My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 16

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Mission Impossible?


Long story very short — I rescued a beautiful girl from the pouring rain. She stripped and seduced me. So did her Mother, my Aunt, my Mother and my Cousin. They were ALL my half-sisters. My ‘Dad’, Dave and ‘Uncle’ Henry were my half-brothers, along with Roger and William. I had a harem of 5 beautiful women, just like my Father. In Chapter 15 I added the last two of my Father’s Harem to my conquests. For the detail please enjoy Chapters 1 through 15.

### ### ###

“Feel up to carrying us next door or are you plumb tuckered out?” asked Angela wickedly.

“Over my shoulder like a hero fireman or one on each arm?”

They opted for one on each arm. Given the choice I’d have preferred over my shoulder so I could hold onto their glorious bums or high up on their inner thighs with a thumb in each cunt. But hey! I wasn’t about to complain. Scooping them up they each put a hand around my shoulders and I turned towards the front door.

“About face, Lover!” I was instructed.

Out through the French windows, turn left and follow the path. Good job I’ve got tough feet. No shoes. No clothes for us either. One unlatched the big gate, the other pushed it open. Everything was dark but I could hear the sound of Mum’s favourite Queen song somewhere in the distance The Whore’s Anthem;

“We will we will fuck you

We will we will fuck you”

Kate and Angela sang out lustily,

“Martin you’re a young man hard man

Shoutin’ in the street gonna take on the world some day

We’ve got your spunk on our face

You big disgrace

Wavin’ your cock all over the place

We will we will suck you

We will we will suck you”

I felt wonderful, as you can imagine. Kate and Angela clapped despite having sung themselves. Then lights came on and there was a crowd of naked people on the lawn in front of me. Everyone was clapping and laughing. I bowed politely and the two naked women in my arms clung on for dear life.

Mum detached herself from the group and gave me a big hug and kiss.

“Wanna put us down?” asked Kate.

“Not ‘specially. Think I should?”

“Lots of new, naked females eager to make your acquaintance?” suggested my Mother.

I got two more big kisses from Kate and Angela as they slid out of my arms.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see us again soon!” grinned Kate.

Carol walked up and gave me another big, improper kiss on the lips and fondled my cock.

“Poor little man,” she said stroking it gently, “we’ve all been very naughty with you today, haven’t we? Come and meet the rest of your family, Martin.”

Somebody had turned the music down enough for us to talk and hear. I glanced around. All of my ‘Harem’ were present and all of my Father’s. There were eight I didn’t recognise and one I had a slight feeling of having seen before.

My ‘Dad’, Dave came towards me with four beautiful, naked women.

“Roberta and Robina,” he said introducing the elder two, “my Sisters.”

I held out my hand politely but that wasn’t what was required. Hugs and kisses, proper kisses at that were the order of the day.

“Pleased to meet you at last Martin. Looking forward to getting to know you very well, soon,” they chuckled. And these two are our Daughters, Davina and Rossetta.”

“Hello Uncle Martin, like our Mums’ said, we can’t wait to get up close and personal.”

Fuck! Direct or what? Mabe a little younger than me but not by much. Why hadn’t I met them before? Well I knew the answer to that but boy! I’d have lost my virginity much earlier if I’d known those two hotties were ready, willing and able. I gave them both a big kiss, massive hug and a quick fumble before relinquishing them to their parents.

William introduced his sister, Kathleen, his Daughter, Angela by his Mother Kate, and Robekka, his Daughter by his Sister Kathleen.

“Becky?” I asked in surprise.

Becky was in my TG when I was at school. She was always dressed like a frump. Sort of hippy, long skirts and floppy jumpers. Hair all over the place and particularly over her face! Not a sign of bare flesh in sight whatever the weather. Now she was standing before me totally naked!

“Hello Uncle Martin. Didn’t you recognise me without my clothes on?” she giggled naughtily.

She stepped in close and personal, squashed her wonderfully full tits against my lower chest and ground her groin against my growing cock. Encircling her with my arms I pulled her closer and held her tight into my body everywhere I could. We kissed long, deep and loads of tongue.

Fuck! I’d spent the first 45 minutes of every school day for five years sitting within yards of her! How had I not really noticed her?

“Phew! That was worth waiting for,” she exclaimed when I finally let her go.

“Why…” I started but had a finger pressed against my lips before I got anywhere.

