My Boss

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Trouble with my Trade is that all who work in it are alike. Although we are on our own all day we get to be pissed off after about a three-year period and change companies, although the job “Is the same shit but in a different bucket”, I think its because we get bored with the same ol’ maintenance and servicing, and look for different sites, recepionists!, (perve alley we call it).

Answered Advertisment for ‘Young growing Company’ . . .. my first meeting with Karen. Held back surprise as she was VERY professional at interview, had been working in industry since she was 16, (She is 30 now), had enough of stupid, short- sighted employers and wanted to start up her own buisness as she could see good oportunities to make money. She talked my language!, and appeared to have enough guts and determination to succeed. I presented my case, explained that I was good ‘On The Tools’ but didn’t have the all-round knowledge on the paper side to survive on my own properly. We made a deal and a Signed hand-written contract that day, “The Contract”, as it was, was that I would guarantee to look after her interests in respect of suppyling the expertise gained over the years to ensure that Clients needs were met, no matter what the problem was.

On Karen’s side, she agreed to ‘look after me’, financially, uniforms,new vehicle, regular monthly meeting to discuss planning, how books were kept, sales, losses, ect, which she still does today.

The down side of the Buisness is that upon a regular basis, that is about once every 3 weeks, and always on a Wednesday, about 10 p.m., she calls ‘to see how everything is going?, she already knows that. We talk about today’s problem’s ect, she already knows that. I….lets face it, she is a very good-looking Girl, said a few things in the past such as “Like the Suit”!, “Boy, you look good today,” We have sat next to each other many times during the course of our buisness relationship. We have shook hands, and yes, even pecked one-another on the cheeks when a good deal or contract was ‘put to bed’,. We have even been down to the local pub on a Friday afternoon and had lunch together, not so common nowadays as the office-girls we don’t trust,…. to talk,…….. that is, and make up things that are not true, Karen and I are not stupid, we look at life in the real world, other people may surmize it as in their own fantasis or dreams. It was last winter, a Wednesday as usual, the phone rang, it was 9p.m., the wife looked at me quizzicly?, “She’s early”?. I picked up the phone,”Dave, come over,…. NOW”. “But it’s pissing down with rain, black as a coal cellar out there”!. “NOW”!. The phone went dead. I looked at wife, “Call, from Karen, she wan’ts me over there now, sounds upset or something”. “Tell her you are not going, tell her to get stuffed”, wife says. “YOU tell her”, handing her the phone. “Look at the time Dave, you have to work tomorrow” “Well, your’e call Love” “Ohkay, supposed you have to, just to keep the peace with her, but be careful, it is very wet out there” “Tell me”, I says, “spend my life on the road, see what she wan’ts, phone you from there, Bye” Get into car, pissing down, take 3/4 hour to get to her place, phone wife from car,”Arrived Ohkay, love, talk to you soon”.

I knock on door, Karen opens it wearing long Dressing Gown. “Well, Boss, what’s problem”? “ME”!, she replies. “Then if it’s you, what”?, I says. “THIS”….. With that, as I sit here typing this and may whoever made this planet and all the good things in, and upon it, swear,…. she closed the door and dropped the Dressing Gown. Now I have seen Karen dressed-up, as when we all go to dinner together, that is ,my wife, Karen, Her Husband, Brad (such a lovely guy, Gentle in how he respects and handles Women, a Plumber by trade), and I and at her worst, (when we both got pissed on the boat one Saturday arfo and had a real slanging match as to who gave in first when we ran out of expletives to throw at each other!)…what we were taught in one of her ‘Man Management’ courses that She made me go on…strange!??

To see this apparation standing there in the altogether except for her stilettoes, breasts with nipples jutting up towards the sky, sleek, slim body, incredibly long legs… between which sat a perfectly shaved pussy I, being of course, on the backfoot, said, “Where’s Brad”? “On a three-day Install job, coming back friday, now HERE”! She grabbed my trousers in the vicinity of my balls,I was wearing a Black Suit, Black Tee Shirt, Skimpy underwear, socks and shoes, Black, of course!, funny that??. My Trousers dissapeared, along with the underwear, it was so quick, I still, to this day, don’t recollect how it occurred. My penis must have held the world record for an erection, the situation being so bizzarre and sudden that, in retrospect, bahis firmaları was probably an involuntary reflex!.

