My Erotic Night Out

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I never knew, when I married my third (and last) husband that he would change not only the way I orgasm but, he would bring my fantasies into reality.

Let me explain first.

We met on line and from the first moment, we “clicked” as if we had known each other all along. No awkward silences even on our first date. It was always easy. Well not quite always.

My husband came from a strict Catholic background growing up. He was altar boy, went to Christian camp each summer and was a member of a Christian Youth group growing up. Needless to say, his idea of “kinky” was to leave the bedroom door open during sex.

Me? I was raised in an open family where questions were not discouraged, church was discussed on Sundays and we were allowed to decide what form of religion we wanted to practice once we had the answers we needed to make that decision.

One thing that was vastly different was the subject of sex.

My husband’s family believed everything could be found in the Bible and that was where you looked when you needed answers.

My family believed that the right answers were found by asking questions that were always answered honestly. Of course the most asked questions were about sex and that was the subject of many evenings giggles fests and shocked amazement. But were never lied to and nothing was discouraged from being talked openly about.

With such diversified backgrounds you can imagine there were “heated” discussions over what was acceptable and what was not in my third marriage.

There were discussions on what subjects in reference to sex we could talk about.

I knew there were going to be issues we would need to work on, given it was not our first marriage but, after one night of kissing and petting and touching, I knew I was NOT giving up because my husband has a soft tender mouth and limber “guitar” playing fingers that I was not going to miss out on!

So when we would relax, I would try to insert certain topics and see what his reaction would be.

One thing we both agreed on was; we would not tolerate the others having an affair. We had both gone through this in our previous relationships and we knew it was a not going to be accepted. This of course made the suggestion of going to a swinger’s event a top no no.

But, as we talked more and more and discussed what these “clubs” were like and how it played out with my kids (way over the age limit of 21), my new husband seemed curious and asked a lot of questions. This encouraged me but he soon put a stop to the conversation and the subject was closed.

Or so I thought.

About a week later we were driving home from dinner one night from a get together with friends and my husband brought the subject up in a roundabout way.

I could see he was feeling a little tipsy after a few drinks and I drove home that night. He asked if I was really okay with the thought of trying a “swingers date” and why did I think he would enjoy it?

I told him I was okay with it because it was not threatening and it was not a relationship but a one night stand as a couple and it might be something to add to our “bucket list.”

Subject closed as he put his head back and quietly rode the rest of the way home. If I had glanced at his lap I would have seen a huge hard on as he fantasized about it in silence.

We got home and I shook him awake, although he was in no way asleep!

He stood behind me at the door and pressed his erection against my ass, pushed me in the door once it was open and proceeded to yank off my clothes and fuck me like never before.

The orgasms at his rough treatment were incredible and I did not want it to stop.

When I later asked what got him so wound up, he confided that the thought of me with another woman was exciting but the thought of him and another woman as I watched him made his cock jump. I looked own as we talked and noticed his cock getting hard again. Twice in one night? Hell I wasn’t going to turn that down!!

I did not think anything more about until a month later when my husband surprised me with an invitation to an evening of fun and pleasure.

He had planned this wonderful ataşehir ucuz escort night out, telling me in the morning to please ready myself after work; we were going to a special place for dinner and entertainment.

What a wonderful idea and, as a secret, I decided to wear no panties and my “pleasure balls” as a surprise for him and a fun evening for me.

We got ready together and all the time we were dressing he would smile and pat my ass and tweak my already stiffening nipples.

That certainly made inserting those pleasure balls easy, I was nearly dripping when he took my nipple into his mouth and bit it gently. Oh but it felt so delicious.

I dabbed at my juices, finished getting ready and we were out the door.

We drove a little while until we came to this nondescript building and pulled into the parking lot and got out. I did not see a sign outside and asked my husband if he was sure we were at the right place?

He smiled and when we opened the door, there was music and lights and I could smell the delicious aromas of food and something familiar but I couldn’t put a name to it.

A hostess, who was all kinds of hot and sexy in a barely there dress, led us to a table after asking if we had reservations, which we did thanks to my thoughtful hubby.

When she has left to get our drink orders, I commented to my husband how hot she looked and that the “pleasure balls” I had inserted at home, were getting quite a workout tonight.

He smiled at me and said, “Oh baby you won’t need those” and reached between my legs and proceeded to pull them out one after the other.

I was worried someone would see but trying to enjoy the sweet pleasure of feeling one “pop” out of my pussy at a time and my sweet hubby told me to relax and enjoy, no one could see anything. I almost came again when I saw him pop each one into his mouth and suck it clean.

