Mrs Riesin’s Son Ch. 03

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Luke sprinted across the floor of the kitchen, laughing aloud as he listened to his giant sister shout after him.

“I can’t believe you did that you little bastard!” Margaret cried, hopping up and down on one foot.

“That tack could have really hurt my foot!”

A small blot of blood was visible on the right sole of her white knee-high socks, in the approximate spot where Luke had snuck an upturned tack into her one of her shoes. The sister and tiny younger brother had begun playing pranks on each other with increasing frequency in the past week, and Anne welcomed the constant ruckus; the antics signalled a return to relative normalcy in Luke’s behaviour. Despite the unfortunate shrinking circumstances, they had reverted back to their boisterous rivalry; and in her mind that was a wonderful improvement from the bout of depression that had afflicted her poor son since the incident.

Anne sat at the kitchen table as she watched her 4-inch tall son run from the room, and let out of a squeal of delight as Margaret lept up and began to chase after him, her breasts bouncing considerably beneath the white V-neck sweater with checkered skirt she wore today. Anne squeezed her thighs together and her pussy tingled as she imagined what punishment her daughter might have in mind for retaliation. Despite whatever pranks Luke may come up with to annoy his sister, Margaret always caught up with him, and her punishment was always guaranteed to be more extreme in response.

Anne had to admit to herself, the potential new ways that her tiny son could be dominated was becoming a considerable turn on that consumed her thoughts more and more every day. Each night before bedtime in recent weeks, Anne would give Luke a big wet goodnight kiss as he lay on the small pillow on the floor beside her bed (engulfing almost half his body with her plump pink lips in the process), and then she would endure a short but agonising wait to ensure her tiny son was asleep before she moved her soft hands over the beautiful mounds of her enormous motherly breasts, each squeeze sending ripples of goosebumps across her pale flesh. Imagining all the ways in which she could use and abuse her helpless son on the floor right next to her for her pleasure, she would slide her hands down further down, brushing over her not-quite-flat but fairly toned belly, and eventually down to cup her pulsating, swollen pussy. Without fail, she was always soaking through her panties in anticipation at this point, and it didn’t take long before she would be plunging her fingers into her steamy quim to the knuckles, producing considerable amounts of sticky white girl-cum in the process. It became a nightly struggle not to scream aloud and thrash about too violently as she came hard, fantasizing about using her son in all kinds of taboo ways.

Every night, she imagined licking his tiny form all over, sucking on his body like a lollipop, and guiding him into the most intimate folds of her body – covering him in her slimy, sticky cum, and making him drink his own mother’s juices as she slid and pumped her son’s entire shrunken body in and out of her aching pussy with reckless abandon. And then, when he was completely exhausted from being used as her own personal living dildo, her taboos became even more extreme. She imagined pushing him out of her pussy, soaked in her cream, and then squatting above him and as her stomach begins to rumble and her arsehole begins to pucker and quiver…

Anne snapped out of her daydreams, realising that she must have looked quite a sight; sweating profusely in her chair, her eyes closed, cheeks flushed, one finger curled in her mouth as she sucked on it wantonly. Her sizeable bust heaved against the tight sports bra and her meaty, toned, milky white thighs squeezed together, toes curled while her pussy hummed in her skin-tight yoga shorts. She was suddenly filled with a wave of shame and guilt – the same kind that often plagued her immediately after her taboo-fantasy fuelled masturbation sessions every night. How could she entertain such nasty thoughts about her poor shrunken son? It was totally wrong, and yet that fact only seemed to make her ache to fulfil her fantasies even more, dominating her thoughts with an ever increasing frequency.

She sighed and leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes and returning her to her dirty fantasies. She shouldn’t be ashamed about her sexual desires – she reasoned with herself. After all, they’re totally private fantasies, right? Nobody knew of or could judge her for entertaining her unconventional, taboo fantasy. She bit gently at her upper lip as her mind rushed back to picturing the myriad of ways she might use and abuse her tiny son for her pleasure.

In the other room, Luke’s tiny chest heaved from the exertion that it took to sprint into the nearby bathroom and find a suitable place to hide before his sister thundered in through the door behind him, her footsteps shaking the floor and causing Luke’s teeth to chatter with each stride. Just before she entered, he had managed to slide along güvenilir bahis the white tile floor and scramble behind the toilet brush container, immediately adjacent to the toilet itself. He grinned and tried not to breathe too loudly while catching his breath as he watched the reflection on the tile on the wall of his enormous sister cursing and looking around frustratedly for him. He saw Margaret stop, and then move to close and lock the bathroom door. Was that a smile on her face?

