Mr. Sims’ Extra Credit Ch. 03

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My name is Harold Sims. I teach human biology to seniors at East Middle High in Southern California. To get the background on what is going on here I suggest starting with Part 01.

The session with Tanya was awesome. Now I was looking forward to my second session with Julie. Our last time was so brief because we didn’t get started until about half way through the hour. When I saw her on Tuesday I could tell she was excited too.

When that day was done I went home and thought about jacking off. But now that I was having regular sex I didn’t want to waste any cum for just myself. I literally took a cold shower and went to bed with soar balls.

After class on Wednesday I waited around for Julie and was very happy when she arrived. This time she closed the door behind her and locked it. I stood to greet her and she planted a kiss right on me.

“Hi Mr. Sims.” She said coyly. “I am ready for my lesson.”

“Well Julie. Today we will be going over human sexuality and arousal. Are you comfortable with that?”

She reached down and grabbed my hardening bulge in my pants, “Mr. Sims. I was born ready.”

She stood back and pulled off her t-shirt to reveal her braless tits. Then she undid her jeans and pulled them off. She turned around and faced away from me. Then she slowly bent over as she tugged her panties all the way to the ground. She faced me again and tossed the panties too me.

“Tanya said you are starting a collection I thought I would add a pair.” Julie said as I smelled the crotch of her cotton boy shorts.

I went over to my desk as she stood there naked and I unlocked my side drawer. I dropped them in and went to close it.

“Wait! Can I see the ones she gave you?” Julie pled.

I pulled out the red lace thong and showed them to her.

“Mmmm. Very hot. Did you like mersin escort fucking that soaking went snatch? She implored.

“Actually it was quite nice but the blow job was insane.” I said candidly.

“Oh yeah, she told me all about it. She said you tasted very good. I want you to cum in my mouth today too please.” She asked nicely.

“Of course, anything you would like. I am up for it.” I replied as I replaced the panties in the locked drawer and started to get naked. Once I was naked she asked me to have a seat so I sat down in my chair behind the desk. She came over and turned her back to me. She put her legs on either side of mine and slowly lowered her wet pussy onto my rod. I grabbed my cock and guided it into her waiting pussy. She came to rest completely on my lap and then began to work. She moved her hips in circles and then up and down. She alternated this routine. I was in heaven. I could feel each movement distinctly and my balls were raging. I started coming hard. She kept on moving. She knew that wasn’t the end of me. My cock stays hard if she keeps moving so she did. It was all about her now.

I reached around and fingered her clit. She whimpered as I rubbed her little pink button and she rode my rock hard cock. My cock was so sensitive I could feel each rib along her walls caressing my cock. I could feel the most sensitive part of my cock under the head hitting her g-spot. She could feel it too as she was the one working the angle hard to bring our parts into perfect rhythm. As soon as I could tell my cock was rubbing just in the right spot Julie stopped maneuvering. I felt her halt and then start to work that spot really good. Then her juices really started flowing. I could literally feel drops of her nectar dripping off my balls onto my chair.

With my cock on her g-spot and my finger on escort mersin her hard little clit she started bucking. She stared rising and falling again as her orgasm took over her body. She moved up my shaft until I was almost out and then she slammed back down to the hilt.

“Fuck…oh fuck…oh god…Mr. Sims…your cock is perfect!” Julie whispered in an excited tone as she kept pounding.

I swear her orgasm lasted minutes but sex can often make things seem to last longer than they actually did.

“Sweetie, your beauty is what it makes it do what it does.” I replied to let her know how much she turns me on.

“Alright mister well I hope my beauty can keep doing its job because I still want you to come in my mouth and I want a big load.” She played serious as she gave this order.

“Work it baby.”

Julie knelt down and when to work. She started by cleaning my cock with her mouth. I wasn’t overly sensual but more maintenance. This didn’t keep me from being completely turned on. She licked every drop of her juice off my cock and balls. This time I was watching the clock so I know that she was doing this for at exactly thirteen minutes.

Now covered in her saliva my cock was a shining tower. It had a bright purple head and tall slick shaft. At the base was a pair of tight, heavy balls. It was like I could feel them filling each time Julie touched them.

Now that I was clean she started on my balls. She sucked each one into her mouth and jostled them around. As she did this she rubbed my asshole with her thumb. This was such a nice sensation. After about 5 minutes of that we didn’t have much time left before our hour was up. I saw Julie look up at the clock then she looked up at me.

“Are you ready Mr. Sims? Are you gonna fill me up with your cum?” She pled with wide eyes.

“Just mersin escort bayan take it slow and you will get a load to last you the whole month.”

“Yes Mr. Sims. I will swallow every drop. Just tell me when you are gonna come ok?”

“Will do.”

With that she started getting close with my shaft. She kissed from my balls to my head and back down. Then she licked the underside of my shaft all the way back up. Once she reached the top she popped the head in between her lips. She worked in short strokes at first. Soon she was bobbing faster and faster. The build up was intense. Once she was done with the head she put it as far in as she could. I got half way in and then back out. She wasn’t going to deep throat me but it felt so good. Once she picked up the pace on the full motion I told her I was going to come.

I didn’t think it was possible but she sped up even more. She was holding my balls and she could feel them contract. She stopped moving and pushed as far in as she could and started gulping. My cum filled her mouth. She moaned as she swallowed every drop. I felt my cock shoot cum at least ten times and I couldn’t believe she swallowed it all.

“That was the most sensual blow job I have ever had Julie. I think you are understanding human biology better each time we meet. I hope you plan to continue the program and that you recommend it to other girls that might want the same sort of tutoring.” I said in a serious manner.

“I will Mr. Sims. I know at least four more girls that have been wanting you to help them understand the human body since Freshmen year.”

“Ok, but just keep it to those girls for now. I don’t wan to raise suspicions. If you tell a girl the whole story then please tell them to ask specifically about the nervous system so that way I know I won’t surprise an unsuspecting student with my advances.”

“Sounds good Mr. Sims. I am sure Tanya and I will continue this extra credit program and I can guess you will have at least one more next month so rest up.” She finished with a wink as she walked out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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