Mouth Organ

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Deepak and Sadhana had been married for well over twenty five years. Their only daughter, Anjali had been married for about two years to Vijay. They were residents of a high rise building in Bmbay, which had two apartments on each floor. Sadhana had come to know that the apartment on their floor was up for sale. She informed her husband about the fact that the apartment was up for sale and urged Deepak to buy the apartment for their daughter. They discussed the matter and came to a conclusion, that it was not only an investment, but would work out eventually to their benefit to have their daughter living across the floor, as well as a kind of security for their old age as they did not have a son. Given the circumstances Deepak bought the apartment in the joint names of his daughter Anjali and his wife Sadhana. This was to ensure that their son in law should not one day get the idea of compelling his wife to sell the property and move into the fold of his family. There was also the carrot of Anjali inheriting Deepak’s apartment. Vijay and Anjali had moved into the adjoining apartment now for about six months and the going was smooth.

Anjali being their only daughter took full advantage of her mother Sadhana. It had become, now routine that though the apartments were separate and each had their kitchen, it was Sadhana who was cooking for all four of them and Anjali would have her lunch with Deepak and Sadhana. Deepak, now in semi retirement, worked from his apartment, and hence was always around for any male related help. In the evening, before the return of Vijay, Anjali would take their dinner to her apartment, and later in the night would heat the food and they would have their dinner in their apartment. This arrangement suited all concerned, and they were one happy family.

One day, after lunch, Deepak was surfing the several T.V. channels, when he noted that Star Movies was showing, the Sharon Stone starrer “BASIC INSTINCT”. His attention was riveted on the scene where Douglas takes Jeanne, tears her dress and then forces her to take him in her ass. Deepak was aroused by the sequence, and he wanted Sadhana. He went to the kitchen and not finding her, went to the bedroom. She was preparing for her daily afternoon nap, and was surprised with Deepak striding into the room. She was stunned as she saw him stripping in front of her. She couldn’t but help resist to see his dick at full attention. She continued to stare in silence, and saw lust, written all over his face. Without much ado, Deepak picked her up and threw her on the bed. He tore her clothes away and had her naked in minutes.

“Get on your hands and knees, you bitch. I am going to fuck you doggy style.”

Sadhana was too dazed to react. He forced her into the desired position. He was behind her, and she felt his rod press against her ass hole. Sadhana gasped and cried out softly as Deepak pressed his rod into her ass hole. Each time he thrust his rod, she whimpered and he paused, and then continued penetrating her slowly. Deepak continued to push deeper and harder. The pain increased, but strangely Sadhana found that she was also beginning to like it and was also aroused. Soon, Deepak with one final thrust penetrated her completely and his rod was now fully lodged deep in her anus and his rod felt like it was in a eternal state of squeeze, whilst Sadhana with a loud cry of pain coupled with pleasure, had his balls in her hand, balanced now on her knees and one hand. Deepak then started pounding her. Deepak initially held her hair and kept thrusting. He then let go her hair and reached for her breasts.

Sadhana was by now enjoying the anal assault and found pleasure as well. He was now thrusting in and out in a rhythmic motion, while she moaned. She then lowered her head kağıthane escort and began to grunt loudly. Deepak increased the momentum and knew he was going to shoot his load, when his gaze went to the mirror opposite him. Deepak was shocked to see Anjali’s reflection, and wondered as to, when and for how long had she been watching. Anjali caught the eye of Deepak, at the moment when he exploded and shot his load. Anjali stood transfixed as Deepak’s cock eased out of Sadhana’s anus. Anjali, then blushed and ran away. Sadhana had not noticed or seen Anjali.

Anjali came in the evening to collect her dinner. Deepak was wary, but Anjali showed no sign of embarrassment, or any sign of having witnessed her parents while making love. She was her normal self, and Sadhana too was normal as she was blissfully unaware of the presence of her daughter when her husband had fucked her in the ass, that afternoon. In the next few days, Deepak began to have doubts whether he had imagined Anjali’s presence. Deepak thereafter convinced himself that he must have imagined the whole scenario, and philosophized that he had always nurtured a fantasy of Anjali giving him a blowjob and he fucking her, and that could have been the reason for his having imagined that his daughter had witnessed their sexual escapade.

