Mr Rogers Layout 02

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Mr Rogers Layout 02

When I got home I had a shower and scrubbed myself to get clean. I felt dirty and confused. I DID like it when he sucked my dick, it felt awesome. It was ok sucking his. His dick like wan’t great but it was ok, and I had sucked a few dicks of older men before. It was only the fucking that I didn’t like, didn’t enjoy, and that hurt. But I almost let him do it, and I was hard when he finished ,and I did like it when he sucked me off after???

I was very careful when I delivered his paper now. I left my bike in the lane and ran up to his door and then ran back to my bike. I didn’t read his British Railway Modelling magazine, and he wasn’t due a Railway Modeller anyway. Saturday I pushed the bill through his letterbox with the paper and didn’t knock like I used to. I wasn’t taking any chances. I wouldn’t have to collect anything until the next weekend.

All day Wednesday I thought about the layout and helping to operate it. I really wanted to do that but HE would be there. But then so would other people so he couldn’t do anything. But he might grope me when nobody is looking. If he did I could yell and then people would know what he had done. It all kept going round and round in my head. In the end the trains won, and I was riding up to his door just before 1900 on Thursday evening.

“Hello Carl so glad you decided to come. I’m sure your going to enjoy what we do tonight.”

“Thank you for inviting me Mr Rogers”

I didn’t look him in the face, I looked at the floor. He never said anything more and I followed him into the layout room.

There were about four other men in there putting engines and coaches on the layout.

“This is Carl and he has come to help us out tonight. He did a grand job a couple of weeks ago and is very good”

They turned round and one by one said hello and I said hello back. Then they went back to getting the layout ready. Then the door bell rang and Mr Rogers went to open it and came back with another man. I was introduced again and this one shook my hand and smiled, but he also sort of looked me up and down as he did it. Mr Rogers then went out and came back with a try of tea and gave each one of them a cup. He gave me a can of Coke.

We operated for well over an hou, and it was real good fun. They all seemed real nice guys, and they talked to me, and said I was a good operator. Then a fault happened and Mr Rogers asked me to go under the layout and check the point I checked last time, as none of the others were really up to clambering under the layout. I never thought and just nipped under the board and went looking for the point.

“Is he any good under there Tony? He’s a bit young for it”

“Oh yes he is. He did a great job when he was here last, so good I took some photos, but the are not for everyone to look at. Don’t want him getting big headed do we”

I didn’t like the mention of photographs, but there were five other guys there so no problem. I turned to climb out after saying everything looked ok and then I looked up!

In front of me, under the front edge of the layout were SIX dicks hanging out of six lots of jeans and trousers, and all semi hard!

“Now Carl we want you to finish the job under there like you did last time, but there is much more to do now.”

“Mr Rogers this is wrong, and I am not doing it. You know it is illegal. You could all get into trouble with the cops”

“But you so enjoyed it last time. I have the photos to prove it. Smiling with a dick in your mouth, and screaming as you shot a boy load with my finger in your tight bum. Should I get the photos out and show the guys to prove I am not lying??”

I was beaten. I didn’t bahis firmaları want these men seeing them, and I also knew how Mr Rogers had ‘suggested’ they might get dropped through our letterbox, or dropped on the school quad. I slowly moved towards the edge of the baseboard. As I got near the edge hands grabbed dicks and tried to push them towards me. I sighed very deep and moved towards, and then on to the one right in front of me. It wasn’t Mr Rogers I could tell that. I started to suck it and it hardened up in my mouth and throat. Whoever it was he didn’t last long and I soon swallowed his load of cum.

“Fuck Tony I been looking forward to that for 9 days, since you told me about the little cock sucker, and he is really good, a natural”

He pulled back and at once another guy and dick took his place. I could tell I wasn’t gonna get out until they had all been sucked off. It took 45 minutes to get them all off, including Mr Rogers. Some came quick others took longer. Some dick tasted ok, and some didn’t, and some smelt bad too. Their cum all tasted different too. Some was sweet and some was bitter. Some tasted of tobacco, one had a fishy taste and another one tasted of apples. By the time I had finished I had swallowed six big loads and I felt full in my belly. I had tears on my face and I had dribbled too. There was cum on my face from where some of it leaked out of my mouth, and also where it had come down my nose. I must have looked a real mess. I started to climb out from under and there were flashes, and I saw that some of them were taking photos of me and my face.

