My Erotic Education – A Journal 07

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Mr. Steinberg, the tailor, had sent word that he was ready to perform my first fittings of my new clothing. I was also ready to sample the oral services he had performed upon Will and my uncle at various times in the past, so it was with an excited and half erect member that I arrived at his establishment.

Disembarking from the carriage I noticed that Will also had a growing appendage visible in his trousers.

“Do you think that this time he will suck my cock, also?” I asked Will.

“I think he will probably want to do that even before he performs your fitting. Probably again afterwards, also.”

We tried the knob of his door and I was happy to see that it was unlocked, meaning that he was not busy with another customer. We entered the dim shop and Mr. Steinberg came from the inner room.

“This must be my lucky day, to have two such attractive young men in need of my services.” he said.

“I was here a few days ago.” I replied. “You sent word that my garments were ready to be fitted. Do you remember me?”

“I have thought of you often in the intervening days, you and your young friend also. I have been looking forward to being of service to you both.”

The aroused state of both Will and me was impossible to hide and Mr. Steinberg grasped us each by the trouser front, a cock in each hand.

“I hope that what I am feeling indicates that you both have been thinking of me, too.” he said.

“I’ve assured the young gentleman that you are an expert at every endeavor you undertake. He’s been most anxious to adjudge your abilities himself.” Will said.

“And so he shall. Hopefully, you will both avail yourselves of my skills. But, first things first. Would you like to disrobe while I make sure the door is secure?” he said to me.

I began to unbutton my vest and then my shirt while he made sure that we would be undisturbed.

Glancing at Will, I saw him standing idle and signed to him that he also was to disrobe. By the time Mr. Steinberg returned, we were both standing nude with erect cocks in his work space.

“My heavens, you are both even more appetizing than I had remembered. Some days my profession is much more enjoyable than others.” he said, appraising the two rampant cocks in front of him. “But I insist that we do some work before we play. Excuse me while I retrieve your items from the back room.”

While he was gone, Will reclined upon the large cutting table and posed provocatively, one leg raised so that his heavy cock and balls were most advantageously displayed and one could see the tiny pucker of his fundament. I climbed upon the riser and admired him while we waited, my cock fully hard and standing proud.

Returning from the back room, Mr. Steinberg paused when passing Will and weighed his heavy balls in his hand.

“These feel very full.” he said. “I promise you they will feel much lighter when you depart.”

He then walked over to where I stood and grasped my jutting cock.

“I do believe that this has grown since the last time I saw it.” he said, stroking it up and down.

“It is simply more excited because it is hoping that it knows what to expect this time.” I replied.

Mr. Steinberg chuckled as he bent down and placed a light kiss upon my exposed cock head.

He leant forward and I rested my hand upon his shoulder while he helped me to don the linen trouser pattern that he had made. I was intrigued to notice that his shoulder was firmly muscled.

“We make the pattern this way so that I can make your clothing to your exact size and only require minor adjustments to each finished garment.” he explained. “Now, do you prefer to dress to the right or the left?” he asked.

I looked at Will lying indolently on the bolts of cloth and he perceived my mystification.

“He’s asking which side you prefer to wear your cock and balls on.” Will stated.

“Oh, on the right.” I said.

“Interesting!” the tailor said. “Most gentlemen prefer the left. However, this lovely penis will look wonderful in any position.” He was busily adjusting my cock and balls as he spoke.

“I think I will need to leave a bit more room than usual for these beauties.” he said.

He pinned and marked the trousers in several places, then again helped me as I removed them. All of the attention to my private parts had a definite effect and my cock stood even more erect than before.

“I do love my job some days.” the tailor said, pumping his fist on the shaft of my cock so that my foreskin slipped back and forth over my cock head. “Standing there on my riser with the lights upon you, you look like a fantasy of a music hall star.”

“More like a tableau in a bawdy house with his cock so big and hard.” Will said.

“And what experience do you have of bawdy houses?” Mr. Stenberg inquired.

He glanced over to where Will reclined with a massive erection towering over his abdomen.

“And I notice he is not the only one who displays superior manly charms.” he stated.

“I was hoping that you antalya escort would.” Will replied.

