Mr. Luke and Little Viviana Pt. 02

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After leaving Mr. Jenkins, Viviana walked towards the front desk, her hips swayed side to side with every step she took. She could feel the eyes of the men on her as she walked past and she loved it.

She finally reached the desk and pulled up the paper to see who else needed a bath that day, only one name stood was on the list that day. And it was Mr. Flick.

Mr. Flick was to roughest of the bunch, he wasn’t shy and would just grab at Viviana no matter where they were, huffing she walked down the hallway towards his room. Quickly stopping at the ladies room to freshen up after the blowjob she gave to Mr. Jenkins.

She applied a thin layer of red lipstick and did a quick powered touch up on her cheeks, she reached up and pulled out her bun to redo, once she was finished she walked out and continued on her way to Mr. Flicks room.

“Hey Viv!” She stooped walking and turned towards the voice.

“Yes Mr. Jones? What can I help you with?” Mr. Jones was the owner of the residence and was always trying to ask for her number.

He was a young man of 35 the residence had been given to him by his late mother who had Just last away. The girls uniform used to be more conservative before he came along and changed it all for his perverted mind.

“I was wondering if you would be so kind and join me for dinner tonight?” He grabbed his neck tie nervously and fixed it back in place.

“unfortunately Mr. Jones, I’m doing an all-nighter here. We have a new resident here in room 69 I believe and I’ve been assigned to him. To make sure he is okay with his stay.”

Mr. Jones, sighed and nodded his head.

“Very well then, maybe another night.” He went to turn away when Viviana quickly called out to him.

“Mr. Jones, you should try asking Ms. Louise, I hear she fancies you quite a bit.” She smiled when he saw his eyes light up in happiness.

“Thank you Viviana. I should definitely ask her now. Do you by chance know where she will be?” Viviana told him where she was and continued on her way to Mr. Flick. She pulled down her skirt and puffed out her chest knowing she was antalya escort going to get groped either way.

She walked down the silent hallway to Mr. Flicks room, only to be stopped by someone grabbing her from behind and dragging her into the small broom closet. The unknown mans arms had wrapped all the way around her tiny waist and pulled her into the tight chest.

She tried to struggle out of their hold, but only made them chuckle and pull her closer. The right hand of the unknown man started to slide upwards towards her tits, and the left hand went south towards her crotch.

“Hmm Viviana you smell so wonderful today.” Once she hears his voice she calmed down and pushed her ass back into his hardening cock.

“Now Mr. Flick! I was just about to go and see you. And yet here you are already waiting to ambush me.” She groaned out.

His hand that was massaging her boobs pulled down the zip and opened up her uniform. She wiggled out of the uniform and let it drop onto the floor of the broom closet. She felt one of his hands leave her body and reach upwards to turn on the light.

“Hmm so beautiful!” He kissed her shoulder and pulled her back more.

Reaching forward Mr. Flick pulled of her Lacey bra and dropped them on top of her dress. “I told you love to not wear underwear to work when you come and see me. I need easy access to my girls.” He pinched her nipples and laughed when she moaned.

Reaching back down he placed his hand over her heated crotch and began to rub, his fingers lightly brushing against her clit and wet pussy lips. Viviana felt the tingle in her body start to grow faster her juices started to flow faster with each struck his old bones fingers gave her.

“Hmm I can’t wait to fuck this pussy, has anybody used it today? I know about you and Mr. Jenkins, I watched from his window as you gave him a nice warm mouth to fuck.” He ripped her panties off and shoved two slender fingers into her wet pussy.

She moaned and threw her head back onto his shoulder.

“Please Mr. Flick!” He smirked into her neck and gave it a little bite causing her antalya rus escort to shudder in want. Turning her around he pushed her against the wall and moved between her spread legs.

“Please what princess?” He attached his lips onto her nipple, sucking and biting them the way he knows she loves. “Tell me what you want, and I will gladly give it to you.” He thrust a third finger into her pussy and watched as her eyes shut.

“Please fuck me! Please put your hard cock into my pussy and use me as your cum bucket!” She lifted a leg and placed it around his hip. Mr. Flick smiled and pulled out his fingers.

“Oh I’ll fuck You alright, but after I taste your sweet pussy.” He kneeled down and placed her leg over his shoulder he pushed the other leg wider to give him better access to her lips.

Diving right in he licked from her ass all the way to her clit, sucking it in to his mouth once in a while. Viviana grabbed his head and pulled him closer, her toes curled as she let it a grunt of blissful pleasure. Not once did he stop to give her a break he continued on until he felt her tense and pull at his hair, he looked up and watched as her plump lips opened up in a silent scream.

Her eyes has shut and was squeezed closed She she rode the blissful orgasm Mr. flick had given with his mouth. He continued to suck at her pussy and clit, dragging out the orgasm for as long as possible, he felt her started to shiver again as she edged closer to her second orgasm in the closet.

“Fuck! Mr. Flick! Please I need your cock in me now!” She pulled his head back and pushed him to the ground. Quickly straddling him, she grabbed his short yet fat cock and shoved it into her right pussy. Her walls clamped around his cock as she jumped up and down, her large boobs bounced around even as she held them in her hands pinching her nipples.

Soon enough, Mr. Flick grew tired of the position and rolled over, he twisted her hips to the side and raised one leg high up into the air, he knew she loved this move and would always use it to make her cum.

Viviana looked antalya ucuz escort Mr. Flick in the eyes and grinned. “Hmm fuck me Mr. Flick! Yes. Give me your fat cock!” She pulled at her boob and threw her head back. Mr. Flick started to really pound into his girl, causing her to scream and moan.

Knowing nobody would hear them, because they where in an area most workers don’t go. Soon enough he felt Viviana tense again and knew she was about to cum, he wanted to join her and speed up, his balls where hitting her ass with each thrust he gave her.

“Fuck baby! I’m cumming! I’m going to poor all my spunk into your hole!” They both tensed up and came at the same time, causing him to fall onto of her, they both rode out the orgasm and started kissing.

“Hmm you sure do know how to surprise a girl, Mr. Flick.” She kissed him on last time and stood up.

“Why Just you always rip my panties?” She bent down and picked them up.

“It’s fine, I got you a gift. It’s in my pocket.” Mr. Flick stood up and placed a hand on her hip, she reached down and grabbed out a new pair of black pantries. “Put them on. I wanna see them on you.” She smiled and did as she was told. What she didn’t know was that he had given her a vibrating panty that had 20 different settings.

“Oh they are perfect. Thank you de-” She could finish her sentence due to the fact he had set it onto to the second vibration setting.

“Oh my! You naughty old man!” She hit him causing him to laugh and turn the pressure higher, she dropped to the ground and groaned.

“Do you like it?” She nodded and moaned. Turning it back down he helped her stand.

“I want you to be wearing them all day. When it is high it means I’m thinking about our session and jerkin off when it’s low it means I’m sleeping. When it it medium it means I want you to come to me. Got it?” Viviana nodded her head and moaned when he turned it to the highest.

He watch as she rolled on the ground, her legs shut tight as she twitched from the pleasure. Turning it off he let her rest and clean her self up. Once he knew she was ready he set it in low and watched as she twitched with each step.

“Hmm today is going to be so fun to watch.” He walked away and slapped her ass. Laughing to himself he left her at the bathroom to clean up. Viviana couldn’t believe what had happened and yet she was enjoying the sensation she was getting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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