Ms. ‘Just Call Me Randi’ Bunny

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“Dude, she wants me…” Jason whispered, elbowing Karl in the ribs and peering at the new gym teacher, Ms. Randi Bunny, out of the corner of his eye. She was running the class through drills two boys at a time. The older boys, the seniors, watched lazily from the bleachers as they waited their turn.

Karl snorted and hiked up his running shorts, “Gimme a break. How could she want your lame ass when she wants me?” He made a show of suavely slicking back his dark hair, long rabbit’s ears lying down as he did so.

Jason elbowed him again, harder this time. Karl snickered, rubbing his side with a paw and turning to follow Jason’s gaze. Ms. ‘Just Call Me Randi’ Bunny was running up and down the basketball court, her impossibly perky, medium sized breasts bouncing with every step.

She gave out tips and advice to each of the students as they went through the drills, appearing not to notice that most of their minds weren’t on the balls they were supposed to be dribbling. Jason and Karl watched as one glassy-eyed wolf morph lost track of his and went stumbling after it, still trying to focus on Randi’s breasts.

“Look at them falling all over themselves, Jay,” Karl snickered, shuffling forward with the squirrel as they moved closer to the front of the line.

Jason laughed softly and shook his head, shifting his grey, bushy plume of a tail to one side. “Man, I’m sure as hell not gonna do that when our turn comes up.”

Karl chuckled softly in agreement, then murmured, “Bet yer glad you didn’t drop the class now, huh?”

Jason nodded, grinning widely at his friend, then turned back to see what was happening.

The whole line burst out laughing as the boy caught up with the ball unexpectedly and went flying face first, sliding a few feet on the shiny court surface.

Ms. Bunny blew her whistle and ran over to him, much to the delight of all the oogling students, and went down on her knees. She fawned over him for a moment, petting his ankle, and then pressed a tender kiss to it.

“Oh man! Look at that!” Karl squawked.

Jason nodded dumbly beside him. “Dude, is he lucky or what?”

Jason and Karl paused, and then looked at each other simultaneously, evil grins twisting their lips.

“Let’s do it…” Karl said in a low voice.

Jason nodded, giving his friend a quiet high five, and turned back to the action.

Randi was jogging back to the boys remaining on the court, blowing her whistle. The fur that had tripped was limping slowly off to the locker room with a dopey grin on his face. “All right, boys! Once more!”

Jason and Karl shuffled forward in the line, giving each other covert glances as their turn came and the basketballs were passed to them. They both ran forward, dribbling. Randi blew her whistle and clapped her hands together as they drew near, “That’s right, boys! You’ve got it!”

Jason looked over at Karl and saw his jaw going slack. He glanced in the direction his friend was staring and balked, his mind suddenly going blank. A pleasantly warm, tingling sensation settling in its place; running drills and dribbling a basketball suddenly seemed so meaningless.

Randi stood there only a few feet from them, her Lifton Tails High regulation t-shirt clasping her succulent lapine form in exquisite detail. He could even see the outline of one hard nipple through her…

His thoughts and view were rudely ripped from him as Karl crashed into his legs, sending him sprawling.

They groaned in unison, sitting up on the linoleum and checking themselves over to make sure nothing was broken. Jason gave Karl a dirty look and whispered fiercely, “Man, you didn’t have to take me down that hard…”

Karl grinned sheepishly, rubbing at an knee, “Sorry, dude, I really did trip. I mean, did you see those…” He trailed off as Ms. Randi jogged over to them, just as they’d hoped she would, a concerned look on her face.

“Are you boys all right? Oh, if I’d known these drills were so dangerous I never would have had you do them,” she said, kneeling down between them and settling back on her heels. They just sat there. Staring.

Randi paused, looking from one to the other. “Boys?” They didn’t respond.

She frowned to herself, and then gave a slow smile. “How about you two stay after class. I’d like to… Have a talk with you. Both of you. For right now, go sit the rest of the class out on the bench and rest up…”

She stood and walked a few feet, her cute rear swaying from side to side as she moved, then paused and winked at them over one shoulder, “You’re going to need it.”

Jason and Karl stared after her in shock as she returned to the remaining boys, then slowly pulled themselves up off the court and walked, trance-like, over to the bench.

Jason shook his head, clearing it, and blinked over at Karl, “Did she just…?”

Karl returned his gaze, equally mystified. “I don’t know, dude… Maybe she wants both of us?”

