Moving In

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Max was looking out his bedroom suite window and smiling. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright, high in the sky over the Pacific Ocean. A few people were strolling on the beach below. Two people were sitting on their surfboards waiting just beyond the waves for the next big one. And there was one sailboat in the distance off to the south.

Max’s focus from admiring the view suddenly changed. The sensation of an orgasm could no longer be ignored as he felt the urge to ejaculate fast approaching. He looked down and gently pulled Nattles’ hair. “I’m about to come,” he said. Nattles slowly took her mouth off his cock.

“I’ll wait for Carrie,” Nattles said as she looked up to him.

As she looked up at him, and he down at her, they both could see his cum begin oozing out the tip of his cock. Nattles took her finger and tried to collect the large droplet before it ran down his shaft. She then sucked on her finger familiarizing herself with the taste of his cum in anticipation that there would soon be more.

Carrie walked in the room carrying a tray with a bottle of wine, three wine glasses, and a platter of cheese, salami, and crackers. Nattles spoke as Carrie walked over, “Max is about to come. Do you want to share it with me?”

“Absolutely,” Carrie said and hurriedly poured herself a small swallow of wine in one of the glasses. She took a sip, swooshed it in her mouth like mouthwash, and swallowed. She got on her knees next to Nattles and concluded, “I’m ready.” Both Max and Nattles were humorously impressed with the way she prepared for oral sex.

Shy Max is having his third sexual experience with his best friends who are lesbian life partners! He’s falling in love with them and they ironically are falling for him.

This story is how it all started. And, yes, there is a conclusion from “I’m ready.”


Max received his Masters degree in Computer Architecture four months ago. The company that hired him after graduation had their office on the west coast. His starting salary far exceeded his expectations. He designed micro cameras and wrote the software for high resolution image enhancement for the company’s proprietary equipment. He enjoyed looking out the windows of his new condominium which over looked the Pacific Ocean. He could easily afford the location of his new home.

Carrie still did research at the university in nano fiber synthetic bonding. The university was about two hours away from Max’s condo. Nattles and Carrie still live downtown near the university in the next big city to the north. Nattles now works for a private security and investigation company as well as being an instructor for her sensei at the dojo. She got the security and investigation job from one of her martial art students who had signed up for self-defense classes. He was impressed with her martial arts skills and not only hired her to train his staff in self-defense, but also needed another person in a surveillance situation regarding a divorce. Nattles kind of felt like she was fighting crime again and took the job.

Max always felt close to Nattles and Carrie, especially after Nattles was shot. They became a team fighting crime at the university just ten months ago. Max was their across the hall neighbor at the time. He had helped design some of Nattles’ surveillance gear. Carrie had designed the outfit Nattles wore using her fabric research with graphene and kevlar.

Nattles survived a gunshot because of that fabric that Carrie created in her research lab. Max always felt guilty of her being shot though. It all started because Nattles wanted to help him find a bike thief at school and he agreed to let her help. To make a long story short, the criminal activity involved more than just bike theft. As they delved deeper into the crime activity, an incident occurred where Nattles was shot. Max always felt guilty that he may have been the cause.

So it felt difficult for Max to move two hours away from them. Their team effort to fight crime at the campus developed the close friendship they now shared. The ladies friendship with him was genuine. He could be himself with them knowing there were no man, woman relationship games being played.

Carrie and Nattles were lesbian life partners and they were honest with Max about their lesbian lifestyle. Max enjoyed their friendship because they never led him on. The ladies knew Max genuinely cared for them, especially after he went to visit Nattles in the hospital. He made them laugh a lot as Nattles started her road to recovery. Now the close friendship was becoming closer.


First Time.

It was the evening before Max was leaving the apartment building to move into his new condo. It was five months since Nattles survived her gunshot.

Like many times before the three of them would order a pizza. It was their meal of choice when they worked on school projects together. It was also their inside joke to eat pizza nude.

That started when Nattles tried bahis firmaları teasing Max when he had seen her and Carrie making out in a compromising kiss. Nattles was mostly nude. So when Max walked in on them, he sneaked back out to give them their due privacy.