“Who was this man?” I thought to myself.

He could see the look on my face and when the hostess brought our drinks, she smiled and said, “Enjoy your evening; I am sure it will be unforgettable.”

While we sat, my husband moved himself closer to me and ran his hand up my leg and between my thighs to touch my excited clit under the table. “Okay so who body snatched my husband and put this exciting man here at my table?”

He laughed and we continued to relax, listening to the music and talking about this and that.

The subject of our conversation about sex and swinging and clubs came up and without hesitation I blurted, “I would get so turned on seeing you with another woman and touching her and making her come with your mouth and hands!”

My husband took my hand and put it on his lap where he had a huge hard on. He had taken down his zipper so there was no material between his cock and my hand. I wanted to shove that cock in my mouth or my pussy at that point and told him so!

He smiled, gestured to the hostess and told her, “I think we liked to venture into the other room now,” at which point she guided us down a hallway and opened a double door to a room filled with some partially naked and some completely naked people.

In the middle of the room was a “stage” of sorts and on the stage was a bed and on the bed were two extremely beautiful women who appeared to be caressing each other in a very seductive and sexual way.

I could barely see in the dimly lit room, but there were people touching and kissing and I was getting very aroused by this.

I looked over at my husband who had zipped himself up at some point but right now even his clothes could not contain his erection for very long. It looked like it was about to burst through his pants!

He smiled and said, “You told me you wanted to see me with another woman, did you mean it?”

“Of course I did,” barely came out as a whisper, I was so turned on at that moment!

“Well baby, I brought you here for that reason and I was hoping you would fulfill my fantasy of seeing you with another woman?”

I actually had an orgasm standing there and told my husband I needed to sit down or fall on my face.

He laughed ataşehir yabancı escort and we were led to a table close enough to the stage that I could see the shiny slick pussy of the woman on stage.

I finally figured out what the smell was when I first entered the building. Sex and pussy.

I watched the stage and felt, rather than saw, my husband’s hand in my crotch, moving his fingers in and around my wet slippery pussy. Oh yeah it felt good there!

I was going to come and when I turned to look at my husband and tell him, I saw the bluest eyes ever and realized a strange woman’s hand was dipping into my pussy.

And as she rubbed my clit to an explosion, my husband cupped my breasts in his hands, lifted my blouse and sucked my hard nipples until I had an orgasm that made me dizzy!!

I don’t know who the woman was but she smiled and licked her fingers and walked away with a soft, “Hmmm thanks honey this is sweet!”

My husband had a look in his eyes like I have never seen. He was aroused, his eyes were a dark color brown that almost passed for black he was so excited!

He smiled at me and kissed me so passionately and asked if I was happy.

I smiled and nodded no.

He looked at me as if to ask why.

I told him, “Now that I have had a taste of this fun, I want you to have some too.”

“I want to pick out someone for you to play with.” He nodded okay and I proceeded to scan the room for a likely “play-toy”.

I turned and saw a woman who was about our age and had the longest legs I had ever seen. She had long dark hair, brown eyes; her skin was the color of warm caramel and she had this bubble butt that I knew would make my husband drool.

She had firm breasts, small but not too small and I could tell she was not wearing any bra under her silk blouse. Her nipples were hard and when she laughed she leaned back and they pushed against the material and I felt my mouth water.

I looked at my husband, looked at her, tilted my head and he nodded yes very enthusiastically!!

He leaned over and whispered into my ear, “I want to lick her pussy and bite her ass while you watch and finger fuck your wet cunt!”

“Then I want you to clean her pussy after I’ve fucked her and shot my load into her cunt!”

I almost passed the fuck out and had to bring myself to orgasm before I could even walk over and broach the subject.

I didn’t have to because, as I was relieving my aching pussy, she walked over and dipped her finger to get it wet and smiled.

She looked me in the eye and said, “I want that sweet cunt and I want him to watch” pointing at my husband.

I swallowed harder than I ever did before and asked her in a deep voice that came from out of nowhere, “Would you play with both of us?”


She took my hand and led us away into a private booth off the main room with pillows and soft music and chilled wine and low lighting.

Almost as perfect as the picture I had in my head about these places.

She turned and kissed me softly and then whispered to my husband, “Why don’t you undress the both of us while I tongue bathe your partner here?”

