My Dream of the Girl Next Door

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I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for most guys when I say, there’s no better girl, than the cute girl next door. I mean, that’s every teenagers dream, to have a hot girl next door. Since I was Thirteen , I’ve lived next to such a girl. I’ve seen her boyfriends come and go, hoping she’ll one day at least acknowledge my existence. But as usual, I never get so much as a glance. Not to say I haven’t had my share of girlfriends, its just, guys like to think that we could get any girl we wanted to if we tried, its a confidence thing.

Anyways, the years roll by, she goes off to college, and I’m finally a senior in high school. Things just progressed as usual, doing the same routine, day in, day out. Until a week ago, I noticed her car was parked in her driveway. Thinking she probably just came home for the weekend, I didn’t think much of it.

When I got up late Saturday morning, I found a note from my mom, saying that she and my dad had gone to visit my sister at college for the weekend. My sister had apparently called and said she had the weekend off. I didn’t care, that just meant I had the house to myself for the weekend. However, my mom still left me a list of chores to do during the weekend, mowing the lawn being number one on the list. So I ate breakfast, got a quick shower, threw on some old cloths, which seemed to be a bit too small, and set out to mow the lawn. As I got to the shed, I saw her walk out of her house. Trying to be as casual as possible, I calmly pulled the lawnmower out of the shed, and checked the gas.

I could see her watching me out of the corner of my eye. Still pretending as though I didn’t care, I walked back into the shed to grab the gasoline. When I came back out, she was standing right there, in front of the lawn mower. Somehow, I was able to retain my surprise and excitement, and casually but the gasoline can down next to the mower.

“Hey” she said with a bright smile

“Hey” I replied coolly

“You sure have changed since I last saw you” she said, cocking her head slightly. I didn’t doubt it, I had grown quite a bit. Which was made all the more prominent by my small old t-shirt and jeans.

“You’ve changed some too.” She did, I couldn’t believe my eyes, she had actually become more attractive than I remember her being. She hadn’t grown as I had, but her cloths didn’t leave much to the imagination as to what had changed. Her small, neon-blue mini-skirt, just managed to cover her small tight ass, and exposed her strong semi-tan thighs. Her white, spaghetti strap shirt, stretched to cover her ample breasts. Her soft golden hair flowed beautifully over her perfect shoulders, framing her gorgeous face. I was completely entranced by her appearance. I could see her green eyes, looking me up and down as well.

It’s a good thing she spoke to break the silence, otherwise I probably would have just kept of staring at her.

“Hey listen, I was going to go to the mall, but I don’t like going there alone. So, I was wondering if you would like to come with me, to keep me company?” She said innocently, looking me straight in the eye.

Now, I might be a little shy around girls, but I’m no idiot, this was probably the only chance I was ever going to get with her.

“Sure, sounds like fun, just let me finish the lawn and we can go.” I said calmly.

“Great!” She said with a grin, “Is it all right if I bahis firmaları wait of you inside” motioning towards my house.

“Sure, help yourself to whatever you want.” I replied hesitantly. I watched her walk to the door and let herself in, she glanced back and looked me over once more before going inside.

I stood there for a moment, not moving a muscle, completely dazed about what had just happened. The girl I had dreamed about being with all those times, was now in my house, waiting for me, so we could go out together. Needless to say, I had quite a hard time controlling my excitement.

I don’t think I ever mowed the lawn faster than I did that day, what usually takes me a good half an hour, took me 15 minutes. I guess there was just really good incentive to get done quick. So, I pulled the mower back into the shed, along with the gas can, locked the shed, and walked back to the house.

As I walked through the door, I saw her sitting on the edge of the couch. She smiled at me and said hi as I entered. I caught her looking me up and down again as I closed the door behind me. She was sitting with her legs crossed, which caused her skirt to hike up quite a bit, showing off her athletic, slender thighs. I tried not to stare but it was very distracting.

I was able to distract myself from her thighs by focusing on the task at hand, and walking towards the shower. Once, I was there I quick closed the door behind me and turned the water on, to cover up my erratic breathing. I was still in utter disbelief that such a beautiful creature was sitting on my couch. I again just tried to focus on the task at hand, and got a quick, hot shower.

I got out, wrapped a towel around my waist, and opened the door. As I opened the door I could hear her stand up from the couch. I looked down the hall towards the living room. She was standing there, at the other end of the hall, staring at me. Her mouth was open slightly, and her eyes were wide open, locked onto me. I could tell, even from the other end of the hall, that her nipples were hardening. The protruded so distinguishably from her thin, white shirt

The temptation to run over and start molesting her right then, was hard enough to resist. It seemed like we just stood there staring at each other forever, when actually it was only about two minutes. She glanced away at the wall, to look like she wasn’t staring and I continued on to my room to go get some cloths on.

Once I got to my room and closed the door behind me, I once again had to stop to catch my breath, leaning with my back against my door. My pulse was beating so fast, my semi-hard cock pulsing with anticipation beneath the towel. My back was still steaming from the shower, I just stood there for a moment and let my towel fall to floor. Finally I, walked toward my closet, when I heard my door swing open. I froze, not knowing what had just happened. I took a big gulp and turned around slowly fearing the worst.

My mind raced through dozens of scenarios, is why my door swung open. Maybe the knob didn’t latch and the wind the just blew it open? Maybe the cat had a moment of genius and figured out how to open the door? But alias, my worst fear was realized when I turned to see, the girl of my dreams, standing there at door, staring at me in my birthday suite.