“Shush! Think about it. With this family do I really need giggly little school boys fumbling in my knickers and telling their zeytinburnu escort mates when I can enjoy experts anytime I wish?”

“So how long…” again I was interrupted.

“Girls mature earlier than boys so we get told younger than you. For the record I’ve always thought you were dishy and when Dad told me you were family I had the advantage of knowing I would be enjoying your cock sometime. I could wait. I was getting as much as I needed anyway.”

“Well you always have been a brainbox. Now you’re the ugly duckling turned into a swan. Pity we can’t get together officially,” I observed sadly.

“We can’t?”

“Nope, if we start going out together and sometime in the future you get pregnant then everybody is going to point the finger at me. True? So we’ll just have to enjoy a damn good fuck in private now and again, won’t we?”

“Do you mean, now again and again, Uncle Martin?” she giggled, “see ya later.” she finished as she wandered off.

“Well done, Martin,” said William, “you’re thinking straight.”

Another bloody test!

All nine of the new women were totally fuckable and all seemed as eager to try it out as I was. Nineteen fucking sluts to enjoy! Had I died and gone to heaven?

Mum brought me down very gently.

“You’re of limits and off duty all weekend,” she said with a contented smile, “you’ll only have me to play with,” she giggled, “C’mon, Carol and Ruth want a word with you.”

### ### ###

The word was… Valerie!

“Angie says you’re thinking of a different approach,” queried Carol.

“Maybe a different angle?” I suggested, “I gather that the assumption is that the man that answered the door when Bob called was Valerie’s Father? Supposing he wasn’t? Supposing he was a second husband or a boyfriend playing the part? If Bob was known as a wealthy man and willing to marry Valerie why was she sent away, why didn’t they let him marry her? Too young? I think he would have waited. Seems very odd behaviour.”

“Keep us informed and pick up all the information we have from me on Monday,” instructed my delicious, naked Grandmother.

### ### ###

The weekend was very relaxing. Mum and me stayed in bed most of the time. We even talked a bit about the family, the future and all sorts of stuff.

I picked up the pile of information early Monday morning, as instructed. Grandmother went through it with me in detail. It was difficult to concentrate with her being dressed only in her ‘trophy’ panties. I thanked her energetically afterwards and was home in time for dinner and ready for an early bed, with my Mother.

### ### ###

I felt my best approach was to find out who owned Oak Tree Cottage in the early 50’s and work from there. All I knew was that it had been purchased, mid 50’s, to enable the building of public ownership housing. All that remained was part of the name, Oak Cottage Close, now containing fifteen semi-detached houses.

### ### ###

My cock was quickly introduced to the nine new greedy pussies in the family, new to me not the family that is. I spent a very pleasant couple of weekends down on the coast with ‘Dad’, Dave, his sisters and their daughters. Dave and I spent two nights with his sisters, share and share alike. We got on very well indeed. I ‘dated’ the daughters. We went to the cinema, had a meal then spent the night together. One girl at a time I might add. They were both creative and enthusiastic. Dave told me he was pleased for the break. Being younger they were far more demanding than either of his sisters.

### ### ###

The Local Authority were helpful. They passed my letter to the Housing Commission which was responsible, at that time, for the general purchase of land for public housing development. They were able to supply the name of the woman that sold it to them, a Mrs. Rose Marples, a widow, her husband, Richard Marples, having died in the war and enclosed a photo of the property. The Local Authority was able to tell me that the husband’s name was commemorated on the base of the statue in the Town Memorial Gardens.

That was the easy bit. It begged the question; how did an ‘ordinary’ couple of no noticeable means manage to purchase their own property way back in early 1933?

### ### ###

Mum missed her period in December to our great delight. I’m gonna be a Daddy! I just couldn’t tell anybody, except family of course but they all knew, probably before I did. I took her up to the private clinic in Lincolnshire for a check up, in the Cosworth. Mum let me drive and made it into a driving lesson. I didn’t object at all. Mum’s proud of her IAM membership and knows how to drive.

“I need to know that when you go out in a vehicle you are skilled enough to come home safe and sound,” she explained.

