My Chinese GILF and Surrogate Mom Pt. 02

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Some of you may have read my part I story about how I met Mimi, my Chinese GILF. There are so many stories to share about her as we have been in our special relationship for 7 years now. This Part II story is about our trip to Japan. I will give a little more history and background first.

As a refresh, let me describe Mimi. She is Chinese, born in Hong Kong. Mimi came to the US with her family when she was in her late teens. Mimi is now 67 years young, she is 4’9″, 90lbs wet, perky B cups, a cute little petite woman with a bob style haircut that she dyes to hide the grey. Mimi keeps in shape by doing jazzercise and yoga multiple times/week. Mimi also is very mindful what she eats and drinks, both helping to keep her figure like that of a woman 50 years her junior. Before I had met Mimi, she was a divorced woman, single for over 12 years and living alone. Mimi also never had any children of her own.

Mimi and I met at my work as Mimi and her team were brought in as contractors and it was my job to insure that she and her team had all of the setup and accommodations they needed to be successful. It was during this setup phase that allowed me to not only meet but also to get to know Mimi. Mimi and I felt comfortable and natural with each other immediately and that is because we had a mutual attraction and admiration for each other.

What about me? I am a Caucasian man in my mid 40’s. I am a Silicon Valley “techie” engineer. I am 21 years junior to Mimi but age has never been an issue for either of us ever, well maybe initially it was a little awkward for both of us, but now its comfortable and natural and neither of us trip on it anymore. My attraction to Mimi was more motherly at first as I had lost my mother a couple months before meeting Mimi. Mimi knew I has lost my mother and she felt comfortable and even excited to fill this loss in my life and take on this motherly role with me. Mimi and I had this mother/son type of relationship for a couple of months. We became more and more comfortable with each other and I was able to share anything and everything with her. I am an unhappily married man with 3 lovely teenage children. Why am I unhappy? If you have been married a long time and have kids, you can relate to how the relationship dynamic changes over time. I would divorce my wife if it were not for my kids, I simply do not want my kids to hate me for disrupting their lives by leaving their mother, so for now, I am sucking it up until they complete high school. If it were not for Mimi, I probably would have divorced her by now antalya escort but Mimi has talked me into staying with her and she has even helped to improve my marriage by her suggestions and advise.

So back to Mimi… she and I became closer and closer. She gave me what I wanted and needed at that time in my life, a mother. Mimi was able to listen, provide the best advise, she would hug and comfort me. I had no idea that I was also filling a void in her life and that we both gave each other something that each of us were missing. Mimi had been alone a long time, she missed having someone special in her life and she also see’s me as the son she never had. This unique and mutually beneficial arrangement was equally satisfying to both of us (and still is)

One afternoon while I was at Mimi’s house helping her setup a new internet connection and a WiFi network, our close mother/son relationship went a few steps further. There was a moment we were both sitting on the floor in her home office, I was setting up her WiFi and also testing it with our laptops. We were both sitting there and working on the floor close to each other, I did the unthinkable.. I reached over planted a soft kiss on her lips. Mimi at first didn’t know what to think or how to react. She kissed me back but was clearly taken back by my gesture, then moments later we were making out like teenagers right there on her office floor. Since this day Mimi is my surrogate mom, my best friend and she is also my lover. Mimi and I make love at least twice/month, but we usually get together more often when our schedules allow. Mimi is one of the best lovers I have had in my life and I have had many. Mimi was so sexually deprived for so many years, I seem to have woken up a monster, she is now a very giving and passionate lover that truly cares about giving me pleasure. Mimi never had any children and as such she has one of the tightest pussies I have ever had the pleasure to penetrate in my life.

This is a story of Mimi and I on a trip to Japan.

My job requires that I travel often for business. This is both good and bad as it does take me away from my family but it has allowed me to travel all over the world. Mimi retired earlier this year and has been traveling with her sister, who is also retired. I asked Mimi if she would like to come to Japan with me and keep me company. Mimi’s sister is retired from a major US airline and as such, Mimi gets to fly almost everywhere on standby. Since my company is paying for the hotel, and Mimi flies for free, this trip would lara escort cost almost nothing for her. Mimi was able to get a seat on the same flight as me, although she sat comfortably up in Business class and I was back in Economy plus. I was ok with this because I knew that for the next 6 days Mimi and I would be able to be together in Japan.

