My Father’s Mother

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Tony dropped out of college during his junior year. He turned from being a good student in highschool to getting caught in the wrong crowd at college. From the endless parties, sex filled dorms to drugs and alcohol, it was a downward spiral from there. His teachers and counselors saw something in him but it never came to be so he finally called it quits before getting through the third year.

His parents were disappointed but figured they give him some time to think. Even after dying his hair blonde and getting tattoos, they still gave him his space but feared for the worse. After slouching around at home for a year and doing nothing but working out, his parents started to get tired of it. He wasn’t searching for jobs or attempting to go back to school so they needed to come up with some sort of punishment.

Joe, Tony’s father, came up with an idea. He was going to send his son to his mothers house for a boring trip so he’d be forced to rethink his situation. Tony wasn’t having it at first but complied with what his parents told him he’d be doing until he straightened out. He was going to be staying at grandmas…

It was about an hour drive to grandmas house. Tony just had a smug look on his face and didn’t say a word the entire trip. Upon arriving, they grabbed his bags and walked up to the front door. Vivian, Joes mother answered the door shortly after. Tony hadn’t seen her since starting college so he was taken back by how good she looked for her age of 60.

Grandma had his father when she was 20 years old. His father had him at 20 as well. Now, 20 years later, Tony was out banging chicks instead of selling down like the rest of his family did when they were his age. He wasn’t going to conform to societies standards and live a boring life like his family.

“Hey mom!” Joe smiled at his mother.

“There’s my boy and his rascal of a son! Come here and give grandma a hug!” Vivian put her arms around his shoulders and noticed how muscular he felt. His big arms wrapped around the small of her back maybe a little lower than he should.

Since he was a horny young man, Tony took in the sight of her. She had slightly sagging boobs but an absolute bubble butt of an ass when she turned around to let them inside. Her greying hair was held together with a clamp in the back. Her face still looked young compared to other people her age. She also kept in good shape thanks to all her years of volleyball.

After sitting down and chatting for a bit, Joe stood up and announced he was leaving to his mom and son. “Well I’m going to get going mom. Make sure you bore the hell out of him so he’ll learn his lesson and never make the same mistake again.”

A few days later…

Tony was getting horny and all the online porn wasn’t helping. He needed to release but Vivian wouldn’t let him go out. That’s when he thought of a really fucked up plan. Since gramps was off working out of state, it would be even easier.

“What better way to get back at my dickhead father than by fucking his mom?” Tony thought to himself.

During the next couple days, instead of doing any type of studying or job searching, Tony made moves on his grandmother. She loved his hugs even thought they lingered for longer than usual. He even started giving her kisses on the cheek unusually close to her lips. Vivian was starting to look at her grandson in a different way, especially after not having a mans touch in so long. She even started to stare at his chiseled body when he jumped in the pool, the wet trunks clinging to his body as he got out, giving her a clear view of his large package. Tonys plan was working but he needed to complete a few more steps.

Vivian started dressing a little more freely around the house. Her grandson complimented her since figure and after a few more times, he gave her nice ass a good smack. Vivian jumped and gave him a naughty smile.

“Now that’s not something you do to your own grandmother you bad boy!”

“I think you like bad boys.” Tony just smirked at her and walked off.

She didn’t even care why her son wanted him to stay here in the first place anymore. She didn’t hound him on looking for a job or studying up on something. Lust was getting the better of her.

Vivian was really feeling it now and decided to make her grandson a nice meal. It was a candlelit dinner of his favorite food. The wine got them talking about things normal things family don’t talk about together. They took things to the living room where the flirty talk continued, Vivian and Tony were sitting right next to each other, her head on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around holding her. A movie flickered on the tv but they weren’t paying attention to it. Tony used all the moves he’d usually use on some college slut and before long, he was making out with his grandmother. After swapping spit for a few minutes, Tony was going to take things to the next stage.

Tony picked Vivian up in his arms and she wrapped her legs around his back as he walked her to the bedrooms. Their tongues were battling illegal bahis in each other’s mouths, Tonys eyes were closed using memory to guide. Stopping at his fathers old bedroom, he kicked the door open. His grandma pulled away from his mouth and giggled.

