My 1st Foreskin Experience

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I can remember the first time I had experienced my first uncircumcised cock. I was 33 and at a girlfriends new house for a swim party. I had the urge to pee while swimming so I ran around the house looking for the rest room. When I opened the door to what I thought was the bathroom, it was my girlfriends bedroom instead. To my surprise, I found my girlfriend Lori, showing her husbands large cock to another girlfriend. He stood in front of them as they knelt beside the bed staring at what Lori had always bragged to us about.

Whenever we got on the subject of sex, she would always bring up stories about her husband Greg’s, uncircumcised cock and how they were better than the tightly circumcised ones. We never listened to her and believed that all males born in the United States were suppose to be circumcised at birth anyway. That was just the way we did things here in the United States.

I was embarrassed and turned to head out when Lori ran up and grabbed my arm. She whispered in a soft calm voice, “come in and see what I’ve been talking about all these years.” With curiosity and excitement, I shut the door and kneeled beside my girlfriends. I continued to watched as Lori instructed her husband to masturbate himself in front of us. That’s when I finally got to see what an uncircumcised cock looked like.

It was exciting to see the head of his cock peeking out from beneath the silky folds of his foreskin. With my heart pounding in my chest, I stared closely with full attention as he stroked his cock slowly. I watched as I followed the movement of the foreskin move back and forth over the big head of his cock. The tanned foreskin draped tightly over the engorged head, highlighting the contours of his cock head as it strained under the elastic boundaries of its foreskin.

Greg continued to masturbate in front of me, slowly pushing and pulling his foreskin back and forth over his swollen cock head. Making the head of his cock appear and disappear before my virgin eyes. The folds of his foreskin would bunch up and hang loosely over the head of his cock with each tug. With each pull, his cock head would be stripped free of it’s foreskin, only to be pulled back tightly to expose the head of his cock. It appeared to be soft and moist and extremely sensitive. Not rough and dry looking like the circumcised ones that I have only experienced. I never knew that the foreskin of an uncircumcised cock could be drawn back so tightly to resemble a cut one. It was versatile, appearing to be cut and uncut as he stroked his foreskin in front of me.

Lori knew what I wanted by the way I stared with my mouth held wide open. She gave me the go ahead first and instructed me to take over and explore every inch of her husband’s natural uncircumcised cock. While Lori and her girlfriend watched, I then quickly wrapped my fingers around his shaft and then realizing how enormous and thick his cock really was. I gradually pulled back his foreskin as shown and began to gently manipulate it back and forth over the hard, shiny, pink head of his cock.

It didn’t take long for his cock to begin to lubricate. I held that beautiful foreskin all the way back off the glans bahis firmaları with one hand and began to massage the natural lubricants all around the head of his cock. I used enough pressure to create a light friction, but not so much friction that I would over stimulate his highly sensitive glans. I looked over at Lori and could tell from the semi glazed look in her eyes that she was extremely turned on by watching me explore her husbands beautiful uncircumcised cock for my first time.

I began to probe and examine Greg’s balls while

Continuing to stroke his foreskin back over the head of His cock until it bunched up into a pucker, then pulled the foreskin all the way back off his cock and to his balls until the shaft was completely smooth and stretched tight. Resembling what I was accustomed to seeing from my boyfriends, I immediately pulled the foreskin back over it’s sensitive glans.

Without asking permission from Lori, I put out my tongue and ran it over that loose skin around the knob of Greg’s cock. It was soft and silky, moving under my lips as I sucked it into my mouth. I found that I could push it forward and back over the big cock head, slide it somewhat side to side.

“Play with it, “Lori said as she caressed my head. “Yeah, suck it all you want.”

I obeyed as I kept sucking on her husband’s knob. My tongue was swirling around it, delighting in the feel of that loose fold of skin.

“All right,” Lori said to Greg. “Let’s show her what being fucked is suppose to feel like.” I was surprised that Lori would let it go that far.

I was hesitant since I have always kept my pussy shaved free of pubic hair. I have always kept it like that since I reached puberty until now. I never enjoyed having hair down there, plus it allows me to wear my skimpy g-strings during the summer time. My boyfriends never complained, in fact sometimes I wondered that’s why they stayed with me. I would look forward to letting them shave it for me before we had sex. I felt nervous because of that and because I have never really been naked in front of Lori and her girlfriend, or Greg for that matter.

Greg held my hand and lifted me off my knees and guided me to their bed. Both Lori and her girlfriend gave me no choice by stripping me free of my bathing suit. Before I knew it, I stood there naked. My bathing suit lay scattered on the carpet bellow me. Only my long blonde hair laid scattered over my 36c breast and hiding my hardened nipples. With my pussy lips moist and protruding from it’s hairless mound, I stood there while they all looked me over.

Seeing Greg’s eyes focusing on my hairless cunt, I looked down at his cock to see what his reactions were. To my curiosity, his flaccid cock began to stiffen causing his foreskin to roll back and slowly exposing the swelling head of his cock. Both Lori and her friend told me how beautiful and smooth my pussy looked and that they couldn’t wait to have their Husband’s shave their pussies bare. That was a sign of approval. I relaxed and went on with anticipation as my juices began to flow between my legs.

