Mother Shares Her Secrets Ch. 04

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This is Chapter four of the continuing story about adult family sex…Incest.

If stories about consenting adults involved in incestuous relationships offends you please stop reading right here. There’s also a very brief mention of golden shower play and if this offends please stop here.

Everyone in this story is well over the age of eighteen and all are anxious to share their story with like-minded readers who enjoy this kind of eroticism.

Positive feedback is always appreciated and I will be happy to answer any private comments emailed to me if you request it.

Thanks for reading, Please Enjoy!

My grandparents came over to mother’s house unaware that mother and I had a surprise for them, one that they probably never thought might happen.

My grandparents are in their sixties, young looking, healthy, active and very sexual. Grandmother always took pride in how she looks and she always looks damn good for a woman her age. My grandfather is handsome with a good tan and has always been successful.

Just before my grandparents arrived mother and I got dressed for the first time in two days—hoping that everything looked normal and not that we had been having sex as often as we could.

I’d learned a lot of very private family, and personal, secrets from my mother and I felt that learning her secrets just made me love her that much more. Yes, she’s a healthy woman but she’s also a mother—my mother and relating them to me was hard for her to do at times.

After they arrived we opened some wine and the four of us sat in the living room chatting just like we’ve done for years. Mother was especially happy and showed it. However, she and I were on our best behavior. As the wine flowed mother sat closer and closer to me on the sofa and several times she let her hand rest on my thigh; each time coming closer to my cock. I didn’t look but I was sure that both grandfather and grandmother noticed it. I did everything to keep from getting an erection when she did it.

At one point grandfather went into the bathroom and grandmother went into the kitchen to open another bottle of wine.

As we had planned, we both hurried and got completely naked. Mother giggled as she lay on the sofa with her legs spread apart as well as she could. I lay on top of her and she directed my cock into her vagina and we started to fuck gently. Grandmother came back into the room first and she almost dropped the bottle of wine when she saw us. “Oh, my!” was all that she said. The shock and perhaps mild confusion clearly showed on her face as she stood there looking at us. When grandfather came back to the room he too was shocked for a moment but didn’t say a thing but he broke into a wide smile as he moved over and put his arm around his wife as they stood there watching us.

“Do you have something to tell us about?” He said with a laugh.

“I think it’s pretty evident,” mother said with a laugh.

“Tell us all about it, how did it happen?” she asked excitedly.

She put the bottle of wine on the coffee table and sat down facing us.

“I thought I’d remind you of the first time you caught David and me having sex on the sofa in the basement…that’s what started it all.” She paused with a mischievous smile. “Steven knows all of our family secrets.”

“Are you embarrassed?” Grandmother asked me with a sweet smile on her face.

“No, it’s always been my dream to do this. I’ve wanted to have sex with mother,” I hesitated before adding slightly embarrassed, “and you for a long time. I just never guessed that it might actually happen.” The four of us talked very openly about everything and it was having an effect on everyone we all were very aroused. My grandmother poured some wine before she stood up and undressed. She erotically removed one piece of clothing at a time until she stood wearing nothing but her panties.

I felt an enormous sensation of excitement flood over me as I watched her finally slip her white, lacy thongs down over her thighs before stepping out of them. She tossed them with the rest of her clothes before turning toward me. She stood for a moment, completely naked, as if offering herself to me—which she was.

Mother and I stood up from the sofa and she moved closer to grandfather as he began caressing her breasts. I couldn’t help but notice that grandfather had a strong hard-on that swung from side to side as he walked.

As I said, grandmother is a very good looking for a woman her age. We just looked at each other as if we were trying to prolong the moment. My hard bakırköy türbanlı escort cock, was pointing directly at her belly and it couldn’t get any harder than it was at that moment. She came to me and pressed her warm, naked body against mine. Her smile was erotic and full of lust. As we held each other I could feel her trembling slightly in anticipation of what was to come. She uttered a soft moan when her hands grasped my ass cheeks pulling our bodies tightly together. My cock was momentarily trapped between our naked bellies just above her vulva. I looked over her shoulder and saw my mother lying down on the sofa and spreading her thighs apart. Her father reached his hand down to her pussy and fondled her with his fingertips. Grandmother and I still held each other enjoying the moment and I watched as mother’s father, with a throbbing, hard erection, knelt between her thighs and positioning his body to fuck her wet pussy.

Grandmother moved softly as she pressed her naked tits against me. She brought her right hand around and wrapped her fingers around my cock; which was already oozing long strands of my own pre-cum lubrication. She fondled it by stroking it and running her fingertips up and down along the side of the shaft several times. I could actually feel her heart beating with excitement as she held her body against mine. A wave of pure desire rushed over me as I realized that in just a few moments I would finally be sliding my cock into her warm vagina and I was fucking her.

Obviously I’d been around my grandparents all of my life but never even suspected that they were so sexual—at least not this sexual but I couldn’t help but see her as a sexual, desirable woman that I deeply lusted after for the first time in my life. It was a huge turn-on for me.