She held my head between her two dainty hands and pressed her lips to mine. The softness of them was simply fascinating, I took the intitative and pressed back, my tongue searching for hers, I put one hand behind her cute butt and the other behind the nape of her neck, drawing her to me. . .and. . .without any effort on my part my penis found her pussy and I took her standing up, in the hallway!. Entering her was so easy! Karen was so wet she was saturated!, I believe it took about 5 seconds for her to orgasm! She gave a small gasp and shuddered a little is all, saying nothing . . me feeling her cum flowing onto my balls and dripping onto the floor, the coolness of her hot cum as it met the air tickling my balls, sending spark-like feelings into my penis, making it even more rigid!

She relaxed her grip on my lips . .I felt her body sag a bit, as though the air had been let out of a tyre . .I assisted her as she flopped down on a chair. I stood in front of her with a big throbbing penis looking….stupid?, Still saying nothing, she grabbed it with both hands, and . . .looking at me directly in the eyes . . stuck it into her mouth and furiously began to suck on it, her tongue seeking out my uretha, probing it, sending delicious sensations up my spine and buttocks. Her eyes seemed to fix themselves on mine…not blinking. I felt that I could see the yearnings of, well . . a young girl? . .a question? . .a meaning? . .a wanting? . .in them, and felt an instant pang of love, sadness and gentleness towards this woman.

I gently parted her smooth long thighs on the chair, removed her hands from my penis and held them firmly in mine. Withdrawing my penis from her mouth with some effort, as she was sucking soooo hard . . like a baby with a bottle!, her eyes following it as I straddled her and placed it aginst the lips of her pussy. With one gentle looong thrust I entered her again, her wetness still there, dripping down the cleft in her buttocks onto the chair, I could feel the head of my penis throbbing inside her!. Maybe three-four or five thrusts… she stiffened in the chair, her fingernails gouging into the palms of my hands, hurting. She pushed her hips forwards, grinding my pelvic bone with hers . . her whole body was so tense she felt almost solid . . .I could feel my penis being squeezed, sending small shockwaves throughout my body, and . . . looking me again directly in the eyes . . . she orgasmed, the only sound she made was a rapid increase in her breathing, as though she had been under water for some time, holding her breath, and was now coming up for air, her eyes looking huge and full of wonder, like those of a startled young Deer, her body finally relaxing . .and looking so frail and delicate. I had a pang of guilt that perhaps this was going too far, as any more of this and one could hurt her!, but my penis over-ruled this issue, as I hadn’t had time to think about myself yet! . . the urge to cum being subdued by the events happening too quickly to really appreciate the moment!. I withdrew my still erect penis and stood back at a respectful distance, fearful of another wild grab!

I asked, “Where’s the bed, Darling”? “Through there”, She said, pointing down the hallway, which entered into a living room with doors off each side. “There, There, just hold tight”, I said, lifting her. She didn’t appear to weigh much at all, the unexpected confrontation plus the past few minutes seemed to have numbed my brain, though my penis was still erect, but throbbing a little. I think I got as far as the day room, she was just too much!, The softness of her in my arms, her head lying on my shoulder, looking at her breasts as I carried her, her pussy hidden between those perfect thighs! I laid her gently on the carpet, parted her thighs and entered her yet again, jeeze, never forgeting to my dying day just how wet she was, and SOO EASY to enter!, I managed to thrust for at least two or three times before the poor Girl orgasmed again!, her body going completley rigid, shivering slightly . . . only the sound of gasps and short, sharp breathing being uttered!, her eyes screwed tightly shut, as if looking at some hidden, secret movie behind her lids.

‘Christ’, I thought, ‘If this keeps up I am going to kill,….her with kindness, what will Brad say? Karen came out of her….?….dunno, you explain it, readers….I can’t!. She Stood up, “I Wanna drink and a good fuck”, she said!. “Karen!, you have just had one..or two…”!, says I. “NOT ENOUGH, ARGHHHH, COME HERE!”. She stands up, falters a bit to steady herself, and takes off my Jacket and Tee Shirt, I remove my socks and shoes, (may as well, I think, everything else has gone). kaçak iddaa She kneels down and stuffs my penis into her mouth again, looking into my eyes . .(for a reaction?) . . it hurts a bit this time as she is chewing it, believe me, she has sharp teeth!. “Look at you!”, she says, “Your’e skinny!” “No, Lean…”, say’s I, covering for the lack of muscular whatever where it’s supposed to count. “Don’t care, TAKE ME”! She flops onto a nearby couch, spreads her legs, her pussy still glistening with her cum, and holds out her arms to me. I straddle her, but find it awkward, I lift up her butt and bring it forward so that she has her feet on floor, next second they are around my head!, her long legs are around my ears!. I stand up slightly, lifting her butt completely off the couch and enter her, ooooh sooooo easy again! . . takes her probably 3 seconds to orgasm, my ears ringing from the pressure of her legs as she cums, her body stiffening again. Whether she made any sound this time was impossible to say, as I was completely deaf!