With Mum proving I wasn’t firing blanks Julie and Rosalind, Roger’s daughter by his Mother, stopped taking the pill. Even before I became a Dad proper I was driving them up to the family clinic for their first checks. It aksaray escort wasn’t planned that I make all the family females pregnant. Dad’s five were obviously passed the stage of being pregnant safely as were some of their Daughters. I concentrated on those well under 40yrs. Which left me way more than enough. I was told when a girl had stopped taking her pills and was expected to fill in for as much of the cock she would be missing as possible until she was pregnant.

The clinic had been one of the Harem’s ideas. A safe place for unmarried mothers to have their babies, including the family babies. Bob set up a clinic on land owned by his Father in Lincolnshire, When his parents died everything was left to my Father. The clinic moved into the family home.

I always took the girls up to the clinic for their first check-ups. I dropped them off near the local station and took a taxi the rest of the way. Mum’s orders, couldn’t have me delivering loads of pregnant girls to the clinic. Somebody would soon twig what was going on. They took a taxi back to the station and I picked them up. The Harem planned every detail.

The girls didn’t look pregnant at that point so the hotel staff, in Peterborough, must have thought I was a stud or a right bastard. It made the girls laugh and we fucked hard most of the night receiving knowing looks from the staff at breakfast. Quite often the girls wanted to visit places and so we made a short holiday of the event. It was a good system and worked well. I also got to spend some quality time with the mothers of my children which was a big bonus.

Life on the family front was pretty stable. Mum dealt with my ‘appointments’. Anne and Anne-too, continued to support the Rugby team and we were doing very well on it. Sally was away at Uni and I popped down to see her once a month. We had big family parties/orgies up at the farm and I continued to make my Sisters and Nieces pregnant.

### ### ###

I wasn’t getting very far with finding Valerie or even identifying her accurately although I assumed that she was, in fact, Valerie Marples, not Price as the earlier research suggested. On a whim I contacted the Land Registry hoping to find the previous owner of Oak Tree Cottage. I did but it didn’t appear to help very much, a Mr. Dewhurst. He only appeared to have owned it for a few months, which struck me as odd but I had no means of finding out why. There was no ‘Find my Past’ or Ancestry back then. No internet to speak of either for that matter.

As requested I kept Mum, Ruth and Carol updated on the fact that I’d possibly found Valerie’s real surname. The anomaly of the previous owner’s short possession niggled but I thought I had nothing of import to pass on, at that time.

### ### ###


Late March, wet and miserable. The Tranny was being MOT’d and I was sitting in a warm cafe enjoying a coffee and a bacon sandwich and mulling over the previous, phenomenal, nine months or so.

Despite my new status I was still, happily, pottering around in the old Transit. I’d tidied it up and got things organised a lot better. The grubby mattress was gone as were the odd blankets and cushions. It had all been a little bit surreptitious in the past. Trying to pretend it was just somewhere to rest after a hard Rugby game. Now it was all out in the open, a shag wagon cum works vehicle, although ‘work’ didn’t figure too heavily on my worksheet. Work tools and essential equipment lived in organised bins on one side and the little heavy equipment I might need was in one big box on the floor. The box formed the base for the bed which was mounted on the opposite wall and swung down when required. The walls of the van were lined with insulation material used in camper vans and covered with thin plywood. It all looked very clean and tidy, totally unlike the vehicle I’d lost my virginity to Anne in.

Despite having no problemsfinding somewhere to fuck, the van still got a great deal of use. Mum and Julie particularly enjoyed outdoor sex so the van was used to get to places and if the weather turned cold we’d fuck in the van rather than outside. Becky’s favourite location was in the big car park in the centre of town. She really liked to make the vehicle rock then. I used it to take Sally to and from Uni (more on that later). Whilst I had unlimited, access to nineteen beautiful, cock hungry sluts aged from teens to their Grandmothers the Harem had given me permission to fuck ‘off piste’ whenever I felt the need. Their logic being that variety was the spice of life. There was one caveat though. If I fucked off piste I had to get checked out and a clean bill of health obtained before I fucked a family girl again. Since meeting Anne I hadn’t even considered going ‘off piste’ on a ‘wouldn’t mind fucking her’ kind of way. Having said that Sally wanted me to help her enjoy her flatmates and I’d been only too happy to oblige (more on that also, later).


I turned, startled from my reverie.

“Sorry, miles away. May I help ataköy escort you?” I replied politely.

