Mr. McGregor Learns a Lesson

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Benjamin McGregor sat fuming in the lobby of Intax Corporation’s beautiful sales and technical center. He owned large machining company that had recently purchased three heavy-duty lathes from Intax. The damn salesman who had visited him last month had been convincing and Benjamin had thought that he was getting a deal of a lifetime. However, the machines were not worth the paper that the Intax contract was printed upon … in fact, the fucking machines were not even worth the paper that Benjamin had used to wipe is ass with that very day.

Benjamin’s purchasing department had tried to contact the salesman who had sold them these lathes, but were told that the salesman had been transferred, but Mr. McGregor was welcome to take up the discussion with their director of sales — Ms. Cindy. Benjamin had been livid, he had personally got on the horn and demanded to speak to the “fucking” director of sales. However, the receptionist had politely explained that Ms. Cindy was presently unavailable, but would gladly give him an audience the following Friday.

Benjamin could not believe his ears, and ordered the receptionist to tell that fucking bitch Cindy that it was she that should come to his office, and not the other way around. Again, the receptionist had reminded him politely that this was against their corporate policy, and that Mr. McGregor was welcome to set up an appointment with Ms. Cindy if he so desired. The receptionist also told him that Ms. Cindy could be very convincing and once McGregor had met her personally, she was sure that all these issues would be straighted out. Benjamin had let loose a volley of insults at Intax, their fucking sales department, their fucking customer service, and their fucking …. the receptionist had hung up on him.

The following day, Benjamin had first lodged a formal complaint against Intax with the Better Business Bureau. When Benjamin had inquired at the Bureau about the reputation of Intax, he was reassured by the administrator that they had zero complaints on file. He was told that each and every complaint against Intax had been voluntarily retracted by the organization making the complaint, and therefore Intax was rated among the top organizations for customer satisfaction. “You got to be kidding me,” said Benjamin, and made it a point to visit the Intax sales and technical center in his chauffeured limo to give this bitch Cindy a piece of his fucking mind.

He had his assistant/bodyguard Henry help him out of the back seat and walk him to the lobby. Henry was African American with muscles bulging out like blocks of cement. He had been with Benjamin for ten years, and was implicitly trusted for his loyalty and physical strength. While Henry was sculpted like a Greek God, Benjamin had not been quite so fortunate. He looked every bit of his sixty-five years of age. With a bald pink pate, a triple chin, a morbidly obese mid section, and four short pegs that constituted his arms and legs. Due to his disproportionately shaped body, Benjamin had always been unable to exert himself physically. Since his youthful days where he was unkindly nicknamed Tubby by the high-school bullies, his physical activity had been limited to walking a few yards before breaking into a sweat, and having to take ample rest before restarting. Middle age had been no kinder to poor Benjamin where his marriage had failed miserably, and his ex-wife had taken almost everything that he had both emotionally and financially. However, Benjamin was smart, and it was this intelligence that had enabled him to get back on his feet, and own a successful machining business. At his present age, it was a wonder that he was still alive, and no surprise to all that knew him that he had to depend upon Henry for most of his daily activities.

After ensuring that the Boss was seated comfortably in one of the lobby couches, Henry walked up to the perky little receptionist and let her know that Mr. McGregor wished to see Cindy, the sales director.

“Does he have an appointment?” asked the receptionist.

“No, he does not,” answered Henry.

“Well then Ms. Cindy cannot see him today, because she is preoccupied.” replied the perky bitch.

“Well, is there some way you can accommodate Mr. McGregor, he really needs –“

“Henry! Henry!” yelled Benjamin, “don’t you fucking ask her you oaf, tell her that I want to see her right now.”

“Yes Boss,” answered Henry, and turned back to the receptionist.

“I will see what I can do …” said the bitch with a smile.

“Let me tell you what you can do little Missy, you are going to call that bitch Cindy and tell her that I am here to see her! Do it now … goddammit!” bellowed the old man.

“Sir, please calm down.” said the receptionist sounding a little irate.

“Go get Cindy now! Now! Now! Now! Or else …” yelled Benjamin already feeling the exhaustion from screaming on the top of his lungs.

“Or else … what?” asked a calm lady’s voice, as the door to the lobby opened from the inside.

