My Freshman Year Ch. 01

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Chapter 1. The Beginning- How it all started

My husband died some years ago and I finished raising our children, and the last one left for college last year. I met this great guy and we recently got married. We decided that I would move into his house, so I sold mine and gave away all the furniture to family, friends and donated the rest. The only thing I moved over was my personal stuff.

While we were moving my things in, my husband Jon, had carried in a box containing my personal Diaries that I had kept since I was in junior high school. When I walked into the living room I saw Jon sitting on the couch reading one of my diaries. I got mad and went over to take my diary away until I realized he was reading the one from my freshman year at college and got embarrassed.

When Jon look up I saw this twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes, a big smile on his face and a bulge in his pants. He looked up at me and said this was the greatest thing he ever read and asked if this really happened to me, and I said yes. He said this makes him love me even more and pulled me down on the couch and we made magnificent love all night. I had not felt like this since I was in college. The weight of this secret was off my shoulders and I would not have to hide anything from him.

After this, before we went to bed at night I would read a page out of my dairy and we would make love until we fell asleep. It was wonderful to be able to let everything out that I tried to suppress for all these years with my 1st husband. He was very conservative and only did the missionary position, but I always made him cum every time.

One night Jon said that I ought to write all of this down for all the world to read and told me about this web site here. I said I could not do this because all of us girls and guys made a pact and promised to never tell anyone about this. Also I would be very embarrassed if anyone found out it was me. Jon said that after 30 years no one could figure out or care where it happened and I could use a pen name to write my story. After a while he talked me into writing about my experiences. Every time I read a chapter out of my dairy, I feel like it was just yesterday because I can remember everything so well, so here I go. It is like reliving it all over again.

Most chapters will be one page from my dairy except for chapter 1, which will include several pages and be the longest chapter. All the names have been changed to basically shorter names because of the length of this story. I will try and write at least one chapter per month, but I run a small business which takes a lot of my time.

It all started my freshman year at college during the late seventies. My parents brought me up to school a week before classes started so I could get settled into my dorm room, meet my new roommate and get familiar with the campus. My roommate Amy was real nice and very pretty and we got along great. Me, Amy, our parents and my little sister all went out to diner that night. Our parents left the next day after lunch. Since Amy and I lived in the freshman girls’ dorm, we got to know the other girls on our end of the hall. That night we all went out drinking and partying at a club next to campus.

You see times were really wild during the late seventies and even wilder than today. For one reason the drinking age was only 18 years old back then, so we could have alcohol on campus and we could go to bars and clubs and drink. Disco was still in and since us girls liked to dance we went to Disco clubs. Drugs were everywhere back then, so it was not uncommon to see people doing drugs in discos just like Studio 54 in New York. There were also lots of pills like diet pills and valium.

One popular pill was Quaaludes, which was a lot like valium. Their was an unintended side effect to Quaaludes in that when mixed with alcohol it gave a feeling of euphoria, loss of inhibitions and made girls so horny we just wanted to screw. In fact guys on campus called Quaaludes leg spreaders because if they got a girl to take one, he was sure to get some that night. They were not like the date rape drugs of today because you didn’t pass out, but just got a girl real horny. I don’t think they make Quaaludes anymore because of this problem. If you grew up during that time you have probably heard of them or even tried them.

So sex was everywhere because most girls were on birth control pills, AIDS was just starting and considered a gay thing and Herpes was not even heard of then, so any STD could be treated in a doctor’s office. The sexual revolution was still going strong and this was a time of excess.

We would go out with the other girls on our floor to clubs at night and about half would go home with guys. Since Amy and I were virgins, we didn’t want to lose our virginity to some drunk guy that we didn’t know, so we would go back to our dorm room together.

One night Amy and I decided to go to a sorority rush party at the best sorority on campus. In fact three of the cheerleaders were from this sorority. To our surprise they asked us to join, and cihangir escort of course we accepted. Our parents were happy for us and we had a great time.

Then came football season. Our team was all the rage on campus; city and state because they only lost a game last year when the quarterback (Bill) was injured and went on to win a major bowl game. Most of the team including the quarter back, wide receiver and several other key players were still on the team from last year. It was their senior year, so this year was to be the year they were to have the perfect season and win every game. In fact the motto was “go all the way to a perfect season”.

Bill, the quarterback was like a god on campus, more popular than rock stars and was real good looking and always getting media attention. He was very charismatic and all the girls loved him including me and Amy and we all had posters of him on our dorm room wall with his beautiful eyes looking at you and his big strong fine body. Bill and the rest of the team was all the girls talked about and what we would do if we could be with them. Every one worshipped Bill and the team and we loved cheering for them at games.

We won the first 2 games with no problems. The school spirit was boiling and the team was considered perfect and all the girls wanted to be with Bill, Jim, the wide receiver and Bob the running back and the rest of the team.