Mimi and I made love each day at least twice per day for the 6 days. She would lovingly wake me up in the morning with a nice blowjob. It is so nice to wake up realizing your cock is being kissed, sucked and licked. I crawled up to the sitting position next to the headboard, she climbed on top of me, line up my cock and slowly sank down on me. We kiss constantly while we are fucking and I stop now and then to kiss and lick her perky nipples. She continues to ride me good, my hands grabbing her sexy ass and pulling her up and down on my cock. Her moans indicate to me she is in orgasmic bliss and soon after I am filling her full of my own.

It was so lovely to start each day like this. We would then get up, shower and she would lovingly suck my cock again before I had to leave to start my day. Mimi would occupy herself during the day going here and there while I was in meetings and working. I would return to the room around 6pm and she would be freshly showered and naked on bed waiting for me. I would kiss her from head to toe, sucking and licking her nipples and working my way down to her now hairless and bald pussy. Mimi never experienced a man giving her oral sex before she met me, now she loves having her pussy licked and I absolutely love pleasing her with my mouth and tongue. I proceeded to lick her pussy, clit and ass for the next 30 minutes, bring her to climax at least twice.

I love feeling her squirm and moan in pleasure and i especially love it when she cums and squirts on my face. I take it all in and clean her all up and still want more, my tongue get so worn out lol. After I have given her this extended oral pleasure, she proceeds to take my cock into her mouth and throat as deep as she is able. Sucking cock wasn’t something she had a lot of experience with, but she loved sucking my cock and with lots of practice, she has become the best blowjob I have ever had and this is because she now truly loves/adores sucking cock (my cock). She sometimes just wants to suck my cock to make me cum and she will either swallow every drop or pull out and have me spray all over her face and then lick me clean and rub my messy cock all over her messy face and moan side escort in pleasure the whole time. This time however she sucks me just enough to get me big and hard so that I can slip into her virgin tight pussy. Mimi and I then fucked for the next 30 minutes in a variety of positions. I filled her pussy full of cum and then she sucks my cock clean once again.

We shower, get dressed and then head out for dinner. We got a few strange looks on the streets of Tokyo, but neither of us care. No one here knows us, no one will see us or recognize us and we frankly do not care what anyone thinks. We eat a lovely dinner together, enjoying and appreciating each others company. Shortly after returning to our room, she is already working on my button and zipper and taking my cock back into her lovely mouth. She wants more cum before she goes to sleep.

I admit after 6 days of work, and sex multiple times/day, Mimi had clearly worn me out. A woman in her mid 60’s had sexually drained a man 21 years her junior. My cock was sore and she had drained every drop of cum out of me. I admit going to Japan this time was a successful trip in so many ways. I was able to accomplish my business goals and back at the hotel I was able to fuck my sexy GILF’s brains out or many she was able to fuck my brains out, either way we are still very much in love with each other. We are planning out my next business trip together, this time it seems she will be my sexy secret lover in Germany.

I have to say a woman who was raised in a conservative Chinese family, who had not had a lover for over 12 years prior to meeting me and had limited sexual experience. Mimi has become quite the little kitten since we have become lovers. Mimi shaves her pussy bald for me, she also prefers that my cock and balls are shaved for her, she indulges in my fantasies and fetishes. She wears thigh high stockings for me, she wears sexy panties and even sometimes wears her glasses for me while sucking my cock. I was the first man to give her oral pleasure, the first man that came in her mouth and also swallowed, I was the first man to break her anal virginity and I am only the third man in her 67 years she has been with. I have also gone to her home and she has answered the door completely naked for me. She loves that I am the man she has been able to experience all of these things with and I am lucky to have a woman like her in my life. I never imagined that I would have a sexy Chinese GILF for a mother and a lover and who loves me unconditionally and all the way to her core. I feel lucky and blessed to have her. I told Mimi that I will be there for her for the rest of her life no matter what. I see her as my mother and I intend to care for her for the rest of her life, this is exactly what she wants from me and loves me even more because of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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