Mrs Lansdowne Next Door. Pt. 08

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In order to understand the context of this episode, you should read Pt 6 &Pt 7.

Not a usual scenario for one of my stories, but more of an accident that might, or might not, have future repercussions.


Eventually I slept, and when I awoke and went into the kitchen to get a drink of water, I heard Becky upstairs, having one of her loud orgasms, closely followed by the grunt of Ray as he came too.

My mind was completely mashed, I was in a total state of confusion, so when Becky came downstairs she had to reiterate the solemn promise of the night before.

Of course, logically, I knew mum had no idea, and it was this rationalisation that eventually settled my mind.

Like so many ‘worries’ they always seemed worse in the dark of night, in your bed, and I was glad that daylight had come.

When I returned home that Sunday morning, mum was in the shower, having just got back from Hanne and Andy’s next door. I was making toast when she came downstairs.

“It was a good night wasn’t it? I went to the club thinking I’d just have a look to see what it was all about, and then, surprisingly, I ended up…….well enjoying myself!”

“Mum, do you think we should be discussing this? I know we said that we would be open, but……”

I could feel my heart beating faster.

“Ok, but I want you to know that you should be free to talk about stuff. So did you ‘do anything’ last night, or shouldn’t I ask?”

“Oh god,” I thought to myself, if only she knew.

“No, I just took it all in, I think that Ray and Becky’s friend Zoe might have fancied me, and there were a couple of older women who chatted me up.”

“Oooooh you should have taken up one of the offers, I know the more mature ladies have fancied you, I’ve seen my friends looking at you on occasions.”

She laughed, unaware of the irony.

I needed a distraction, and strangely it came just after lunchtime.

I was out in the garden just getting some fresh air, when I heard someone crying from Anne’s house next door. She had the bifold doors open, and there was definitely sobbing coming from indoors.

I thought it was Anne, but as I looked over the top of the fence, I saw her, just inside, with someone else.

Anne saw me looking over, and came outside.

“Billy, it’s Debbie, Graham has been awful…..”

I interrupted, it was awkward talking over the fence, and so I said, “I’ll come round, hang on.”

Wondering what an earth had happened, I told mum briefly, and left in a hurry.

Going in through the side gate, I saw Debbie, head in hands, sitting at the table in the lounge. When I entered, she lifted up her head, revealing a black eye, and tears running down her face.

I knew that she was one of Anne’s oldest friends, and it was obvious that she had been hit, or punched, presumably by the obnoxious Graham.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she sobbed, “he came home drunk last night, and when I didn’t get his breakfast this morning……he just lost it, and started hitting me.”

Just then her phone rang. She saw that it was Graham, and straight away dissolved in more tears. She didn’t answer, and looking at the phone there had been many missed calls.

“He’ll come here, I know he will.”

Just then mum joined us, she’d had experience of domestic violence in her work, and she tried to get Debbie to open up.

I left her to it, and returned home. I wouldn’t have been any help at all.

Two hours later mum returned, accompanied by Debbie.

“Debbie’s going to be staying with us tonight. She’s worried that Graham will assume she’s at Anne’s, because they’re old friends, so I’ve offered to let her stay with us, until we can sort out some sort of refuge, or some mediation tomomorrow.”

I smiled across at Debbie, and asked if I could make her a coffee or tea. Mum couldn’t have known about my liaison with Debbie at Anne’s party.

She came out into the kitchen with me, to fill me in on what she was intending to do. She was going to make a few phone calls, and prepare the ground for Monday.

After Debbie had drunk some coffee mum took her upstairs and asked her if she wanted a shower, and offered her a change of clothes.

I left them to it, and went back round to Anne’s to find out the back story. It became obvious from her, that Graham was a nasty, controlling guy.

Apparently Anne had gone out for a couple of dates with him, before he started going out with Debbie. Reading between the lines he had not been antalya escort a very nice character then. She didn’t go into details, but I guessed the rest.

“Just look after her tonight Billy, treat her gently, I know she likes you, even only after meeting you that one evening at my party.”

I must have looked a bit guilty because Anne continued, “She told me what happened, and you must have lit some sort of fire, because she has asked after you a couple of times since then.”

I filled her in how it had happened. “We were trying to wind Graham up when he was flirting and mauling Lucy in the hot tub. We got a bit carried away down at the bottom of the garden. I’ll be careful.”

When I got back home Debbie looked totally refreshed. She was wearing one of mum’s dresses, and mum had worked miracles with some make up on Debbie’s eye.

We had a salad for our evening meal, and mum spent some time reassuring Debbie about the next day, and making sure she felt safe about Graham. She assured her that she would phone her mid morning once she’d confirmed some appointments.

After showing her the spare bedroom, mum went to bed, saying that she was tired. I’d almost forgotten about Saturday evening, but the memory haunted me once again.

I think we both felt slightly awkward when we were left alone. I broke the ice by asking if she would like a nightcap.

“I’d love a brandy, if you have any, it might buck me up!”

“Sure, Debbie, I’m really sorry about what’s happened, I could tell at Anne’s party that you weren’t happy with Graham, and he sounded a bit of a bully then.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d said the right thing, or if I’d put my foot in it, but Debbie smiled, “Yes, he was a shit that evening, I guess that’s why I went too far with you.”

