My College Journal Ch. 03

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Journal Entry: Monday, January 01, 1989 – Party: The Sequel

Editor’s note: as I explained earlier, the party story was pretty much a fantasy. However from this point on the story is TRUE. Cheers!

We chugged the bottle of Champaign we had liberated from the party as we sat on the couch talking and making out.

“If I didn’t know any better,” she told me, “I’d think you were trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me.”

We made out some more. While our tongues explored each other’s mouth, I slid a hand inside her shirt. She had very nice, firm tits. Her nipples were hard and begging to be sucked. “Would it work if I was trying to get you drunk?” I asked with a grin.

“I love the Champaign,” she said with a wink, “but you really don’t have to get me drunk.” By the moan in her voice I could tell she was ripe for the picking; it was now only a matter of time before my cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. She offered only token resistance as I managed to remove her shirt. I was getting pretty good at working a bra snap and her bra soon joined her shirt in the corner. She had very nice, very firm, very large tits. Not quite as big as Patty’s, but nice and firm with cute nipples that were already hard and just begging to be sucked.

“Very nice,” I said as her bra fell away, “I’d love to have a taste.”

“Please do,” she giggled. Her giggles turned to moans as I ran my tongue down her neck and circled her tits. They weren’t the biggest tits I had ever sucked, but far from the smallest. They were oval shaped and had a slight, sexy sag. Her nipples were large and hard and round. I loved how every girl’s tits were different enough to make them interesting. Susie began breathing harder and moaning softly as I sucked one nipple while pinching the other.

“I like a girl with sensitive tits,” I told her between sucks.

“You’re going to love me then,” she sighed, “I’ve been known to have titty orgasms before.”

“Cool!” I replied, “We’ll try for one of those.”

We had some Champaign left so I drizzled some on her chest and licked it off. Her moans grew louder as I took first one nipple, then the next between my teeth and gently bit down. Her knockers were big enough that I was able to press them together and suck both nips at the same time. After several minutes of suckling she started moaning louder. She grabbed the back of my head and let go.

“Welcome back,” I told her when her eyes fluttered open.

She smiled as I slowly licked her nips. “That was great,” she sighed, “sometimes those are the best.”

“Perhaps we can find out which is better,” I smiled. I kissed her again as I slowly slid my hand down between her legs. She spread them for me and I found she was already damp. I rubbed her pussy through her pants as she began to softly moan again.

After a few minutes she broke our kiss and said, “My pants come off you know.”

“If you insist,” I smiled. I undid her and helped her slither out of her pants. She was wearing a tiny black thong that barely covered her pussy. It was clear that she had a well shaved pussy. “Do you mind if I have a closer look?” I asked with a grin.

“Be my guest,” she said as she reached down and pulled aside her wet thong.

She had a short triangle of neatly trimmed hair just above her pussy and a small tattoo of the sun to the right. “Very cute, ” I sighed, “that looks good enough to eat.”

“Help yourself,” she replied, “that’s what it’s there for.”

I slid to my knees in between her legs and slid my tongue up and down her luscious lips. “Very tasty,” I exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it,” she sighed.

She spread her legs wide and propped her feet up on the couch. Her sweet, pungent pussy perfume filled me with lust. I drove my tongue deep into her wide open pussy. She grabbed me by the back of my head and held me tight as I thrust my tongue in and out of her gushing pussy. She showed her appreciation by closing her eyes and cuming. I reached up and gave her lovely tits a squeeze as she came. She held her breath as her body shuddered. I licked up as much of her cum as I could, the rest dripped down my chin.

“Very nice,” I assured her as she finished cuming, “I love getting you all over me.”

“That’s good,” she moaned, “because you make me so fucking wet.”

I was lightly stroking her pussy lips with my tongue as she stroked my hair. Her heartbeat, which I could feel while squeezing her tits, had nearly returned to normal. “Let’s see how wet you can get then,” I told her as I started flicking her clit back and forth with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh fuck,” she cried, “not again.” But she pulled my head tight to her pussy and gently thrust against my face. I used my lips to peel back her covering bahis firmaları and sucked and gently nibbled as Susie started to cum once again, spilling even more cum then she had before. She was moaning louder too.