A few weeks thereafter, Sadhana, received an urgent message from her sister that their mother had suffered a cardiac arrest and had been admitted to the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit in Nizam Hospital, at Hyderabad. In the circumstances, Deepak made arrangements for Airline tickets and she was scheduled to fly the same evening at 7.00 P.M. Sadhana called Anjali over and informed her about her grandmother’s illness and about her departure to Hyderabad that evening. She told her to keep an eye on her daddy, and watch out for her father sneaking and eating chocolates and sweets. Anjali assured her mother that she should travel in peace and look after herself and not to worry too much.

She said, “Mom! Do not worry about Dad. I’ll take care of him and will ensure that he won’t even miss you. I will do everything that you do for him and rest assured that I will substitute for you and Dad will not even feel, that you are not in Bombay.”

Later, Deepak drove his wife to the Airport and after seeing her off returned. When he reached home, Vijay, his son in law came over and insisted that they should all go out for dinner. The next morning, Vijay was informed by his office that he had to go for a conference to Delhi by the afternoon flight and would have to stay in Delhi for two nights. The tickets and hotel booking vouchers were to be delivered before noon. Vijay informed Deepak and his wife about the unexpected development. Vijay left for Delhi that afternoon.

Later in the evening Anjali strolled in and said, “Hi! DAD. What would you like to have for dinner?

“I think we will order for a pizza…”

“Nope. You are getting healthy home cooked food, and that too specially prepared by your darling daughter. So choose dad. Will it be mutton or fish or chicken.”

“Are you joking Anjali. You probably do not know how to make a cup of tea.”

“You are wrong daddy. There is much that you do not know about me. Anyway, let’s leave that for another day. You go ahead and relax or do your thing and I’ll do my job.”


“I promised mom that I will be her substitute in every possible manner, remember? So daddy dear, your darling daughter is playing the role of your wife. Got it?”

“O.K. I am going online.”

Deepak emerged from his study at about 8.30 P.M. as was his normal schedule. He was amused to find his glass, a bottle of whisky and chilled water laid out on his side table next to kartal escort his favorite sofa. As per his routine, he proceeded to his room and had a quick bath and after changing into his night dress of a kurta and pajama returned and set himself down on the sofa. He was fixing his first drink when Anjali came and set down a plate of kebabs on the side table.

Deepak looked at his daughter in admiration and expressed, “that’s great honey, just great.”

“Wait till you have the curry and rice, which I have made for dinner daddy. You are going to get blown dad, I promise you that.”

He switched on the T.V. and decided to watch the News. He finished his daily quota of five large pegs, and stumbled his way to the dinner table. He went through the meal in his drunken state, but did tell his daughter, that he was more than surprised that she could cook that good, and in fact better than her mother. Anjali merely smiled at him. He offered to help her clean up, but she insisted on his going to sleep, and he needed no further excuse to retire to the bedroom. He went to the bedroom in a sense of euphoria, stripped and laid himself on the bed and within minutes was engulfed in a deep sleep, oblivious of everything.

He felt his balls and dick being caressed. He was barely awake and in stupor. He reached out and found his palm on bare skin.

He murmured, “Sadhana you horny?”

“mmmmmm! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Mmmmmmmm.”

He was also getting aroused and felt his prick hardening. He pulled her close and crushed her lips. Immediately he forced his tongue into her mouth and found her eager tongue returning his gesture. In the course of kissing her deeply, his hands fondled her naked breasts whilst her hands stroked his cock. He began to caress her gently with his fingers, keeping her at arms length, and while lying alongside of her, trailed his fingers over her boobs and hard nipples and continued their trail down to her stomach and finally reached her hot spot: her wet pussy. There after he repeated the same path, but this time with his lips, licking her in all the places that his fingers had trailed. He however dwelt a little longer on her nipples, as he sucked them like a new born babe, coupled with a teen’s lust for tits when a boy gets aroused on attaining manhood. She squirmed with pleasure. He then gave his full attention to her wet pussy. She almost jumped off the bed as he licked her pussy. When his lips encircled her clitoris she shuddered, and she went crazy, when his tongue licked her clitoris and began moaning, “oh, that’s soooo good, suck me, suck me, Gooooooooood, oh yes, slip your tongue deeper, ” and she arched and had her first orgasm. He then decided to fuck her. He mounted her and knelt between her legs. She spread her legs while he grabbed hold of one ankle and raised her leg and placed it on his shoulder. He then placed his cock on her wet pussy and holding his member in his hand rubbed his cock against her clit, the length of her swollen pussy lips, her inner thighs, raising the temperature. By now the entire room was filled with the smell of sex. He then slid his cock slowly between her pussy lips and she moved to received it. He grunted as he penetrated her. He had now penetrated her completely. But it had been a tight squeeze, and his cock felt like it was in the grip of a virgin pussy.