“Oh no.” He thought to himself. “Now I’m really in trouble.”

“So you little twerp. I know you’re in here somewhere. You’ve let me no choice but to flush you out of your hiding place” Margaret said menacingly as she came to stand in front of the toilet.

Time seemed to move slow as she let her soft skirt slide down over the skin of her pert round bum, her cheeks flushing in anticipation of carrying out her new plan. Margaret felt goosebumps shoot up her creamy white thighs and she giggled as she stepped out of the fallen item of clothing in her knee-high white socks. Her panties were white with pale pink love-hearts on them today, and she hitched her thumbs into the elastic band of her underwear and began to draw them down slowly, bending over as she did so. She knew that somewhere in the room, her perverted little brother was watching. All it took was one wrong move to give his location away…

Luke stifled a gulp, his mouth running dry and his erection rising strongly as he watched the glorious sight of his giant sister’s beautiful peach shaped arse through the reflection of the tile. The room had become very quiet as she performed her little striptease, but Luke knew his older sister well, and resisted the powerful urge to get a better look at the pale round moons of Margaret’s considerable bubble butt, lest he give away his hiding place and allow her to exact her revenge.

Her panties slid down her smooth legs and hit the floor, and she took one delicate step either side of them, her feet still covered by her knee-high white socks and just more than shoulder width apart. Luke watched her bend forward seductively, swishing her hair out of her face as she looked over one shoulder to admire the curves of her own arse, and then she moved her hands to cup each of her round cheeks, pulling them apart to reveal her forbidden crevasse with her tight little asshole and beautiful pink pussy.

“I’m afraid you’ve left me no other option little Luke…” she spoke in a suddenly husky voice.

Luke’s erection was raging at this point, and he had one hand shoved into his trousers and gripped tightly around his cock. He bit his lip, incredibly turned on but also slightly confused and ashamed that he was so aroused by being teased and taunted by his sister. Maybe he could just sneak a peek and she wouldn’t notice. He shuffled towards the edge of the toilet brush container, peeking his head around the edge of it to get a better look, one hand slowly pumping his cock.

His giantess sister stood facing away from, and from his spot on the floor not far from her ankle, he had an amazing view. Her left foot right in front of him was enormous. About the size of car to Luke, it was covered by the cotton material of her knee-high socks – following the delicate arch of her foot, the curve of her heel, and then stretched taut across her round, firm calves, coming to end in the dimples behind her knee. From this close and at his size, áLuke could smell the sour-vinegary scent of her sweat; she must have slept all night in those socks, and he wondered if they would be damp to the touch. He wrinkled his nose at the smell, but it did nothing to soften his raging hard-on. Continuing his gaze up, her giant quads her visible on the outsides of her thighs, the muscles in tension beneath her skin as she bent over – sticking her amazing peach bottom out and back. On the insides of her legs, Luke saw softer pale white flesh of her thighs, with fields of goosebumps on her skin and fine, girly wispy hairs silhouetted against the morning sun.

Craning his neck upwards, he gazed up at the giant round mounds of her arse cheeks, and he gripped his rock hard cock to keep himself from coming. Her bum was full and round, and looked like the softest and most wonderful thing he had ever laid eyes on. Her cheeks were amazingly perky, holding their spherical shape as she stood. His eyes followed down the length of her massive arsecrack to the gap between her thighs where her pussy lay. Her vulva was perfectly formed, her inner lips daintily framed against the smoothness of her skin, and he could see a small patch of auburn hair on the skin below her navel. His gaze drifted down to the base of her pussy, over her soft taint, and up to where all the wonderful curves of her derriere seemed to lead; her arsehole looked tight and pink, with a beautiful halo of soft, folded, and slightly tanned skin surrounding it. At his diminutive stature, her most intimate hole would have been about the size of his entire head.