As I handed her the glass, I just said, “Err……well……yes…..maybe.”

“Maybe what?…..too far…..or too little?” Debbie surprised me.

“I’d better not say, it was just a memorable evening.” I replied.

“Come and sit down here Billy, I just need a hug.”

I went and sat down, right up close, and Debbie took my hand and squeezed it. Looking closely at me she said, “You don’t know how good it feels to hold a proper conversation with a man that doesn’t contradict everything I say.”

I chuckled, and said that I took it as a compliment to be called a man!

“That night……”

We both knew what she was referring to, and I wondered what was coming next.

“That night……I know I objected, and probably we should have stopped, but do you know that was the first time for years and years that a man had made me cum?”

I looked at Debbie in surprise, and she saw my astonishment.

“Graham always took what he wanted from me,” she continued, “there was never any lead up, or foreplay, and to be honest he was pretty useless anyway, despite his bravado towards women. When you made me cum it was a huge surprise.”

I was at a loss, what to say, but I just said, “You are a lovely sexy lady, Debbie, and you deserve better.”

She half turned, and snuggled closer. There was a moment with both of us not being sure, but the look between us, the chemistry, a kiss became inevitable. When it came it was tender, it was gentle, it was loving.

“Oh Billy, that was lovely, it feels so good to be safe.”

I kissed her again, and wondered if I dare touch her, not intimately, but just a caress, or some sign of reassurance.

Instead, it came from her. She put her hand to my face, stroking my cheek, putting her fingers under my chin, and kissing me again.

This time her tongue found its way between my lips, it flickered against mine, and I felt my cock stirring. This wasn’t the moment for any sexual playing, I just enjoyed the sensation of this mature woman exploring her own feelings of tenderness.

“Billy, when your mum’s left for work in the morning, can I come into your bed? Will you make love to me?”

It was a request that took me completely by surprise, it was said with such a feeling of quiet reflection, and a request that felt like a very special moment for her.

“Debbie, are you sure, you’ve had a hell of a day, just think about that, tomorrow there’ll be some big decisions to make, you don’t want me getting in the way of logical thinking?”

Debbie reflected for a moment, “I’m going to bed now Billy, in the morning that decision will be made, but it will be made after much thought, and with huge anticipation, you’re a sweetie, and a very kind man.”

And fethiye escort she left to go upstairs. I was rather stunned, in the morning I was going to make love to a woman who was only used to being abused in bed. It seemed exciting, but a bit of a responsibility.

Mum came into my room early, and although I was only half asleep, I was already thinking about Debbie.

“Just let Debbie sleep,” mum said, “I’ve got various appointments to make for her, I’ll be coming back at lunchtime to fetch her. Don’t answer the door or the landline to anyone for the time being, just in case.”

I wasn’t sure what “just in case” meant, but I was happy to go along with it.

“See you later, and tell Anne, if you see her, that I’m sorting everything out, and I’ll speak to her this afternoon, or this evening.”

And with that she was gone. I heard her car pull away, and lay there for a moment listening through the silence for any movement from Debbie’s room.

It came five minutes later, I heard Debbie go to the bathroom, and then return to her room. Nothing happened for a few minutes, and I was just thinking that she’d had a change of mind when I heard her feet approaching along the landing corridor.

Debbie knocked on the door, “Are you there Billy?”

“Come in Debbie.” I said nervously.

Debbie had one of my mum’s bathrobes on, she had actually put on a dab of make up, and I wasn’t sure if that was for me, or to mask the injured eye.

She sat on the side of the bed, and started by saying, “I know what I said last night Billy, and I wasn’t sure if we had both got carried away again.”

I was certain that this was the precursor to her changing her mind.

“It was so nice to enjoy that conversation, that consideration, you were so kind.”

Debbie’s description of ‘kindness,’ ‘consideration,’ didn’t sound like the sort of lead up to anything sexual, but Debbie was an extraordinary woman. Untying the bathrobe, she pulled it off her shoulders, and let it drop to her waist, her breasts were exposed, breasts that any fifty odd year old woman would have been proud of.

“Can I come to bed with you?”

I pulled back the duvet inviting her inside. She could see me naked now, and as she stood up the bathrobe dropped to the floor and I could see just a soft covering of down between her legs and the delicate curve of her thighs, as she slipped in beside me.

I pulled the duvet back over both of us, and it seemed like we were cacooned together in the warmth of the bed, and with just the heat of our bodies.

“This seems so strange Billy, it’s probably wrong, but I just need something nice to happen, hold me will you.”

We wrapped our arms around each other, the skin on skin sensation building an understanding of the pleasure to come.

Naturally we kissed, and the reminder of the kisses the evening before made us want more. Our tongues combined to tease and play, our lips were delicate with each other, and the soft murmurs under the duvet made it seem that we were in a world of our own.

Laying side by side, my fingers stroked the skin on her back, marvelling at its smoothness and clarity. I carefully explored the curve of her waist, conscious of not wanting to go too fast, too soon, but as I smoothed my fingers over her breast I felt her nipple harden, and heard the quietest of murmurs from her mouth.