“God! You have the tightest, hottest pussy, and it feels like the day I deflowered you. What did you do honey. Got your pussy done up surgically?”

He then proceeded to fuck her with all his strength, with hard and rapid thrusts. Soon he knew he could hold back no longer.

He told her, “I am coming, baby, cumming. We are not using rubber. Should I take it out?”


He felt küçükçekmece escort her hands grab his ass and pull it to enable his cock to remain in her pussy.

He began to shoot his load into her pussy.

“YES DAD!” she screamed, “LOVE YOU, DADDY!!!!!!!!!!”

He came to his senses.

“God is that you Anjali?”

“Yes Dad. And my pussy felt tight because I am 21 years and nearly a virgin.”

“This is wrong, Anjali. It should never have happened.”

Anjali switched on the table lamp. Bathed in the glow of the light, Deepak saw his daughter in a new light. That he had an awesome fuck went without saying, but his daughter was astonishing in her birthday suit. She by then reached out and took his cock and began caressing. She snuggled closer and kissed him on the lips. She took his hand and placed it on her breast and then squeezed ever so gently. He could not resist and his erection came on again.

She said, “Dad. This cock is the organ that was instrumental in my creation. I therefore have the peremptory right over it.”

She then bent and kissed his rod. She enveloped his prick with her lips, and sucked for some time. Releasing it for a moment from her mouth, whilst continuing to stroke his cock, she said,

“Daddy. When I kissed your cock, my mouth was the instrument. Our secret code for sex from now on will be: MOUTH ORGAN.”

Deepak wanted her to suck him. He grinned and said


He held her down on the bed and straddled her. She held his prick in her hands and licked around the crown, tasting his precum. Deepak moaned and slipped his hand into her hair to guide her. After a first few hesitant moments she sort of adjusted to sucking his rod. She could get the head and a few inches inside her mouth and she used that in combination with licks and nibbles on his prick, as her hands stroked his length in an attempt to jack him off. But Deepak was not satisfied with her girlish attempts. He shoved his cock into her mouth and expected a better performance. “Suck it anju baby suck real hard. ”

“Mmmmmmmm….. Mmmmmmmmm!” she moaned.

She, did as she was told and as per his thrusts. She had parted her lips gently, easing his cock into her waiting mouth when he brutally and with vicious thrusts shoved his cock forward, jamming it down her throat. At first Anjali was stunned, and nearly choked, but somehow she managed not to. As far as he was concerned once he had his prick in her mouth, Deepak started a rhythmic thrusting movement that forced Anjali to suck his rod. His rod was like a small pole and was so engorged, that she had no alternative, but to suck. Even if she wanted she would not have been able to bring her teeth together to bite him, as he was deepthroating her. She realized what mouth fucking was all about, and also that she was not averse to being fucked in the mouth by her father’s rod, which by any standard was larger and longer than her husbands. Deepak had let go of her hair but now while he increased the tempo he grabbed her head tightly and thrust his cock with hard and deeper jabs into her throat. He looked down at his lovely daughter taking his organ in her mouth. He was now near the edge and he was unable to control his cock which by then was oozing sticky drops of pre cum, and she had to swallow the cum.

“Daddy is cumming baby, cumming.”

With that he shot his load into his darling daughter’s mouth and holding her mouth to his rod forced her to swallow the hot spunk that spewed into her throat.

He then pulled Anjali to himself and kissed her on the lips, and explored her mouth with his tongue tasting himself. He played with her naked body and rubbed his boner all over her.

“Did you like it Anju?”

She said, “mmmmm. Loved it dad. And I want more!”

“Yes Anju. It is now going to be a long and passionate journey. The code word is: MOUTH ORGAN.”

“Right Dad.”


He turned to her, “yes baby?”

She was on her knees and hands with her pretty ass, up in the air.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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