My Husband, My Slave

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My name is Candice, I am 26 years old, and I am writing and sharing this story because my darling husband, Ricky, is too shy to do so.

It all started in 2010. We were on a trip with another young couple our age. My husband’s best friend Trey and his girlfriend at the time, Amber, whom he is now married to, were quite the partiers. Drinking, smoking, and pills were the norm while out with them at night. I took a liking to Amber from the moment we met. She was blonde, I had never had a blonde friend before her. She really was fun to be around. The four of us clicked immediately and after everything that’s happened between us, to this day we are still great friends.

It was November. The days were cold and the nights colder. That used to bother me but ever since getting with Ricky he has basically trained me to deal with the cold and wear sexy, skimpy outfits regardless of weather. This Friday night was no different. We spent an hour in the closet picking out the perfect outfit, making sure that I’d be out-sexying Amber that evening. She and I sort of have a continuous contest going on regarding who can be more stunning. I’m sure Ricky and Trey love that oh so much. In fact, I’m sure of it!

Normally we stayed in town but this night was different. The trip would take us 3 hours from home, to a secret club which they would not tell us the name of. They said be prepared to spend the night at a hotel, possibly for multiple nights. After curling my hair, packing some bags and putting on my lip gloss, we fed the dogs and jumped in my husband’s truck with GPS coordinates in hand, ready to meet Amber and Trey at whatever club they had decided on.

Before arriving at the club, Ricky and I both got an eerie feeling from our surroundings. Neither of us had seen a real life hooker on the streets before, but alas there were many standing around in this area. That alone should have been a clear warning for what was to come. “Where the hell are they taking us?”

In following the GPS, we pulled into the parking lot of what appeared to be an adult DVD/ toy store. “This can’t be right.” Sure enough, there was Amber and Trey walking out of the door, with 3 black bags in their hands. I asked them what the hell we were doing and Amber just said not to worry about it. She had a huge smile on her face, so I got out to hug her and show off my outfit. I turned to the truck to see my husband staring at me with his hands out, as if it were my fault that we were sitting there. As if he didn’t enjoy seeing his wife and another woman hug.

Pleasantries complete, we decided to all ride in the truck from here forward. “What about your car?” says Ricky. “It’s all good, said Amber, we’ll be back before the night is over. We’ve got what we need but you’ll need something from here later.”


I was driving, so the rest of the group decided they would all begin the party without me, since you know, they weren’t the ones driving. Amber and Trey pulled out a bag of about 10 blue pills with little dolphins on them. I didn’t know much about pills, nor did I care for taking them. But their doing so didn’t bother me. At least not until they suggested Ricky take a few with them. They told us they were muscle relaxers, but why did they have dolphins on them? Surely they were fibbing. I passed on the offer like usual, but my husband caved and took the pills from them and 1, 2, 3 he took them all, without hesitation. He’s so brave!

Before we knew it they told us to exit, and after a couple turns into an unlit area off the side of the freeway, we arrived at the club. It was a broken down dump of a building, but there were tons of cars there. From our experience those can often be the best kind. Filing out of the car, all four of us dressed to impress, we immediately garnered attention. My husband is a very handsome man. 6’1″, short brown hair, green eyes. He doesn’t have ripped muscles but he’s not scrawny either. I love his body. I’m sure by now you’ve built an image of Amber in your head, and you’re probably right. She’s gorgeous, about 5’5″ and loves heels, just like me. Trey, well, he’s ok looking, but definitely out of Amber’s league. He makes good money somehow, so I’m sure she likes that about her man!

The strange thing is, the attention we were getting was coming from women. This was different to me, and for my husband. He was so used to fighting men off that tried to flirt with me, but this time it was me who had to fight the women away from him. He had a big kool-aid smile on his face, the bastard. In the middle of getting mad and jealous, I remembered that he had taken those pills, so I let it slide. He was under the influence and cannot be held accountable for his actions. (His words)

The music was loud and the atmosphere was inviting. It didn’t take long for the Long Island Ice Tea to give me a buzz, and before you knew it my man had me on the dance floor, grinding on his dick in front of a crowd of people, many of which were women who seemed to be very slutty. He was mine and all mine, the bitches can look but not touch. I felt a tap on my back, ümraniye escort and turned to see Amber and she whispers in my ear, “stop drinking”.