Debbie’s body was made for making love. Her years of being with Graham had largely been sacrificed at the behest of his selfish lust.

My fingers played with her nipples for several minutes before they traced the curve of her hips down the outside of her thighs. We were kissing, and Debbie’s breasts were ever present against my chest. This whole stimulation was causing my cock to stiffen, and although it must have been evident to her, she kept her hands over my shoulders and just allowed me to explore her completely.

As my hand continued to stroke the skin of her thighs, and as I kissed her neck, I felt her thighs part slightly.

I gently pressed her onto her back, and my fingers began to stroke the inside of her thigh, which prompted her to open her legs further, inviting me to move higher.

“Touch me Billy, like you did before,” she whispered, as I kissed her shoulders.

Slowly I stroked upwards, and heard her gasp as my fingers slid over her wet pussy lips.

“Oh god Billy, oh yes,” was all she said, as I slipped my fingers back and forth.

The moment I touched kaş escort her clit her body shook briefly, before she seemed to raise her hips, trying to rub herself against my fingers.

“Billy, oh Billy, I want you inside me……please……do it please.”

I gently put my hand below the knee closest to me, and lifted it up until I could adjust my body, and let her leg latch over my hips. My cock was just a fraction from her pussy.

“Go on, yes, please now.”

My cock slid inside her, deeper, and deeper, until we both were totally as one.

“Billy, Billy, oh yes….oh yes.”

I was on my side, and totally relaxed, my lips were teasing her neck, her ears, occasionally kissing her lips.

Debbie was laying on her back, her eyes were closed, her mouth open, her tongue licking her lips as she enjoyed my cock.

I was able to start to move slowly inside her, but at the same time I massaged her clit with my fingers. The build up was slow, but I was taking my time. Debbie’s body was beginning to react, I felt her impatience, and her gasps and little groans were becoming more frequent and louder.

“Billy, I’m going to cum…….Billy ……oh god…….don’t stop.”

Slowly my cock thrust in and out, and Debbie’s body began to shake.

“Yes……YES…….YES…….OH YES!” she cried out breathlessly, her pussy convulsed, and finally she gasped, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Her body relaxed back into the bed, her pussy dribbling juices around my cock.

“Oh Billy, please cum inside me, I want you to cum….please.”

I’d been careful to hold back, I’d wanted Debbie to be pleasured, but I was ready now, the feeling of knowing I had satisfied her added to my


With a long sigh my cock erupted, and my spunk kept pumping into her.

“Oh wow…..oh wow,” she was smiling as she watched my eyes close in pleasure.

Slowly we separated, and Debbie lay by my side just grinning.

“You made me cum, you made me cum……oh my god….it felt so good.”

And then her expression changed, she appeared sad, frightened, when she realised that she had to face the day, and the harsh reality of Graham, and what was going to happen.

Debbie went to the bathroom, and I used mum’s ensuite, and by the time we were both dressed and downstairs in the kitchen, we realised that we were just in time, as Anne was tapping on the kitchen door.

“Hiya you two,” she came inside, and I offered her coffee.

She looked at Debbie, just to check her eye, but she must have recognised the glow!

“Jesus, have you two just fucked?”

Her heightened perception was remarkable. She knew straight away from both our guilty looks that she was correct.

“For fucks sake Billy, why don’t you keep it in your pants.”

“Please don’t blame him,” Debbie interrupted, “it was all my fault, Anne, it wasn’t him.”

“Hmmmmmmmmm, ok, but I know him!”

Debbie’s phone rang, and it was mum, she’d arranged meetings with the police, a refuge, and got some advice from a colleague, and she would come home at lunchtime to collect her.

I retreated and left Anne and Debbie to talk, but I knew I was in for a lecture from Anne at some point.

The day then took an odd turn. I took no part in the things that mum had arranged for Debbie. They disappeared at lunchtime, and I spent the afternoon wondering if I was a nice person. The weekend at the club, and the morning with Debbie made me wonder about myself, and where I was going.

When mum came back that evening, nothing seemed to make sense. She had spent the whole day trying to get a resolution to Debbie and her ‘domestic violence’ situation. And after all that time and effort Debbie had returned to Graham!

Mum tried to explain to me that so many wives and partners return to abusive husbands and partners even after traumatic experience after traumatic experience. And that seemed to be the case with Debbie and Graham. Anne couldn’t believe it, and she couldn’t thank mum enough for all her efforts which had come to nought.

Later that evening when mum had had a stiff drink to forget all about her wasted day, she went up to bed to have an early night.

“Billy……..BILLY!…….get up here!” I knew, very definitely the shit had hit the fan!

As I climbed the stairs I suddenly guessed what had happened.

“I can’t believe it, are you becoming just like your dad? Have you been fucking Debbie? look at these sheets…..don’t deny it…..well you can damn well wash them yourself!”

Mum was apoplectic, I couldn’t deny a thing.

I wasn’t sure if she was angry because I’d fucked Debbie, or whether it was because she had wasted a whole day while the woman was fucking her son. Either way I had some bridges to mend!

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