Neither of them laughed this bahis firmaları time–they just turned and watched as Ms. Randi Bunny finished up with the rest of the drills.

“Whew! Great work out, boys! Now hit the showers, all of you. No exceptions! I’ll be right in for a head count.” Ms. Randi said, walking over and opening the equipment room door next to Karl and Jason.

They both watched as the rest of the boys filed quickly into the locker room, most looking over their shoulders at Randi as she began to pick up the stray basketballs and toss them with unerring accuracy into an equipment bin.

They fidgeted for a good five minutes before she noticed them. The rest of the class had all finished their showers and were already packing up to leave.

“Boys? Aren’t you going to go take a shower?” she asked, tossing the remaining balls into the bin and drawing her whistle up over her head.

They both sputtered in response, standing quickly and nodding.

“Of course you are. Go on in, I’ll be in in a moment,” she said with a smile, turning and striding off to lock up the gym.

Jason looked at Karl and saw eyes as wide as his own. “Dude…” he said softly, voice reverent.

Karl nodded slowly, swallowing. “C’mon, let’s go.”

They turned and walked into the locker room together. “Do you think she…” Jason began soaping up, looking over at Karl standing naked at the shower one down from his. His friend had a fairly nice body. Not as filled out as his own — he was almost 19 after all and several months up on Karl — but broader in the shoulders.

“No… Come on, that’s just some fur’s wet dream. She’ll probably catch us on our way out or something,” Karl said, reaching up to adjust his showerhead.

Jason nodded, unconvinced, and resumed lathering down his chest. The showers were fairly nice as far as high schools go; white tiles clean with large, stainless steel drains set into the gently sloped floor at regular intervals. Fifteen furs could easily take shower s at one time. A dividing wall of showerheads rested in the center to offer some privacy from the main locker room itself.

Karl and Jason had chosen a spot in the far corner, as far from accidental female sight as possible.

“Well look at what we have here…” came a feminine, sultry voice from behind them. Karl and Jason looked at each other, then slowly turned around.

Randi stood there, perfectly bare, leaning against the far shower wall not five feet from them. Her soft brown fur glistened with steam collected droplets of water. She had been standing there for at least a minute or two.

She looked as perfect out of her clothes as she did in them, if not more so, shapely hourglass figure enhanced by the delicate sway of her high breasts. Her hips flared demurely into long legs and a lush rear marked by the white on brown flag of her cottontail.

“Ms. Ra– I mean, Randi. Ms. Bunny…” Jason stammered, hands flying to hide his crotch. He noticed Karl’s were doing the same.

Randi giggled, pushing off from the wall and walking slowly toward them. Jason couldn’t help but stare as she went to the shower between he and Karl and turned on the water, the bar of soap held to his chest in one paw utterly forgotten.

She turned the water on, drawing her paws up to adjust the showerhead. Her breasts lifted and swayed gently in time. Jason watched her dark brown fur grow darker as hot water sluiced down over her body. He caught his friend’s eyes over the top of Randi’s head and found him grinning like an idiot.

Randi drew her paws through her long blonde hair, tipping her face into the spray and slicking it back. Her ears swayed to the sides and back, giving her a sensual look. She stepped forward out of the stream of water and turned so her back rested against the warmed tiled wall. Grinning, she looked from Jason to Karl, noting the bars of soap in their hands.

She lifted her paws again, reaching back and catching slender fingers on the chrome pipe the showerhead attached to. This position thrust her breasts out and forced her to go up on tiptoe. “Well?” she asked, looking pointedly from Karl to Jason, then dropped her head back against the shower wall and closed her eyes.

Jason swallowed, hard, staring at Karl over the slope of Randi’s stretched body. Karl stared back at him, then shrugged and hefted his bar of soap, turning to her.

Swallowing again, Jason looked down at his own bar of soap and uncurled his stiffened fingers from it. Little divots remained where they had dug in. He took a deep breath, shrugging his shoulders out a few times, then tentatively approached Randi’s other side.

She opened her eyes, glancing from he to Karl again. Both were standing there, soap in hand, trying to work up the courage to touch her. She smiled. “You two are new at this, aren’t you?” she asked with a chuckle. “Here. I’ll make it easy.”