“Or bahis firmaları else … I will bitch slap her with my …” Benjamin stopped in mid-sentence and looked at the lady who had opened the lobby door. She was to say the least — magnificent. The lady was nearly six feet tall, with a flawless ivory white complexion. She was a true Nordic beauty with curly blond hair cascading down to her waist, high cheekbones, and an icy blue stare. She wore a short skirt and blouse which flattered her already perfect frame and made her appear professional and sexy at the same time. But what struck the old man the hardest was the fragrance of the exotic perfume that she wore. It reminded him of sweetly scented flowers, and sex, and …. his shriveled penis stirred in his pants.

“Oh my, my … in that case Ms. Cindy will have to see you immediately! Why don’t you follow me inside Mr. McGregor.” said the beauty. Benjamin felt odd that this woman knew his name, but then most industrialists around town did know him quite well.

As Henry tried to enter with Benjamin, the lady gently put her palm on his chest, and said, “not you Sir. Ms. Cindy will see Mr. Benjamin personally.” The way her palm was positioned, Henry’s left nipple nested snugly between her fingers, and she gently squeezed it through the fabric of his tight muscle shirt gently by tightening her fingers against each other. Henry’s cock twitched with instant desire for this goddess, but she ignored him, turned her back and walked through the open door motioning for Benjamin to follow. “Bitch!” muttered Henry in a growl that only his old boss could hear.

Benjamin smiled and nodded to Henry, “It is OK — I will take care of this. Wait for me in the lobby.”

With this Benjamin followed the lady inside and the door closed behind them with a soft click. The lady walked with a long stride, Benjamin had to take three steps of his own to keep up with her. They both continued in this fashion down the hall which had several cubicles where people were working. Benjamin was quite out of breath, but did not want to appear like a wimp in front of this goddess. It was then that they came a long flight of stairs, and Benjamin looked up at the lady’s eyes in horror.

“Don’t you have an elevator,” he asked.

“No we don’t Mr. McGregor, we like physical exercise around here … keeps us healthy.” she said coyly and started up the stairs.

“Benjamin slowly lumbered up one stair after another until he came up halfway. He was profusely sweating by now, and wanted nothing more than to end this … but determined stopped to catch his breath, and continued upward one slow tedious step at a time. The lady had already reached to top and was standing looking back at Benjamin with a mocking smile on her face. It seemed that she was very aware of what she was doing to poor Benjamin. Slowly but surely, Benjamin did finally reach the top of the stairs and stood with his hands on his knees totally exhausted at the effort. The lady led him into an elegant office and asked him to sit down on the couch facing the main desk.

On the desk stood a line of beautiful shot-glasses each half full with some dried wax-like substance in them. What was even stranger, was that each of the shot-glasses was labeled in a copperplate script with the names of some of the top industrialists that Benjamin recognized. Not seeing anyone besides the two of them in the office, Benjamin croaked in the most authoritative tone that he could muster, “Where the hell is Cindy? Is she going to make me wait again?”

The lady, did not answer him but went around the desk and sat down in the leather executive chair on the other side. Benjamin was wiping streams of sweat running down his bald pate, his shirt was soaked and he was breathing heavily. The lady took a long look at him and said in a calm tone, “I am Cindy … Mr. McGregor, I see that you filed a complaint against Intax at the Better Business Bureau this morning. I request you to make a phone call and retract your complaint voluntarily.”

Benjamin looked at her incredulously, and stammered, “Well … I … I …”

“Well … I … I … what?” She responded with a sly smile.

“I … mean, uh — ” said Benjamin

“I … mean, uh … what?” She teased back.

“I didn’t know … that — ” stammered Benjamin

“I didn’t know … that … what?” she said in an even more teasing tone.

It was then the old fool realized that she was ridiculing him and having a good time at his expense. The damn bitch was thirty years younger to him and had the fucking gall to joke with him. His temper flared up, and he asked, “god-damn-it Cindy, I will not retract my complaint, you don’t have any idea what I am?”

She leveled her eyes with him and said, “Yes, I do know who you are Tubby! You are just a fat boy that never grew up.”

“Tu … Tu … Tub –. Did you call me Tubby?” gulped Benjamin as the childhood taunt sunk its teeth into his psyche. The old man tried getting up from kaçak iddaa the couch, but the climb up the stairs had taken a lot out of him. His legs felt weak and he plopped back into the comfort of the cushions. Cindy, giggled in a way that humiliated the old man at his seeming discomfort and total inability to get back on his feet.

