Motorhome Sex

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My wife and I were on holiday in south-west England last summer in our motorhome. We pitched next to a bigger motorhome occupied by a couple who I guessed were in their late-50s, just a few years older than us. During our first evening at the campground we soon got chatting and started to get to know each other over a shared bottle of wine. David was the quiet one but Jane was very chatty & open. She happily filled us in on their lives, telling us that at 62 she was a few years older than David, that they were both retired and she joked that she was a “fisherman’s widow”. David apparently liked to spend his days sea-fishing, leaving Jane to her own devices on the campground and I sensed that this was a sore point for her. Jane grumbled that she was being left on her own for 3 days while her husband went off early the next day for an extended fishing trip, over to the French coast with some mates of his in a fishing boat. He admitted that it also gave him the opportunity to stock up on cheap French booze – he clearly had a taste for it judging by the size of his beer belly.

At 7am the following morning I was awoken by the sound of a car engine outside our van. I peered out between the blinds and sure enough, there was David being collected by some fellow retirees to go off fishing. All of them sported beer bellies and I pondered how he could leave such a lovely wife behind and spend time with these old men instead. Jane was waving him off, and I couldn’t help notice she was wearing a short robe that was parting slightly in the warm morning breeze, revealing a shapely pair of golden tanned legs. She was a nice looking woman, cuddly but not fat, nice legs and a friendly motherly face, her short grey hair cut stylishly in a short bob. They seemed an oddly matched couple, David was overweight and had let himself go a bit, but Jane was attractive and full of life.

Though slightly annoyed at having been woken so early, I realized I was sporting a lovely morning erection, possibly brought on at the sight of Jane looking so appealing. I’ve always been attracted to older women and began to fantasize about whether Jane was sexually active still and whether David satisfied her needs. I couldn’t help feeling that underneath her respectable exterior there was a frustrated slut-wife underneath. My wife stirred as I got back into bed and whimpered softly as she felt my hardness nudge her tummy. I held her close and within a few moments we were putting my morning wood to good use, sliding smoothly it into her wet warmth. We both love morning sex and it wasn’t long before she was having the first of several orgasms.

There is something about motorhome sex that turns us both on, in the same way that a lot of couples find hotel sex really horny. I think it’s the thought that we are doing it in public, albeit in the privacy of our van. But the fact is, when you’re having noisy energetic sex in a vehicle, it quickly becomes obvious to anyone nearby what’s going on. I’ve noticed that when we have sex in the van my wife is more uninhibited and makes more noise than when we’re at home so I think she secretly enjoys the idea of being overheard. On this particular morning, I remembered that we also had some windows open as the weather was warm, though my wife was blissfully unaware of that. She was enjoying herself instead. I’d just gone down on her and licked her pussy to another orgasm and now she was on her knees being pounded hard, begging me to fuck her hard and cum deep inside her. God we were noisy, my tummy slapped rhythmically against her bottom and the van squeaked as it rocked on its springs. We both climaxed loudly and as we recovered I couldn’t help wondering if the whole campground had heard us coupling so passionately. The thought got me hard again, much to my wife’s pleasure, and she soon impaled her sloppy vagina onto my stiff penis for another good helping of semen. We’d been busy at home and hadn’t had the energy for sex for the past two weeks so we were now eager to make up for lost time. As we lay together we looked forward to a week of good sex.

Life can change so quickly and over breakfast my wife took a call on her mobile phone with the news that her elderly mother had fallen at home. We had been spending a lot of time with her parents doing the caring duties so were not thrilled with the idea of cancelling our holiday break, especially as it sounded like only a minor fall. Eventually we decided to compromise, I would take her to the nearest train station and she would catch a train to stay with her parents, then return to me a few days later to resume our break. I still felt robbed, as I knew the intense morning sex we’d enjoyed was just a starter and that I’d have to wait for the main course.

