?”


“You Jack off and I Jill off.”

I told her about Jenny and how I could be engaging in some office hanky-panky if it weren’t for her panties. She gave me a very insincere frowny face and wrote back, “What do my panties have to do with it?”

“Right.” I write back, “Just what I need, my coworker to pull down my pants to be confronted with a pink thong.”

“She would think it was hot. It shows you have a feminine side. I dare you to go do it.”

I was quickly learning that Rose doesn’t play fair. I freely admit that being told to wear a thong all day while the woman who told me to do so was not only wearing an identical thong, but was also in a hotel room masturbating to a picture of me in mine, was making me monumentally horny. So when she challenged me to go into the next office and fuck my co-worker while wearing my thong the rational side of me had already long since flown the coop.

“I have to get back to the conference,” she wrote, “When I see you next I want all the vivid details.”

She logged off and I sat at desk looking blankly at my computer screen, trying to get up the courage to walk into Jenny’s office. Fortunately, Jenny solved my courage issue and walked into mine. Jenny looked marvelous. She was short, maybe about 5′ 2″, with great curves. I noticed that her blouse was open by one additional button from the last time I saw her, giving me a glimpse of her deep cleavage and just the edge of a lacy pink bra. I guess pink is today’s color, I thought.

“Sorry about that earlier,” she said. “I just get so frustrated some times. Do you have a girlfriend?”

I had to stop and think about that. Was Rose a girlfriend? When I remembered that Rose and I had yet to touch, I looked back up at Jenny and truthfully said, “No.”

“You will. You are kaçak iddaa a hotty.” She blushed. “Wow, what is going on with me today? Leave me alone in an office and I start to sexually harass my co-worker.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” I said and then plunged ahead. “Tell me whatever you want. Sex is my favorite topic.”

“Mine too,” she said raising an eyebrow, “Brian has no creativity and not a kink in him. We have sex, he cums, falls asleep. I have to get up and go into the other room just to get off. I’ve tried sexy underwear, toys, porn. Seriously, I think he’s gay.”

“Hmmm, have you tried putting the sexy underwear on him.”

“Oh, that would be hot,” she said laughing. “He would never go for that.”

“What do you think about when you go Jill off?”

“Jill off?”

“I jack off, you Jill off.”

Jenny laughed. “Well, the last week, I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve always had an office affair fantasy.” I noticeably shifted in my seat.

“So he doesn’t go down on you?” I said coolly.

“No.” She walked around the desk and stood in front of me with her legs apart. Her eyes never leaving my own. Slowly she reached down to the hem of her skirt and began to pull it up. As the hem reached her crotch a glimpse of pink lace caught my eye. She was wearing the same panties. She wasn’t shaved and her bright red crotch was bursting out of the fabric. A large wet patch was clearly evident.

“Well, let me see what I can do.” I got down on my knees and pulled the fabric away to expose her mound of pubic hair. I guess when one’s partner is as disinterested as hers you are bound to let things grow wild. Her clit was protruding from between her lips. I took a breath and dove in. My tongue quickly found the moist fold of flesh and I began to lick slowly up and down. First up one edge and then down the other. Her scent was deeply erotic. She was already so wet that I quickly could feel her juices running down my chin. She began to grind onto my mouth and I sucked her whole clit into my mouth. I started to use my tongue to spell out the things that I wanted to do to her, each letter traced out slowly and deliberately:




I guess last night’s Skype session was still on my mind. When I finished the last E she started to clinch up. Soon I could feel her orgasm coursing through her body. It was a quiet and controlled orgasm, but it seemed to last forever, and as she came she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me deeper into her. She released my head and then fell to her knees on the floor grappling for my belt. My dick was throbbing and I forgot about the panties until my pants were pushed down to my knees. She stopped.

“God, you are like a dream come true. You are fucking wearing my panties!” And with that she pulled my dick out and started to suck.

“Do you want me to take them off?”

“No.” She gasped between sucks. “I want you to leave them on. I want to be fucked by a guy wearing my panties.” I pulled her off me, picked her up, turned her around and bent her over my desk. I pulled her thong down to her ankles and in one thrust was deep insider her. My hands reached around and finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled one of her large tits out. Just then a Skype call came in on my computer. It was Rose.

“I think you should answer it,” I said.


“The kaçak bahis person on the other end will be very excited to see what we are doing.”

Surprisingly Jenny reached for the mouse and clicked ‘accept.’

Rose popped up on the screen, it took her a second to make out what it was she was seeing and then a giant smile crossed her face.

“Hi Rose,” I said. “This is Jenny.”

“Hi Jenny.” Rose said back. Looks like I called at exactly the right time. Jenny just moaned.

“Hey, Rose. Look at this.” I reached down to the floor and grabbed Jenny’s thong to hold up for Rose.

“Triplets!” Rose exclaimed, pulling up her skirt to show off her own. “So Jenny. Give me your honest assessment on Dave’s dick. I’ve been wanting to try it out, but have been waiting for the right time.”

Jenny looked up at the camera, straight at Rose, and said, “Fucking marvelous.”

Rose smiled and pulled out a large pink vibrator. “Mind if I join in?”

With a hand on each breast, I continued to thrust my dick into Jenny’s eager twat as we both watched Rose strip off her skirt, pull her thong aside and turn on her vibrator. Rose started to work the vibrator into her using the same rhythm I was using on Jenny. I stood up and turned Jenny around and re-entered her facing her. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up off the ground. She wrapped her legs tightly around me and held onto my shoulders as my dick thrust deeply into her. Jenny looked into my eyes and then thrust her tongue into my mouth. She pulled out of my mouth and latched onto my earlobe and started to whisper.

“When you’re ready to cum, I want you to cum on my chest. I’m not going to clean up. I just want to smell your cum all day and when I go home, I want that douche Brian to fuck me with your cum dried over my body.”

I pulled out of her, my cock glistening with her juices, and she kneeled down and took me in her mouth eagerly sucking down her own taste.

“I taste good,” she said between slurps.

I looked up at the screen and Rose was watching intently. Her vibrator was deep inside her and her left breast had managed to free itself from her bra and blouse. Jenny was running her tongue up and down the outside of the shaft. Her right hand had come around to my ass and was playing with the back of the thong, pulling it up so that the fabric pressed hard against my asshole. I was getting close and pulled out of her mouth, ready to make good on her wish. I grabbed both of her breasts and pulled them up around my dick. She reached down and ran her hand in and around her wet pussy. When her fingers were good and wet she reached around, moved the fabric away from my ass, and started to work them into my asshole.

My cum came fast and hard. The first shot hit off her chin and so I pulled back and aimed it at her tits. The second shot hit her left tit and the third her right tit. The large glob of cum that hit her chin started to drip down her neck and toward her cleavage. Jenny smiled a big smile while she rubbed the cum into her skin.

“God that was hot.” We heard Rose say from the computer screen. “I’m about to cum. Jenny, sit in the chair and show me that big red bush of yours.”

Jenny obliged, sitting in my office chair so that Rose could get the perfect view. Jenny even started masturbating along with Rose. They grinded and rubbed along with each other as I just stood there and watched. Rose started cumming first and Jenny’s orgasm started just as Rose’s was subsiding. Rose, as usual, broke the silence.

“Well, Jenny. I hope you don’t mind sharing.”

“Not at all.”

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