Why did she want me to stop drinking? She just smiled, and signaled for me to turn around and look at Ricky, who was busy rubbing his dick on my ass while tightly gripping my waist. His eyes were rolled back into his head, and his cock was rock hard. He was biting and licking his lips. He never does that! “What’s going on?” I asked Amber.

“Nothing much, other than your hubby being in complete euphoria.” Complete euphoria? I knew of only one pill that gives you complete euphoria, but would they really all do that without so much as a hint to me about it? One look over at Trey, and I knew the answer was yes. He was standing against the bar, rubbing his hands up and down his body talking about “oh my God, oh my God, oh my God”. I busted out laughing. I couldn’t help it. He looked hilarious.

After whispering something to Ricky, Amber grabbed me by my hand, pulling me towards the back of the room in the direction of the bathroom, leaving my husband behind on the dance floor. I didn’t like it. He was standing on a crowded dance floor surrounded by a bunch of sluts! In complete euphoria! I can only imagine what he did as Amber and I disappeared into the little girl’s room. But that feeling was soon replaced with excitement as she locked the door behind us, and pulled out the bag of pills from her purse. Was she going to offer me some? Would I accept? Who was going to drive? “Stick out your tongue.” This girl just put one on my tongue and told me to swallow, as she laughed. I couldn’t help it. I was caught up in the moment and I wanted to be feeling what they were feeling. I swallowed. The pill tasted disgusting. I should have used water to wash it down. “It’s your first time right Candice? You’ll only need one. By the end of the night Ricky and Trey will have each had 4.”

I stood there as Amber did her business in the bathroom stall. “Why was she taking so long? I didn’t smell poop. What is she doing?” I heard a moan, so I knocked on the door to see what was going on. I immediately felt like I was being annoying, so I quickly changed my tune to one of excited curiosity. “Having fun without me?” I said to Amber. “Coming right out baby, I’ve just got to get this thing to fit nice and snug.”

Baby? Nice and snug? What the hell is this girl talking about, were my thoughts. She came bursting out of the bathroom, laughing and stumbling, stopped in front of the mirror to compose herself, then again grabbed me by my hand and took me back out into the club. I didn’t notice my husband on the dance floor, which was a relief.. Until I saw him at the bar talking to a female bartender or waitress. Amber and I began walking towards him, when suddenly the bartender lady slapped him across the face! “That son of a bitch was just hitting on her and he got slapped! HaHa that’s what he gets!”

Then she slapped him again. And again. And again. I didn’t know what was going on. He was just standing there getting slapped so I ran over to him to stop this, only to notice that he was stroking his dick while the lady was smacking him. “What the fuck is going on!?” He looked at me with this face that I can only describe as “What, bitch?” “Why is that woman slapping you?”

The lady jumped in when she realized my husband had no answers. “Don’t worry girl, he likes it. Can’t you tell?” Amber nudged me with her elbow. Amber seemed to know what this was all about. I felt so confused and out of the loop. Ricky just turned back towards the bartender, handed her a 5 dollar bill and she continued to slap him. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Never had I seen my man get this freaky.

Trey was standing by the door to the club, like he was ready to leave. He didn’t seem very happy. Maybe the pills weren’t having the same affect on him as they were Ricky and Amber? I pointed Trey out to Amber, then she quickly stormed off towards him. They had a confrontation at the door, which escalated to her yelling at him, pointing outside, screaming “Go sleep in the bed of the truck, we’ll be out later!!” Everybody in the area looked, and kinda giggled as Trey put his head down and left the building.

When she returned to the bar to us, she was overcome with the look of relief. I could just see her body loosen up, as if she had been trying to get rid of him all night. She ordered 2 tall waters, pulled out a random wad of bills and threw them at the bartender. The lady picked it up, and said thank you. “Damn girl, you feelin good?” I said to Amber as she handed me one of the glasses of water. “You know it baby. Now I’m gonna need you to start feeling good, so drink up, and let that cold water do its job.”

My husband was no longer getting slapped. In fact, he seemed quite happy to hear that I too was in the process of “feeling good”. He was staring me up and down, rubbing his dick and biting his lips. I gulped down the water and instantly felt chills cover my body from head to toe. I had goosebumps, but my hands were üsküdar escort sweating. That seemed odd. But it felt good. It felt really good. I looked back to Amber, and she was staring at my man. She was looking at him as he looked at me. What was happening here? There’s a vibe that was unfamiliar between our group. For the first time I felt like Amber was sexually interested in my husband, and the crazy thing is, it was turning me on. Maybe it was because I knew he was mine, or maybe it was something else. But I couldn’t stop watching Amber check Ricky out.

