My boss is a Mistress Ch. 04

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Following chapter 3 concerning the events in which Veronica might stop being my Mistress and may be passed onto Claire as my new one, I start my morning knowing that my life can change in an abrupt way.


After reading Veronica’s note, I had breakfast and get through the pending house work I have and start to wonder what my life could be like if I live with Claire. Soon after I heard the door; I still have the cock cage on since Veronica is to be the one who informs Claire of the new situation if it takes place, this might change the status quo. I have the maid´s uniform on not to have her punishing me again as yesterday.

“Good morning Mistress.” I said.

“Good morning slave.” Claire said as I kissed her leathered encased feet.

“Do you want me to help you with the bag?” I asked thinking to myself if the same items with which I became acquainted only yesterday are the ones brought in today.

“Yes, leave it nearby, the contents will come to use today.” Claire said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said knowing that she can get gritty.

“I see you are learning quickly darling and that makes me like you even more than I do.” Claire said having a planned the day for us.

“Thank you, Mistress.” I said and thought she´s next in line to own me; she is positively beautiful physically, not sure about the rest.

“I wonder if what Jenn said to me months ago will come to pass.” Claire said looking at me.

“What would that be?” I asked.

“Jenn told Veronica, that she would have a slave for a short period of time falling in love with him in the process, but she would lose him shortly. Veronica would pass him over to me, but in turn I would lose him to Jenn who would become a Mistress to him.” Claire said.

“Would that be me?” I asked getting extra information I did not have until now which seems to concern me. Claire speaks as if she had been informed by Veronica, but since it was said by her more as a question than a fact, I understand she still has to be informed of the current situation.

“Don´t know for a fact, but if it is I guess it’s you, Jenny added that all of us girls would love him, but she the most, he would try to escape her grip but come to see shortly that he also loves her deeply even more than he could ever imagine.” Claire said still looking at me.

“It seems a love story with fantasy.” I said now in total unrest, of course I still have to see if I’m the one she is speaking about and check if all this is not some invention or another mind game I’m being set up with.

“I´m not so sure anymore, she has been right in a number of things she told me, so it could be, and I add that I do have a crush on you.” Claire said as the phone rang.

“Hello Veronica.” I answered hoping she has good news for me, which would be me staying for good with her.

“My love, what I mentioned to you last night is to be, I´ll end up crying knowing I´m losing you, but I have no other way.” Veronica said with a soft voice even sad.

“You do have a way, drop all and be with me.” I said hoping to change her mind.

“Sorry love, I cannot as much interest I have in you, business is my life and it comes first.” Veronica said feeling sad about it, however resolute in the way matters are to follow.

“I love you Stephan, sorry for this.” Veronica said I remained silent.

“Claire, they want to speak to you.” I said passing over the phone, not happy with being dropped and being managed by women with no input by me, being submissive has put me into this situation, my face alerts Claire letting her know something is not right.

Claire´s face went white a minute later; they carried on the phone for ten minutes. I only heard a part of what Claire had to say as she moved away from me, it was only guessing from my side. Once finished she made her way back to me, “Stephan, I understand that Veronica did let you know that she has to drop you.” Claire said with an astonished face.

“Yes, she also wanted me to remain silent until she told you confirming it.” I said, now facing the inevitable.

“Yes, I know now and thank you for keeping your word with her.” Claire said not speaking as a Mistress but more as a confused friend upon the outcome that has just taken place.

“You don´t believe all you have said to me about the future?” I asked trying to shudder off her doubts.

“Yes and no, I will have to see, but tell you what, most if not everything Jenny has told me has come to pass. Now coming back to you, I own you.” Claire said as if I’m inheritance.

“What, you cannot own me, Veronica is not dead and I’m not inheritance to you.” I said looking at her in a defying way.

“Shut up slave.” Claire said and slapped me taking control of me.

“Why do you slap me?” I asked stunned by her reaction.

“Know your place slave.” Claire said seriously, and then calmed down, being no longer the confused friend, but once again the Mistress.

“Sorry, will this situation still go on?” I asked knowing that Claire whom I was introduced by Veronica bahis firmaları has me as hers. How could she, I feel betrayed by Veronica.