“Oh my Carl you look so wonderfully slutty my boy. You had better go and clean yourself up in the bathroom, but first give me your jeans”


“Give me your jeans. I will put them with the photos. You might think of running off when there is still so much to do, and if you don’t have any jeans on I don’t think you will risk going outside”

I did what he said and I heard gasps and sighs as they saw my briefs. In the bathroom I saw just how bad I did look! I washed myself and did what I could with my hair so I looked ok enough to go home. When I came out of the bathroom they were not in the layout room.

“Carl we’re in here with some more tea”

That came form the bedroom. My heart went cold. I went in there very slowly.

“Here you are Carl, have a Cole and wash your mouth out. I took the Coke and tried to hide away in the corner as I drank it. I was ignored as they drank tea and chatted about trains. After about half an hour they had all finished and one of them turned to me and reached out and held my shoulder. He pulled me towards them. He knelt down and took my trainers off but left my short white socks still on me. As he stood back up he ran his hand over my dick, which was not hard at all.

“I think you should take your top off don’t you Carl”


“No Carl please do as we ask. You have had a great time running the trains and now you should say thank you. TAKE THE TOP OFF!”

I didn’t like the sound of Mr Rogers voice so I took my tee off and folded it up and put it on a chair. I was now standing in a room wearing only a small pair of white briefs, with Mr Rogers and five other strange men looking at me One by one they started groping themselves.


I did and they gasped.

“Now you need to enjoy this so play with that sweet little cock of yours”

Again I did what I was told. It took a long time for anything to happen but very slowly my hormones took over and my dick started to get hard. I closed my eyes as if I couldn’t see them looking at me it wouldn’t feel so embarrassing. I stood kaçak iddaa there, eyes closed, wanking my hardening dick.

FLASH FLASH FLASH. They were taking photos of me. A naked teen wanking with eyes closed and head back.

“We can all see how much you are enjoying that Carl. Time to make it feel better. Terry will you do the honours?”

I opened my eyes and a man was moving towards me. I thought that he was about to start fucking me and I backed away. He grabbed my shoulder and told me to keep wanking and not stop. Then he went behind me. I felt something cold and metallic on my bum hole. It was also slippery. Whatever it was it slipped in my bum and I felt pain, but also other things. Whatever it was it was sort of vibrating in my bum. I guessed it had to be some sort of vibrating dildo. The guy moved it in and out and I was shocked to feel my dick get very hard. Then he rubbed my tits and that felt good too. I heard some funny noises and realised I was moaning with pleasure.

“Bring him over to the bed Terry”

The guy, Terry, sort of manipulated and steered me towards the bed using the dildo in my bum. It felt amazing. Then he pushed it in hard and hands lifted me up and laid me on the bed. A couple of guys were now naked from the waist down, and very hard. One of them came over and took over the dildo, pushing it in and out, in and out. It felt amazing. The others now got either naked from the waist down, or some totally nude.

“You like the feel of that in your arse boy?


“Thought so”

I was turned on. I was lying across the bed, my bum on one edge and my head hanging over the other edge. My legs were lifted up and pushed towards my head. A guy went round by my head and got hold of my ankles, holding them with one hand. With the other hand he slowly pushed his dick into my mouth. I was sort of gone with the feelings all over my body. The I felt the dildo get taken out of my bum, I felt empty. The something much bigger. and not as hard but hot replaced it. I knew it was a dick. I tried to yell NO but the dick in my mouth made it sound all muffled. The dick pushed and I wriggled away as best I could, but that just pushed the dick in my mouth even deeper. The guy at my bum pushed even more and harder.

Suddenly there was an explosion of pain and heat in my bum as the knob end sort of BURST through my ring. I screamed but it came out all wrong because of the dick on my mouth. Whoever it was stopped pushing and the pain eased a little. My own dick had gone totally soft. The guy in my mouth pulled right back and the dick in my bum pushed hard again. I screamed!!!!!!!!!