Max was naturally shy around women and the ladies knew it. Nattles found out that he gentlemanly left; so the ladies thanked him by inviting him over for a pizza dinner. Nattles and Carrie could only imagine the look on Max’s face seeing them make out with Carrie all over Nattles mostly nude body. So Nattles teasing stipulation was that they had to eat the pizza nude. The ladies enjoyed the laughter seeing Max’s look of panic at the time. Max always construed the teasing as playful and didn’t mind. So whenever they eat pizza together they joke about it. They never ate pizza nude, ever. It had always been a joke.

So for their last dinner together, before Max moved to his new condo, they ordered the same thing, pizza. Max started with the inside joke. “Are we ever going to eat this thing nude?”

Nattles didn’t make eye contact with anyone. She was the free spirit thinker, jokester of the three of them. She put her glass of wine down and began unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it off quickly and dropped it to the floor. She nonchalantly grabbed a piece of pizza and took a bite. With her mouth full she said, “Sure, let’s do it.”

Carrie and Max just looked at each other. Max was blushing and appeared nervous. That was his usual response to Nattles teasing. Carrie looked at Nattles like she was crazy. Nattles just kept eating as if nothing was wrong. She was wearing a bra. Then Carrie began unbuttoning her blouse and yanked it off and dropped it to the floor. Then she took a piece of pizza off the baking sheet and took a bite. Carrie was onboard!

Max’s mouth was open in disbelief of what was happening. The two ladies were sitting before him in their bras eating pizza. Then Nattles told him, “Take your shirt off Max and grab a piece.” He still looked in disbelief at both ladies. He slowly pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. The ladies were grinning as he reached for his piece of pizza.

When Max had his mouth full, Nattles put her slice down and nonchalantly reached behind her and unhooked her bra, rolled her shoulders forward dropping her bra to her hands and threw it to the side. Max stopped chewing and stared at her and then looked away. Carrie began shaking her head in disbelief with a weak but happy smile. She then put her slice down and reached behind her to unclasp her own bra. She rolled her shoulders forward like Nattles did, catching her bra in her hands. She just reached out and dropped it on her blouse. Max stared at the both of them topless and tried to look away. He didn’t know where to look so he looked up while taking another bite of pizza.

Nattles looked right at him, “Aren’t you glad you don’t where a bra, Max. You beat us to being topless. I like your enthusiasm.”

Carrie began laughing, then Max began to giggle, then Nattles.

Nattles rallied the effort, “All we have left is pants and underwear. All at the same time?”

No one was eating and everyone was looking at each other. Nattles hopped off her bar stool first. Carrie and Max both got off theirs and all three of them were pulling down their pants. Max peeked around the table and saw Nattles pulled her underwear down at the same time. He peeked over at Carrie who was stepping out of her panties. So not to be last he pulled down his briefs and stepped out as fast as he could. He realized this was no joke. They were really going to do it… eat pizza nude!

They were all standing around the table laughing. They were all naked trying not to show embarrassment. They sat back down and began eating their piece of pizza again trying not to laugh. Carrie filled everyone’s wine glass full again. They finally made their inside joke a reality; as a team they happily enjoyed eating their pizza, nude!

As dinner came to an end, the wine glasses were almost empty. Max told the ladies, “If I ever have a girlfriend, I want her to be just like you both. You guys are the best!”

Nattles spoke to correct him, “You’ll have a girlfriend, Max. But you don’t want her to be exactly like us. Remember? We’re lesbians.”

Max looked at the both of them and said seriously, “I want her to be a lesbian then.”

Carrie and Nattles began laughing as Max put his head down. He couldn’t believe he said that. He just sat there trying to smile. Nattles got up to give him a hug. He tried to scoot his bar stool in so the ladies wouldn’t see his erection. Carrie came over to hug him from the other side. Her breast was right in front of his mouth. She put it there purposely. She looked up at Nattles and then leaned forward. She unmistakably leaned over so her nipple would rest on Max’s lips. Nattles slid her hand down Max’s chest, over his stomach, and stopped at his pubic hair. All the skin contact kaçak iddaa was making Max anxiously nervous.