“Oouuuu your fathers old room huh? What do you plan on doing with your poor old grandmother in here? You going to fuck my brains out where my son used to sleep?” She gave me a sexy grin.

“I’m gonna fucking destroy you on that pricks bed!” I gave her a cocky smile and threw her on the bed.

They instinctively started ripping their clothes off while starring each other down. Vivians eyes trailed down to Tony’s chiseled abs and finally down to his monster cock once he kicked his pants off. She watched his bulging arms reach for her legs and spread them apart.

Tony dove into his grandmothers sweet pussy and went to town with his tongue. He expertly wagged his face back and forth causing her juices to wet her whole crotch and thighs. Sucking on her clit and lapping at the sensitive spot caused Vivian to scream with pleasure. Taken off guard, she was flipped around and put on her knees. With her face on the bed and her ass in the air, she felt Tony’s big hands spread her cheeks apart. Then she felt his tongue take up all the surface area as it could to slide across her asshole. Vivians eyes rolled back and felt something that no man has ever done to her before. Tony then pointed his tongue to stick it right in and tasted her bowels. He rotated around and got in there as deep as he could. His mouth continued to kiss, slobber and penetrate her beautiful pink asshole until he pulled away leaving a long strand of saliva still connecting them.

Tony smacked her ass and hopped up on the bed. Laying in his back with his arms crossed behind his head. Vivian took the hint and got between his outstretched legs. Laying on her stomach and scooting up so she was close as she could get. She stared at his veiny pole and wrapped her small hand around the base bringing her face right up to it. Tony admired he site of how small his grandmothers face looked next to his cock with her plump ass visible in the background.

“Suck my fucking cock bitch.” Tony smiled and Vivian happily complied.

She ran her tongue up from her hand to the crown of the purple head. Giving it a kiss and slowly licking around the ridge. Vivian seductively starred in her grandsons eyes as she finally wrapped her lips around the fat head. Slowly bobbing her head until she felt more comfortable to take more and more. She could only fit about half of his entire 8 inches before gagging and pulling off. Not wanting to disappoint, Vivian started kissing and licking up and down his dick. Even his balls got some attention as she vacuum sucked then individually. Tony took one hand from behind his head and wrapped his hands in her hair. He guided her face back into his cock and used her head to deepthroating him before he gagged again and coughed up a ton of spit.

Tony just smiled at his grandmothers amazing attempt. She did better than a lot of girls his own age. It must be the absolute love and lust for him and his big cock. A big dick can turn any woman into an absolute whore, even your own grandmother.

“I hope you liked that baby…” She looked up at him seeking affirmation.

“I fucking loved it. You’re a goddamn pro! Now I just wanna get that pussy. Get up on your knees.” Tony ordered his grandmother.

She stayed there while he worked his way behind her. Giving his grandmothers ass another slap leaving a red mark causing her to yelp. He pushed her thighs together making a beautiful heart shape out of her ass.

“You ready for this grandma?” He sawed his dick between her ass cheeks waiting for her answer.

“Quit playing with me and fuck the shit out of me you stud!” Vivian looked over her shoulder at the cocky grin of her grandson.

Wasting no more time, Tony sunk his dick slowly into his grandmothers super tight pussy before she was too tight to enter further. Vivians mouth hung open as she was stretched out and penetrated further than ever before. Her grandson was the ultimate alpha male.

“You’re too big! Let me get used to it.”

“Uggh fine…”

“Sorry but I’ve never had one as big as you.”

“Grandpa isn’t as big as me?” He asked her a rhetorical question.

“God no, he’s so tiny compared to you!”

“I figured, just wanted to hear you say it.” Tony laughed.

Tony began sawing in and out of her cunt slowly at first letting her get used to his size. His big hands spreading her cheeks as he starred at her asshole moving with each thrust. He wanted another taste of her ass so with one hand, he stuck his index and middle fingers into his grandmothers backdoor. With each thrust of his penis in her pussy, the fingered her asshole as well. Then he brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them tasting her ass juices.

Wanting to continue shit talking their family as they fucked. Tony wanted to bring up the illegal bahis siteleri topic of his father.

“I bet my dad has a small dick compared to me too.”

“Without a doubt, I could always tell it was small. Just like his fathers.” She admitted through panting breaths.