“Oh fuck what a wonderful sound. I love the noise a little boy cock hound makes when a fat cock forces its way into his longing boy pussy”

Then they began. The one in my bum fucked very hard and quick. It felt so hot it seemed to burn. There was also so much pain I couldn’t get hard, even when the dick suddenly hit that magic spot inside my bum. At the same time the other guy was actually fucking my throat. Because my head was hanging over the edge he had almost a straight path into my mouth and throat, and he made good use of it. They were both moaning and calling me a slut and a whore and a cum bucket and saying how tight I was. Then the guy in my bum shoved, shot and flooded me. He paused and then slowly pulled out. The guy in my mouth pulled out too and was replaced almost at once. The guy I had been sucking went round and plunged into my bum. More muffled screams. He was cruel and kept pulling back to get the fattest part of his knob end in my actual bum hole and forcing it open more than it should be. It was so painful. He never lasted long either kaçak bahis and soon he flooded my bum too.

Thats how it went on till all six had used my mouth and bum. I was flooded inside, but some pulled out after their first shot, and cum over my face and body. I had tears running down both side of my face. My hair and face had cum all over. My head was sort of lolling from side to side and my tongue was hanging out of the side of my mouth. I was making whimpering crying noises, but the screaming had stopped. In the end the nightmare ended and the last one added his load to my bum and face. Then there were more flashes as more photos were taken. I was close to unconscious and I guess totally fucked.

Then somebody crept between my legs. A mouth swallowed my dick. The two mouths went over my tits. Soon I was being sucked off and at the same time my tits were being sucked and bitten. The little dildo went back up my bum; and whoever had it was fucking me with it. My dick rose, and rose and rose. Soon I was crying but this time with lust and thrusting towards the mouth that was sucking me. I was in sense overload!!!!

I again screamed and I shot my load, over and over and over into the mouth that was round my dick. Oh my god it felt so wonderful, all the pain was forgotten. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. Then I collapsed back on to the bed.

I lay there totally exhausted.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you Carl”

I made a sort of moaning sound.

“Thought so, Terry loved the taste of your boy cum too. Trouble is only Terry and me have tasted how sweet it is, and the others want to have a sample too”

I must have looked shocked.

“He chill Carl they are as exhausted as you are. No nothing more tonight. So next Thursday at the same time ok?”


“I think yes, the photos remember? And as there are four guys who want to taste you then there will need to be four Thursday to make sure everyone of them gets a taste. I expect they will keep quiet, but allow for them telling a mate so there might have to be other Thursdays. Still if you feel at the end like you do now you wont mind will you?”

“Yes I will, you lot raped me”

Lying there with your head back, bum hole open and leaking, and dick hard; you didn’t look like you had been raped. Standing in the corner head back, eyes closed and wanking your hard little dick didn’t look like rape. We have all of that in photographs. So we wont be difficult will we.”

I collapsed just like a balloon going down. I was totally defeated and trapped.

“Clean yourself up, and put that towel under your arse when you walk to the bathroom”

I stood up and I felt cum spilling out onto the towel as I walked to the bathroom. I sat on the bog and let it run out of me. I tried to force out as much as I could. The I washed my body, and hair as best as I could, to get clean. All the time I felt my bum leaking but also slowly closing up again. When I was finished I went into the room where they all were and I was given my clothes. I slowly got dressed. They all kept telling me how wonderful I was. What a great mouth and throat I had. How tight and fuckable my little arse was. How hey hoped they might bump into me somewhere again soon. I was ashamed.

“Can I go please”

“Of course Carl, we would never do anything against your will!!!”

I went out and unlocked my bike. As I rode home I could feel my bum leaking even though it had tightened up some. I was wondering if my jeans were getting wet and if anybody could see it. I snuck in and went upstairs to my room and changed my jeans, putting a big wad of toilet paper in my pants.

I was hurting, and felt dirty and ashamed, but I knew I would be back there next Thursday; and it wasn’t just because I was being blackmailed


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