As I stood there, I began to feel what I can only describe as the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. It was an overwhelming sensation of comfort and warmth, topped off with a blast of hornyness. I had to refrain myself from pulling my skirt up to see what it would be like to touch my vagina. I didn’t want everyone in the club to know what was going on with me. I began rubbing my arms and running my fingers through my hair. I got carried away and spilt the remainder of my water on my blouse. That triggered something in me, I couldn’t hold it anymore. “Is this what I’ve been missing?” I asked Amber..

“You haven’t even begun to get the full experience baby, I’m going to show you and bitch boy over there the time of your lives tonight.”

What did she mean, bitch boy? Why did my pussy get wet when she said that? “What do you mean, bitch boy over there?” I asked. “I’ve been watching you tonight Candice. And it doesn’t look to me like you have your man in check properly. He should be your bitch. Every man needs to be their woman’s bitch.”

With every word I became more and more intrigued. It had to be because of the drugs, there’s no way this would turn me on otherwise. The loud music began to take over my body and I found myself looking into the crowd of dancers. I was looking at every man in the room like I wanted them to fuck me right then and there. I did want to get fucked. I turned around to tell Amber how I was feeling, but she wasn’t there, nor was Ricky. Damnit, Amber has him by the hand and she’s taking him to the bathroom. I saw her talking to a girl in front of the bathroom door, then she went inside. I followed, horny and confused, needing explanations.

I got to the door and the girl Amber had spoken to stepped in front of me and blocked the entrance to the bathroom. I was somewhat stunned and didn’t know what to say. “You can’t go in yet, Candice. They’re busy. I’ll let you know when you can enter.” I wanted to scream, but for some reason I felt happy to wait. I felt like if I waited, somehow everything was going to work itself out. No way are they in there having sex, she’s probably just telling him how horny I am. 5 or 6 minutes passed by when I heard a knock from inside. The mysterious girl opened the door and told me to go inside.

“What the fuck?” “What are you doing!” Amber had completely stripped Ricky’s clothes off, she had him bent over the sink, and there was shaving cream all over his body. She was shaving his hair off of his entire body. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Get in and shut the door baby, you’re just in time to help me get this bitch ready for tonight’s activities. We need him to be shaved if we want him to make us any money.” I had never seen her like this. She seemed so dominant and in control, whereas my husband was clearly loving every second of being submissive to his best friend’s girlfriend. His body was trembling every time she put the razor to his skin. He was loving it!

“Is this all new to you, Candice?” She knew it was. Somehow I was sure this wasn’t new to her. Suddenly the thought of her mentioning she had to make something snug creeped back into my head. Is this what she meant? Surely this had something to do with it. In no time, Amber had completely removed all the hair from the waist up besides his hair on his head, then she handed me the razor. “Hurry up now, you want to shave off all his pubes, leg hair, and make extra sure to leave his asshole very smooth like a baby butt.” She just laughed. I could tell my husband was enjoying this by his body language, but he wasn’t speaking. My vision was beginning to become shaky, and everything seemed to be moving. Why wasn’t he saying anything?

“You ready for your master to shave the rest of your body, bitch?” said Amber. “Mnyess.” I looked closer and tried to steady my shaking eyes on my husband, and sure enough, there was a ball gag in his mouth. “Amber How do we know if he likes it when he has a ball gag in his mouth?”

“Do you like it bitch?” She kept calling my man bitch, and it was turning me on. He mumbled another “mnyess” from behind the gag, so I said fuck it. Let’s do this. Why not right? We’re in the bathroom, nobody will ever have to know.

I started at his feet, removing every hair I could find, leading all the way up to his ass. I noticed he stuck his butt out more and more as I got closer to it. Then when I was there, as if he had done this many times before, he reached back and spread apart his butt cheeks for me to get a close shave. As I began ataşehir elit escort to shave his asshole his legs started to shake, and I saw a little bit of cum drip from his dick. He was rock hard and cum was dripping from his dick while Amber and I had him gagged in the bathroom shaving off his body hair. “Holy shit Ricky! Cum is dripping from your dick, do you like it that much?” Mumbles is all I heard from him. I could barely understand him while he was gagged.

