My Feather Girl Ch. 03b

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Big Tits

My Feather Girl 03b – A shining Jewel

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent on their planet of origin.

Many thanks go to RF-Fast and thor_pf for editing and polishing. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style… and a strong reliance on spell check.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Acup

A word of warning, I write good stories, I hope, with some decent sex in them. If you’re looking for a stroker look somewhere else.

The disclaimers have been moved to the end of the story for my ADD readers.

This is the story of a young woman who has been keeping company with a rather pathetic guy who has succeeded in warping her sense of what a ‘normal’ relationship and sex should be. It’s about her finding an average young man and her learning that what she thought she knew really isn’t so, then slowly working through to what should be a normal relationship and coming to terms with it. Finally coming to be a lovely woman who doesn’t hide her body and eventually begins to enjoy and even revel in being looked at.


I’m not sure if I can actually still feel Hank’s load in my ass or if it’s just my imagination, but we have plenty of time to figure that one out. But the feel of the plug in my ass, that huge head spreading my cheeks and making it pull out just a little. Feeling the head twist the plug inside me when I take a step or wiggle my ass. Looking down as I run my hand over my belly, remembering what I looked like full of water last night. How would it be carrying OUR child?

If we were home I’d be making him breakfast about now. But I can at least order room service, and maybe even tease the bellman a bit!

I ran a brush through my hair and slipped my bright yellow thong on but it wouldn’t stay over the green crystal. Then I had a slutty thought and slid it down beside the head like I had pushed the thong over just to stuff it in my ass. Hank is SOOOOO going to fuck me this morning!

I was debating on what top to pull on when I spied the towels in the mirror. Could I? It was long enough, barely. If I pull it up tight against my neck and I drop my head a little it covers my nipples and not much more.

I thought I was going to turn inside out the way my tummy felt waiting, but the girl with the cart was grinning when I opened the door.

“Are you feeling better?” she asked. I just looked at her. “I brought up your juice the other day when you were… exhausted.”

I could have DIED. “I uhhhh, well that is…”

She just grinned, “Does he have a brother, or maybe a sister?” giving me a grin and a wink.

It took me a moment to recover, “They’re about ten hours away and I got the last one.”

“Damn,” she groaned, “Well, enjoy,” and pushed the cart in catching a glimpse of Hank lying on the bed still naked. In all my preparations for the bellman I forgot about him lying there like that. Or did I just want to enjoy the view? “DAMN girl, did you kill him?”

I grinned knowing it was the other way around, “Not yet.”

She turned for the door, then turned back and pulled her pad from her pocket. She scribbled on it and handed it to me. “Well, give me a call if you guys are out and about and want some company. You both look absolutely delicious.” She took a slow scan down my body, me only now realizing that the towel had slipped beside my boobs and I was on display.

She turned to leave before I even thought to lift my hands to cover my boobs, and when I did I remembered the paper as it hit my skin. It simply said ‘Natasha’ and a phone number. Was she hitting on me or looking at Hank? But then she did ask if Hank had a sister. It made me think back to when Tarra helped me in the shower, and kissed me after eating Ebi to a screaming orgasm. Made me tingle just a little…

I woke as it was just getting light out, and Betty was grinning pushing a cart with breakfast on it. I grinned even more realizing the only thing she had on was her little yellow thong and a towel draped around her neck.

“You teasing the bellman again?” I asked with a grin.

“Noooo, SHE just grinned and told me to have a good time,” sticking her tongue out at me.

I should have ordered some blueberry…

Betty took her time setting the table, making sure everything was just right, watching me watching her as she did. Grinning at me as she dipped her finger in the syrup and spread a little on her nipple then leaned over for me to clean it off. Might have to remember this, it took a lot more licking and sucking to get the nice warm sticky syrup off than it ever did the blueberry.


Hank keeps glancing at my boobs while I sit here with this plug in my ass. Can he smell how wet I am for him?

What about houses?!!

Mmmmmm, eating breakfast with a hot naked babe, can’t think of anything better except for eating her for breakfast.

“Hey bahis firmaları babe?”


“I was thinking. For as expensive as the apartments have been, should we expand our search to include small houses?”

Betty’s eyes went wide, “Well I guess we could. We’d have more room, or maybe have room for some roommates to cut expenses for a while.”