Next, Mr. Steinberg fitted a shirt pattern to me. My cock jutted the tail of the shirt forward, causing Mr. Steinberg to frequently handle it to move it out of the way. He pinned a few spots while marking others, then had me don a vest pattern over the shirt. He smoothed the fabric over my chest, causing my sensitive nipples to tingle. Then, he smoothed the fabric down my back, one hand coming to rest upon the prominent shelf of my buttocks.

“It is important that the vest fall precisely in the back.” he explained. He stepped behind me and with one hand adjusted the hem of the vest while his other hand drifted up under the fabric of my shirt. Soon, I felt his fingers creping between my ass cheeks and stroking my puckered opening.

“How does that feel? The vest, I mean.” he said.

“Everything feels wonderful, thus far.” I replied. “I can only hope that the finished product will feel so gratifying in the wearing.”

“I always strive to guarantee a satisfied customer leaves my shop.” Mr. Steinberg said, his insistent finger caressing my bung hole and sending waves of pleasure up my cock shaft. “I am always available to perform any service and help with any adjustment you may find necessary. Will, I am sure, is already aware that my welcome mat is always in place for him. Your uncle and Master Will have brightened my day many times.”

“I always look forward to a visit to your fine establishment.” Will said, grasping the base of his cock so that it stood upright in front of him.

“Just one other matter before I attend to that.” Mr. Steinberg said. He walked into the back room and returned with some other garments over his arm.

“I wasn’t sure what you prefer in the way of undergarments so I made a few selections.” he said.

He helped me to remove the shirt and vest pattern and I once again stood nude, my stone hard cock standing at attention. Clear drops of moisture bubbled from the opening in my cock head and Mr. Steinberg leant forward and swabbed up every drop with his hot tongue, even inserting the tip into my piss slit.

“What a delicious appetizer.” he said.

He displayed the first pair of under pants. They were made of fine white knitted cotton, very slimly made.

“Are they perhaps too small?” I asked.

“Not at all, that is the purpose of the knit.” he replied.

He bent in front of me, my cock rubbing against his soft beard, and I placed my hand upon his back as he helped me to step into the garment. Once again, I marveled at the hard musculature of his body.

Once he had the garment around my ankles, he drew it upward over my legs until I was fully wearing it.

The tight knit clung to my hips and buttocks, the seam cleaving the globes of my ass. In front, my cock and balls were supported and lifted forward.

“Now that is a marvel of tailoring.” Will said. “I didn’t think it was possible to make him look any more erotic but you certainly have managed. He will definitely require several pairs of that mode.”

“Will is in charge.” I said, looking down at the swollen mass filling the crotch of the garment.

“They are almost a gilding to the lily.” Mr. Steinberg replied, adjusting my cock and balls to best advantage. “But we have another style to make a comparison.”

He drew the knit down, freeing my cock to bounce in front of me and my balls to dangle while he presented another option. These were of a very fine silk and fuller cut. He helped me to don them as he had before.

So light weight that they were almost unnoticeable; the silk rubbed and caressed my ass and cock as it floated over them. The looseness of the cut allowed my cock and balls to dangle unsupported and the sheer silk disguised no part of them.

“Oh, my word, he’ll need several pairs of those, also.” Will stated.

“I’m so glad that you approve of my ideas.” Mr. Steinberg told us as he helped me to remove the second pair. He grasped the shaft of my thick erection once more and said, “And how are your educational endeavors progressing? Have you discovered any new and exciting knowledge?”

“Yes, actually.” I replied. “My most gratifying discovery is how enjoyable it is to feel a man’s lips upon my cock.”

“I have prayed that you would feel so.” Mr. Steinberg said, smiling at me.

Holding the base of my cock, he lowered his head and I felt his smooth lips caress my cock head, and then open so that the fat head was engulfed in his heated mouth. I sighed deeply as his tongue flickered over the sensitive skin and forced its way into my piss hole. Then, he slowly allowed my cock to slide inch by inch into his throat until I was fully sheathed.

Even with my spotty experience, I knew that he was an expert cocksucker.

I looked over at Will who was stroking his own swollen member and bouncing his full balls with the other hand and I had a sudden inspiration.

“Mr. Steinberg,” I said, “it would be even more alanya escort gratifying to us if you were also nude while we enjoy ourselves.”

“Really? You are the first one who has ever asked that of me.” he replied, lifting his mouth from my tumescent cock. “I believe I would enjoy that, also.”