Randi shifted, momentarily removing her paws from the kaçak iddaa spigot and reaching out to place first Karl’s and then Jason’s soap-laden hand upon each of her breasts. She then gave a soft sigh and resumed her previous position, reclining back against the warmed tiles.

Jason froze. The feel of Randi’s pliant breast under his fingers was just as he’d imagined it would be; yielding yet firm. He steeled himself and tried to concentrate on the task at hand and not the swiftly growing erection between his legs. He could see Karl’s fingers squeezing gently at Randi’s other breast around the bar of soap in his palm, and noticed his friend was having a similar problem concentrating.

Taking a deep breath, Jason slowly began to circle the bar of soap around Randi’s breast, feeling the bump of her hardened nipple under the slick surface. He paused for a moment, then drew the soap down over the lower curve so he could feel the hard little nub under his fingertips.

Randi opened her eyes and grinned at him encouragingly, pressing her body upward. Karl looked up, saw what Jason was doing, and then did the same, sliding the soap downward and lathering the soft fur with the heel of his paw while teasing over her other nipple with his fingers.

“My boys…” she cooed affectionately. “That’s right, you’re getting the idea now,” Randi breathed, letting her eyes close again, a sultry smile on her lips.

The nipple felt hard as a pebble under Jason’s fingers, jutting upward invitingly. He glanced over at Karl, catching his eye, then up at the showerhead. Karl nodded.

Reaching, Jason tentatively swiveled the showerhead up and down, sending the warm spray cascading over Randi’s breasts and washing away the soap. His erection bobbed against her thigh as he moved, making it very difficult to keep from humping his hips. She opened her eyes and gave him a drowsy, pleasure-filled smile.

Karl stepped closer, a clouded, jealous look on his face, his own hard erection brushing against Randi’s other thigh. She turned her smile upon him, then chuckled softly, “Now boys, there’s enough of me for both of you. Share.”

He nodded stiffly, setting his soap into one of the many soap holders molded into the shower wall. Jason followed suit, rinsing his paws off. They looked at each other, then Karl grinned rakishly and laid his hands upon Randi’s breast, waiting for his friend to do the same.

Jason returned Karl’s grin, and laid his paws upon her opposite breast, gently cupping it. Randi watched them both as they did this, a secret smile on her lips, fingertips still gripping the showerhead’s heated piping.

Jason nodded to Karl, then leaned in, licking his lips in anticipation, his muzzle hovering over the hard little nipple. He flicked his grey eyes up again, saw his friend’s lips sliding closed around Randi’s other nipple, then did the same, suckling the hard bit of flesh into his mouth.

Randi’s body arched deeply as she groaned with pleasure and fell back against the tiled wall, her fingers slipping from the showerhead pipe. She brought her hands up, sliding them into the thick, wet hair at each boy’s head, pulling them closer to her breasts.

Jason felt a thrill of pleasure bolt through him at the sound of Randi’s obvious enjoyment, his cock hardening further. He didn’t think he could get any harder without bursting, but it felt so good… Groaning softly, he suckled hard at her breast, drawing her nipple into his mouth as far as he could and then flicking his tongue over it madly.

Randi gasped, her fingers curling into his hair, pulling at his soft ears. Even that felt good as he massaged her breast with his paws and continued to suckle. He heard Karl moan softly next to him and opened his eyes to see his friend grinding his cock against her softly rounded hip. The sight almost pushed him over the edge. He paused, closing his eyes and barely moving, suckling lightly at the nipple in his mouth for a moment until he felt he had control of himself again.

He opened his eyes to find Randi grinning down at him, her hand affectionately gliding over his slicked back hair. She gently pulled them both from her breasts, stroking over their ears and hair, then stepped through the stream of water between them. Glancing back, she smiled, then beckoned to them as she walked over to one of the steel drains set into the sloped tile floor. Water swirled around her feet, rushing into the darkness.

They joined her. Jason looked over at Karl and was gratified to see his friend’s throbbing hardon was just as intense as his own. Karl grinned back over at him, long ears laying back in embarrassment, but his attention was quickly reclaimed by Randi as she went down on her knees before him. Jason heard his friend gulp audibly, even over the hissing roar of the showers.

Randi turned about, rivulets of warm water washing up over her feet and calves on its way to the drain, then slowly crawled out onto her hands and knees. Her breasts swayed kaçak bahis heavily under her, hard nipples brushing the floor whenever she moved in just the right way.