And we could have a HOUSE. Something for us to live in after we’re married. Something we could raise our children in.

Betty had a little smile and a bit of a dreamy look so I guess it was a good idea.

Mmmmmm, barefoot and pregnant, maybe naked and pregnant? Seeing Hank come home and feeling his arms around me as he gropes and ravages me before dinner. Seeing my belly and boobs grow as I carry his child. WE NEED TO FIND A HOUSE!

Betty wolfed down the last of her breakfast and sat my jeans and muscle t-shirt out. Seems I had acquired many more of those t-shirts and I don’t remember purchasing ANY of them. But feeling Betty against my arm, her fingers wrapped around my bicep, the side of her bare tit against my arm when she wears her halter tops… like she is today. Mmmmm, and that tiny little pleated skirt that barely covers her butt and pussy.

Betty was on line hunting through house listings, so fidgety she was standing instead of sitting at the table.

FUCK FUCK FUCK, Take me Hank. Flip my skirt up and fill my puss with this plug in my ass. I’m dripping down my thighs I’m so wet for you. We’re going to find a HOUSE!

Betty had a list of houses for rent and was calling to see if we could check them out.

As I rolled the breakfast cart back out into the hallway, there was a young lady coming down the hall. “I’ll take that for you sir.”

She was smiling and checking me out, “Thanks, I’d appreciate that.” Checking out the bit of cleavage she was letting show.

She leaned forward a bit squeezing her tits a bit between her forearms as she gripped the push bar. “You two headed out for a big day?”

I glanced quickly at those nice tits squeezed together, then back up to her smiling face. She had no problem with me checking her chest out. “We’re out hunting for a place. Haven’t decided on a house or apartment.”

She stood back up and put her shoulders back emphasizing her chest a bit, “Mmmm, go for a house if you can get it. Don’t have to worry about neighbors if things get a little too loud.”

“Thanks,” taking one last glance at her cleavage before going back into the room. Hell, I think she might have even been checking me out for some reason.

When I turned, there was Betty coming at me with her paperwork in her hand. I just made it a three sixty and we headed out to go hunting for a place.

Seems apartments were off the list. The amazing part is that a decent sized two bedroom house with full kitchen, living room etc. was only slightly more than what the apartment complexes were asking for some of the little two bedroom units with a ‘micro kitchen’. Betty’s description, not mine. Betty was grinning at what we were finding. The bad part is even then it was going to be straining our budget until we could find a roommate.

Mmmmmm, a house of our own… Mr. and Mrs. Hank Morrison…

We had visited three houses, grabbed some lunch, and were headed for another out on the far side of town when traffic began to slow, and slooooow, and then creep. We were inching forward when three sheriffs cars, then an ambulance, then two tow trucks came whizzing by.

“Looks like we’re going to be here a while.”

Betty got on the phone and called ahead to the landlord to let him know we were running behind in traffic. He couldn’t wait and we would have to reschedule. We got a half a mile in twenty minutes only made tolerable with my hand in Betty’s top playing with her soft nipples, but then there was a side road some of the cars were taking.

“ROAD TRIP!” I hollered out and we headed down the road. Betty just laughed and snuggled up beside me, her top barely covering her tit.

I wish every day could be like this, just me and Hank together going wherever, and whenever we feel like.

We were just cruising down a gravel road, lots of tall trees, a house or two every so often, gaps here and there to see decent sized ponds, a few glimpses of what looked like a river off in the distance.

OH GOD! I should have taken my plug out! Every little bump is going straight through to that plug and then straight on to my puss!

We came over a small rise and I swerved madly to avoid a truck on the side of the road, barely onto the shoulder.

Once we stopped and got our breath back I looked in the mirror to see an older gentleman in front of the truck looking under the hood. I backed up to investigate.

We climbed out and as he turned to face us, a lovely woman in a loose sleeveless shirt and loose short shorts got out the passenger side.

“What seems to be the difficulty?”

“ACH! Damn alternator. I was hopin’ to make it home but the battery died before we could get kaçak iddaa there.”

I grinned, “Ain’t that the way it usually works. Coming up short a couple gallons, a couple of miles, or a couple of bolts.”