Mr. Steinberg stood and shed his smock, then loosened his collar and began to unbutton his shirt. I could see a thick mat of hair in the open placket. He then drew the shirt over his head.

His shoulders and chest were superbly muscled, the pectorals standing out from his chest like a shelf. His shoulders and arms were thick and roped with defined muscle, too. As I had thought, there was a thick pelt covering his torso and following the v shape of his body down into his trousers.

“Mr. Steinberg,” I said, “I do believe that you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel!”

Mr. Steinberg undid his trouser buttons, then leant forward and removed them. When he stood I let out an involuntary gasp. His trim waist flared into lean hips and a flat abdomen which sported an outstanding cock and balls. His balls were the biggest I had seen yet, the size of duck’s eggs and cradled in a low hanging sack that was decorated with curling locks of hair. His cock was equally as beautiful, six or so inches of thick meat lolling over those stupendous balls.

“Will,” I said, “you must see what I’m seeing.” I said.

“If he’s half as toothsome from the front as from the rear I doubt I can stand it.” he replied. “I’ve never seen a finer ass.”

Mr. Steinberg laughed and pivoted so that Will and I could take in the opposite view. As Will had said, his ass was superb, full and rounded though not with the fleshiness of youth. His ass was so well muscled that the striations were visible beneath the skin when he flexed. Over the surface were fine silky black hairs and a thick forest of curls strove to escape his tight ass crack. I couldn’t resist running my hands over the sculpted cheeks.

He turned back to face me and I took in a new discovery. His cock had started to expand and I became aware that he lacked the usual foreskin. I grasped his cock and tried to pull the skin forward from his shaft without success.

“Were you born this way?” I asked. “Where is the skin?”

Mr. Steinberg laughed again and said, “Among my people, our foreskins are removed soon after birth as a symbol of our faith.”

I was holding his growing cock in my hand and I said, “Will, I insist that you come here and see this. It is utterly lovely.”

By the time Will made his way to my side, the cock had reached its full dimensions, 7 inches in length and of a thickness that made it impossible for my fingers to meet around it. The beautiful exposed head stood at the top with a flared corona free and clear.

“My word, I will have a bug to put in your uncle’s ear this evening.” Will said. “We have apparently been under utilizing Mr. Steinberg’s talents.” He reached out and weighed the enormous balls in his hand.

“Lord, carrying this weight around all day would fair give a man a backache!”

“Now who’s to be the first to receive my services?” Mr. Steinberg asked.

“Will shall go first.” I said. “I wish to examine this beautiful cock more closely.”

Will perched back on the table covered with bolts of cloth and Mr. Steinberg wheeled a low stool over so that he could sit sideways between Will’s legs. He grasped the shaft of Will’s cock and cleaned the overflowing juices from his cock head, then began to suck the hard organ into his mouth.

Meanwhile, I crouched between Mr. Steinberg’s legs and played with his upright member and his huge balls, mesmerized by the sleek beauty of his cock. I ran my hands up his torso, luxuriating in the thick pelt coating him. The thick cock in front of my face pulsed with his heart beat and I lifted a huge ball in each hand and felt them shift in the sack. A wonderful smell, a combination of cedar and castile soap and the musky smell of male sex rose to my nose, causing my hard cock to throb.

Finally, I could resist temptation no longer and I asked, “Mr. Steinberg, would it be acceptable if I were to suck on your cock?”

The tailor eased his mouth off of Will’s thick cock and said, “You are such a delightful young man! You may do anything you’d like to me and I will feel lucky in the receiving.”

I grasped his thick cock at the base and allowed my hand to stroke up and down the smooth length until I perceived drops of clear moisture surging from his piss hole. I used my tongue to clean up his discharge as he had done mine. The sweet saltiness and the satiny texture in my mouth were intoxicating. I could wait no longer and I closed my lips around his massive cock head. I felt it swell slightly bigger in my mouth and I could look up and see Mr. Steinberg with Will’s beautiful cock sliding in and out of his beard. I watched him suck Will’s cock as I strove to force his thick organ down my throat.

As his cock head belek escort beat against the back of my throat, Mr. Steinberg gasped, “Oh, please. I’ll cum if you persist! I want to enjoy this adventure for as long as possible.”