“Yes, and you know I have feelings for you and if this weren´t a shock to me, I´d be fucking your pussy.” Claire said still surprised even having the information of my fate beforehand, which only made it clear to her that some events in life are written somewhere.

“Just as well you are shocked, although now it´s a matter of time you have me as you want.” I said running on what Claire told me she would do with me.

“You belong to me now and I´ll fuck you sooner or later, take it as a fact. I now wonder if this will carry on through as Jenn mentioned.” Claire said again in a friend status more than of a Mistress.

“You all are the ones that know and as matters are currently going I´d say Jenny is quite accurate.” I said still thinking this could all be just coincidence.

“Yes, the worst is that I love you believe it or not and already know that I´m going to lose you, and although it is not your direct fault I hate the situation I’m in, not knowing if to fight over you or not since I´m fond of my slave Jenny, but if it happens it’s a double loss for me.” Claire said not liking what is ahead for her.

“Would you like a coffee and tell what is in your mind now?” I asked finding this getting crazier by the minute.

“Yes.” Claire said with a worried face.

I got the coffee going and served ourselves, “Here you go Claire.” I said.

“Thank you, slave boy.” Claire said.

“What do we do now?” I asked.

“I´m taking you home and although Jenn is into women only, I´ll keep you with the cock cage on, just a precaution.” Claire said doubting her slave’s sexual desires, which she should not until now, having been hit by these new circumstances.

“Now you are the one taking precautions, that is strange.” I said and thought, what is wrong with all these women that they are so possessive.

“Yes I know, now I´m the one worried with your cock.” Claire said looking at me as her new property.

“But if Jenn has lesbian likes, what interest can she have in me?” I asked looking at her as she stares at me with the knowledge of ownership , which I learnt from watching Veronica as she changed the way she looked at me the moment I became hers, it is different something in their faces change, it’s just incredible and I see that in Claire now.

“She could turn; maybe you are the one to make her change.” Claire said not sure of herself.

“Will we be able to make love?” I said changing subject and hoping I get access to Claire.

“You are naughty slave.” Claire said suddenly smiling, happy with the change of thought.

“Well you said you wanted me and how Veronica had stopped you from having all of me.” I said wanting release.

“Maybe, if I give you your request can I have your arse in exchange?” Claire said, playing with me.

“If it could be avoided, I would be very thankful and I´d prefer it.” I said trying; wondering if any or all of this will take place.

“I know, just wanted to play with you, I can have whatever I want with you, Veronica has conceded property, so you do understand I own you.” Claire said playing and pulling the reins at the same time.

“I know that, but since you gave me a spoken chance to be with you if this cock cage was not on me.” I said wondering if it will come off.

“Stephan, for your information I do know where Veronica keeps the other key. Since it seems matters are happening as Jennifer said they would and I do believe in destiny at least in what has come to be with you, I’ll give a call to my older slave and update her and decide upon your future, I’ll use the speaker just that you hear what is said as courtesy towards you.” Claire said dialing Jennifer’s number.

“Thank you, Claire.” I said as she is waiting on the phone.

“Hello Jenny.” Claire started off.

“Hello Claire, is everything alright?” Jennifer asked.

“Hold on, I’ll put you on speaker, do you hear me?

“Yes, I do hear you well.”

“Do you remember that time ago you said to Veronica she would have love but short termed.” Claire said.

“Yes I do, ok what is happening?”

“Could you tell me what would happen to you and me?”

“Yes, as I remember we would be ending our relationship and I would willingly become a Mistress to her slave and he would be owned by me, he is to become so subservient to me that he will be whatever I want to turn him into when and how I like it, because with me he is to be a loving and willing bitch, with that said, I foretell you Claire will be happy again quite soon as I see it and could be for life if you both want to, she looks like a switch and maybe you become one too, that seems thrilling.” Jennifer said.

“So, turning the stallion to gelding and taking the last step into being a mare, my mare will not happen with the slave?” Claire asked just checking.

