Mother , Son Reunion

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Black & White Luv.

All characters are adults 18 or over.

Mae Black killed her pimp about the time I was born, she was sixteen or so. The state then put me in foster care, and Mae went off to prison where she got off the drugs and booze, acquired a taste for gash and guard cock, and ran the prison laundry until they cut her loose when she was thirty-something. Mae seduced the prison librarian, they got married after Mae got our, and the librarian, Lisa, left her husband and kids.

I’m her son, Coleman Black, I was an E4 senior airman at the end of my first air force enlistment back then. I’m 6′-1″ tall, weigh 175 pounds, and have blue eyes. After I graduated high school, I joined the air force and became a combat controller, the guy who parachutes to the bomb target and lets the mother ship know how things are going when the bombs fall.

As I got close to the end of my enlistment I decided to take some of my accrued annual leave time to find Mae Black, to learn more about me, and give some thought to re-enlisting. My re-enlistment bonus was a tidge more than thirty-four grand, and hard to turn down, so I needed to give it some thought and check out the civilian job market.

Mae wasn’t hard to find once a helpful state social worker put me on the right path. The state keeps ‘adoption’ files filled with all the relevant records and documents so people like me can find birth parents. The prison was helpful, too, and Mae’s probation officer with the Department of Corrections (DOC) steered me to her home and job at a small town named Salt Springs. I drove there from my base in Idaho, and had lunch at the Fatman’s Barbecue where Mae worked. The DOC photo made it easy to spot her. I asked the hostess to sit me at one of Mae’s tables.

According to the old records Mae was thirty-nine. Her black hair was shoulder length and fulla fat curls, she was about five-five tall, and one hundred, seventy-five pounds evenly spread around her body though her upper arms were a bit flabby, and her belly, too. She reminded me of Roseanne Barr at the same age.

I had like no memory of her, so it was like meeting a total stranger, a female stranger who didn’t look too bad according to my peter-meter. It scored her a six outta possible ten. I saw her one leg covered with a tat, and it looked like she had more under her blouse. I guessed she was mostly white with a few drops of other races, probably black, and Hispanic. Maybe a Creole from around New Orleans. Her tits were average but enough; she carried her pounds on her ass and thighs.

Mae got to me quick enough. “Can I start you off with something to drink?” She asked with a smile.

“Gimme the jumbo iced tea, please,” I replied.

She brought the tea, took my order, and returned in a few minutes. I had the pork platter with fries, Texas Toast, and cole slaw. After she brought me the bill I laid five, one hundred dollar bills atop it, with a note. She noticed it immediately, and looked surprised after she read the note.

“I don’t know what to say,” she said. “Are you a cop?”

“No. I’m staying at the Holiday Inn, if you want the money meet me in the lounge tonight at whatever time’s convenient for you.”

“Is this a joke?” She asked.

“Look. I know you’re married, but I figure you can slip away for a couple of hours if you’re interested in the money.” I replied.

“Sugar, you can have any woman in this town for a lot less money,” she said.

“I want you. Do this, take a hundred now, think about it, and gimme a call after you decide. I’ll give you the rest of the money when I see you.” My cell number was on the note, along with my room number.

She brought my change, kept the C note, and phoned me a few minutes after five.

The lounge downstairs at the Holiday Inn turned out to be the hot spot in Salt Springs. I met Mae there to have a quiet drink and talk, we walked into a thickly carpeted room with soft lighting and a good sound system. There were fifteen or twenty people in the place, all of them either having a good time or looking for one.

On the jukebox, someone sang a song about cheating. When she was done, a duo I didn’t recognize sang a song about cheating. Then Hank Williams’s sang, “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” A subtle pattern was beginning to emerge. Everybody knew what everybody else was there for, and nobody wanted to wait.

“I love that song,” Mae said. She looked much different here. She wore a short skirt and a sort of blouse with embroidery on it, the fabric was translucent to diaphanous and hid little of her charms.

“What yuh drinking?” I asked.

“Gin and tonic,” she replied. I ordered a Duff Beer for me and handed Mae the rest of her money, she stuffed it in her bag.

“I can’t stay long, I have a whole nuther life apart from the restaurant.” She reminded me.

“I know,” I hinted.

“So who are you and what do you want with me?” She asked as she looked through her bag for something. “I gotta be twenty years esenyurt ucuz escort older than you. You gotta wife?”

“No wife. Don’t want a wife.”