The wetness worries me, as it seems unusual for a Woman to have so much in her! I prise her legs off my head lay her down on the couch. She is breathing fairly rapidly again, her eyes big, round and fixed squarley on my penis, again! I kiss her gently and go and find sponge and warm water, clean up carpet, lounge, and Karen’s pussy! (Brad,…is a BIG GUY, this worries me)!…look at penis, still up solid and hurting a bit from her teeth, but otherwise still in ‘Good Shape’ *(smile)*, wondered how it’s doing?!, (must take care of it tomorrow, if I leave here alive!). “Karen, Wanna Coffee?” “Piss Off!, Gimme a drink, ain’t finished yet,… Frustrated” “Sorry, with Brad, Problems?” “NO, YOU….YOU DICKHEAD!”

Now I don’t know how to cope with this . . umm . . . new situation!, training on managemant teams don’t explain this, after all, she IS my Boss, fer chrisake, and…SHE AIN’T GOT A BAD LOOKING BODY AND SHE IS ONLY 30! ” Don’t get it Karen, Ive always had a ‘Yen’ for you ever since we met, but tried to keep it platonic” “Me too”, She says, “but how much do you expect me to put up with, with all those dickheads out there trying to screw me just to make a deal, speak to you and I may as well talk to Dad, This is different, Dave, your’e so fucking honest your’e sickening . . .WAN’T TO KNOW THE REAL DAVE TONIGHT.” I rummage through cupboard for drink, nothing, open Fridge, ahh, find half bottle of White wine, pour out generous glass, goto sink, take big swig of water, look at penis…why isn’t it going down?, aches a bit, but feel a bit stupid with that looking like washing line hanger sticking out!.

Give Wine to Karen, takes big swig at same time grabbing my penis again, and shoves it into her mouth, sticking her tongue into my uretha again. Why does she do that? . .it makes my penis ache! ‘If you light it make good cigar’, thought I, “COME!” she says. ‘Wish I could’, thought I She wriggles around couch with her butt on the edge, I kneel on the floor between her legs and enter her . .she squirms . . . “Better Idea!”, she says . . (SO . .she can talk during sex . .I think to myself!) She stands up and wiggles to rear of couch and lays over the back of it, with that bum of hers pointing to the ceiling, her total femininity of that between her legs pointing to heavan itself, I aproach her from the rear and, …..yet again…. was sooooo easy to enter her!….she orgasmed once, no twice, maybe three times, don’t recall….. found meself sitting on floor!. “Are you O.K?”, Karen Said. . .Now being who she was I cannot recall any real concern for my well-being, as long as the thing between my legs was still active appearing to be the main thing!. “Yeah, I’m Ohkay, Karen”, I said, attempting to get on the ‘wrong’ side of her, after all, it was late . . . I wanted to go home, work tomorrow, and besides . . although she was delicious, too much of a good thing is bad for you, so Mummy says!. “Here, I’ll,help,you up”. She says, smiling, a funny look in her eyes.

BAD MOVE! Karen rolls me over onto my back, places a cushion under my bum, me….being’ skinny/lean (Talk to your Butcher about difference!’) now has penis in uh..oh . .very vertical position!, squats over me and sits on it!.

Readers . . . . take a break, have a cup of tea/coffee….whatever……!

This Woman . . .(My Boss!) then commences to jump up and down on it like a demented animal, her cum flowing over my balls, and down the cleft in my bum onto the cushion! . .I start to squeeze her breasts and nipples, hoping to ‘finalize’ it, but things only gets worse!..again she insists upon looking direcly into my eyes..I believe with a look of defiance in them! She sticks her tongue out and curls it to a corner of her mouth… was it thankfully? . . kaçak bahis .finally? . . .perspiring all over she falls off me, collasping panting onto her stomach . . . Me…Thinking….will I ever see my wife again?