No need to ask him twice and before I knew it we were naked, on the pillows and wrapped around each other like vines. I could smell my own wet pussy and reached down between her legs and she was as hot and ready as I was!

I stood my husband up and undressed him and his cock literally “sprang” out of his pants and was harder than I ever saw it before.

I got behind him and massaged his cock and balls as he closed his eyes and laid his head back.

Our “play-toy” got on her knees before his hard cock and licked it so slowly and gently and without thinking my husband grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat until I could hear her gag around it.

She didn’t seem too phased and took it all, grabbing his ass and hips and forcing him to pump his cock into her mouth faster.

I played with my pussy as I watched this and when I came it ran down my leg like a faucet and “she” took her mouth of my husband’s cock just long enough ataşehir escort bayan to slurp my juices.

Oh she was good!

She stood up and turned around so her sweet plump ass was against my husband’s hard cock and he could hump her bouncy cheeks like he loves to do.

I do not have a plump bouncy ass but he makes do just fine but here he had his fantasy ass to play with.

He reached around and fingered her clit and I could hear the wetness as she came.

I crawled around to the front of her body and licked her tight pussy while my husband rubbed his hard dick between her ass cheeks.

She must have liked it because she kept coming until it ran down my face.

I moved away from between her legs and sat back on a pile of the softest pillows. I took a sip of water to wet my lips and I could smell her scent as I watched my husband slowly run his hands all over “her” body.

Just so you understand, there were no names that night so our “play-toy” will be called “she” and “he” will be my husband.

I watched as “he” ran his hands down her flat stomach and inserted first one finger and then two and three into her soaking pussy. He pumped his fingers in and out as she opened her legs for me to get a good look at her cunt and the swollen lips of her pussy.

Her clit peeked out from between her lips and I wanted so bad to suckle it and feed on her pussy milk.

I did not want to stop what was happening and I could not stop my own hands from fucking my pussy until I squirted.

That must have been a turn on for both of them, because “he” threw her down on the pillows, grabbed me, put me on top of his cock and growled that “sit on my mouth and soak my fucking face with her juices.”

“He” loves this and “she” did as she was told.

She faced me on his mouth and took my nipple into her teeth as she rode his tongue back and forth.

Oh fuck her mouth worked magic on my nipples.

I could hear the soft pleasurable moans from under her pussy as my husband soaked up her juices and nibbled her clit.

She slowly slid back and forth as he tongue fucked her pussy, “oh yeah baby slide that tongue deeper you sweet mother fucker, lick my cunt, yeah suck it, make me come..make me come..make me”….. and she shot a pool of pussy juice all over my husband and he loved it!!

He held on to her hips and would not stop until she came again and covered his face and chest with pussy milk.

I leaned over and licked her juices off of him and slid off his dick just so I could spread her legs and eat the fuck out of her pussy.

He had his now I wanted mine!

I spread her legs wide and dove in with my tongue tasting her sweet cunt and understanding why my husband did not want to stop.

She was sweet, she was tangy, she was like caramel melting down my throat and fuck my husband, at that point she was my cunt and I wasn’t sharing!

Slow circles around her clit made her squirm and she held my head in place and begged me to, “lick it slow and suck my pussy, yes just like that..oh fuck yes, make me come you sweet cunt licking bitch.”

I could feel her getting close and as I lifted my ass up to get a better grip and angle, my husband rammed his rock hard swollen cock into my pussy and fucked me like a machine.

I ate pussy like a hound as “he “pumped me and drove his cock deeper and faster.

“That’s it baby, eat that pussy, suck her cunt and stick your tongue between those ass cheeks and take a taste.” “Mmmmmmm you fucking whore lick that pussy you bitch.” “Oh yeah my sweet little cunt, you love that pussy, you want to suck that pussy, oh yeah.”

The more he talked the more I sucked at her and the faster he fucked me.

“Oh yeah, faster baby faster I need it, come on motherfucker hit it hard, yeah like that..faster..yes..faster..oh yeah almost..almost..” was all I could think.

And then my cunt exploded, his cock emptied the hot come in his balls into my pussy and my sweet caramel pussy pop squirted all over me..again and again.

We cleaned up, mouths on pussy’s and mouths on cock no one ignored one tiny wet spot.

We relaxed for a short time otherwise neither of us would have been able to stand up.

We never exchanged names or numbers and we have not gone back..yet

Mmmmm just thinking about it makes me twiddle my clit and try to type.

It was the hottest fucking night ever and now I know my little “altar boy” isn’t such an angel anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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