I lost track of the time as Susie came several more times. I continued eating her until she was begging me to stop. After eating her to another orgasm or two there were tears running down her cheeks. I finally relented. She curled up on the couch shivering and slowly rubbing her pussy.

“Are you alright?” I asked her.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with a pitiful little girl eyes. “Please,” she whispered.

“Please?” I asked.

“Please.” she managed to work up a smile, “please just fuck me.”

She was so sad and sincere that I picked her up from the couch and carried her into the bedroom. Laying her on the bed she lay back and spread her legs and waited while I pulled off my clothes, still rubbing her pussy. “My pussy’s on fire, baby,” she moaned, “Can you put it out for me?” Her eyes were filled with amazement as I dropped my pants and my 10 inch cock sprang free. “Oh fuck, baby,” she moaned, “is that beautiful monster for me?”

“It’s all yours,” I smiled.

“Come down here and fuck my ass off,” she said, spreading her legs and holding her feet up in the air.

Her pussy was wide and inviting. Tossing her legs over my shoulders, I mounted her and my cock found its way to her pussy and glided right in. I drove it deep inside her warm, wet pussy and we ground together, Susie already cuming again.

“Fuck baby,” she moaned as I started slamming my cock in and out of her quivering pussy, “you have no idea how good that feels.”

“It feels like I’m fucking the best pussy I’ve ever fucked,” I told her as I continued pumping her.

“I bet you say that to all the girls, she moaned as I bent down and started chewing her nipples. She was right, of course, and I always meant it.

“Yours is by far the best, baby,” I replied, “now roll over and let’s fuck doggie.”

“You always know the right thing to say,” she sighed as she rolled over and got into position, “I love doggie.”

I grabbed her hips and dragged her ass over to the edge of the bed so I could fuck her standing up, giving me excellent leverage. My cock found her dripping pussy and slid inside. In no time at all we were fucking like animals.

“That’s so fucking deep.” Susie cried, “I love fuck-fuck-fuck-fucking doggie.”

Every time my cock slammed home she cried fuck, urging me on. I loved fucking doggie because of the sound of my hips crashing into her ass cheeks and the way her tits swung back and forth from the force of our bodies crashing together. I reached around and grabbed her lightly so that her nips grazed across my palms as they flung to and fro. By that time Susie was screaming for me to give her more cock, harder and deeper.

“Come on baby,” she cried, “fuck my pussy harder; fill my pussy with your steaming hot cum.”

I grabbed her hips and, while she rubbed her clit with one hand, I thrust my cock just as deep as it could possibly go and exploded a huge load of cum deep inside. With each thrust I gave her another hot squirt until there was cum leaking out around the shaft of my cock, flying everywhere. Her screams gradually tapered off as both our orgasms concluded. I pulled out and we lay side by side, panting.

“That had to be the best fuck of my life,” she panted.

“Oh yeah, ” I agreed. Every fuck was the best of my life but I had to admit, this one was special. It was always great fucking for the first time and Susie had a marvelous body and excellent, tight pussy. She was a great fuck.

“Do you mind?” she asked as she crawled down to my waist and took my shrinking cock between her lips to suck out the last few droplets of cum. “Yum, ” she said, “you taste good.”

After she had drained my cock she started licking my shrunken member and balls. “Just think,” she said, “only a few minutes ago this was the biggest cock I’d ever seen and it was giving me the best fucking of my life and now it’s so soft and small.” She took me into her mouth and gently sucked as she swirled her tongue around the tip.

“If you keep that up,” I told her, “it’ll be big and hard again in no time.”

Cupping my balls and stroking my cock, she looked up and winked, “I certainly hope so,” she sighed.

“You’re a horny little slut, aren’t you?” I told her as I felt my cock beginning to respond to her attention.

“I’m going back to school day after tomorrow,” she said, “and I don’t know when I might get a chance to fuck something this wonderful again. I’m going to take advantage of you while I can.”

