My Family Ch. 02

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Chapter Two (Uncle Ian)

I didn’t have sex with my dad as much as I would have hoped, but understood that there were six women in the house and only two men. A lot of the time I had to make do with having my pussy licked by one of the females in the house. Tonight I and my cousin Mischa were at it. I had my face buried in her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair hungrily eating away at her pussy.

I had been down there for at least fifteen minutes and she was now writhing around on the bed and bucking her hips up to my mouth. She started to moan loudly and screamed to me that she was going to cum. Just a few seconds later she squirted her milky juices into my mouth, I lapped them up like a cat at a bowl of cream.

I could tell that Mischa was perfectly satisfied because she fell asleep straight after. It annoyed me a little because I hadn’t received anything and was feeling extremely turned on. I walked down to the kitchen in my nude state and encountered my uncle – he was making himself a midnight snack.

I opened the refrigerator and bent over (hoping he would get the hint) to get myself some water. I tuned and faced him, he didn’t seem to notice that I wanted some attention. I rested maltepe escort my naked back onto the cool exterior of the refrigerator and began to pull at my breasts making my little nipples poke out. I then moved my hand down to my pussy and started to stroke the bald pubic area before inserting a finger into my wet hole.

‘Is there something you want, Vienna?’ Asked Ian, obviously knowing that there was.

I let out a girlish giggle. ‘Yeah.’ I rested my head back as I inserted two more fingers.

‘And what would that be?’

‘I really, really want a fuck.’ I smiled at him. I walked over to where he was standing and kissed him on the cheek.

Ian took the bottle of water from my hand and placed it on the counter behind him. He stroked my long blonde hair away from my face and kissed my forehead. ‘How badly do you want it?’

I took his hand and guided his fingers to the wetness between my legs. I smiled at him, he must know by now how horny I am. He put his free arm around my waist and pulled me close; we had a long passionate kiss. We moved backwards until my back was pressing against the refrigerator, Ian lifted me off of my feet and I wrapped mecidiyeköy escort my legs around his waist. I could feel his huge bulge pressing into me and I wanted him then and there.

Ian carried me and placed me onto the kitchen counter. He quickly unzipped his pants and before I had chance to prepare myself his long, thick cock was buried deep inside me. I let out a quiet yelp because of the shock, but after that initial little bit of pain it was all pleasure.

My uncle’s cock was pounding my pussy with full force; I must have had an orgasm for every time he thrust into me. My uncle (and my daddy) have great stamina and can last pretty much as long as they want while fucking. This was perfect for me, as I love to have as many orgasms as possible (I’m sure every girl does).

Ian pulled out of my pussy and lifted me off of the counter. ‘I want to fuck you from behind sweetie, bend over the counter.’ Said Ian all flustered from the exertion. I did just as he asked and he wasted no time driving his hard cock straight back into my dripping pussy. He held my hips tightly, using them to pull me further onto his cock with every thrust.

He calmed merter escort down after a few minutes of the hard fucking. His hands loosened at my hips, his right hand made its way to my clit and he placed his left hand on the small of my back to keep me in the position he wanted.

He rubbed my clit with two fingers at a slow pace, I had stopped cumming so violently after being lifted off of the counter but was now building up to a strong climax.

I pushed my ass back to meet with Ian’s thrusts, wanting to be fucked hard at the same rapidity as before. Ian took the hint and built up his tempo. He had to move both of his hands back to my hips to keep me in place while he savagely fucked away at my soaking cunt.

I moved my right hand down to my clit and rubbed it hard and fast as my uncle hammered away at me. The sensation was all too much and I could feel my pussy start to contract at the first sign of a huge orgasm.

I can’t quite remember what I was doing at this point, I’m fairly certain that I was screaming obscenities for the entire house to hear but I was in too much pleasure to notice. In the height of this huge climax my uncle blew his load into my young pussy making the experience even more pleasurable.

After my uncle pulled out and let go of me I collapsed into a heap on the kitchen floor. I was panting away trying to catch my breath and I had a huge grin on my face. I couldn’t imagine that any man would ever be able to give me pleasure like my daddy and uncle could.

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