I watched as my grandfather brought the purple head of his cock against my mother’s clitoris. He hesitated as mother reached down and directed his cock to the opening of her vagina. I was fascinated as I watched his hard penis slowly disappeared into his daughter’s body and when it was completely inside her they paused for a moment before they began to fuck.

Everything was so intensely erotic it was hard to grasp it all.

Grandmother had turned her body enough so the she could watch her husband fucking his daughter—my mother—on the sofa.

“I can hardly wait until you’re fucking me,” grandmother whispered. Then added, “Because it’s the first time, I want you to fuck me and cum inside me. It will be a special treat for your grandfather.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but I nodded. I didn’t care what happened as long as I could fuck her.

I reached up and began to fondling her tits. Yes, they were a little flat against her chest but they were firmer than what I’d expected. The most important thing was that I learned almost immediately that her nipples were very sensitive. As I gently rubbed them they got hard and erect as she began to moan from the intense pleasure. I remembered my mother telling me that my grandmother had very sensitive nipples. “So sensitive,” she said. “Mother can actually have an orgasm when someone just sucks on her nipples.”

I really wasn’t sure how long I could delay an orgasm once we started to fuck. But everything was so incredibly erotic, I was pretty sure I could get hard almost immediately after cuming. I wouldn’t ejaculate much cum after the first time but that didn’t matter. When I jack off I always come a lot the first time but not much the second or third time.

Mother was getting fucked by her father with a steady rhythm and I could feel grandmother’s breathing becoming harder and more erratic as she watched them. “That’s such a beautiful sight, I never get tired of seeing it,” she said softly.

Grandmother urged me to sit on the other end of the sofa as she knelt between my legs. I felt her hot breath on my cock as I watched her take my penis into her mouth. She slowly took it deeper and deeper into her throat until her nose was in my pubic hair. She hesitated for a moment before lifting her head causing it to slip back out. I saw that my cock was shiny from her saliva. She licked the rim and underside of my cockhead before taking it back into her throat. I’d had a lot of blowjobs from girls I dated in college but none ever felt as good as the one I was getting from my grandmother. She knew exactly how to give a blowjob that produced the most intense pleasure. Even her fingers, fondling my balls in my scrotum, increased the pleasure and added to the mounting urgency bakırköy ucuz escort within me.

I was trying everything I could to hold back my orgasm and she sensed it and stopped sucking on my cock. We looked into each other’s eyes and she smiled a knowing smile. She stood up and said, “I’ll be right back, I have to pee.” She walked toward the bathroom and I had the strongest urges to tell her to hold it for me! It was one of my most private and perverted fantasies to have her give me a golden shower as I fucked her but there was no way that I could admit it. Not then…maybe not ever. It was my embarrassing secret.

“Daddy, your cock is so hard and it feels so good…Fuck me daddy! Fuck me!” My mother cried out as her father fucked her even harder. The room was filled with the sound of them fucking…flesh slapping against flesh…the warm sounding honest moans of sexual pleasure…the unmistakable sounds of grandfather’s penis plunging in and out of mother’s wet vagina. I knew at that moment that this was the kind of intense sex that I wanted to enjoy for the rest of my life.

Grandmother came back and I stood up to join her. She tossed a few pillows on the thick carpet in front of the fireplace and taking me in her arms she asked with a mischievous smile, “Do you want to fuck me?” The vulgar, erotic words of her question almost made me cum as I stood there.

“Oh, my god yes I want to fuck you,” I answered. “I don’t know how long I can last,” I said honestly.

“Let me worry about that,” she said with a broad smile.

She lay down on her back on the pillows and motioned for me to get on top of her in the missionary position. “Come and take me Steven,” she said softly. “Take what you’ve always wanted from me…I’m yours…fuck me Steven.”

Her pussy was cleanly shaved and delicate looking and it surprised me considering the countless amounts of cocks that had probably fucked her in that beautiful hole of hers. I leaned my upper body forward as she reached down and took my cock and rubbed the head against her swollen clitoris and wet pink lips before placing it at the entrance of her vagina. There was a sweet smile on her face as she said, “You have such a beautiful cock…push it inside me and fuck me Steven!”

I pushed it inside her as far as it would go and I began to fuck her. I felt her body tense up and relax and she told me a little later that she’d actually had a small orgasm when I first entered her vagina. We fucked for several minutes…slowly so that I wouldn’t cum too quickly.

I hadn’t realized it at first but my mother and her father had stopped fucking and were watching us. At some point they’d gotten off the sofa and came closer. Mother sat on a pillow next to us and was gently fingering her clit and lips with her fingers. Grandfather stood over us and slowly stroked his hard cock as he watched his wife and I fuck.

“Ever since you’ve become a young man your grandmother has fantasized about having sex with you Steven,” he said.

“I’ve done the same about her I said. Then I added, “I don’t know how much longer I can keep from cuming,” “I’m so close!

“Let it come baby,” my mother said as she leaned forward and kissed me on my shoulder. “Fuck her just like you fuck me…hard and deep Steven! “Fuck her hard and deep!”

“Oh god yes!” Grandmother panted softly.