Luke stood on the tile floor looking up into to the türkçe bahis tantalising abyss of his sister’s giant bum from no more than a metre away, his gaze lingering on her pretty anus, cock in hand. All of a sudden, her pink anal ring bulged outwards obscenely, expelling a rush of hot gas into the space behind her, accompanied by a low pitched trumpet-like blast that rung in Luke’s tiny ears. Luke was right in the firing line, and the smell hit him like a wall. He could feel the warm humidity of her gas in the air surrounding him, and the musky stench of her arse filled his nose and mouth. He was disgusted by the foul wind, yet against his own volition he came to an intense orgasm; spilling his cum onto the floor as his knees buckled. He couldn’t help but let out an audible groan as his body betrayed him and claimed it’s ecstasy at the taboo circumstance.

Margaret was on him in a moment, scooping him up roughly and laughing wickedly in the process. She held Luke up to her nose, which was as big as his entire torso, and sniffed deeply. She wrinkled her nose and giggled.

“I can see you loved that, didn’t you.” She let out a mock sigh, a deviant smile never leaving her face as she spoke. Strands of auburn hair were strewn across her heart shaped face.

“Clearly my farts aren’t punishment enough for such a little pervert. Well, I’ll have to come up with something else then.” She tapped her chin with her free hand, making a show of being in thought. Luke could feel her hot breath blowing against his body as he struggled within her grasp.

“You know, Mother and I always have to babysit you while you do your business on the toilet. Maybe it’s time you returned the favour?” She said with a wink.

Luke kicked and shouted and thrashed in her grip, but it was useless. Margaret swung around with him in her hand, and sat her plump bum onto the toilet seat. She brought him down to the level of the seat between her knees. He looked down the ravine of her creamy white thighs, and saw her steamy pussy at the end. Margaret drew her delicate finger seductively from her knee up the inside of her thigh, a twinkle in her eye.

His cock began to stiffen again, pressing up against the fingers of the hand that help gripped him. “You are such a little pervert!” she laughed. “Well, be careful what you wish for little man!”

Held tight within her grip, Luke’s eyes widened in awe as a stream of steaming hot stream of urine erupted from his sister’s urethra into the toilet bowl below him. The sour smell that assaulted his senses was overwhelming, and the noise of the stream splashing into the toilet water below was deafening. From his diminutive scale, he could also feel tiny flecks of piss and toilet water flicker back up towards him.

“Let me go you psycho!” He cried, but he may as well have not said anything – no mercy was going to be forthcoming from Margaret. From the leer she was giving him as she emptied her bladder, she was enjoying her revenge too much. Luke continued to thrash in vain in her giant hands.

As the stream of his giant sister’s sticky hot piss began to dither to a trickle, Luke noticed her shift her bare milky thighs apart on the toilet seat, widening the open crevice between her round white asscheeks.

“You can’t be serious! This is too far!” He cried out – but his body was telling another story. His tiny erection was raging again, poking directly between two of his sister’s grasping fingers. She gave his tiny cock a squeeze with her hand as she laughed him off.

“Don’t lie to me, perv. I know you’re enjoying this way more than you’d like to admit, you freak. I saw your little fart-sniffing cum episode on the bathroom floor before. Let’s see how much you enjoy this then!”

Luke saw her stomach muscles tighten, as she furrowed her brow and squeezed her insides. An echoing series of farts erupted from her tight pink sphincter, the edge of which was only just visible to Luke through the darkness of her ass crack as it vibrated with each release. A series of short put-put-puts rang out into the toilet bowl, followed by a longer airier blast which rattled off after a few seconds.

Luke felt the hurricane of musty-humid-filthy air engulf him, and he had no choice but to breathe in the dizzying thick gas. His vision blurred and his head lolled from side to side as he endured his giant sister’s toilet torture, his eyes welling up in shame and humiliation as his body convulsed feebly, his cock spurting forth a tiny load of cum once more. He heard his sister’s words ringing out around him as he surveyed the flecks of filth that were splattered against the porcelain of the toilet bowl below, the girlish glee in her voice sounding particularly cruel to his ears…

“…you’re lucky I don’t have a big stinky turd ready to push out for you this time little man…” She said with a giggle. Luke shuddered as she uttered the next words: “And remember, if you tell Mom what we’ve been up to, I can think of waaaay nastier things to do with you.”

She placed him on the floor as she began güvenilir bahis siteleri to wipe herself clean with toilet paper, laughing as he sunk to a heap, his four-inch body heaving from the sordid encounter. “Besides, it would be pointless to dob on me – you know she’ll side with me anyway.” She said slyly as she wiped the paper across her tacky butthole. “After all, I’m the only one left with a real future. You will just be forever Mom’s cute little play-thing to look after and do with as she likes. You’re less than a human now.”