Older than me, mid twenties? Tall, long, straw blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes under a Cossack hat. A big fur coat covered her right down to her tall, long fur topped leather boots. Even with all the really interesting bits covered she looked utterly beautiful. I recognised her from somewhere. Not family but certainly as good looking as the women in my family. I frowned, trying to place her.

She smiled and her pretty face lit up.

“You don’t recognise me?”

“I know I’ve seen you but I’m having trouble remembering where, sorry.” I apologised.

“Rugby?” she suggested helpfully.

I smiled, gotcha!

“Well, you’re not one of the players. I’d have noticed you in the changing rooms,” I laughed, “one of the team’s girlfriends? You always stand just passed the centre line, on the right when we’re playing forward?” I tried.

“So you do notice me! Even with your beautiful girlfriend and her mother around? That makes me feel all tingly.” she giggled, “Rupert,” she finished.

Rupert? Rupert was invariably the player of the match. He scored the tries. He earned the points and seldom did a match go by when Rupert didn’t earn the right to fuck Anne or her mother, sometimes both. The other team members didn’t complain. They fed him the balls, if he touched down then they would usually get an ‘assist’ and a share of Anne or her mother. Win, win all round. And now his delicious girlfriend was going to complain. Ouch!

“Can I get you a coffee or something?” I offered, trying to defuse the possible situation.

“How long have you got?” she responded, still looking quite happy.

“Van’s in for an MOT, they said to come back about 10:30 so,” I looked at my watch, “about 20 minutes and after that I’m free until lunch time.”

“I’m free all day,” she announced, “I’ll have a coffee, thanks, white no sugar.”

She sat and I got two coffees.

“So, Rupert’s your boyfriend?” I asked placing the drinks on the table.

She leaned towards me and said, quite quietly,

“It’s a bit too busy here to discuss that. Let’s just get to know one another a bit. We can talk when we go to get the van, if that’s alright?”

Her name was Roberta, which should have registered and didn’t. She didn’t offer a surname and I didn’t ask because I should have known. I’d played rugby with her brother for a few years. Truth is I didn’t know many of their surnames. We weren’t mates as such, just rugby players in a team. We chatted about general things.

She and Rupert had been brought up by their Dad and Grandmother after their Mum had died during childbirth. They’d moved south to be closer to their Great Grandmother. I swapped similar information, the public version. She had removed her coat while I fetched the coffees but was still pretty much covered by a big floppy jumper. She was bright and cheerful, nicely touchy feely, vivacious. We actually got on like a house on fire and I even considered going off piste if the chance arose.

### ### ###

“Where would you like to go,” I asked as she climbed into the van.

“Somewhere we can talk? Far enough to get the heater working?”

Obviously home wasn’t an option for her and it might be difficult explaining why it wasn’t for me. I drove out into the country and parked by a brand new, galvanised, five bar gate secured with a strong, new, galvanised chain and padlock. There was a new, matching, unsecured, walkers gate to the side. I opened the the bigger gate, parked on the gravel, off to the side and secured the gate. Nobody was going to move me on. Strangely Roberta made no comment.

“Warmer?” I asked.

“Yes, thank you. Rupert calls this your shag wagon, says you have a bed in the back?” she smiled innocently.

My turn to smile. Definitely going off piste! I turned in the seat and un-clipped the bed support and folded it down.

“Is your boyfriend going to be alright with this?” I checked.

“Rupert will be fine. He sent me to see you actually, said he was shagging both your girlfriends, he’s right in thinking that both of them are your girlfriends I assume?, on a very regular basis and I should offer my services to you to try and balance it up a bit. Oh, and he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my brother by the way.”

“Your brother? And you’re happy with this?”

“Oh yes, totally,” she responded as she stepped through into the rear of the van.

I followed. Hung her coat on the rail clothes hanger and pulled the opaque blind down.

“Any preferences?” I asked carefully. I certainly didn’t want to upset her at this stage.

“I like to be naked when I fuck and much prefer to be outside. Spring to Autumn outside as much as possible, Winter back seat of a car or a nice bed in a van. I love bodily juices anywhere you might want to deposit them. She pulled off her big jumper revealing nothing except a delicious pair of tits and a toned abdomen. I licked my lips lasciviously.

“I do so hope they like to be man-handled,” I grinned.

“If you need three guesses you’re not the man I’ve been led to believe you are,”

The skirt came off as easily — stockings, suspenders and long boots. Perfection! She shuffled into the middle of the bed and offered me her booted foot.

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