“Yes, you heard me right Tubby, I have had enough of your tantrums for today. Stand up!”

“I won’t,” answered Benjamin, what he meant really was that he couldn’t.

“The hell you won’t, Stand up now!” She commanded again.

“Why?” asked Benjamin but this voice came out more as a squeak.

She did not answer him, but walked up to the couch where he was seated and pulling him by the ear yanked him to his feet.

“Aaaarrrg!” screamed Benjamin, and tears rolled out of his eyes involuntarily.

Thwack! She slapped him across his face and all he could do is to look back at her incredulously. “From now on you will address me as Ms. Cindy … do you understand Tubby?” said the lady.

Thwack! Came the second slap and Benjamin tried to raise his arms to protect himself. Thwack! Came the third slap from nowhere, damn the bitch was so much faster and stronger than him.

Benjamin knew that he needed to get out of this office and tried to turn around, but the blond goddess had him by the same inflamed ear again and yanked him back into attention facing her and … Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

“Stand up and take it like a man.” she said. Thwack! Thwack!

“Please … stop Cindy!” screamed Benjamin his face a mess of tears, drool, and sweat.

Thwack! Thwack! “Please stop what?” she asked sharply.

“Please stop Ms. Cindy.” whimpered Benjamin.

“What happened the great Mr. McGregor can’t protect himself from a lady, one that he wanted to bitch slap with his cock?” she taunted. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! She was relentless.

“Please … stop Ms. Cindy!” begged Benjamin “I am sorry Ms. Cindy.”

To his surprise she stopped the onslaught and pushed him roughly down on the couch. Benjamin fell down on the cushions with a thump. He suddenly realized a warm sensation filling the front of his pants. Cindy noticed it too … the old bastard had peed himself. The strain of the physical exertion, the mental and emotional trauma, and the fear of this blond goddess had made him shame himself right in front of her. “Oh my God, did the great Mr. McGregor just pee himself?” asked Cindy incredulously.

Fifteen minutes ago, Benjamin was in his element. He was here to teach this bitch Cindy what it meant to do business with him, and now he stood in Cindy’s office, physically exhausted, basted in his own juices, reeking of sweat and piss, being bitch slapped to within an inch of his life, and addressing the bitch as Ms. Cindy. Life was full of twists and turns indeed.

What happened next was a blur for poor Benjamin. Cindy got astride him took hold of his ears and forced his head back on the backrest of the couch. She had each of her beautifully waxed legs on either side of him so that her crotch rested right over his penis. The old man could feel the heat emanating from her womanhood envelope his groin. Then she looked into his little pig like eyes with those incredibly icy blue eyes and said, “My my, what do we have here Tubby … seems like somebody likes me.”

Benjamin could not believe it, but she was right, even though he had taken a severe beating, his penis was standing up rigid against Cindy’s crotch. For some inexplicable reason, he felt sexually excited. However much he did not want to show this to the bitch, she had discovered it and was taunting him for it. The thought filled his mind with a bitter rage, but his penis also hardened in unison.

“So is this what turns you on old man?” asked Cindy, “All day you give orders to the ladies on your staff, but what you actually want is one of them to take control of you and whip you till you cum all over, don’t you?”

“I .. uh, no,” blurted Benjamin.

“Don’t you fucking lie to me you pathetic excuse for a man. I know you better than you know yourself, and I have only known you for the last fifteen minutes.” she said menacingly.

With that she moved her hips provocatively over his penis which was now standing up like a wooden peg. She kissed his lips and ran her tongue over his ear-lobe. “Let’s look at it baby … won’t you show Cindy your B-I-G T-O-O-L.” she said in a teasing tone.

Her hand reached down and unzipped his pants, her fingers reached down through the fabric of his underwear and touched his penis. “Uh, oh what do we have here … Benjamin.” she asked giggling, “he is so small and cute, what is his name?”

Benjamin knew that it was small, all the bullies in his high-school gym class had teased him relentlessly about his “pencil dick,” but it seemed a hundred times more emasculating coming from Cindy. As her fingers gently ran up and down the shaft, the old man’s penis jerked in involuntary spasms.

“I asked you kaçak bahis what is his name Tubby?” she said again and followed it with a stinging slap on his face with her free hand. Thwack!