It was a lovely warm sunny day and when I got back from dropping my wife at the station I found Jane sitting in a recliner outside her van so I went over to talk to her. She was wearing white cropped pants antalya escort and a strappy top that showed her ample cleavage. She was reaching forward to paint her toenails a deep red shade and I noted that she was wearing a gold anklet on her right foot and a toe ring on her left. As well as being a leg-man I have a bit of a foot fetish so enjoyed seeing her feet adorned in such a sexy way. As I stood close to her I had a lovely view down the front of her thin summer top into the front of her lacy white bra. Like many older women, she had a gorgeous little crows-feet wrinkle in her skin at the top of her cleavage, and I felt the stirrings of arousal in my shorts.

I told her what had happened with my in-laws and expressed my disappointment at having our plans interrupted. She took it upon herself to cheer me up, volunteering to get some lunch for us both. As she said this she reached out and touched my knee lightly, sympathized with me but added that at least it meant she’d have some company now. She climbed the steps into her van and I couldn’t help look at her shapely bottom in the tight pants. To my practiced eye I quickly took in the absence of any visible panty line and began speculating about whether she was wearing a thong or no panties at all. She certainly didn’t seem like your usual 62yo grandmother.

She returned shortly with a bottle of chilled wine, bread and cold meats and we proceed to enjoy lunch together. Jane was lovely to talk with and we soon covered our life-stories and then set about putting the world right. Our chairs were close and I enjoyed the way she’d lean forward to emphasize a point and touch my arm with her cool fingers. As the wine helped relax us I noticed that these touches became longer and more frequent, sometimes venturing onto my bare knee. I was finding it difficult not to look at Jane’s full breasts every time she leaned forward towards me and I’m sure she realized my discomfort. We were both clearly enjoying flirting with each other and Jane remarked on how we were two single seniors brought together by the absence of our partners. After a couple of hours she said that she had taken enough sun and asked me into her van for coffee.

As I followed her up the steps into her van she stumbled on the top step and I reached out to save her from falling, my hands holding her hips. She regained her footing, blurted out that she hadn’t been held there for a long time and thanked me for saving her. She quickly gathered herself but I noticed she was blushing and a bit breathless. While she busied herself at the galley kitchen I took in the layout of their van, it was bigger than ours and had a fixed bed at the rear, whereas we had to fold ours out each night. Jane brought coffee over to where I was sitting and sat closer to me than she needed to.

There was a momentary silence between us and I think she was waiting for me to make the first move. I was still nervous about mis-judging the situation and started commenting on how well her van was fitted out. Jane said she sometimes wondered why they needed such a big van for just the two of them, especially as she was often left on her own. I said that the extra space must be useful as it enabled them to have a fixed bed, and grumbled that we had to make ours each night. Jane looked at me, placed a hand on my bare leg and said, very quietly and deliberately “well, from what I heard first thing this morning, at least you and your wife make good use of your bed”. She immediately blushed and apologized for being indiscreet, and I in turn apologized for us being so noisy and causing any embarrassment.

“Tim” she said, “I wasn’t embarrassed, I just wish David had been around to hear your lovemaking, then it might have spurred him on to satisfy my needs instead of leaving me for his bloody fishing!” This little outburst had clearly come from deep within her and I couldn’t help putting my arm around her. She snuggled into me and I sought to comfort her. Between sobs she asked me if I thought she was too old to be sexually active still. Before I could answer, the floodgates opened and she told me how frustrated she was, hold much she’d enjoyed hearing our lovemaking and how much it had turned her on. She ended up by telling me she’d resorted to her trusty vibrator to pleasure herself and had managed to climax shortly after hearing my wife and I reach our final orgasms that morning.

By now I was stricken with a huge erection as I held Jane close and smelt her hair. She looked up at me with her lovely blue eyes and in that moment I knew I was going to be unfaithful for the first time in my marriage. Jane put her hand on the back of my head and drew me to her face, our mouths locking and tongues intertwining. She broke the kiss slowly, looked at me again, placed her hand on my erection and groaned as she mashed her mouth to mine. Squeezing my penis ever so gently she nuzzled into my neck and whispering into my ear alanya escort “please, please take me to bed and make love to me, I don’t remember the last time I had sex”.

