My Fantasies Ch. 03

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My fantasies part3 Andy Sandwich

We are talking about our previous nights sexy adventure. I mention that any time your friend wants to spend the night she is quite welcome. You say you will think about it. But. Maybe I should return the favour and perform for you. I am not to keen on the idea of being with another bloke, but you pester me and basically black mail me into the idea. The promise of two girls on my cock again is a hell of an incentive.

We talk at some length about the notion and about how we would go about it. We decide the only way we are going to find someone is to advertise in a contact magazine for someone who is willing to show a first timer the ropes as well as let someone watch. We use an Internet site to advertise our requirements. This involves a rather embarrassing photo of me in the buff.

We soon get a few replies. I have agreed to let you chose who it will be, but have put strict criteria on who it should be. No more than 25. Well toned with little body hair. Most of the applicants you reject as too old, to fat or downright ugly. Eventually you find someone who you find quite attractive and isn’t a complete gimp.

You talk to the guy a few times and explain what we are looking to do. He agrees and we set a date for him to come round.

The night arrives and the guy is now sitting on the sofa chatting to us and having a glass of wine. (I have insisted on having several for dutch courage). He is quite young, no more than 22. Well toned with short blonde hair. I am sure you have picked him because you fancy him. We talk for a while about why we want to do this and about what it is we are exactly looking for.

He suggests bağdat caddesi şişman escort we should take a shower first, as this will relax us and allow us to get used to being naked around each other. We go upstairs and we let you shower first. He then tells me to get undressed and climb in with you. I do. He tells me that I should wash you exactly as I normally would. I take the soap and lather up you tits, ass and between your legs.

You enjoy the feel of my soapy hands over your body. You then take the shower gel and cover my body in soapy suds. You pull back my foreskin and polish the end of my bell end. I had forgotten about our guest. He has stripped and joins us in the shower. He takes some shower gel and starts to wash my body. It feels strange at first, but his hands are soft and if I close my eyes it is impossible to tell the difference between him and you. He washes me all over, getting balls and my cock all soapy. He knows how to touch me to get me exited. I suppose because he has a cock of his own.

He takes my hands and squirts some shower gel in the palms. He places my hands on his chest and tells me to start washing him. It feels weird touching another guy, but not unpleasant. You have now left the shower and are sitting on the toilet watching. I let my hands fall to his cock and begin to wash it. It feels hard and warm in my hands. He gives me some instruction on how to touch him.

We rinse off and go downstairs. We are all in bath robes. We sit and talk. He asks me how I felt about us touching each other. I tell him it was odd but ok. I ask you how you found it watching. You say it excited bağdat caddesi ucuz escort you loads. He asks me if I want to go further. You tell him I do.

He moves over to me and kneels between my legs. He pulls open my bathrobe and takes hold of my flaccid cock. He places his lips around the end and starts to suck.

If I close my eyes it could be any woman in the world. He licks around my balls, gently sucking them. He then licks around my asshole. Moistening the opening with his tongue. I have to admit this guy knows what he is doing.

He then stands up in front of me, gesturing you to come over. “Come on then” he says to you “show him how to suck cock”.
You sit next to me and take his cock into your mouth.

You bury your head right into his flat stomach, taking his cock right down your throat. You lick around the head and run your tongue down his shaft. Then he says it is my turn. I am apprehensive and tentatively lick around his helmet.

He tells me to take it down, telling me to copy you. I soon start to get into the swing of things and suck and lick his cock harder.

You are now getting really turned watching me suck another mans cock. You let your robe fall open and start to play with your nipples, making them hard. Rolling them between your fingers. Your other hand slips down between your spread legs. You find your clitty and start to slowly rub it. You allow a finger to slip between your moist lips. Then you transfer some of the moisture to your ass and allow your self 2 fingers in your cunt and two up your ass.

I am still sucking his cock, sinking his stiffness into my bağdat caddesi yabancı escort throat. He steps back and turns me around and pushes me down so I lean over the sofa. I feel a stickiness around my asshole. I look round and he is smothering his cock and my ass with KY gel. It is then that I realise he is going to penetrate me. He kneels behind me and presses against my asshole.

He slides in easily because of the gel. He then starts to fuck me.

You move so that you can get a better look at me getting shafted. You get wetter and wetter watching me being used by another man.

He feels big in my ass and it stretches me wide, but it is not painful. His balls slap against mine as he slams into me.

I ask him if we can move and he agrees. I pull you over to me and, laying on top of you, slide my cock into your wet cunt. I move in and out a few times until it is loose, he then penetrates me as I fuck you. All I need do is lay there. As he fucks my ass it pushes me deeper into you.

We fuck for some time, changing position several times. I fuck you doggy, he fucks me. You sit on my face, he sucks my cock. You sit on my cock as I suck his.

Eventually we are all near to coming. We move so that my cock is in your mouth, your cunt is in his face, his cock is in my mouth. We each start to suck and lick furiously at the sex organ rammed in our faces.

You start to cum first and I have to ram my cock into your mouth to make you suck it. You feel my cock start to throb in your mouth. At the same time his cock pulsates in my mouth. He comes first and I am to slow to pull his cock out. His hot come fills my mouth and I have to drink it down. This makes me cum and you let my spunk fill your mouth before you let it dribble out of your mouth over your tits.

His tongue works quickly at your clit to bring you up to orgasm.

We lay their for a while contented with the evenings fucking. I am sore but will be fine in a day or so. Of course, you keep his number in case we want to invite him back.

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