I was at a loss…kinda! . . .I still hadn’t cum myself . . the whole situation seemed surrelistic . .yet here was this lovely, VERY randy woman who seemed to: (a) couldn’t get enough? (b) what she was getting wasn’t enough? (c) I was deficient in some way? Or (d) wanted a bit of . .umm.. ‘variety’ . .perhaps being . .well . . ‘straight’ was what she got off of Brad..

(? Thinking to myself! . . .maybe answer!) check my penis..looks a bit on the red side and throbs a bit..but still ‘serviceable’!

Taking a hint from Karen I stick out my tongue and put it in the corner of my mouth!..putting what I hoped was a ‘Glint’ in my eyes!. I stand over Karen and gently lifts her by the hips, and kicks the cushion under her stoamch, so that her bum is in the air..she stirs and starts to roll over. . “Sssssssshhhhh . .stay still”, I says. She gives me a puzzled look, but I gently push her face back down towards the carpet, cradling her head in her arms. I place my hand upon her bum . .which twitches expectantly as I touch it. I lay over her and reach under with one hand to her pussy, finding her clitoris being easy?!, being so swollen! . .and begin to massage it between 2 fingers..She moans. . . ‘ mmmmmmmmm’ last! With my free hand I lubricate my penis with the cum still around her bum . .and . .more by luck than aim, penetrate her rear hole to about halfway in before Karen realized what had happened! “S-H-I-T… YOU BASTARD”!..she yelps, trying to move away, which was a bit of a mistake really, as as she tensed up the reaction on her muscles pulled my penis all the way in to my balls! “GERROFF, DAVE”..she yelps again .

I throw my weight onto her, fingering her clitoris and pushing as hard as I could, my hand growing numb from the pressure. I can feel my penis being squeezed and crushed by her butt-muscles, the urge to cum growing by the second! I begin to nibble her ear . .and magically get an instant response!, Karen starts gasping! “Yes-yES-YES-OOOOH YEEEES”.. Karen is practically screaming!. I cum. . .boy . DO I CUUUUM! Lightning bolts shoot out of my penis into her . .hot . .strong, rythmic pulses, each one met from Karen by a ” YESSSSS!” and a violent twitch from her bum, as she alternatley relaxes and squeezes her butt-muscles! She tries to crawl off the cushion to alleviate the pleasure-pain, but only gets as far as the couch, her head crushing up against it . . the pulsations in my penis continue to pound not only her, but me also, the frustration of the evening being vent in a delicious semi-anger/vengance upon this ‘fragile’ woman!

Karen is perspiring freely now, my sweat mixing with hers . .things get slippery!, suddenly my penis is out of her . .I roll off over onto my back, gasping myself, my hand . .totally numb. She rolls onto her back. . breasts high upon her chest, nipples hard and standing up like candles. She turns her head to look at me.. “You BARRRSSTAAARD”..she say’s . . .eyes on fire! “Why . .what have I done now?”.. I says evenly . .getting fed up with the whole thing now that at least I had been satisfied! “YOU.. . . .made me CUM!”..her voice was just as vicious as her eyes! “SO”. . .I yelled back . .fucking annoyed now . .even if she did look good with nothing on!, besides, blood was rushing back into my hand, pins-and-needles not helping my attitude. “I wasn’t FINISHED properly”. She yelled again!

I gave up . . .really! . .avoiding her eyes I helped her to her feet, the suggestion of showering together being met with a cold stare. I made coffee whilst she showered, coming out with towels wrapped around her head and body.. a real glam-puss . .yeah! I felt suddenly embarrassed at being seen naked in her kitchen so made a dive for the shower, reveling in the hot water and soap, my penis the size of my thumb, my loins just one massive ache!

I sneaked? that the word?, out of the shower . .dried myself, covered my loins and found my clothes, returning to the shower-room to hurridley dress. Coffee was cold, but no colder than Karen, sitting on the couch with her back to me. I didn’t know what to say . .wanting no more agro at this very late hour. I let myself out, driving homeF with mixed feelings, but no emotion.

Early morning . .breakfast . .wife say’s, “What time did you get in last night”? “Early this morning, actually love, up all night screwing me boss!” “Yeah, Dave . .and pigs fly”! . .she says flippantly!. “You’re right, Love, nobody screws Karen”, I said . .and meant it!

We still talk buisness . .my Boss and I, the ‘subject’ is never mentioned, and she still phones every 3 weeks or so during the evening to ‘Check up’, but somewhere is a sense of failure between us . . .lifes like that . .one doesn’t . .err . . ‘Win’ all the time . .some endings are like that . .sad . .in a way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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