“How come? You don’t act like a fag. You got any protection?”

“No. It’s a whole lot less trouble to pay for it. You pay your money and you say: ‘Blow me.’ And she blows you. No crap, no trouble, you don’t get a load of shit about it. She’s clean and you can see what you’re doing. I used to think, well, any man got to pay for it, he might as well cut it off, you know? But not no more. You do it and both of you go do something else until the next time, and you’re happy for the time you spent together. When I’m outta town we both fuck other people. No problem.

“You’re fifteen years older than me, to be exact. What I want is some tender loving, for starters, and then we’ll talk.” We drank our drinks and went to my room where we took turns pissing, and got undressed. Mae looked good naked. Her belly was flabby and her upper arms were flabby, like most lesbians, but she didn’t look like an old dyke. She looked like who she was, an older woman fresh outta prison ready to bloom again.

I hadda steady woman back in Idaho. She was an older married gal who sold it when her old man was in jail and she was alone in their trailer. Usually she called me on the cell to invite me over or to take her out before we fucked. Five hundred was the usual price for an all nighter, and it’s what I paid her, or two hundred for a quickie-plus if her husband was around.

Mae got atop the bed and pulled my hard dick outta my pants in no time and started off licking it. When I got a little aroused she put the tip between her lips and sort of teased it for a little bit, then gradually took more and more of it into her mouth and went up and down the shaft as she pressed her tongue tight against the backside. She matched the rhythm of my hips with her mouth, and had a mouth fulla saliva that leaked out around her lips. She knew that the head is where the action is, and worked on it while she used her hand to firmly hold my shaft close to her mouth rather than jack me. Then she held my balls in her other hand, rolling them around in her hand while she sucked me. She gave the whole sack a few soft tugs, using her thumb and forefinger to pinch the skin between the two balls, and slid her fingers from the base of my scrotum to the tips of my nuts.

Then she moved her mouth to my balls and stroked my shaft with her hand. She licked all around my balls with a broad, flat tongue, and took turns taking each ball in her mouth for a minute or so.

“Ain’t done this is a while,” she said as she held the base of my cock and moved her lips back and forth over the ridge between the head and the shaft. She pressed a knuckle firmly against my perineum then kneaded the skin with the knuckle.

Then she went for the gold medal, easing a finger into my asshole.

I suspect she and Lisa got plenty of cock in the prison. Women trade pussy for all kinds of favors from male and female staff. Lisa got knocked up twice by the guards.

Mar didn’t swallow after I came, but she did taste it. “I usta love to suck dicks,” she said.

I handed her a handkerchief to clean her lips and chin. She then stood by me and I put my arms around her and kissed her.

“You’re the first man ever kissed me after a blow job.” Guys don’t usually make-out with whores.

“Want another drink?” I asked.

“Something cold and wet, but I better go easy on the booze.”

“I could use another beer.” I called room service.

“I wish I had a joint,” she said.

“You can’t get any weed in this town?” I replied

“Just the occasional puff if someone shares.”

I pulled one outta my travel bag. It was from a pack of pre-rolled joints I bought, driving through Colorado. I handed it to her, “Wait till room service leaves,” I cautioned her. She put my robe on, answered the door, and signed the bill, then lit up once she was back in the bed with me. She got a Coke.

“I wish I could get some decent weed around here,” she complained.

“I’ll send you home with a couple packs.”

“There’s two sure ways to capture a girl’s heart,” she said.

“I’m listening,” I replied.

“Make her cum hard, and keep her in the dope she craves.” She took another drag off the joint and passed it to me.

“I’ll bring you a real stash next time I come to see you.”

“You already want seconds with me?”

“And thirds and fourths.”

“You must be in love.”

“Not yet, you’re the woman I wanted to fuck since I got my first boner.”

“Liar! You never seen me till now! What you got in mind for me tonight?”

“I wanna eat your pussy all the way from your ass to your heart. Lie on your back when you’re done with the dope.”

She did, and I rubbed Mae’s back and waist down to her ass, lightly caressing her ass through the thin panty. Mae responded with ooohs and ahhhs, and breathed kinda esenyurt üniversiteli escort heavy as I worked. I caressed her ass and moved my hand under the panty waistband, to cup the bare flesh. Mae shifted her weight from one leg to the other in an unconscious effort to increase the contact with my hand.

I whispered into her ear. “Your ass feels soooo good.”

