My changing fortunes – 04

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I rang Daniela the next day and told her.
She sounded happy but stressed at the same time.
I was warned to watch out, about sex with strangers with no protection.
Deep down, I knew of the hazards; but when I’m caught in moment I don’t think with my head, sometimes.
Daniela mentioned she will be interstate for 6 more weeks.
My ass was sore and my back ached, so I spent the day in bed.
I walked like I was 100 and remembered thinking thoughts of; I’m not doing this again.
It was Sunday before I went outside and was still ginger and tender, but by Monday I was just stiff in the lower back.
I told my work colleagues I played golf, I think they bought it.
Monday night after I came home from work, I went to physio and when I returned; Max was waiting for me.
He gave me an order and told me, he had pimped me out to a bunch of guys at one of his pubs on Wednesday night.
I didn’t want too, but I knew not to cross Max either.
So I was told to wear black lingerie underwear, suspenders and black stockings; black tight fitting skirt with a white blouse.
Also 3”inch high heels and a black business jacket; make up and my hair tied in pig tails.
I looked like a sexy cross dressing secretary.
All day at work, I was anxious and quiet; they must have suspected something was up but said nothing.
I got dolled up and dressed and just as nightfall was beginning, left for my rendezvous; by now my neighbours had just used to me dressing like a whore around nightfall.
There were about 3 cars in the pub’s car park, and there was a colourful neon light on.
My heart stopped as I say it and I paused before entering the door, at 9pm.
I pushed the door open and entered, and sat at the bar and ordered a glass of red wine.
“$7.50, love.” Bar tender said.
As I was sipping my wine, I felt my cock twitch a little; from anticipation.
“You güvenilir bahis must be Max’s girl for tonight.” A guy sat down next to me said.
He was about 6-2, 150 pounds and had a day growth on his face.
Putting his hand on my thigh, made my cock twitch some more; and grow when he put his hand on my growing bulge in my skirt.
“Ready?” he said, I looked at him puzzled.
I nervously nodded, and he grabbed my hand roughly and led me to another door.
I scurried on my high heels, the guys at the bar, just turned and looked.
One in particular, stared at me and at the small bulge appearing in the front of my skirt.
I was red with embarrassment, as my hard on was growing.
We went there that room and into the beer garden outside.
It had some bikie gang graffiti on the walls.
I attempted to say something but was slapped across the face, which made stagger on my heels.
“Ow Fuck.” I said, and got slapped again; making me staggers against a wall.
At that point he grabbed me by the throat.
“Time to start, Max’s fucking slut!” he growled, spray spit as he did.
He grabbed me by my long dark hair, and forced me on to my knees.
“Ow, stop.” I said.
“Shut the fuck up, slut.” He growled at me and unzipped his jeans.
“Suck.” He said, as his cock of say 7”inches slapped my face.
I looked around first, I saw CCTV cameras; but no came and he forced my head to take his cock.
It was glistening already with precum, and it smelted bad; like it hadn’t been cleaned in awhile.
I hesitantly opened up and took it inside my mouth.
On my knees my skirt had moved above my hips, exposing my suspenders and black knickers.
My stockings were torn at the knees, I was trembling; and know gagging on his cock.
“Suck it my whore.” He moaned.
My eyes looked around as I sucked, like the cock slut I have become.
He pulled my head up by the roots and türkçe bahis lifted me off the ground a little; and laughed out.
“Look at you, you love it’ don’t you?” He said laughing.
Then I realised why, I had a raging hard-on that was straining to break free of my tight knickers.
“She’s ready.” He called out.
To my surprise, 4 biker guys walked in as; the guy I was sucking off left.
My knickers were removed, and a guy sat in a chair and I was brought to him.
He pulled his pants down and lowered his boxers in front of me; freeing his cock.
I lowered myself down to take his cock in my mouth.
Slowly working my mouth from the tip of his cock to his balls, saliva dribbled down to his large balls.
While I work on his cock, one of the other guys spanked my butt.
“You like that.” He asked, and I nodded.
I was going with the flow as they weren’t violent like the other guy was.
He rubs my bare ass, before pulling my skirt further up; and spanks my ass again.
I was offered up the other two biker’s cocks to stroke while the others did what they wanted.
Stroking the cocks while, slowly sucking cock; made me so hard.
One of the two had a big cock, but not as big as Mike’s.
I was present the big cock to suck on and I was gagging at with 6”inches inside my mouth.
“You like gagging, don’t you? Our Sissy whore.” I nodded.
The other guy wasn’t big, as I switched between the three cocks in front of me and sucked his small cock for a while; as the others stroked theirs.
They all whispered something, I don’t know what; but I ended up lying on my back on top of their jackets on BBQ table.
They started to strip me of my jacket and blouse, and began biting me.
The three I was sucking off before returned to my head, and I continued to suck them off; in rotations of 30 seconds.
The fourth guy lubed up his cock and slowly fingered my sissy asshole.
I moaned güvenilir bahis siteleri as he did this, but continued sucking sloppy saliva coated cock; in my gay mouth.
When he finally forced his cock inside, it felt electric; I bucked my hips forward and forcing him deep in my sissy ass.
I wrapped my legs around his back as he fucked my sissy ass, while the other bikers jacked off near my face.
Until I felt the guy in my ass twitch and coat my insides with cum.
He pulled out, then the guy with the short cock fucked me; although he was thicker but I felt ripped off as he couldn’t penetrate deep enough.
I felt him twitch then he was done too.
Now it was the first guys turn and he fucked me hard and deep, making me almost cum.
There was precum dribble and oozing from the head of my cock, and down my shaft and onto my chest.
Before he cum inside me, I had already ejaculated on my chest; god it felt good and it made my asshole clamp around his cock.
He grunted at this, but kept on slamming into the deep walls of my sissy hole.
My feelings were over the top.
I had forgotten about the next guy, as my mouth was feed cock; once they had cum in me.
Oh god and oh good, he was so big; maybe at least 9”inches but very thick.
I grimaced as he inched in and bottomed out inside.
Taking a deep breath as he entered and exhaling as he bottomed out, I let out sigh of relief.
The other bikers snickered at this.
He hurt at first, but by the time he had cum; I had cum once again.
My ass was filled with biker cum, as I lay back down catching my breath.
The other bikers, jacked off and cum on my face; I opened my mouth trying to catch some of it.
They dressed and left me there, cum faced, ass drenched and gaping.
I touched my soppy cock and my tender ass, before Max walked in.
He video’s the whole night, and now I had to do as he said or distribute the video to employers and family members.
I tried dressing as best I could and returned home at about 2am, and ran a bath; before going to sleep for 3 hours before work.

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