Max’s breathing became heavy and as he opened his mouth, Carries nipple was between his lips. The ladies were beginning to tell that Max was very nervous. Max slowly put his tongue forward to touch Carrie’s nipple. That was the ladies clue to continue. Nattles just looked at Carrie, then slowly reached for Max’s erect shaft. She just held it. It was her first time holding a man’s cock. Nattles didn’t show even half the nervousness that Max felt. Then she leaned over Max with her breasts now on the other side of Max’s face and she kissed Carrie.

After the kiss she said, “C’mon, Max. Let’s go to the couch and get comfortable.” She let go of his cock and grabbed his hand. The three of them went to the couch and Max sat down. Nattles sat on one side of him and Carrie on the other. Neither Nattles or Carrie had ever made love with a man. But they knew what it was all about. They didn’t live a sheltered life. Television, the movies, and computer media made all too common sexual relationships between a man and a woman.

Nattles took initiative and ran her hand down the shaft of Max’s cock to his scrotum. Carrie ran her hand down his shaft as well stopping when she touched Nattles’ hand. The ladies were cautious how they handled Max but began to delight in what they were about to do. There was still about three inches of his cock showing at the top, even with both their hands on him. Nattles, not showing any nervousness, leaned over and began bobbing her head letting her lips touch the top of Carrie’s hand. Then she came back up sucking up any of her saliva over the tip of his cock. For never doing that before, she seemed to know what she was doing.

After the fifth or sixth time, Nattles stopped to look at Carrie. Carrie took that as being her turn. So Carrie copied Nattles moving her head up and down over Max’s cock, completely enveloping his cock in her mouth. Max put his head back and tried to relax. His cock had never been so hard in his life. He never had a serious girlfriend before, let alone a blowjob.

When Carrie stopped, Nattles began licking the side of his cock. Carrie began licking the other side with Nattles. Soon Max was pushing his hips up trying to make his cock easier to put in their mouths. But with not too much more licking his cock began pulsing and ejaculating. His cum was on Carrie’s eyebrow and in her hair. Nattles got some on her nose and cheek. And more was still oozing over the tip of his cock and down his shaft. When he finished the three of them just looked at each other. This was the first time they all enjoyed sex together.

Max felt like he should apologize but before he could speak, Nattles made the first move. She put his entire cock in her mouth again and tried to suck on any of the remaining cum off his cock. She then climbed over Max and got on top of Carrie and began kissing her, tonguing a little of Max’s cum into Carrie’s mouth. It was Nattles’ intention to share with Carrie what they would be in for, having sex with a man. Max scooted to the end of the couch to move out of the way and watched the two ladies make out. Their lips took a long time to part. He was mostly just happy they didn’t mind him being there.

So Max got up to go get his glass of wine from the table. He was happy to be with the lovers and wanted to let them enjoy their kiss. When he returned Nattles and Carrie looked different. Nattles was facing the other direction and Carrie had her knees spread wide open. Nattles head was moving side to side and up and down. He could see Carrie’s head at the other end doing the same thing underneath Nattles. Soon he could hear grunting and moaning, and see their bodies tensing. Nattles lifted her head up and began rubbing Carrie’s clit with her fingers. Max couldn’t take his eyes off of Carrie’s glistening vulva area and Nattles’ glistening face.

Soon Carrie’s torso began to twitch. And he could tell Nattles was tensing her stomach muscles to keep her torso still. Nattles was trying to suppress her moaning squeals by biting her lower lip. Max could see it all. He was mesmerized at what he was watching!

Nattles was out of breath already and looked up at Max. She had a glazed over look in her eyes. Her orgasm climaxed and he could see Carrie must have also. Carrie’s face was still hidden underneath Nattles, between her legs. Her arms came around Nattles hips with her hands relaxed on her buttocks holding Nattles in place. Her entire body looked relaxed finally. It was hard for Max to look away.

Max was holding his own cock in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. When reality hit Nattles, she was looking at him stroking his cock. She had no expectations from him, nor he from her. Neither one of them knew what to say to the other. So she told him, “We both just came, Max.”