She smiled wantonly up at Jason, then looked at Karl over her shoulder, spread her legs, and flagged her tail upward to reveal the glistening, pouting lips of her sex. Jason stared, dumbfounded. Karl twitched.

“Here’s your chance, boys. I’ll teach you something you won’t learn in any old gym class…” Randi murmured. She grinned back at Jason and beckoned him closer with one outstretched paw. Her wet hair framed her face, delicate, wispy tendrils of gold already drying here and there.

Jason stared at Karl over Randi’s supine body, licking his lips, his cock rock hard. Karl stared back, then at their teacher. Slowly he moved, going down on his knees behind her, tentatively placing his paws upon her pert ass. Jason paused, and then did the same, lowering to his knees in front of Randi.

She cooed affectionately at them both, wiggling her rear under Karl’s paws, flicking her little cotton tail back and forth, up and down, hiding then revealing herself. She turned her attention back to Jason. “Now what about you, mmm? You don’t think I’d leave you out now, would I?” Jason shook his head, dropping his eyes and stammering, “N-n-no ma’am… No Ms. Randi.”

Randi grinned at him, reaching out with one paw to draw him in closer, curling her fingers up over his hip. “Of course I wouldn’t…” She looked up, made sure he was watching her, then slowly leaned in and placed a tender kiss upon the head of his throbbing cock. “That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Jason groaned, a shiver running through his body at the feel of her lips. He’d never experienced anything like it… He nodded slowly to her, straining to remain still, feeling the water pooling around his knees and the blood pulsing in his erection.

He looked up, and saw Karl was tentatively guiding his erection over the curve of Randi’s ass with one paw, lightly staining her dark fur with precum here and there, staying carefully away from the heated wetness between her legs. He glanced up at Jason, grinned lewdly, then returned his attention to Randi.

Jason gasped as he felt fingers encircle the base of his cock and swiftly returned his attention to her as well. She grinned up at him again, flicking her tail up out of Karl’s way, then lowered her mouth down upon his cockhead.

The hot wetness came close to excruciatingly pleasureful as she suckled him in, lips working, tongue darting about his hard length. Jason could feel her breath whispering over his skin, brushing through the soft, still drying fur at his groin.

He groaned, loudly, closing his eyes and bringing his paws down to her soft bunny-ears, closing his fingers around their velvety bases. This time he couldn’t help humping his hips a little, his moans of pleasure increasing as he felt himself sliding in and out of Randi’s willing mouth.

Karl was making similar sounds directly in front of him, panting groans of pleasure growing. Jason realized that his moving hips weren’t the only thing making Randi’s head bob on his cock. His friend was pounding into her from behind, paws gripping at her hips, his eyes closed and his face set into a mask of strained concentration.

Randi moaned around Jason’s shaft. The vibration sent a pleasant thrill racing down his spine along with the thick heaviness curling in his balls. Both her hands brushed forward over his hips and grabbed onto his ass, latching into place and pulling at the cheeks. His hips yanked forward, thrusting his cock right past her lips and straight down into her throat.

Groaning, Jason bent double over Randi, his paws curling into fists at her ears guiding her bobbing head into a faster rhythm. He opened his eyes at the sound of both she and Karl moaning deeply, and found he had the perfect view of Karl’s cock thrusting madly into her cunny. His friend gasped and thrust one last time, burying himself in Randi to the hilt and cumming hard.

Randi bucked wildly, keening with pleasure, only her paws at Jason’s ass keeping her in place. He cried out, ears laying back and eyes squeezing shut as Randi’s swiftly working head and mouth coaxed the cum right out of his balls. He came hard, shooting into the back of her throat, feeling her swallow all he had to give and then suckle down upon him for more.

Gasping, legs trembling, he pulled from her and collapsed with a small splash. Karl was doing much the same across from him, his shaft still hard, throbbing with aftershocks of pleasure.

Randi grinned and sat back on her heels, wiping a paw across her lips and then smacking them. “Mm mmm good…” she murred in a sultry voice, dark green eyes flashing with mischief at the both of them. Karl and Jason grinned widely back at her, still not quite aware of their surroundings.

Randi pushed her hair back from her face and gave a deep, satisfied sigh, standing slowly and walking over to the shower. She grinned at them over one shoulder as she let the hot water pool between her breasts. “I’ll be expecting to see you boys again tomorrow,” she said, turning away. “There’s much more we need to discuss…”

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