“Let’s put it this way if you are the one training the slave for another two kaçak iddaa months you could get to choose and buy the bridal, but I suspect your call is to confirm the changes I have been feeling are now happening, I generally wait for the events to knock on my door. It will come as a blow to you Claire but since we are in subject, I’m sorry to say it it’s over the phone, I no longer feel I can hold this relationship as a slave with you.” Jennifer said waiting for Claire to offer her thoughts before telling her more.

“So, I guess everything is falling into place as you once said, I thank you for letting me know that I will be able to get back on track soon and if it happens as you say in time we could join up and have fun.” Claire said taking it all as something that will have a happy ending and trying to digest the blow she is now going through.

“I have been waking up these last few days thinking of her intensely.” Jennifer said.

“Let me tell you Veronica is not here, it’s your soon to be property listening in.” Claire said.

“Oh, hello slave, the one I was thinking of, is you and not Veronica; you’ll get accustomed to life with me.” Jennifer said.

“Are you going to bend his gender now? Claire asked excited.

“Why you ask, I could but not sure, I first want to see in person my property and fondle a bit.” Jennifer said not understanding but knowing Claire likes fucking any hole that’s available and if gender bending all the more, which has happened only once to her and she loved it.

“Just that when you just mentioned him you said, you were thinking of her.” Claire said with a smile.

“My mistake just that being always with females it comes out natural to me.” Jennifer said.

“Do you want me to take her to you now?”Claire said knowing she is provoking.

“You could bring her.” Jennifer said getting confused again with the gender.

“Jennifer would it not be better if you hook up with somebody else, maybe your same gender which you seem to have a natural attraction to and kindly set me free.” I said wanting to be with Veronica and if not set my way to another place.

“Mistress Claire as you have come to know now I have become a Mistress and would kindly request your assistance in getting my slave put into bondage, and by any necessary means if you have to.”Jennifer said annoyed at the disrespect from her new slave not wanting her.

Claire got all the items and firstly showed me the flogger all this done in silence, I preferred to kneel and avoid confrontation, “Good slave, get into position.” I did as she instructed and bondage was set in place.

“Claire, gag on please, which ever you choose.” Jennifer said waiting for Claire to get the task done.

“It’s done Mistress Jennifer, god that sounds strange, anyway congratulations.” Claire said.

“Thank you Mistress Claire, so now she is bound and gagged, having a picture of her would be pleasing.” Jennifer said.

“It’s a pleasure Mistress Jennifer.” Claire said and clicked a few of me.

“Now listen to me Stephanie, I’m new as a Mistress but that does not mean I do not know my way around, I’ve been in the position you are now in for years, with not only one Mistress owning me so I know what it’s all about.” Jennifer said.

“Mm.” I said furious at her.

“Mistress Jennifer, if you could see her face, she is furious.” Claire said adding coal to a by now boiling situation which due to a not wanted mistake by Jennifer and Claire who set it ablaze.

“Stephanie, we still don’t know our limits and each other as we are now, it does not help you being annoyed, I know Mistress Claire is partly responsible for the upscale in this situation and I make myself responsible for having mistaken your gender when I started out and I seek forgiveness from you, I’m truly sorry, but it does not mean I will not gender bender. You will see at the beginning to your advantage that many a time I might let you go from offenses to me and as time goes on it will become lesser but at the same time you will be duly trained Stephanie, a word of advice don’t cross my limits, learn first.” Jennifer said.

“She is cooling off Mistress Jennifer.” Claire said.

“Mistress Claire can we have a word alone, please?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, we can.” Claire said and picked up the phone and went to the kitchen.

“Of course, this has to be about the slave, right?” Claire asked.

“Yes, it is and about you also. First I’m trying to get acquainted with my slave, I don’t mind if you want time with him, but if you fall for him as you told me it is starting to happen, I would let go of it, just a suggestion to avoid hurting yourself further, we are all currently in a situation which hopefully will have a good ending for all the involved including us as well. Humiliating him now due to my mistake and you putting all you can to make it worse for him does not help any of us. In time he will get accustomed to all types of play, but with me as the owner, sorry it sounds very possessive, I know in time we will be happy together, kaçak bahis although as I always say to myself I have to go through everything accepting the facts good or bad, doing that has let me live seeing in advance certain matters, not all. I do know for unknown reasons which I seek not to know that mostly lightly I’ll be a jealous bitch when it comes to him or her as you like, this so much I’m letting you know, so be a dear in the near future keep your distance. I will be leaving as soon as I can back to my home and as soon as I get off the phone, I’m getting a team to have it ready.” Jennifer said and remained silent now.