“If only that bitch could see me now!” Tony rammed into her really hard.

“He’d be so jealous!” Vivian yelped.

“Wait really?” Tony stopped leaving his dick lodged inside her.

“I used to find dried cum on my panties when he was younger. He’d even try to watch me in the shower into his late teens.”

“Not only am I fucking my dads mom, I’m fucking the woman he always fantasized about. This cant get any better!” With that he continued his assault on her amazing pussy.

Vivians soft moans and the squishy sounds of their sex filled her sons old room. Tony thought about the moment at hand. He was fucking his fathers mother on his fathers old bed. His dad thought it was going to be a punishment to send him there but boy was he wrong!

The next morning, Tony woke up and smelled bacon cooking. He thought back to last night when he had nasty drunk sex with his grandma. Now it was time to see if she thought it was a mistake or she wanted more. He got up and walked to the kitchen to see his grandmother in his shirt.

“Hey my big man, you’ll need your energy back from last night so I made breakfast for you, eat up!”

Tony really turned his own grandma into a whore and this wasn’t over. Next, he wanted to own her pussy. After spending the day together in the pool and just hanging around the house, the couple started to get frisky again. Kissing and fondling each other wasn’t enough.

“You get to pick this time.” Tony offered his grandmother.

Vivian took Tony by the hand and took him to her bedroom she shared with grandpa. They didn’t waste time getting naked and jumping into bed.

“You and gramps bed huh? What do you plan on doing with me here?”. They both laughed as he repeated what he said the day before.

“I plan on fucking my godly grandson on the bed I share with my lame husband!” What she said was music to his ears.

Time for the next phase. Getting his grandma on her back and pushing her legs back as far as they’d go, Tony squatted over her body and aimed his dick straight down. He bottomed out at around 4 inches in, then really pushed her pussy up into her stomach for 3 more inches and then finally forced his way into her cervix with the last inch. She took his entire length until his balls rested on her asshole.

“Holy shit my dick is sitting in your womb! Where you held my pussy dad for 9 months!” Tony growled.

“Oh my fucking god you’re in virgin territory. You already make me feel like virgin again but this is something else!” Vivian saw stars and hearts.

After about an hour of drilling, Tony was finally about to cum. He pulled out of Vivians tight pussy and slid up her body so he his knees were on either side of her chest and his dick was right over her face. He was stroking his long wet dick trying to dump a load on his grandmothers face. They starred in each others eyes as his hands were a blur beating off. Finally with a low grunt, big loads started to spurt out and paint Vivians sweaty face. Three large lines of jizz marked her face from top to bottom, some even getting in her hair. Tony just stayed there admiring his work and fed her his dick to clean off.

“If you weren’t my favorite grandson before, you sure are now.”

The next few days were filled with sex. It was all so hot to be fucking your grandmother while your dad thought you were being punished. That’s when Tony was struck with another naughty idea.

“Grandma? I want you to call my dad and give him an update of my stay.”

“Well it wont be much of an update. I haven’t made you do any of the things my son wanted me to have you do.”

“Just make something up. Tell him I’ve been looking for jobs or I’ve been a help around the house, anything.”

“Ok but you have been a help around the house I guess.” She gave him a sexy smile.

Vivian got her phone and rang her son.

“Hey Joey. How are you?”

“Oh yes your son has been so good to me”

Time for action. Tony got behind his grandmother and started grinding his dick into her backside. She turned her head and gave him a little slap.

“Well I cant get the bad boy out of him in just a week. He’s really is a bad boy compared to you growing up. He’d probably end up being one of your bullies like you had in school. But I’m sure he can change.”

Tony pulled his pants down and sat on the couch with his spread open motioning Vivian to come over. She instinctively got on her knees while still on the phone with her son. Her grandson raised his eyebrows like he was expecting her to continue.

While her son rambled on about things she didn’t care about, she got to sucking his sons giant cock. There were some wet barely audible slurping sounds but she tried to be as quiet as canlı bahis siteleri she could with her son on the other line. With a loud pop, she took her mouth off the big head.

“What noises? Oh, I’m having something for lunch. Your son made me a big piece of meat, lots of protein!” She smirked at her grandson.