“Yeah, four more miles and I could have coasted to the drive. I couldn’t talk you into giving me a little pull to get me off the road a little further at least could I?”

“I would, but I don’t have a chain.”

“I got a thirty five footer in the back.”

“Well, hell then, might as well get you home. But um,” I pointed to his hand in one of those elastic wraps. “I think I better drive yours. Power steering without the power is bad enough without trying to do it one handed.”

He was going to say something but the lady beat him to it, “You got a deal young man. I’m Linda by the way, superman here is Chester.”

Mmmmm, gives me a warm feeling all over being with Hank, ever the gentleman and good Samaritan.

She stepped closer but stopped one step short and then leaned forward enough to shake hands. I got a nice look down her shirt at some decent braless cleavage. Even saw a nice bit of side tit through the large armhole when she turned away and those shorts LOVED her butt! Not bad for an older woman.

Oh I LIKE that top. Would Hank mind if I dressed like that? He doesn’t seem to mind when we’re alone, but out with others, would he freak out if I showed some skin like that?

We each got the chain hooked on our respective trucks and Chester and the girls climbed into mine, I was glad they had lowered the windows before the battery had completely died, it was just a little toasty out here today.

He’s not too bad for an older guy, and even with his wife in the back seat he’s still checking out my little boobs. If I reach up and stretch juuuust right he might even see my nipples trying to poke out.

So four miles and two turns later at a snails pace and we pulled up into a nice older home. Big house, decent barn and shop, lots of TALL trees for plenty of shade. He pulled us up beside the house near the shop and stopped.

I crawled out just a little sweaty from the heat and work of the non powered power steering and brakes. Maybe we should have called a tow truck. It felt good to get out into the shade and open breeze.

Chester and I were going to take a look at his truck, but were overruled by the girls. With the exception of putting the charger on his, we were told to report to the house for drinks and sandwiches. We did cheat, we took the time to unhook the chain while we were at it, couldn’t let the girls think they ruled the roost now could we?

We headed inside to make something up for the boys.

“Man, I have GOT to get out of this sweaty top,” Linda said going through the front door.

What made me almost trip was, as she said it, she was unbuttoning and then pealing it off as she walked through the room. I watched her bare back as she walked away using the shirt to wipe under her boobs, a little side boob swing in there as well.

I stood there by the kitchen table like my feet were screwed to the floor. In the hall mirror I could look directly into their bedroom as Linda stripped off her shorts and stood there in front of her dresser holding a couple of different outfits to her NAKED body!

Now she wasn’t a runway model or anything, but she looked damn good for an older lady. Decent boobs and nice perky nipples that I wish I had. A little more prominent puss and a little more landing strip than I would have chosen, but oh well, she still looks good.

I was looking back up her body and had to look away quickly, she saw me looking.

When she came back out I acted like I hadn’t seen anything and she didn’t press it. But she did carry off that outfit pretty well. Her halter was a bit loose and her skirt was pulled up a bit high, but then I bet the boys wouldn’t complain about that AT ALL! LOL

While her back was turned I hitched my skirt up a bit more, TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME! If I bend over my puss is going to be on display. If I did it in front of Hank would he slip his fingers into me? Maybe bump my plug as he does?

We came in to a lovely sight, two lovely ladies. Of course I gave Betty a hug and a quick grope getting a nice gasp and ‘mmmmm’ from her while I enjoyed the view of Linda over Betty’s shoulder. She had changed from her sleeveless shirt and shorts to a nice loose low cut halter and short skirt, not much longer than Betty’s. Lot’s of thigh on display from both ladies!

OH GOD! I keep bumping the plug in my ass. I’m going to leave a wet spot if I’m not careful.

We sat there enjoying nice cold ice tea and ham sandwiches. I was glancing down Betty’s top beside me and Linda’s cleavage across from me was leaving almost nothing hidden the way she was leaning forward. If she had turned even a little I would have had a complete view of her tit, looked like about a nice C cup with not too much sag!

“So,” Chester said, “I don’t believe I’ve seen you around here before. Where you from?”

“We just transferred down to the casino kaçak bahis from up north,” I said between bites.

“So what do you do when you’re not out rescuing ornery old men?” Linda asked Betty with a grin.