“His name isn’t Ricky anymore, Candice. His name is bitch now. This is your opportunity to seize control of the relationship and make this bitch your slave. This is what he wants he’s just been too shy to tell you, so he asked me to do this favor.” Oh my goodness. At this point I was dripping wet and thinking I would agree to anything, when Amber reached in her purse and pulled out a little outfit which I thought she was going to change into. “Get some paper towels and wet them, then wipe all the remaining shaving cream off of bitch boy so I can get him dressed. I did as Amber told me and wiped my man, I mean my bitch, clean.

What came next surprised me. Rather than her changing her outfit, she started to put the clothes on my husband. She began rolling stockings onto his legs, pulled panties onto him, tightened a corset around his torso, put a bra on him then a blouse. She then gets a wig and fits it perfectly onto his head, tugging it and making sure it didn’t move. I laughed, I couldn’t help it. He looked like such a sissy now, I had never seen him this way but it was still turning me on. She reached into her bag and pulled out make up. “Can’t forget this!”

Before long bitch boy was dressed as a woman, and whether it was because of the drugs or not, I don’t know, but I think he looked pretty damn sexy, even if he was a little sissy bitch boy. “And now for the final touch. Lube this up and put it inside him. He’s ready.” It was a butt plug, a pink one. Larger than anything I could ever imagine being able to fit inside an ass. I gladly took that job from her, and watched as my sissy husband pulled open his ass and begged me to put the plug in him. I lubed it and and it slid right in. “DAMN!” “How did he take that?”

“I told you baby. Your husband is a submissive bitch in need of training, and tonight you and I are going to make it happen for him. Those pills he took are making him lose his inhibitions, making him get loose, this probably feels like the best thing in the world to him. Did you know he has a g spot in his ass?”

I had heard something about the prostate, but I thought it was a joke. “That’s a real thing?”

“Yes it is. And you can use it to make him do anything you want. Once you hit his spot it’s over, you’re gonna have him whipped and begging like a proper faggot!” We both busted out laughing. Was I really laughing about the thought of turning my man into an anal craving sissy bitch?

Amber removed the gag from his mouth to ask him a question. “Are you ready to get locked up bitch? You won’t be needing that dick of yours anymore for the rest of the weekend. It’s useless to us now. Slap it and get it soft so I can lock it up!”

I’d heard of chastity cages but always thought they were too small for his dick. but this was a big one, and it fit just perfectly. Then she locked it and put the key on a chain, then put that around her neck. It rested perfectly inside her cleavage. “Wow” is all I could say. As she pulled heels out of her purse that also had locks on them, slid them onto his feet and locked it up, she turned towards me and said “He’s ready. Go get paid baby, use your new toy.”

“I thought this was staying in the bathroom?”

“Hahaha, no. Not even close. You really have no idea what your bitch boy wants do you?”

“I guess not.”

“Thats ok baby, I’ll train you while we train him. You’re gonna love it!”

To be honest, I was already loving it. This just seemed like the intended flow of events for the evening, falling into place just like I thought they would. Amber had everything under control.

She grabbed my husband by his hair and dragged him out of the bathroom and into the dance area. All the girl that were earlier checking him out were now laughing and giggling. Amber says “Pick out 5 men that you think are sexy. Check their packages, make sure they have big dicks.”

What did she want me to do that for? Why would we be needing big dicks? For her? Is it for me? I assumed so, so while picking I was looking for guys that I would fuck, and if I wanted big huge dicks, chances are they were going to belong to the black guys. I went around grabbing dicks like a slut at a candy store, until I found 5 really hot and hung black dudes and brought them with me over to where Amber and my bitch were. Strangely, they didn’t laugh when they saw Ricky dressed like a sissy. You could clearly see the big pink butt plug in his asshole, it was moving slightly, so I knew he was repeatedly tightening his sphincter. That must feel incredible to him, the look on his face was one of pure ecstasy. He was in another world, completely unaware of his surroundings, looking willing and eager to receive orders. I had never seen him like this before, ever. My husband is a little bitch. He’s a sissy, and from the expression on Amber’s face, it was time that we really showed him who is boss. I was ready, but what do I do? I’m nervous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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