Tonys head fell back as the pleasure rushed to his head thinking about the current situation. His arms reached back and gripped the top of the couch. He was about to explode. With a few more bobs of her head, Tony erupted in his grandmothers mouth. She gagged on the large amount of cum that shot to the back of her throat and filled her mouth. After swallowing and clearing her throat, she spoke again. Joe though his mom was choking on the other side of the phone.

“No I’m fine, almost choked to death on this big piece of meat.”

“Ok I’ve got to go now. I’ll talk to you later.” Vivian hung up the phone.

“Holy shit grandma. That was fucking hot.”

“You had your father worried there! Thank god I ended that call before he started to get curious, he just wouldn’t shut up. I’ve got better things to do.” She gave Tony a sexy smile.

“Me?” He asked confidently.

Grandmother and grandson spend some time out at the pool together. Tony admired his grandmothers great shape in her one piece bathing suit. Though it was more fitting for her age, he’d love to see her in a bikini. Vivian also admired her grandsons adonis body. He was defined and watched his big veiny muscles bulge.

“Can I rub you down with some lotion babe? Don’t want you getting sunburnt.”

“You sure you just don’t want to rub your big strong hands all over my body?”

“Maybe…” They both laughed

“Sure honey, lather me up!”

Vivian was on her stomach on a towel and Tony straddled her thighs. He squirted some lotion onto his hands and began to massage her skin.

“Ooooo that feels so good, keep going.”

Tony worked his way down to her ass and rubbed her cheeks in circular motion. His eyes were transfixed on the sexy ass flesh that jiggled as he caressed it.

“My turn to put some on you big man.”

Vivian massaged her grandsons bulging muscles and paid a lot of attention to his abs. She admired his defined muscles and some of the tattoos that covered them. It didn’t tale long for a tent to form in his trunks so she pulled them off letting his tool spring free. Not wanting him to be the only one naked, she got up and sexily stripped off her bathing suit.

“I think were both covered enough now and ready for some slippery fun. Lay back on your stomach.” Tony suggested.

They switched places and Tony straddled her thighs again. He stuck the tip of his dick at the entrance of his grandmothers pussy and let his lower half do the work as he put his hands next to her shoulders for balance. With long powerful strokes, Tony prone boned his grandmother next to the pool. Their slippery bodies made obscenely wet clapping noises. Vivian would try and bounce her ass back to meet his strong thrusts. She wanted his full length inside her again. His balls slapped her clit causing orgasms to thrash her body. She clawed at the cement, she bit the towel, anything to help her get through both the pleasure and pain of her grandsons masterful fucking.

Shifting his body into an almost planking position. Tony unleashed some powerfully savage thrusts for a few more minutes until he was about to burst. He slammed down so his grandmothers ass forcing her round cheeks to give way for the mass of muscle that was his abdomen. He was fully inside her shooting loads of jizz into her womb.

“Well at least you cant get me pregnant. I’d for sure be knocked up of I was any younger!” Vivian panted trying to catch her breath.

“That’s a shame. I’d love to make a new sibling for my loser dad. While he raised the baby, I’d work on making more with his own mom.”

“You are so fucked up honey and I love it.”

Joe was going to his mothers house pick his son after not seeing him for a month. He hoped his son learned his lesson and got a new view on life. Joe entered the house and heard some odd noises coming from the bedrooms. As he walked closer, he was hoping it wasn’t the sounds of sex he was hearing. And it was coming from his old room. He slowly grabbed the doorknob and tried to sneak a peek in to see what was going on but Tony saw the door opening.

“That you dad? Come on in!”

A hot blast of air hit joes face as he opened the door. He peeked around the door to see something he never wanted to see. His mother was squatting over his son in between his outstretched legs. She was facing away from his son dropping her ass reverse cowgirl. Tony was just smirking as he looked at his father.

“You gotta get a load of this view dad! Your moms ass looks so good slamming on to my dick!”

Joe took a few seconds to reel in the site before he could even respond. “What the hell is going on?!”

“What’s in look like joe? Your stud of a son is fucking your own mother.”

“Yeah no shit mom but why?!”

“Because she loves my dick. You thought you were sending me here as punishment? I made this situation good for me and turned your mom into my whore. You jealous I got the pussy you could never get?”

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