All of us pledges had to be at the sorority house every night for study hall. On Wednesday night they said that we would have a full sorority meeting at 8:30. The coach of the football team, the head of the football Booster Club and 4 players from the team, Bill, Jim, Bob and Greg were going to come and talk to us and congratulate our sorority for our great team spirit and support. Around 8:00 the football players showed up carrying a 5 gallon water cooler filled with what they called Margarita Cocktail for refreshments. They started passing out the drinks and getting to know us and talking to us before the other 2 men showed up. The cocktail, for short, was very strong and didn’t take long to start feeling it.

I had just bought a poster that afternoon of Bill for my dad at the school bookstore and still had it with me. He had graduated from college here and thought Bill was the greatest QB ever so I asked Bill to sign it to my Dad, which he gladly did. I knew my Dad would love the poster. Wow, I couldn’t believe I was really there talking to Bill, he was so fine. His beautiful eyes just stare right into me and hypnotize me to where I would do anything for him

We were all feeling really great from the cocktail when the other 2 men showed up and the meeting started. Our president, Deb introduced the coach and he got up and asked us if we were excited about the team going all the way to a perfect season this year and we started cheering. He said that is what the team wants to hear, just look at the smile on their faces. See how your support affects the team spirit. He said Football is 40% physical and 60% mental. We take care of the 40% through practice, training and hard work which is similar to what other teams do. The 60% mental is where a team can get an advantage and is comprised of strategy, concentration and inspiration and this is where your support can inspire our team.

Right now the players spend all of their time on the physical part and they get burned out, so for the mental part we need to give them some diversion, inspiration, stimulation and motivation and this is where all of you can help. You have heard of a team being mentally prepared for a game. This is why we have Pep Rallies to get the team and the fans fired up for the game and why home field advantage is so important. Nothing like having 50,000 people in the stadium cheering for you on the field. But when the players look in the stands they just see a sea of faces, and it helps if they can see faces they know, love and play for.

Since your sorority is one of their best supporters and so devoted and have so much to give the team we thought you would be perfect to inspire the team to victory. So the players would like to get to know all of you better and invite your sorority to a mixer tomorrow night. (A mixer is when the pledges from a sorority and fraternity get together to get to know one another.) If you want we can have a mixer every Thursday night as long as the team wins. Would you girls like that and another cheer went up. The coach said this should help give us an edge over the other team so we will be part of our secret weapon that will give our team the advantage.

He said another secret weapon we have is learning and practicing the Ancient Chinese Art of Zen, which teaches you to be a master of your self, how to get to know what your body is capable of and channel your energies to take advantages of your strengths and control your body. This is the concentration part of mental. We started learning and practicing Zen last year and it really works cause we have not lost a game since then, which is why we have çapa escort a perfect record so far. We would like all of you to learn Zen with us, and the players will be your teachers so we can make all of you perfect along with the rest of the team. So would all of you like to be part of the team, and another cheer went up. Well then if all of you want to be part of the team, then you are now officially part of our football team, and another big cheer went up. He said that as part of being the head coach he has to inspire and motivate the team before the game and half time in the locker room with one of his famous pep talks. So now that we are part of the team, we get to hear one of his pep talks now.

He inspired us to give ourselves to the team completely, cause we have so much to give the guys like motivation, inspiration, energy, strength, support, love, stamina, confidence and spirit which is all necessary to make the team mentally prepared for the challenge ahead of us, and take us to a perfect season. I was very drunk and turned on, but I listened to every word he said which really inspired me to want to be part of the team and be with the guys.

He said the team has a lot of support staff such as coaches, trainers and others and all of these people are important to the success of the team. So our duty is to be the inspirational support staff to inspire the team to victory and take us to a perfect season. So every time the team wins we can all be proud of ourselves for inspiring our team to another victory. So now all of you are officially part of the greatest team in college history, and we let out another cheer. The coach continued to tell us how important we are to the success of the team. He said for the team to be motivated, they have to be inspired to win and how we have the ability to inspire and motivate the team to a perfect season. He made me feel so proud to be part of the team,

He said since members of the team get special benefits, he thought we should be able to receive some of the same perks to make us feel like we are part of the team. The most popular perk that team members get are scholarships. Thanks to money donated by the Booster Club, they funded a living expense scholarship program available to us. So every time we attend a mixer we would get a payment to help defray cost of living as we left. Frank with the Booster Club will tell us how much you get when he speaks next. Then he asked how many of us were on a student loan and some of the girls raised their hands. He said that there was also a student loan scholarship available to help pay off our loan for the semester. He also said there was a sorority housing grant available if our sorority had at least 15 girls at every mixer which Frank will talk about. He admitted that there were 3 other sororities included in the program so the sorority that had the highest number of girls attending the mixers for the season would receive another housing improvement grant. There were other perks that would be explained later. The perks would only last as long as the team kept winning, to give us an incentive to help the team win. So we know all of you girls will give your selves to the team completely just like the players give themselves to the team. I want to thank all of you girls for all you give to the success of our team and we will not let you down. I will now turn it over to Frank to tell you more. The coach had talked for 15 minutes.

The coach introduced Frank from the Booster Club. Frank congratulated us on becoming part of the team and knew we would be able to inspire them to a perfect season, but it would take giving ourselves completely to the team. He said the coach had already told us about some of the perks and he wanted to give us more detail. The Living Expense Scholarship would pay $50.00 every time we attended a mixer and we would be paid when we left the mixer. If we attend 4 mixers, that is $200.00 per month. That was a lot of money back then.