I stood there in complete shock and terror, not moving a muscle, kaçak iddaa just staring back at her. I could feel my face turning red as her eyes rested on my semi-hard cock. Suddenly I noticed a smile across her face, and she looked me straight in the eye, before slowly walking towards me. I was paralyzed with fear and curiosity as to what she was going to do to me. I followed her every movement with great anticipation.

Saying nothing, she got about a foot away from me before lowering herself onto her knees. She gently took my cock in her hand and inserted it in her mouth, so expertly I assumed that this was nothing new to her. I was right, she sucked my cock like a pro, I could feel the sides of her mouth rub against my cock with each bob of her head. My cock hardened to its full extension in her mouth, I was surprised as to how much of my cock she could actually fit in her mouth.

I held off cumming for as long as I could, but I couldn’t help myself, it felt so good. To this day it is still the best blow job I’ve ever had. However, I couldn’t have let her leave at least before returning the favor. She swallowed my cum and proceeded to lick my dick clean.

Once she was done, I reached down, and pulled off her shirt. Simultaneously she unbuttoned the back of her skirt, and let it fell to the floor. She was wearing a white lacy bra with matching lace panties. For me, that was a big turn on. I then reached down and picked her up around her waist, carried her over to my bed, and laid her down gently in the center of the bed.

I gently moved my hands up her perfect thighs and grabbed the sides of her panties, slowly pulled them down her legs, making sure to feel every single inch of her soft, silky skin as I did so. I inched my way forward, her legs on either side of me. I teased her by brushing the tip of my cock against her waiting pussy. Then I began to slowly insert my self into her, each time thrusting deeper and deeper inside her.

She was still so tight, I guess she hadn’t had as much fun at college as I thought she did. Finally, when I began thrusting the whole length of my cock in and out of her wet cunt, she blushed with pleasure. Letting out a soft moan every now and then. I watched her ample, breasts bounce up and down with each rhythmic movement.

She started breathing heavier, then shouted out, in seemingly disbelief, “I’m going to cum!” Then I felt her pussy start to jiggle around my pulsing cock. I kept, pumping her with my cock until her pussy stopped jiggling, then slowed my pace before pulling myself out of her, and laying down on the bed next to her.

Still breathing heavily, she rolled over and rested her head on my chest. We just laid there, catching our breaths, caressing one another. After awhile I noticed she was asleep, and I though I might as well rest my eyes too. I mean after that exhausting but extremely pleasuring event, I was still in feeling of utter bliss.

I woke up three hours later, it was almost dusk already. I then slowly rolled my head over to look at the beauty next to me, but she was gone. Still naked, I began to think that I had just fallen asleep after my shower, and that I had just had another one of my dreams about her. As slowly tried to sit upright, I placed my hand on the spot where she was when I feel asleep.

To my surprise, and delight, it was still warm. So warm that she couldn’t kaçak bahis have left more than ten minutes ago. I quick grabbed a pair of sweatpants from my drawer, not bother with boxers or shirt, and casually walked down stairs. I turned the corner, and walked towards the kitchen. There she was, she was leaned over in front of fridge. I could only see her from the waist down, the fridge door blocked the rest; and from what I could see, she didn’t bother with underwear either.

I quietly walked up behind her, and slapped her bare ass. She let out a moan of pain, but still stayed bent over. She was wearing one of my old T-shirts, it fit her quite well, but it wasn’t long enough to cover her waist. She glanced back at me before closing the door, then proceeded to spread her legs and brace herself against the fridge. I need no instruction as to what she wanted. Almost instinctively, I slipped of my sweatpants, and fully penetrated her cunt with my already fully hard cock.

She let out a moan of pleasure, and just stood there for a moment, before continuing to ram her from behind. I soon began to ram her faster, and harder. With each trust she let out a small moan of pleasure, which became increasingly louder. Then grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her closer to me, so I could get as deep inside of her as I could, before cumming powerfully.

She screamed loudly, as if almost in pain from the shear pleasure. As I came, I felt her pussy jiggle around my cock again, but more forcefully this time. I saw her legs were starting to give out. I wrapped my arms around her, and guided her body, slowly down to the floor. I held her in my arms as we caught our breath, my back resting against the cool cabinets. She rested one hand on my thigh, and she folded alongside my one arm.

My pulsing cock was still deep inside her, and she seemed perfectly content with it being there. After about fifteen passed she unfolded my arms from around her waist, and sat up on her knees. She turned around, pulled off my T-shirt she was wearing, and then unclasped her bra.

Her perfect breast bounced freely from there white, lacey prison. Judging my there size, she was at least a small C-cup. They were now no more that six inches away from my face. She straddled me, forcing my raging cock deep inside her. I slowly leaned my head forward and began licking her nipples. I reached my arms around her back and began moving hands up and down her spine.

She started to slowly bounce up and down on my cock. I just laid back against the cabinets and enjoyed the show. She maintained a rather slow pace, but it still felt really good. Every now and then, she would come down full force on my cock, she would moan when she did. Finally, her pace quickened, and I could tell she was getting ready to cum. I began massage her breasts softly, but then moved my hands down to her ass, to help her get my cock deeper inside of her.

She, then with a triumphant scream, threw her head back, and I once again felt her wet pussy dance around my cock. Exhausted, she leaned forward, resting her head on my shoulder. I tried to comfort her further by gently massaging her back, then warping her in my arms once more.

Later that night we slept in my parents bed together, we had sex once more before actually falling asleep though. The next day she left to go back to college, and I went back into my school routine. We had sex a couple more times that summer, and each time was simply amazing. But, it was never as satisfying as it was that first day. The day my dream, of getting with the girl next door actually came true.

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