That earned her a shaken finger and a grin from Chester. “So are you one of the ladies that run around in her underwear serving drinks?” Chester asked Betty grinning and smirking at Linda who rolled her eyes at him.

OH GOD I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT! Running around in a skimpy outfit with all the guys looking at me. I mean I don’t have the boobs for a corset, but I could pull it down right to my nipples. But then I’d have such a wet spot in my panties I’d be leaving a trail of puss scent all through the casino!

Linda swatted Chester and Betty grinned, “Nooo, we both work in the slot department. I work with the guests and Hank services the machines.”

Chester was going to say something ornery from his grin but Linda cut him off. “You need to go work on your truck old man before you get yourself in trouble.”

Chester got up and wrapped an arm across Linda’s chest giving the side of her tit a NICE squeeze, “Woman, I’ll show you old man,” tipping his head to nibble on her neck.

“ACH!” swatting at him, “You go work on your truck before I make you eat your words.” She jumped and squeaked while Chester grinned so I would guess she got her butt squeezed or pinched. Chester danced just outside her reach when she tried to retaliate.

And since I was motivated, I gave Betty’s ass a nice squeeze as I went out, dragging my finger across her plug making her gasp.

OH GOD YESSSS. Play with my body Hank, run your fingers all through me. Bend me over and drive those lovely fingers in me! I could almost cum standing here they way you and Chester were looking at me.

The charger had put enough charge back in the battery to start it and nose it into the shop. A few tests later and it was confirmed, bad alternator.

“Well hell, I guess I’ll have to get Billy to haul it into his shop and get it changed.”

“It’s just an alternator.”

Chester raised his braced hand, “And I’m the walking wounded.”

“Well I can help you take it off.”

“And then I still have to try and put it on.”

“Well,” I had an idea. “We could always run into town and pick it up, and I could… run an…um… errand… by myself.”

He grinned at me, “An errand huh?”

“Yeah, with us sharing the same vehicle until we get back up north for the rest of our stuff, we’re kinda joined at the hip. Makes it near impossible to get her something without her knowing about it.”

Chester chuckled, “I think we can arrange that.”

We got the alternator off and told the girls we were heading into town to pick one up so I could put it back on for Chester. That got me a nice body hugging kiss when I cupped her ass again. Feeling her hot mound rubbing against my hard cock.

OH FUCK YES! Nudge the plug in my ass again, make me scream.

“So how long since the honeymoon?” Linda asked.

“Oh, we aren’t… I mean we haven’t yet…”

“Oh, sorry. I thought you two were married the way he looks at you and… touches you.”

I grinned at the thought of Hanks touch. “Well we’re not yet, but soon.”

Linda grinned, “So when have you decided to let him ask you?”

I grinned at that, me letting him ask me. “Well he already did… kinda.”


“Well Hank kinda says things without thinking about them.”

Linda chuckled, “Don’t they all.”

I thought back to that day with Claude. “Well back when we were making preparations to come down here Hank asked a regional director about our positions down here. He was asking about what departments we could work in when we got married.”

Linda’s eyebrows went up, “Emmm Hmmm. He didn’t realize what he said.” I continued.

“But that still doesn’t mean…”

“And he thought he snuck a ring from my jewelry box when we were in the storage room the other day.”

“And OF COURSE you let him think he got away with it.”

“Of course.”


“And after that?”

I closed my eyes as I clenched my thighs and my nipples ached remembering Hank feasting on my puss while I was on my back. Those people and that car just feet away while he ravaged me…

I opened my eyes to see Linda grinning and shaking her head, “Never mind, I don’t want to know…”

The boys headed off to town to pick up an alternator for Chester’s truck. Linda worked around the kitchen while I watched, and then I jumped in when she needed a hand.

We had a nice brisket going, and some biscuits for Chester. Linda really got into her cooking, not even caring that her boob had slipped from her halter a few times. She looked down at where I was looking and snickered as she pulled it back across her nipple.

Should I tell her she has a dribble of sauce in her cleavage?

Could I be that casual if I let my nipple slip out? Or did she do that on purpose? How do you do something like that on purpose? When her back was turned I undid two more buttons on my top. If it opened at all my boob was going to be on full display. What would Hank think if I flashed my boobs dressed like this? Mmmmm, but the breeze on my aching nipples…

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