Then he said the girls on student loans would get half of their student loan for the semester paid if they attended 5 mixers. All they had to do is give a copy of the loan to them and they would give them the money in 5 payments as they left each mixer. He also said that there was a Sorority House Improvement Grant of $5,000 if our sorority had at least 15 girls at every mixer. Since there were 3 other sororities , the one that had the most girls attend all of the mixers by the end of the semester would receive another $5,000 to use to improve your sorority house like new carpet, new kitchen appliances like dishwasher (which we didn’t have) new TV, etc. Would you all like that, and another cheer went up.

Frank said that we have all heard that the players on the team get special grades. He said that for us, if we attended at least 5 mixers then they would be able to give us a one free grade upgrade. So if we got a D they could increase it to a C, if we got a C we could upgrade to a B. They could not upgrade an F or a B to an A. Frank asked us if we liked this and of course erenköy escort we all let out another cheer. He said all of this depended on if the team continued to win, and to help inspire us to help the team win. Since we are part of the secret weapon he asked us not to talk about this to anyone because if we told too many people then it would not be secret anymore and we might have to suspend the program. He thanked us for giving ourselves to the team completely and introduced Bill.

Bill got cheers as he stepped up to speak. He welcomed us to the team and proposed a toast to celebrate joining the team. We all took another drink. I was feeling different than when I drank Margaritas at bars. I felt really horny and wet and didn’t know why, but Bill and the guys really looked great and sexy.

He said you don’t know how much all of you girls mean to us because when we go out to have some fun and relax by going to bars to party and getting to know the student body, we get mobbed by the media and people we don’t know that just want to hang around us and we end up having to leave. We would rather be with people we like, that can inspire us and have a good time with, and you girls helped inspire us last year and you can inspire us to a perfect season this year. All you girls inspiring the perfect team, to a perfect season, which makes all of you perfect girls, just like us.

So we would like to invite all of you to the perfect party. Would you all like that, and we all let out another cheer. Then I think we need to have another toast to perfection, and we all took big drink. Plus we picked all of you to be around because you are all beautiful, plus you are our best fans and showed us how much you love us last year. You might not think we can hear you cheer for us in the stands, but we can and it really helps. I see you in the stands and it makes me play harder to win the game for all of you.

Also it will be important to prove to everyone that Zen really works especially when they find out that we practice it. This has to be our secret right now so people will not put it down until we have a chance to prove it works, so we need all of you to believe in Zen and the team to prove to the world it works, which means a perfect season. So do all of you want to learn and practice Zen, and another cheer went up. Are you ready for us to be your teachers of Zen and follow our teachings, and another cheer went up. Do all of you want to be with us tomorrow night, and another cheer went up. Well we can’t wait either, so our first lesson will begin tomorrow night. So we will be here tomorrow night at 9:30 and the bus will be here around 10:00 to pick us up. He told us to eat a good dinner tomorrow night before the mixer. We love all of you and look forward to getting to know you better tomorrow night and we all let out another cheer. Bill was so good looking and had this magnetism about him. I loved him and couldn’t believe I was going to party with him.

After they left we had a sorority meeting. The guys left their cooler so we all kept drinking and getting drunker and hornier. Deb asked if we were excited to be part of the team and we all let out a loud cheer. Then Deb said, you know what the guys want us to do tomorrow night don’t you? We all looked at each other in silence, then she said they want us to go to bed with them, and another loud cheer went up. Then one of the other pledges said that she has never been with a guy before, and Deb asked are you a virgin. She sheepishly shook her head yes. Then Deb asked how many of us were virgins and 8 of us raised our hands. Then she said that the sorority is for women and we would have to become a woman before becoming members. Plus as we all know a girl always remembers her first time so you want to be with some body that knows what he is doing so all you virgins get to be with Bill because he is the best virgin breaker in the world. In fact I think some of the girls in here gave it up to Bill last year, isn’t that right? Several girls swooned about how good he made them feel and was the best thing they ever experienced. One girl talked about how Bill was so sensual as he made her a woman.

Deb said you don’t want to loose you virginity like she did in the back seat of some guy’s car. He was drunk and he just stuck it in her and came then fell asleep while she cried. Several other girls told horror stories of how they lost their virginity to guys that didn’t know what they were doing.

Then another girl Jen said she and 2 other pledge sisters from last year, Carrie and Sharon gave their virginity to Bill and described in graphic detail how wonderful it was. Jen and other girls including their big sisters from last year explained how the guys would have these wild parties in their “Den” at the athletic dorm with over 20 girls there at a time. Every one was drunk and horny from the cocktail, like tonight. During the party girls would leave with the guys and go to their dorm room and return around 30 minutes later. Jen said she saw her big sister leave with Bill and 2 other sorority sisters and return later. Then her big sister came up to her and said it was time to give herself to Bill, so he can take your virginity and make you a woman as required by the sorority. She took her over to introduce her to Bill and told him she was a virgin. Jen said she was so embarrassed as Bill looked her over, smiling.

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