I gently lowered myself onto the bed and laid there while Greg rushed toward my hairless kaçak iddaa dripping wet pussy. He spread my legs and proceeded to masturbate my clitoris with his tongue. Licking, chewing, and sucking until my pussy was begging for that beautiful skin covered cock of his.

Sexually aroused, I lost track of being watched and waited as Greg lowered that huge uncircumcised cock into my waiting pussy. I felt like I was losing my virginity all over again. To feel for my first time a natural unskinned cock.

I felt his foreskin rolling back as he inserted his entire eight inches into my pussy. As he withdrew, I felt it pull forward within me and recovering his glands. I never felt anything so smooth and silky between my leg before. It was definitely a different feeling from the circumcised cocks that I’ve had. They would always pull my pussy lips in as they inserted causing friction and soreness.

Greg pumped me as my pussy masturbated his uncut beauty making me cum several times. I never came more than once in my entire life before. My pussy felt like it could be fucked forever without getting sore. The feeling was wickedly unbelievable. Nothing could explain the feeling, you would have to experience one first hand to fully understand.

Greg pulled out and waived his drooling cock in front of my face. I stared down it’s funneled foreskin and knew what he wanted. I immediately reached for that cock of his and took it into my hands. I began to pump and chew on his foreskin as he straddled my chest. Within a few moments, I felt his cock grow larger in my mouth I sensed his urge to cum so I clamped down on that silky foreskin as he exploded into his hooded cock. I watched as his foreskin ballooned and filled with his own cum. I kept stroking and clamped my teeth tighter trying not to let his cum spew out from within his foreskin. Greg must have been as excited as I was because he came too much and his foreskin couldn’t stretch enough to accommodate his load. He erupted past his skin and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his cum before I licked his cock and foreskin clean.

I cleaned up and watched further as Lori guided her friend towards Greg’s cock. It was her turn to further explore Greg’s uncut cock.

Lori instructed her to grab Greg’s foreskin between her fingers and tug on his already limp cock. She said that Greg loved to stretch his foreskin and that it kept it long, lose and tender. She then shoved her finger into Greg’s foreskin and began stretching it outward. Greg enjoyed it because he got semi erect from all of the playing she did with Lori’s instructions. Once Greg got hard again, he mounted her and gave her the same experience that he gave me. That got me turned on again watching Greg give it to another woman while his wife and I watched. He pulled out and dumped another load down her throat. She gagged and didn’t seem to enjoy swallowing his cum as I did.

We cleaned ourselves up and rested a bit, but to our surprise, Lori had more to show us. She quickly grabbed us and eagerly placed us back in front of Greg. His cock was extremely limp and the foreskin laid bunched up past the head of his cock. His balls shriveled kaçak bahis and hung low. It appeared to be drained of cum.

We watched as Lori continued to educate us both. She showed us the different layers of the foreskin, and all of the erotic zones it had. We learned about circumcision and the skin and frenulum that gets removed during the process. We continued for hours as she instruct us to perform endless things on her husband’s stretched and exhausted foreskin.

Lori explained that in order to keep Greg’s cock totally covered when erect took lots of foreskin stretching since Greg has always had a short foreskin. She said, “The first time I saw Greg’s cock, it was soft and the foreskin hid behind the head if his cock.” She never knew that he was uncircumcised until he told her after they made love. He explained that he was always embarrassed of his foreskin and ever since he could remember, he had always wore his foreskin retracted. In time it shrank and remained behind his glands as if he had been cut at birth. Since then, she read everything that she could get her hands on. Everything at the public library to books, newsletters, organizations, and magazines from various adult book stores in her neighborhood. Lori said that she got the most information from specialty magazines that were published for the intact community. She shared her obsession with Greg and he latter accepted the fact that he had nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone who has been cut at birth were the ones who got to miss out on the pleasures that the foreskin can give to each other.

Learning and applying all of the different skin stretching and foreplay techniques they used together, Greg’s foreskin stretched back to recover and now overhangs off of his cock about a good half inch. He said that he regained the sensitivity back since the head of his cock stayed protected within the foreskin. His foreskin grew in time while giving them both more to play with and plenty of pleasures during sex.

After what seemed hours, we got ourselves together and joined the party. No one knew that we were missing. I looked at the other girls at the party and they all looked at me as if they had once got the chance to explore Greg’s uncircumcised cock too!

Thinking to myself while driving home that night, about all the men in my past and none of them had a foreskin. It made me understand how sacred and scarce a natural cock could be. All of my men have been circumcised and deprived of their foreskins at birth. I now learned that there are no medical reasons to strip off a piece of healthy skin that would be so erotic and full of pleasure to both sexes. The things that I learned from Lori. The things you could do with an uncircumcised cock seemed endless. All of those cocks I made love to and I thought that I knew it all!. I began to feel envious of Lori, knowing that she’s got the best of both worlds.

Since the encounter, I’ve been obsessed and gone out and brought several men back home with me. I would be excited by think about what I might find until they stripped and to only be disappointed by a tightly circumcised cock. My sex life has never been so disappointing. I’ve looked everywhere!. I even put adds in newspapers and swingers magazines, but Greg’s cock has been the only and last piece of skin I’ve had to keep me searching. I liked his natural cock better than any I have experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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