I didn’t have a chance to answer before Jane was leading me towards the comfy looking fixed bed at the end of her van. We were all over each other, quickly tearing our clothes off and getting under the bedclothes. I got her to leave her thong on as I loved the thought of peeling it off this very aroused woman. I was struck by the smell of clean bedding and I started to wonder whether Jane had been planning this. She didn’t give me chance to ponder it further and made it abundantly clear that she wanted me inside her. As I fingered her pussy I was amazed at how liquid she was, her cotton thong was saturated and I pulled it one side and entered her smoothly in the missionary position. She spread her legs fully, she was very supple given her age and I was soon hooking my arms under her raised knees to get really deep inside her. God she was amazing, her cunt was so open and wet and she was soon getting extremely vocal. What a turn-on, hearing this middle-aged grandma venting her sexual frustration with filthy language, her pussy leaking goo onto me as I thrust hard into me.

“Oh Tim, your cock is gorgeous, it’s so thick, I’ve never been stretched like this since childbirth”.

I responded by telling her how lovely she looked and felt while fucking. I told her what a dirty bastard I could be and how much I wanted to glaze her cervix with warm cum, or if she preferred I could empty my balls over her face or body.

“Hold my bottom, fuck me hard, my cunt needs your cum so much, splatter my insides with semen, pleeeeeeeeese” she screamed.

She was so desperate to climax so I just gave it to her hard, no finesse, just deep and very intense. I looked down at where we were joined and took in the lovely sight of a white tide-ring of pussy goo around the base of my penis. That and the sound of Jane’s dirty talk tipped me over the edge and I shot wads of thick cum deep into her cunt. She cried out and climaxed herself noisily. Her entire body was in a spasm and I could feel her vaginal muscles milking the last of my semen out of me.

I pulled out of her slowly and we wrapped ourselves in the bedclothes and fell asleep in each other’s arms, such was the intensity of our lovemaking, though to be honest it had been more like animals fucking.

We woke some time later and began all over again, this time more slowly. Jane asking me quite matter-of-factly to go down on her and run my tongue into her vagina and suck on her clitoris . Soon she was climaxing again but this time we stayed awake after her orgasm and were able to talk as we cuddled closely. Jane confessed that she’d overheard my wife’s telephone call and our decision for me to remain on the campground for a few days on my own. Badly in need of sex after hearing us fucking that morning, and already attracted to me, Jane told me that she had set about preparing herself and her bed in the hope that we’d get more intimately acquainted once I got back from the train station.

I told her that I noticed the change in her appearance when I returned to the campground at lunchtime. I realized she had put some sexy clothes on and that I had enjoyed watching her paint her toenails. I also told her that I had spotted her anklet, which I found very sexy and which hadn’t been on her foot earlier. I asked Jane if she realized what an anklet signifies in some cultures. She replied by kissing me hard and telling me that she hoped I’d spot it and that wearing it on her right ankle meant she was available even though she had a partner.

She continued by telling me that David had given up on sex years ago and that this was hard for her as she had a large appetite for cock. She told me that his frequent fishing expeditions had given her the opportunity to get the cock she needed and that liked to take every chance to hunt men to feed her addiction whenever she was on her own. She said she always kept some things in the van in case she an opportunity arose while they were camping and she couldn’t believe her luck that I had ended up next to her on my own for a few days. She said that David knew of her addiction and was happy for her to enjoy herself provided she was discrete and didn’t involve him.

I encouraged Jane to tell me about her secret life and she opened up by telling me she had started out by seeking young cock, ideally guys in their early-20s who she could mother and educate in the sexual arts, while getting her own pleasure. She told me how she enjoyed her first experience of having two young men at once, to DP and spit-roast her. She said she had just turned 60 when this took place but that two years down the line she now preferred older, more experienced men. As she told me these amazing stories she squeezed my hardening penis, alanya rus escort gently peeling back my foreskin and rubbing my helmet.