As she flushed the toilet, Luke began to sob in a tiny heap. “You’re right!” He cried out, a flood of emotion rushing back to overwhelm him. “It’s all over for me. I’ll never have a proper education! I’ll never get a job. I’ll never have a girlfriend or get to travel! I’m just going to be this fucking tortured little doll for the rest of my life!”

Seeing how genuinely upset she’d made him, Margaret felt a twinge of guilt. He might be a pathetic toy-thing now, but he was still family she supposed. She hitched her panties back up to cover her trimmed auburn bush, and squatted down to face him closer to his position on the toilet floor.

“Sorry little man. I didn’t mean to make you sad – I was just trying to get even with your prank. You know Mom and I will always be here to look aft- … well, to be here for you.” She said as sweetly as she could muster.

Luke wiped tears from his eyes, looking up at the uncharacteristic display of clemency from his enormous and beautiful sister. “I’m right though, aren’t I” He spoke dejectedly. “None of that stuff is going to happen for me”

“Well look on the bright side buddy. You get to hang out with two absolutely drop-dead gorgeous women the size of skyscrapers. It’s constant big boobs and big butts for you – isn’t that every guy’s dream? You get to live it!” She said with a laugh. Her expression turned wily as she continued. “Plus, I wouldn’t worry so much about the whole girlfriend thing. I don’t think Mom is going to be able to last much longer keeping her hands off you!” She giggled.

“What?!” Exclaimed Luke incredulously. “Mom wants to… do stuff with me? Isn’t that you know… incest or whatever? Morally wrong?”

Margaret flipped her auburn fringe away from her face and gave a surprisingly nonchalant shrug. “It’s certainly not normal, but then neither is being shrunk to 4-inches tall and having to pretend that you basically don’t exist anymore. Besides, she has serious sexual urges that she tries to keep a hold of, with nobody to help her release them.” Luke’s jaw was hanging open in shock as his sister continued their bathroom chat.

“She tells me about them all the time – we’ve always talked about that stuff. She knows which guys I like to mess with at school, and I know when she’s struggling with being so horny and alone all the time. Hell squirt, just this morning she was telling me how she still can’t stop fantasizing about that time I made you sniff my fart at the dining table!” She said with a laugh. “She was telling me, she was so shocked and knew she had to tell me off, but all she really wanted to do was grab you by the hair and keep you there. Start barking orders for you to lick and sniff and stuff. Do you think I would have done that in the first place if I didn’t know I couldn’t get away with it? Don’t get me wrong, she loves you and wants to be a good mommy too, but she’s got a serious dominant and kinky streak that she’s always been trying to keep in check. And now that you’re so tiny and helpless, well… it’s just a matter of time really…”

Luke’s face had turned a furious shade of red. Seemingly odd things about his experiences growing up had suddenly come into a strange focus for him. He recalled multiple occasions of being pinned down in compromising positions beneath his sister’s bottom or scissor gripped between her thighs as they wrestled as kids – begging his Mom looking on to tell Margaret to let him tap out, and watching Anne just blatantly give her daughter tips on how better to smother him instead. Or when he was caught playing computer games instead of studying, how his Mom would punish him by forcing him to lie on the floor at the foot of the living room couch and make him rub her (often smelly) feet.

Margaret watched the cogs turning in his little brain with amusement. “Makes a bit of sense now doesn’t it? Remember the dreaded panty-punishment?” She grinned wickedly. “That was my favourite to watch! Remember how if you cussed in front of her, Mom used to make you go into her room, pick out a pair of her used panties from her washing hamper, and wear them on your head for an hour?” She laughed as she recalled the humiliating image. “It worked a treat! You didn’t swear around Mom for much longer after that! No wonder you are such a dirty pervert though”

“Yeah I’m not so sure that is an accident anymore…” He said dejectedly as he recalled the memory of the used panty-punishment, remembering the musky smell of his beautiful mother’s used thongs and cotton underwear that she would make him to drape across his face for misbehaving. His cock stirred involuntarily at the memory of the dirty, sweaty, humiliating scent. He was suddenly viewing his mother in a different light. He was suddenly scared.

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