My Canvas Pt. 05

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Tomorrow is Nina’s long awaited second feature night at the strip club as well as the auction for the right to tattoo her ass. But today I wanted to take Nina to see her new doctor. I explained that she needed to be checked out after the rough three weeks she had. The physician, Dr. Joanne put Nina through a complete physical. In the end Dr. Joanne announced “Nina, you are in reasonably good health although it appears you recently miscarried. Given your drinking and smoking, I would suggest getting your tubes tied, to be blunt. However, Owen, I say she’s a keeper.”

Nina responded “What do you mean by that Doctor?”

Dr. Joanna responded “Oh, nothing, just that you seem nice and very healthy and I’ve known Owen for a while.”

Then Doctor Joanne gave me a paper. Owen, here is a list of things I will need. Nina looked at me with confusion. We headed to the car and I read the list, legal documents

and details. In the car Nina lit a cigarette and I explained that Doctor Joanne would come by in a few days so we could discuss things but we need to focus on her strip club appearance tomorrow.

This time Nina was just going to wear an almost transparent black spandex mini dress, a red mesh thong that was pretty much transparent and nothing else, not even shoes. She did wear flip flops and an oversized hoodie on the drive over.

We pulled off of the expressway onto Ripley street and a minute later we were there. As soon as we stepped inside Nina ordered a vodka on the rocks to calm her nerves and smoked a menthol. She then went to put her stuff away and get ready. I spoke to the manager about the auction. Bidding was online as well as at the club and they advertised the whole thing pretty well so it looked like things would go pretty well. Nina was doing three sets of three songs each and giving lap dances between sets. The auction was to end at ten pm. There was a real buzz in the room because of all the super raunchy videos her blackmailers released bahis firmaları on the big porn sites. Nina’s sets went really well. The crowd was definitely into her, the black dress helped too. She could hike up the skirt or lower the front. By the second song she would pull it down around her waist and then by the third song she would take it off completely and just dance in her red thong.

At 9:45 they verbally started the live auction. They announced that it was at $3500 online. Obviously their weren’t many people there who were going to spend money like that but with two minutes to go the right to tattoo Nina’s ass was up to $6000 mainly from online. With a minute to go a pretty drunk guy stood up and said $6500. With twenty seconds left an internet bidder bid $7000 and then just before the auction expired the drunk guy bid $7500 and won! He was very excited and wanted to meet us at the tattoo shop tomorrow.

Once the night was all over I had about $9000…wow, what a night!

The next day the auction winner met us at Pete’s tattoo parlor. His name was Jim. Today he was sober but just as happy. As it turns out Jim is going through a divorce and his wife gets half of his business so he is spending money from the business to decrease profits and sort of get back at her. So Jim spent $7500 for. “advertising.” He handed Pete a business card and said “make it exactly like this.” Pete asked a few questions and went to work. He helped Nina get up on the table, she took down her thong, hiked up her skirt and laid on her stomach. Pete said it would take a long time so Jim and I went out for a drink. When we returned Pete was just finishing up. Jim wanted it like the card and it was. The business card was black with yellow lettering and had a cartoon image of Jim holding a sewage hose. Pete made Nina’s entire ass black and left yellow letters on the left cheek saying “Jim’s Septic Service” and on the right cheek, the cartoon of Jim hiding the hose that was situated so kaçak iddaa the hose was disappearing between her cheeks heading toward her anus. Wow. Her ass looks great in black but the graphics are pretty ridiculous. We left so Nina could relax and then share her new ass with her subscribers. I dropped her off and reminded her she sees Dr. Joanne at my house tomorrow.

The next morning Joanne came over and brought her stuff. We were having coffee when Nina came in.

Joanne began “Nina, I’m here to help make things better for you. “

“Ok, so what are we doing?” Said Nina.

“First, Id like you to take this pill, it will make everything else much easier for you. “

Nina accepted the pill and some water. She almost immediately felt more relaxed.

Joanne began again “Nina, a while ago you gave Owen here power of attorney and he subsequently had you declared unfit to take care of yourself and took guardianship of you. This was a very good thing for you.”

“Yes Doctor Joanne, I feel much more secure.”

“That’s wonderful,” said Joanne, “now give me your arm dear, I have a shot for you.”

Joanne gives Nina the shot and notes the time from her phone.

Joanne continues, “Excellent, now let me explain the rest dear. Owen has given your guardianship over to me. As a doctor I can do more for you. The first thing I’ve done is given you more protection. The injection you received is a highly secret substance developed by the government. It will lower your intelligence permanently. It keeps going until we give you a shot that stops the reaction. Your IQ was 125, in fifteen minutes it will be 80, that’s our target for you sweetie. We will also be getting your tubes tied. I should also tell you Owen and I are getting married. It will still be a great situation for you though, you see I don’t really enjoy sucking cock and I would never do anything as whorish as getting my tongue pierced or split, but you can take care of that part…yay!”

“How kaçak bahis do you feel dear?”

Nina groggily replied “My head hurts a little.”

Joanne replied “That will stop as soon as I give you shot number two in about five minutes.” “I have a few other ideas for you, we will be so close, you and I. Oh, I forgot, I really don’t like anal sex so yay Nina, you get that as well when Owen gets the urge.”

It was now time for the second shot, Joanne swabbed Nina’s arm and administered the shot. As promised Nina’s headache ended and life seemed so simple.

Owen really enjoyed seeing where Joanne would take things with Nina so he told her to do whatever she thought would be to their liking. Joanne had many ideas. She wanted to take the whole blowjob thing to the next level. She figured Owen would love it and it would guarantee she wouldn’t have to do it. So she had Nina’s teeth removed but also had a perfect set of dentures made for her. Honestly her teeth look better now and with the dentures out she could use her gums to add a whole new dimension to her blow jobs.

Joanne was a beautiful woman, but being five years older than Nina, she was very aware that Nina was more youthful and very beautiful on top of that. She figured if she keeps Nina smoking and drinking like she has been for a while and controls her diet that this issue would fix itself.

Joanne sent Nina back to her apartment and told her to stay there and work on her website and cam.

Joanne showed up later with two large bags. She unloaded a shock collar system and Nina’s food and essentials.

Joanne said “Nina, I have some items for you.” She gave Nina five packages of cheap hot dogs, seven bottles of vodka and four cartons of menthol cigarettes. She then bagged up a Nina’s other food items and took them to the trash. Next, Joanne called Nina over to fit the collar around her neck.

“Nina,” Joanne said, “This collar is locked on your neck. I will remove it when I need you to go somewhere but if you try to leave with it on you will get a big jolt. You have food, drink and cigarettes. Keep up on them all like a good girl and don’t neglect your live webcam. Subscribers mean money!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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