My cock, by then, was about half hard. That seemed to kaçak iddaa be good enough for horny little Susie as she climbed on top of me and began stuffing my cock into her pussy, still dripping my last load of cum. By the time she had me mounted I was hard enough to fuck. By the time she rode me a few times I was as hard as ever and ready to go. I reached up and grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples.

It was while she was riding my cock nice and steady that she noticed the bras hanging above my bed. “What are those for,” she asked.

“Souvenirs, ” I replied with a grin, “would you like to add yours to my wall of fame?”

“Sure, ” she laughed, “If you can find it in the morning you can have it.”

“Great, ” I replied, “I’ll have something to remember you by.” “Now,” I added, “Is your pussy still on fire, baby?”

“Mmm,” she smiled, “your first load of cum hit the spot. If your next load is half as big I think it might do the trick. Now shut up and suck my tits.” She bent down and I pressed her tits together and suckled her tits, biting down on both her nipples while slowly sliding my cock into and out of her pussy. “Oh fuck, baby, you have such a nice dick. Just keep fucking me like that, babe, nice and slow and deep.”

“Your cunt feels so good,” I replied, “I could fuck all night long.”

“That would be great.” she moaned, as she came again.

It was early in the morning when I finally gave her the load of cum she had been begging for and we drifted to sleep. It must have been around noon or so when I woke to the sensation of a tongue running up and down my cock. I opened my eyes just in time to see the head of my cock disappear between her lovely lips. She looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye. She turned her attention to my cock and started giving me an excellent good morning blow job. She removed my cock from her mouth long enough to say, “Good morning honey. I’ve got to get going but I had a small fire in my tummy.” She took my cock back into her mouth and resumed her excellent blow job.

“And you need something to put out your fire,” I moaned. She was a very good little cock sucker. She looked up and winked as she took most of my cock into her throat, deeper than any girl had ever gone before. I sighed as I felt the familiar tingle at the base of my cock. This bitch had the entire package: big tits, nice ass, cute face, great pussy that she loved to use, and an excellent cock sucker. It was too bad she was going back to school; I could get used to fucking her. I suppose my girlfriend, Robin, might get jealous but I soon forgot about her as right then I started squirting cum into Susie’s mouth. She moaned slightly but continued sucking until she had pulled every last drop of cum from my throbbing cock.

She swallowed my load of cum, licked her lips and thanked me. “Thank you!” I told her, “That was the best blow job I’ve ever had.” I didn’t feel it necessary to tell her every blow job was the best

“You’re so sweet,” she smiled, “not only do you have the biggest cock I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck but you say the nicest things. It’s too bad I have to go back to school. I could get used to fucking you.”

Journal Entry: Saturday, January 02, 1993 – Busted Flat in Baton Rouge

I had just finished dropping Susie off and was almost back to school when my cell phone rang. It was my girlfriend, Robin. She had gone home for the holidays and had missed the party. Luckily I had run into Susie and had been rewarded with some of the best fucking I’d had in quite some time. Robin was back at school and wanted to stop over and see me. I told her to come on over. I was pretty worn out after fucking Susie all night but somehow my cock always managed to get up for a different pussy.

I made it back to the apartment before Robin and I was waiting for her when she arrived. We sat on the couch and she told me about her holiday. She seemed a bit more reserved than normal. When she asked me what I did for New Year’s I got a sinking suspicion she was up to something. I told her nothing much. My suspicions were confirmed when she asked, “Who was the bimbo you were fucking last night then?”

I got a pit in my stomach and my mind raced at light speed to think of a story, “What do you mean?” I asked, buying time.

“I came back early and was going to surprise you. I called a few times and didn’t get an answer so I thought I’d come by. If you’re going to be doing a bimbo on your couch you really should close your blinds. Who was she?”

“Just an old friend from school,” I told her, “nothing much happened.” I needed to know how much she had seen to determine if I had a chance of talking my way out of this one.

“Is that why her shirt was off?” she asked.