Hearing Nattles say that turned him on. He set his glass down and stroked himself harder and soon another few throbs kaçak bahis of his white cum was coming over the tip of his cock. Carrie and Nattles got off the floor and sat on the couch as he finished ejaculating again. Max was holding his cock at the tip, holding his cum in his hand. Nattles could tell he didn’t know what to do. So she knelt over in his direction, grabbed his hand, and placed it on her boob wiping his hand mostly clean. Then she grabbed his cock and drew circles around her nipples with the remaining cum on the tip of his cock, cleaning it also. She jokingly told him, “Wipe the rest on Carrie’s boobs. She wants some too.” Nattles thought that she herself was looking messy now.

Max felt embarrassed and Nattles could tell. So she tried to make him feel comfortable, “Men come on women’s chests all the time, Max. Wipe your hand and feel her tits. You’ll both like it. I did! …Cum on our tits makes us look sexy, feel dirty, and makes our skin soft. It’s a win win situation.”

Max looked at both of them in disbelief. He knew they were lesbians and couldn’t figure out why Nattles spoke so openly about men’s semen covering their tits. He wasn’t sure if what Nattles was saying was part of some teasing.

Carrie could tell he still felt uncomfortable. So she got up and took his hand and guided him to wipe it all over both of her breasts. She put his hand on one breast, then the other. He caressed her breasts as gently as possible in a wiping motion. Carrie looked up at Max when she was done helping him. “If we’re going to be having sex, you might as well get used to feeling us. I want soft skin too,” she told him happily. Then she sat back down.

Max followed her sitting down. In his past, he had only been with one other woman and didn’t really know what women expected regarding ejaculating on their chests. Max glanced over at them as much as he dared. He just had sex with his best friends and Nattles was right. He enjoyed seeing the sexy evidence on each of their breasts. He simply figured they knew more about enjoying sex than he did. He wanted to please them so he did what they asked.

Nattles actually thought it was gross, men ejaculating all over their partner’s tits. But she saw plenty of happy straight women experiencing it in adult films, and she just wanted Max to feel comfortable around her and Carrie right now. Carrie felt the same way. She was hoping Max felt comfortable. Having him put his cum on their tits seemed like a small gesture to make everyone happy. And with everyone having an orgasm they truly were all happy!

The three of them were now just sitting on the couch with blank looks on their faces. Nattles grabbed Max’s wine glass took a swallow and jokingly said, “And that’s why we like eating pizza nude.” They all started laughing.

The uncomfortable feeling between the three dissipated. All three of them had their heads back leaning on the back of the couch. They were staring at the ceiling like they were looking at the stars. They were all taking in their first sexual experience together. Max said aloud, “I wish you both were my girlfriends.”

Carrie said a moment later, “We are.”

They all put their heads up and Carrie and Nattles pushed Max over and climbed on top of him. They all three tried to fall asleep like that on the couch. Max tried to find a spot so they all would fit and held them both so neither would fall off the couch. Carrie was mostly on top of him and Nattles was snuggled in close next to him. Max was smiling as he thought about this experience of holding each of them in his arms, feeling their naked skin touch his. He also thought about tomorrow. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving to start his new job and go live in his new condo.

Max said as they were all trying to sleep, “Why did we have to start eating pizza nude today?”

Max had his arm underneath Nattles around her waist. He could feel his arm begin to fall asleep, but he didn’t care. There was no way he wanted to move it. Nattles had her eyes closed but she answered him, “Because we love you, Max.” Max smiled and just closed his eyes too. And the three of them slept like that for the next half hour.


Second Time.

The next day the two ladies helped Max move his belongings downstairs to a rented moving van. He didn’t have lot of stuff living in an apartment. He lived rather simplistically regarding furniture. Most of his belongings were related to building computers. He had a couple work benches, lots of boxes of computer boards and cabinets, boxes of wires, fans, monitors, etc. His degree may have been in computer architecture, but to the campus students, he was a computer nerd. The ladies understood why he had all the stuff which appeared as junk to them.

Because Max didn’t have a lot to move, the ladies also offered to help him unload his belongings at his new condo. They were also curious to see his new home as Max described it as “a really nice place” with an ocean view and all. At first the ladies were going to follow him in Carrie’s car. But after seeing that the van had a center seat and they would all fit in the van, they rode together. Traveling together, the two hour drive didn’t seem like two hours.

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