I leaned forward and kissed her. She smiled and cooed. The combination of being tipsy from the drinks, pot, and caresses and kisses moved her toward the level of heat I wanted.

“My nipples tingle, and I’m wet,” she confessed.

“Don’t stop.” I moved my tender kisses from her cheek, to the sensitive corner of her mouth, and Mae almost climaxed right there. She turned her head to make it easier to kiss me.

Soon enough we got atop the bed in each other’s arms, tongue kissing and groping our erogenous spots. She opened her mouth accepting my tongue, then pushed her tongue into mine. She moaned as we necked, like horny teenagers. Mae liked to smoooch.

I got on top of her and caressed her face while my right hand groped her tits. It felt like an exciting roller coaster ride I couldn’t get off of. I cupped the sides of her tits with both hands then lowered my head and wanted to devour them, sucking each nipple into my mouth, and teasing them with my tongue.

Mae whimpered and stroked the back of my head as I nibbled, and licked, her nipples. The small amount of pain aroused her. My hand worked its way down her tummy to her panties. Mae spread her legs as I pushed my hand under the panty waistband, where I cupped her pussy. My middle finger found her wetness. “Ohhhhhhh!” Mae gasped.

“You’re so wet sweetie,” I said, lifting my mouth from her nipple.

“It’s so hot and wet,” she said. I traced her gash with my middle finger, up and down, feeling her wetness. She sucked my tongue harder and made moaning sounds. “Don’t stop,” she whispered.

“I want to taste you, sweetie. Want me to taste you down there?” I asked, as I pushed my fingers inside her.

“Oh Baby,” Mae said. “Oh my god.” She moaned as she locked eyes with me. I took her wanton gaze as an invitation and moved down, took hold of her panties at the waist. Mae lifted her ass to make them easy to remove. At that moment I knew Mae was mine, she had said, ‘make a girl cum and you own her.’

I got between Mae’s legs and kissed, first one hip, then the other. Her tits rose and fell, and her eyes closed as her chest rose and fell. I kissed Mae’s hip again, but closer to her pussy. I moved and licked the bare mound above her clit, then moved to the other hip.

“This isn’t right,” Mae said between whimpers as her marriage vows intruded into her awareness. Yet she made no move to close her legs or push me away. She squeezed her nipples and pulled them as I went deeper into her cunt. She felt my thighs against hers. I kissed her as my cock went deeper. Mae caught her breath as she felt it. Her cunt was filled. There was a little pain, but her body accepted me. She was frightened, at both the act of adultery, my size, and what she felt.

“You want this,” I whispered in her ear and kissed her. “Just accept it. Enjoy being fucked by a real man.” Mae whimpered in delight. She wanted it. She wrapped her arms around me, around my broad back, accepting and returning my kiss, accepting my probing tongue in her mouth. She tasted me, and inhaled my masculine scent. Her heart pounded. She felt me pressed against her, my cock almost all the way in. She inhaled sharply at the momentary pain, yet her juices flowed, allowing her body to take me, accepting, welcoming me, in the most pleasurable way. She stretched for me.

All reservations, all thoughts of cheating left her mind as she wrapped her legs around my waist and felt my swollen cock head caress the walls of her pussy. I went deeper with each slow fuck, letting her get used to my size. She inhaled sharply at each thrust, feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure. Sex with girls isn’t as rough as women like Mae want.

“Do you want my baby juice, sweetie?” Mae lifted her knees to her chest, giving me as much access as possible to her exposed pussy.

She moaned. I knew how to pleasure a woman. It’s not rocket science. “Oh God!” Mae whimpered as I fucked harder. Mae held her breath, and then exhaled, sweat coating her forehead as her climax approached. I moved my fingers to her mouth. She sucked on them, tasting herself. It was another wicked act, and Mae couldn’t get enough. I returned to finger-fucking her as we fucked.

Mae gripped the bedspread with her fingers, her knees up to her chest, her mouth open wide as she vocalized her orgasm. “OHHH! OHHH! OHHH!” I expected her to faint. Some women faint. She looked at me as I fucked her. “Cum inside me honey,” she breathed heavily, as I pushed and quickened the pace.

I have a simple attitude about fucking women. It’s not rocket science. Plenty of people think etiler escort it is, but it isn’t. If she wants it and wants you and you want her it will likely be good enough. Sex isn’t the Olympics or American Idol. Mae felt my beard stubble on her mouth. It was definitely a man between her legs. She felt her vagina lips part as I fucked inside her. And without a condom! Mae didn’t know what to think. She was so excited at the sex and wanted this feeling to last, yet she knew the cock inside her was not her wife’s strapon.