The sinking feeling kaçak bahis sunk even deeper. I was afraid I was busted big time so I thought I might as well ride it out. “She did try to seduce me,” I lied, “but that’s as far as it went before I took her home.” There was about a one in a million chance she’d buy that but I was desperate.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

I could hardly believe my ears. “Of course, babe,” I said, laying my hand on her thigh, “would I jeopardize what we have for a one night stand?”

Of course I would but for some reason Robin bought it. I couldn’t believe it. She leaned in and gave me a big, sloppy kiss, rubbing her small chest against me. Her tits weren’t a fraction of the size of Susie’s but my cock jumped as I thought of forcing it into her tight, almost virgin pussy. “I missed you, babe, ” she said, “I’m sorry I’m so jealous. It’s just that I’m so fucking horny. I’m so glad you didn’t cheat on me. Let’s go into the bedroom and put your cock inside me and put all the rest of this all behind us.”

I could barely believe my ears. I realized, as I led Robin back to my bedroom, that I was probably the luckiest guy in America. An old Who song danced through my head as I watched Robin get undressed, “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

That’s when the sinking feeling hit again. Like a dumb ass I had been so pleased with myself over nailing Susie that I had added her bra to my wall of fame. It didn’t take Robin long to spot it either.

“Since you’re so fucking innocent and didn’t do anything,” she asked, wearing only her panties, “how do you explain that new bra on your wall?”

“Shit,” I thought to myself, “and I was so close to being in the clear.” But it was too late to turn back now. “I was giving Susie a tour and she insisted I add her bra to my collection,” I lied. “Before I could stop her she had her shirt off and her bra tacked up on the wall. Luckily I was able to get her out of here but she still attacked me on the couch. That’s the part you must have witnessed.”

“Let that be a lesson to you,” Robin said with a grin, “never accept a bra from a stranger.” I couldn’t believe that lightning had struck twice and she had bought that story too. But she slowly dropped her panties. “Well,” she asked, sitting on the bed naked, “what are you waiting for?”

“I’m just admiring your beauty,” I replied.

“Are you sure?” she asked, “from what I saw I don’t have half the tits of the bimbo who tried to rape you. I don’t know how you ever resisted her.”

“You’ve got the entire package, baby, “I lied. What Robin really had was a tight, young pussy and the willingness to let me stuff my cock into it whenever I wanted. But I didn’t tell her that. Instead I added, “Besides, I like your cute little tits and nice hard nipples.” I reached down and started massaging her tits.

“Perhaps you need a little help,” she smiled. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. My cock had responded to her naked body and was rock hard and ready to go. She stroked my cock and leaned forward to give me my second blow job of the day. I stroked her hair while she wet to work. Every time we fucked she got more of my cock into her mouth. I held the back of her head and helped by gently fucking her face.

“You’re getting to be a pretty good little cock sucker,” I sighed as she ran her tongue up and down my cock.

“Thanks,” she grinned, “I just want to show you that you made the right decision.” She went back to work for several minutes. “Now here’s another decision for you,” she added, “do you want to cum in my mouth or in my pussy?”

“Now that’s a tough decision,” I sighed as she continued sucking my cock while waiting for my answer, “on the one hand you suck an excellent cock while on the other hand you’re pussy feels so good to fuck and I’ve been missing it so much. I’m going to have to go with your pussy.”

“Oh goody!” she exclaimed as she grabbed her legs and rolled back on the bed, holding them high and spread, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

“I really missed your sweet, sweet pussy, babe,” I told her as I slowly eased my saliva covered cock into her tight, young pussy.

“Oh yeah,” she said, as a huge smile crossed her face, “you know what I missed.” I managed to work my cock all the way inside her pussy. “Fuck me hard, baby,” she urged, “I need a good hard fucking.”

“You got it, babe,” I told her as I stepped up my pace.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” she moaned, “I don’t ever want to go two weeks without fucking again, ever.”

She was a good piece of ass. Fucking Robin was going to make it easier to get over Susie going back to school. We fucked all afternoon before I finally was able to fill her pussy with cum. She was too busy cuming with me to notice it wasn’t one of my biggest loads.

Robin had to get ready for school the next day so she had me take her back to her dorm. I figured I could use some rest before classes started myself. It had been a busy fucking weekend.

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