I reluctantly allowed his tasty cock to escape my mouth and began to lick his bulging testicles. He squirmed with the sensation and his lips flew up and down Will’s thick cock. In moments I heard a low moan from Will which prompted the tailor to suck his cock harder and faster. From where I crouched licking balls I could see Will’s balls contract in their sack. He threw his head back and groaned and I knew that Mr. Steinberg’s mouth and throat were being inundated with hot, delicious juice.

Will leant back and the tailor savored his cock, sucking every drop of precious fluid from his glands and continued sucking until Will’s organ was entirely limp.

I was trying with little success to engulf one of the enormous testicles with my mouth when I felt movement and soon Will was crouched beside me.

“That cock looks like too much fun for you to have it all to yourself.” he said, then began to lick the tailor’s thick vein covered shaft. He licked his way to the top and I knew from the sigh the tailor emitted that his cock head was receiving its due attention.

I lifted Mr. Steinberg’s legs so that one rested on Will’s shoulder and one on mine. My quarry was revealed!

The tailor’s muscular ass was spread open and his tiny puckered hole pulsed before me in its nest of ebony curls.

I licked along the edge of his hairy crack while Will’s head bobbed on his fat cock, then licked my way down the opposing side. Mr. Steinberg was sighing and snorting and when my tongue finally caressed his tight rosebud, shudders coursed through his body.

“No one has ever done such a thing!” he gasped and I forced the tip of my tongue into his tightly clenched hole.

I could look up and see Will’s tightly stretched lips ranging up and down on Mr. Steinberg’s thick shaft and closer still his enormous egg shaped balls slowly beginning to rise in his sack. I stabbed my tongue in and out of his hole until I heard his breathing quicken and his balls were all the way retracted, and then joined Will at his swollen cock head.

We both had his cock head in our mouths as we sucked him lip to lip when suddenly a veritable torrent of biblical proportions gushed out of his cock head. Both of us swallowed as fast and as much as we could and still the fluid spurted out of his balls. It seemed we might drown in the flood.

Eventually the molten fluid slowed and finally stopped. Will and I used our tongues to clean up any stray spills while Mr. Steinberg lay inert. His enormous balls slowly lowered in their stretched sack and he roused.

“I don’t remember a time when I was so completely serviced.” he said.

“A man as attractive as you are should be worshipped.” I replied. “My cock throbs just from looking at the beauty of your body.”

“I’m ashamed to say that I have sorely neglected your throbbing cock.” he said. “Please, allow me to make up for my insensitivity.”

“It really isn’t necessary.” I said. “I’ve had an incredibly satisfying morning.”

“I insist.” Mr. Steinberg said. “This will be as pleasurable for me as for you.”

“Let him suck your cock.” Will said. “I feel like I’m reading ‘The Yellow Kid’.”

Will moved behind me and pinned my arms to my sides while the tailor lowered himself to lie on his stomach between my legs. I felt his hot breath on my cock and balls and then the exquisite velvet of his mouth on my cock head.

“I’m afraid I can’t last very long.” I said. “I’m much too stimulated from looking at your body and tasting your fluid.”

Mr. Steinberg didn’t reply. His mouth was too busy doing indescribably delicious things to my swollen cock. I looked down and I was able to admire his wide, muscular shoulders and the taut globes of his ass.

I watched his bearded mouth devouring me and I felt Will’s chin resting on my shoulder as he also partook of the spectacle.

His mouth flew up and down my steely shaft and my cock head was buffeted by his grasping throat muscles. I felt his soft hand wrap itself around my distended ball sack and I knew that the end was nigh.

As my cock stiffened and swelled in anticipation of release, Mr. Steinberg forced my cock to the deepest extent yet inside his throat. He paused and then started to swallow the juices he had liberated from my balls. It almost felt that I was having two orgasms, the one roaring from inside my cock and then another from the convulsing throat muscles surrounding my cock. The intensity was almost overwhelming.

I collapsed back against Will’s chest.

“Now, that’s how to suck a cock.” Will exclaimed. I lay speechless.

Finally, all fluid had drained from my balls and the tailor looked up at me, smiling.

“Was my service adequate?” he asked.

“If ever you decide to give up tailoring, there are thousands of men in this city who would pay good money for service such as that.” Will said.

Mr. Steinberg laughed and began rising to his feet as Will grasped me under the arms and pulled me upright. The tailor stood nude beside me and I was powerless to keep my hands from caressing his flesh.

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