“God what a bitch you’ve turned into a new Mistress and already bossing around, in a certain way I congratulate you it seems you have it in you, just that I never got around to observe you enough or it was all well hidden and it sprung out when I gave you the news.” Claire said understanding her, who until yesterday or few days ago was a slave to her.

“Yes, I suppose I’m a bitch now, I’d certainly like to take your butt if you are in for it.” Jennifer said laughing.

“If it’s an invitation I might accept, but never as a Mistress imposing herself on me.” Claire said playing and laughing.

“Of course, never as an imposition to you beautiful Claire, but my words to you have turned me on, so think about it.” Jennifer said.

“I will tell you this, until I get your property into your hands, I’ll be humiliating Stephan, I like getting him up tight and your addition calling him Stephanie is making my day.” Claire said.

“I’ll help you with that, knowing you are so fond of butt plugs and my arse certainly is acquainted with them, I could even write an essay about them.” Jennifer said laughing.

“From bitch to a loving friend, thank you for that, I wished things turned out differently, at least turning him if not to a mare to a gelding. I have to ask you, I just cannot keep it in, would you let me turn him, please?” Claire asked Jennifer.

“All I can offer you is to take your pussy and arse in a loving way or in a bitchy way when you are back here, but Stephan no, sorry he belongs to me.” Jennifer said.

“You know that we three feel the same for Stephan each with her own interest, but jealous enough, Veronica had mentioned that she was thinking of taking the training into her own hands. What on earth does he have apart from being submissive I don’t know but soon enough you start wanting him around you, if you know what I mean.” Claire said.

“Then it is settled would you get me on speaker please?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh, by the way, Veronica asked me that by the end of the day we leave and to take his clothing also.” Claire said.

“Hm, I could make him pack first, then get the gag off have a coffee, answer him whatever I can, then hood and gag him again, then add the plug, bondage and then into the car maybe blindfold also of course with the maid’s outfit on, that alone will get her terrified, I would too if it happened to me, so as we get to my place I’ll soothe her telling her what I’m doing. You could use your femme fatale clothes when he gets the first looks of you; I’m going to miss that scene when we played as you wanting to be a Mistress and then me discovering you as my submissive slut.” Claire said.

“You are quite a master mind Claire; I have a lot to play with in the future thanks to your imagination love. I wonder if it’s not too much for my slave to bear on his first trip as a slave.” Jennifer said half thinking.

“Let me see how he feels now and work it out, I’ll let you know as we leave; now I’m going back to the living room and putting you to in speaker mode.” Claire said.

“You are on speaker Mistress Jennifer.” Claire said.

“Claire and I do not have the same way of thinking love just to let you know. Now a word of advice from a former slave, don’t let your temper get the best of you, it only feeds your Mistress with situations that she can use to torment you, as for us in time we will know each other so well that there’s nothing I will not know about you, it might take time to extract, but I’ m going to have you, all of you, do you understand slave? Jennifer said.

“She is moving her head in an affirmative way.”Claire said.

“Now you will follow Mistress Claire’s orders as mine until we are together, that will take place when Mistress Claire brings you over, as to Veronica this morning was the last you will see of her for a long time, I’m sorry for that feeling of loss and hope in time I can replace that love, in the meantime you will obey anything and everything I say. Mistress Claire likes you called Stephanie so Stephanie it is, I’m taking my position as Mistress to you and that is for life, currently I’m ambiguous of where to take your gender, which leading a bdsm life does not have a parameter to which one should hold on to, anyway that is my decision and we’ll see what we make of it. I know I like you since the first time we met and life has put us together again, I do know this, I’ve wanted to see you again because I like you but did not know at the time that it would be you the one I would end up with, you are the one I had spoken about to the girls, I now know, visions don’t necessarily have a face and less for me. “Jennifer said.

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