I asked Jane what the dirtiest thing was that she’d experienced. She thought for a moment then told me how a few months ago she had met a man on the web who organised gangbangs for older women. He laid on experienced studs in their 30’s for ladies in the 50-70 age range and she had asked him to arrange a group of 6 men for her pleasure at an apartment in Bristol. She told me how well organized it was, she had been given certificates to prove the guys were STI-free so that she could enjoy them bareback. She said she’d spent 4 hours being fucked all around the apartment by men who appreciated older women. She had requested heavy cummers and had not been disappointed. She also had her first experience of black cock that afternoon and had been filled with cum in all her holes and all over her body. The organizer, a man in his 50’s, had then dismissed the guys and cleaned her up before enjoying sloppy seconds and filling her ass with his cum.

Jane told me that she had got young cock out of her system and now sought guys nearer own age who could perform and give her the emotional and physical release she sought. She told me that she was especially fond of cum and didn’t much mind if it was deposited in her vagina, anus, mouth, or over her body, just so long as her partner cleaned up his mess afterwards and would share it with her. I assured her that I enjoyed the taste on my own cum and would make sure she was properly clean.

After sharing her incredible sexual experience with me we were both very horny and ready to fuck again. She invited me to choose how I wanted her. I got her to kneel on the edge of the bed, placed some pillows under her tummy and spread her legs. She looked so fuckable, this lovely 62yo grandma with her lovely full bottom facing towards me and her cunt gaping wetly, encouraging me to penetrate her deeply. I stood behind her, my cock at just the right height to probe her pussy as I started to stroke my helmet against her entrance. I loved preparing her for penetration and in a few moments she was begging for another hard fucking.

The sight of my penis sliding into her cunt was almost too much but thankfully I hung on while she squeezed my cock. I wetted my little finger with pussy goo and slid it gently into her anus. I loved the feel of my penis from within are bottom, finger and cock separated by just a thin membrane. She was squeaky clean and I judged that she was very ready for anal fucking. I withdrew from her pussy, rubbed my wet helmet against her rectum and started to gently push past her tight little sphincter.

I took it very slowly and once she was relaxed Jane took my erection fully, telling me in no uncertain terms that she loved being ass-fucked by me. I loved giving her deep firm strokes and told her she was the most satisfying anal fuck I’d ever had. This remark clearly hit the spot and she came noisily. As often happens for me, the sight and sound of my partner climaxing drives me wild with lust and I knew I wanted to cum over her – soon. I pulled out, my penis making a wet “plop” sound as I left her gaping anus. I flipped her over onto her back and wanked over her face, decorating her neck and forehead with strings of pearls.

We were a spent force. By now it was getting dark and we prepared supper together to recharge our batteries. Jane asked me to spend the night with her, and for us to be together until David or my wife returned, whichever happened first. I happily agreed, Jane was the most sexually responsive and imaginative sexual partner I’d ever had. We put the suspension of her van through its paces over the next two days and nights together. Our lovemaking got even more intense, to the point where we had to muffle Jane’s noisy orgasms so as not to offend our fellow campers during our daytime sex sessions.

I learnt a lot about female sexuality with Jane in those two days. She told me she liked being submissive sometimes and eagerly showed me the contents of her toy-bag. She had a ball-gag that helped to quieten her. I’d only ever seen one in porn so it was a new experience for me, as were the cuffs and restraints she had. She would get me to restrain her and pull her hair while fucking her hard but first she would place a couple of towels on the bed, explaining that I would get wet when she was in this mood.

I’d never experienced this sort of thing before but it quickly became a big turn-on for me and I enjoyed using her hard. When being used so submissively Jane would squirt profusely in her orgasms, hence the towels. I’d never been with a woman who squirted before. I loved taking the towels to the campsite laundry and wondered what the other women there would think if they knew why I was washing so many towels each evening.

After a couple of days our respective partners returned none the wiser. I was exhausted but thankfully so was my wife having been caring for her parents so we enjoyed a couple of quiet days before resuming our holiday fucking and entertaining our campground neighbors with the sound of our lovemaking.

Camping may never be the same again.

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