Mae groaned. “F-fuck me. Fuck me more, please!” Then, “Cum in me…” I did. Then I put my finger inside her to push my semen back to her uterus.

“Make me a baby!” She moaned.

Feeling me release my seed, she climaxed again. She panted, looked up to the ceiling, on her back, legs in the air, the sweat pouring down her forehead. Her cell phone rang as I made my final push, depositing my hot semen within her. In her highly aroused state, she wouldn’t have been distracted by a freight train passing by in the next room, but because the sound was of her own mobile phone, she was conditioned to notice it. She opened her eyes to see it on the table in front of her face. She briefly wondered how it got out of her bag and saw Lisa’s name on the call display. At the same time, I pushed into her hard, sending a shock wave of pleasure through her as my cock again tested the limits of her vagina.

“Lisa is calling me”, she said, but then she felt another spasm of pleasure as my cock head expanded, signaling that her orgasm was close. Mae felt a second of regret, knowing that her wife was calling as we made love, and maybe more. Then all conscious thoughts of guilt faded as she embraced her lust, feeling me cum inside her. I grunted as my cock pumped. Her phone stopped ringing.

I made one final, hard push and then kept my hips pressed against her until my erection wilted. After a moment I leaned back, pulling Mae up, keeping myself inside her.

We lay close together afterwards, she draped a leg over mine. I lit a joint. She quenched her thirst with the rest of her Coke. She wanted to talk after she cleaned up.

Soon enough she dropped her legs, exhausted. I stopped licking, but kept my mouth on hers, inhaling her scent as she came down from her climax. Mae breathed hard as she recovered. I waited for her to recover, and then moved up beside her, kissing her, giving her another taste of her juices. Mae moaned again, and licked all around my lips, and smiled as I held her.

“Why did you come almost three thousand miles to see me?”

“To be your man.”

“I’m married.”

“You can stay married. I didn’t come here to marry you. I can’t stay in town long but I want you every day I’m here. You’ll make out well with the money I have.”

“You need to get some protection. I haven’t fucked many men in the last several years.”

“In prison, you mean?”

“You know all about me, I reckon?”

“I know about prison.”

“Do you know I was a hooker before that?”

“Uh huh,” I said.

“I have no idea who you are.”

I pulled my wallet outta my pants, opened it, and handed her my military photo I.D., “Here yuh go,” I said. I don’t know what I expected her to do, but she looked at it briefly and handed it back.

“We have the same last name, and you’re born the same day as my son.”

“I’m the child the state took from you.”

“That’s too wild. You’re no baby, and I can’t think of you as my son. I had a baby, and then he was gone. Lisa won’t believe I had sex with my son.”

Mae’s cell rang again. “Hello,” she replied. “I’m on my way now. You’ll never guess what happened. The kid the state took away when I went to prison found me, and I got to meet him tonight. No shit. I’ll tell you all about it in a few minutes. You, too. “She closed the lid and put the cell back in her bag. “I gotta go.”

“Tell her I showed up outta the blue and wanted to see you to get medical history and such.”

“Lisa wants to meet you. Do you still wanna do the other?”

“You mean fuck?”

“Uh huh.”

“I s’pose I can tell Lisa I’m spending a little time with you. I prolly shouldn’t ask for money, though.”

“Take the money. You can use it, I imagine. And if you fall in love with me, I come by the sickness natural-like, I’d say.”

“No one ever paid me five hundred dollars for sex. Do you wanna see me tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

“Is the same time okay?”

“Don’t rush, we’ll do dinner after you get here.”

“Lisa will want to meet you. Maybe do it the day after? You won’t kiss and tell?”

“Only if you want me to.”

“C’mawn! Roosters crow their heads off every time they get some. I can’t wrap my head around the idea you’re my child. You could be a total bull shitter. But a part of me wants to keep you around.”

“What part of you wants me?”

“The mother hen part, of course.” She kissed me before she left. “I sure hope you’re not my son, cuz other parts of me like you, too.”

She left with the five hundred cash I gave her, a cunt fulla happy sperm, and three packs of pre-rolled joints I brought with me from Colorado. It was nine o’clock, too early for bed and too late for anything else on a week night in Hooterville except for a nice Duff Beer. I went to the motel lounge and took a seat at the bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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