My mother’s words were so erotic and vulgar that I couldn’t hold back any longer. I began fucking my grandmother as hard and fast as I could. She cried-out in intense pleasure as my cock slammed into the deep, dark depths of her vaginal canal. Grandmother arched her back and cried out…obviously cuming with me. My orgasm slammed into me as I felt my white cum spurting out the end of my super-sensitive cock and into my grandmother sweet sex-hole. “Fuck,” I moaned several times as I drained the cum from my balls into her hole. Grandmother’s arms held my ass tightly as her orgasm sent powerful spasms through her body. Her face showed the power of the pleasure she was experiencing inside her. When our orgasms began to subside only slightly, mother crawled close to us. She put her arm over my shoulder and she kissed me on my neck. “That was so beautiful Steven,” she said softly into my ear. “I’ve waited so long to see that happen. I can’t wait until you fuck me again.”

My softening cock was still held inside grandmother’s vagina as we lay together. Our faces were only a few inches apart and her smile was bright and genuine. “Oh my god, that was so wonderful,” she said. “It başakşehir escort felt so good.”

“I confess,” I said. “For as long I’ve wanted to fuck you. I’ve even pretended–,” I said showing a little embarrassment.

“Was I as good as you hoped I’d be?” She said as she looked into my eyes.

“Much, much better,” I answered honestly, “Much better.”

I slipped my softening wet cock out of grandmother’s pussy and rolled on my side next to her. There were several small streaks of my white cum on the sides of my cock and I couldn’t believe how erotic it looked to me. Mother noticed them too and she bent forward and took my soft cock into her mouth and sucked off the traces of my cum.

My grandfather moved in and took my place between grandmother’s spread thighs and they began to kiss passionately before he slipped his hard cock into his wife’s cunt and they began to fuck. There were traces of my cum all over grandmother’s thighs and her pussy and especially grandfather’s cock as it thrust in and out of her vagina.

They fucked for a long time and grandmother had several loud orgasms as mother and I watched. As I sat there I realized that, I’d watched plenty of people having sex on porn DVDs but I’d never really been close to people having sex in real life until now and it is a huge turn-on for me. Mother and I sat pressing our bodies together. She had one arm over my shoulder and naturally, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. As mother fondled my cock it began to recover and slowly it became hard and ready to do more.

I urged my mother to lie down on the pillows next to her parents who were still fucking. With my hands on her naked thighs, urged her to spread her legs. My cock was harder with each moment and I lost no time moving in between her legs. Mother looked happy and very turned-on as she looked into my eyes. I rubbed the swollen head of my prick in her recently fucked pussy hair; most of which was matted down by her own sex juices. Pushing my cock into her I was keenly aware of how warm and erotic it felt to be inside her vagina. That very special place.

We fucked slowly with deep passion. It was as if we both wanted to feel each other…as if at that very moment somehow we were one. I was not just inside her, I felt as if I was actually a part of her and she, a part of me. It was something that I’d never experienced before but it was something that I felt many times later with the woman I eventually met and married.

My grandparents were fucking hard and the room was filled with the delicious sounds of sex as they began to cum together.

“Ohhh, Ohhh fuck…I’m cuming grandmother moaned. Suddenly she let out a long high pitched wail that matched the rhythm of grandfather’s cock as it pounded into her. Grandmother grabbed my mother’s hand and held it as her body spasms shook her violently. That was enough to trigger my mother’s orgasm as well. Her body tensed as she brought her legs up and wrapped them around my lower back as if to try to pull me even deeper inside her. Both women were crying out in the passion that only intense sex creates. Grandfather had ejaculated moments before but was still banging grandmother as hard as he could—obviously increasing her pleasure. The familiar wave of pleasure swept through me as I felt my cock swelling and throbbing in mother’s cunt as it pumped streams of my white cum inside her.

“Steven, fuck me! I can feel you filling me with your cum! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!”

As mother and I lay face to face, our breath mingling, our eyes held each other’s as we shared the moment. Mother’s vagina held my penis inside her until it was too soft of stay any longer… it gently slipped out and it was as if her vagina held me until it decided to release me from her grip.

We all let our bodies and our lustful emotions come down from our orgasms. It was late and my grandparents got dressed to leave for their home while mother and I remained nude.

“Oh, I meant to tell you,” grandmother said to mother. “We are planning a small get-together next weekend with some friends up at the cabin,” She paused before adding with a smile, “Maybe you and Steven would like to come too. We’ve invited three couples and you two would be the fourth?”

Mother looked at me and I nodded.

“Looks like we’ll be there,” she said.

“Good! Oh, I’m so excited,” grandmother said as she hugged me.

“I hope you don’t mind having fun with some of our senior friends,” grandfather said with a laugh.

“No, I can hardly wait,” I honestly said. “That will be great.” I’d met a few of their friends before and they were all very active and attractive mature couples.

After my grandparents left mother and I went to her bedroom and we both fell into bed exhausted from the night’s activities. I listened to my mother’s rested breathing as I drifted off to sleep. Excited about what tomorrow might bring.

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