“I … he does not, uh … have … uh … a … uh … name Ms. Cindy,” stammered the old man.

“Yes, he does …. and I will slap you like a bitch until you tell me what it is.” Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! She repeated three slaps in rapid succession.

“Big Ben … his name … is … Big Ben.” screamed Benjamin in agony.

She started laughing hysterically, “Big Ben, are you fucking serious Tubby? He is all of two and a half inches long fully erect, and you call him Big Ben?” asked Cindy incredibly.

Benjamin looked down humiliated.

“Tell me Tubby, has he recently been touched by a lady?” asked Cindy.

“No Ms. Cindy … ” he shamefully admitted, all the action that his penis had seen in the years since his divorce was at the Asian Massage Parlors — where ladies were is short supply, but hand-job whores were more readily available.

“From now on we will address him with a proper name befitting his size. His new name will be Benny. Do you understand? Now repeat after me: B-E-N-N-Y, Benny!” demanded Cindy.

“B-E-N-N-Y, Benny.” spelled the old bastard.

Cindy let go of her captive and got off the couch. She deftly slid off his shoes and with one fluid motion she unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his urine soaked pants, and slid them off his short fat legs. Then she did the same with his wet underwear. The old bastard was completely naked from the waist down. She then pulled him by his throbbing ear to a standing position. Benjamin’s enormous gut heaved and rolled as he stood up covering Benny completely.

“Aaawwww, Benny wants to play hide and seek with Cindy,” she said as she moved behind the old man and pushed him so that his arms and chest fell heavily on the backrest of the couch and his flabby ass lewdly stuck out in the air facing her.

“Don’t you dare move, Tubby! If you do I will make this a thousand times worse.” said Cindy, as she stepped back with his belt in her hand. Swish! She swung the belt through the air and landed it on the back of Benjamin’s thighs. Crack!

Swish … Crack! Swish … Crack! The belt landed twice more on the same spot.

“Aaarggh!” screamed Benjamin desperately.

Swish … Crack! Swish … Crack!

“Aaarggh!” screamed Benjamin again.

Cindy hand then reached down between Benjamin’s enormous thighs, and she delicately curled her thumb and forefinger around little Benny who had receded into Benjamin’s scrotum. As she massaged Benny, he started to get hard again. Swish … Crack! She swung the belt with her free hand, and Benjamin crossed over the threshold from exquisite pleasure to unbearable pain in a single instant. The old man had not stopped sweating and his mind was swimming in delirium due to dehydration.

This alternating pleasure and pain treatment continued for a few minutes until Benjamin felt his physical strength completely sapped. Cindy administration of pleasure and pain in rapid succession had drained him of all his energy that he felt too weak to even prop himself up from his “ass in the air” position to stand up straight. The fact of the matter was that there was no physical restraint necessary to hold the old man in place. Benjamin was trapped in this ludicrous position by the weight of his own morbidly obese torso that hung like an anchor, and the lack of physical strength in his arms to push up against this weight. After a while, he quit fighting completely and remained in that position like a defeated beach whale. His sweat had saturated his shirt and was running in rivulets down his massive thighs and dripping on the floor.

Then the old bastard felt and unfamiliar sensation, it was as if something cold, wet and hard was probing between his butt cheeks looking for his anus. Meanwhile Cindy’s other hand maintained a gentle grip on Benny, who was fully erect and ready to explode if Cindy would give it one … just one more stroke. Needless to say, Cindy knew his proximity to ejaculation and just stopped short of that crucial final stroke each time she noticed him getting close to his threshold of tolerance.

“Please Ms. Cindy, don’t … I beg you, please not in my ass!” wailed Benjamin, but she was not listening. The probing continued …

“I beg you … don’t, please don’t … I will retract that complaint!” begged Benjamin to no avail.

“Oh … yes you will retract the complaint old man, but after I am finished with you!” she said cruelly.

The probe now found the object of her search — his asshole. As Cindy started applying pressure on the probe, the old man’s sphincter muscle stretched and the probe penetrated with a plop!

Benjamin bit on the backrest of the couch and waited for a giant strapon dildo to split him into two. However, contrary to his imagination, the object that Cindy inserted into him was small, long reaching, and strangely pleasant against his rectum. Cindy gently worked the device until it started to coil and uncoil a muscle deep inside him. She let go of Benny and grabbed an empty shot-glass from the arrangement on the desk.

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