Mother of My Best Friend Ch. 03

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The room was large with a king size bed in the middle, covered with mosquito net. I was surprised and curious about purpose of some of the furniture. There were two long settees with half of the portion raised with back support and few cushioned chairs with hole in the seat. While I was busy looking around the tastefully decorated large bedroom with erotic paintings on wall and nude statues in various sexual positions, Padma aunty opened an antique cupboard. A film projector with loaded spools was now visible.

“Me and Rekha love to watch porn when we are together for some hot fun..”

She plugged the projector and sat on one of the cushioned chair with hole in on the seat, one hand went back to touch her large nipples. I was feeling curious about what they would have been doing to each others and how? Being faintly aware of sex between mature females, did not prepare me to witness and participate in the impending sexual adventure with two mature ladies. Needless to say, I was troubled, perplexed and yet excited like a young man could be.

“Let me prepare and teach you for something very erotic, Rekha loves…lets go to washroom…come.”

Padma aunty got up, held my hand and reached a closed door on side. She opened the door and led me inside. It was a big bathroom with bathtub, shower, tall geyser, a closet and few wooden stools by the side. An open rack was stacked with bars of soaps, ointment bottles, lotions and white towels.

“Get in the bathtub..” I was gently pushed.

“Now bend and open your Gaand..” A mild shock again went through me, hearing aunty asking me to open my ass cheeks. I obeyed and wondered what was about to happen, felt the whiff of steam and heard the hiss of hot tap connected to the geyser being opened, hot water falling in to a bucket.

“Hmmm,,,you have a very cute Gaand…I am sure Rekha will be pleased and very happy.”

I heard the chuckled whisper and felt warm water splashed on my ass cheeks. The warmness hit my anus, as my dick stiffened by the tinge of shock. A soaped cloth begins to gently rub my butt crack and anus. More warm water was poured to wash away the soap. The gentle rubbing of so far unexplored private parts was indeed pleasurable and so new.

“Open more, so I can really see closely and clean it..” I heard the sensuous whisper and complied with her demand.

“Hmmmm….it’s so cute…ahhhh….do you feel good now?” Her index finger pressed and started to rub the warm coarse cloth at rim of anus and even inserted in a bit.

“Yeahh….aunty..hmmmm…Oh God. Never felt like this before…” I heard myself whispering, as a soothing pleasure began to spread, my body started to relax, the swollen balls ballooned and dick stiffened with extra hardness. Her hand moved down to massage my balls, felt her boobs pressed on my back, feeling the hardened nipples grazing as aunty continue to rub. Hot breath neared my neck and suddenly her lips kissed neck and right shoulder.

“Boy, just relax as I bite your shoulder…don’t worry, you will like it…I am sure…when Rekha did it to me, first time, bakırköy masöz escort in this position, right here in this tub, I was also not sure…but believe me it’s so wonderful. Don’t panic…just let me sink my teeth in a bit in your young delicious flesh…okay?”

Her breath got hotter and body heaved expecting some exotic pleasure, I was about to receive as well. A fear began to gather in my mind, but surprisingly felt my dick shaking in unknown expectations.

“You also do same to me as well. I have been bitten may be hundreds of time by my darling Rekha, but you see there are no scars left. She has given me a lotion, which heals teeth marks with few hours.” Her voice was turning hoarse and thick, her saliva began to pour on my shoulder.

“Sllaapppp…slapppp….slaap…Aunty moved away a bit, her right hand swung and hit my butt cheeks hard. Spikes of pain .swept through my body along with burning sensations centered where her hit me.

“Ahhhhhh…Ahhhhh…Ahhhh…Oh aunty…what are you doing..Ohhh..God…” My feeble protest did not stop her as she focused on my right shoulder and hit me even harder. Her bare teeth started to sink at the joint of my neck and shoulder; fingers savagely kneaded my butt cheeks. Contrary to my fear, I liked feel of teeth sinking in my shoulder and the pain has tinge of pleasure with in.

“Hmmmm…let check your balls and Lund…Oh yeah…boy your liked the experience. Didn’t you?”

“Hmmmm…Ahhhh..Oh God aunty…” My voice was different and so coarse; it didn’t seem to belong to me. It was not me, but someone else hidden inside.

“Hmmm…I can feel from your tight balls and hard Lund, that you are very excited and might shoot your semen in no time…but let’s save it boy, we have whole night to us and perhaps most of the day as well.”

“Oh aunty…” My throat was dry, voice, hoarse and thick. More warm water was poured over my butt and felt being dried by a towel.

“That is s enough for now…You are done…now you wash my Gaand…” Padma aunty pulled me out and took my place in the bathtub, leaned and tantalizingly opened her exquisite globs and waited for me to get going

“Have you ever seen any female Gaand, Choot and a totally nude body, like this before?” “No aunty…never”

“Hmmm…okay…now see my Gaand….do you like it?” Her voice was thick with lust.

“Yes…aunty..” I poured warm water on her ass cheeks.

“Hmmm…I know how excited you are….what exactly you like…ahhhh” She wiggled her wide ass. , “Now soap and rub my Gaand…ahhhhh.”

I started to obey her, remembering her manipulations on my back. I was fascinated by looking so closely on opened ass cheeks and her longish black rimmed anus. She was moaning and moving her anus by sucking it in and the releasing it back to shape. The thick jungle of her pubic hairs jutted out from below, covering her extra-large size cunt.

Óh aunty…your Gaand is so sexy…” I had to say that and I really liked her asshole and glorious view of open butt crack.

“Hmmmm…rub bakırköy otele gelen escort deeper boy…focus on my asshole..ahhhh …now pour more water…”

I complied with her wishes.

“I want you to help Raman fuck a girl…” She suddenly had gone back to her dear son and his sexual training.

“But he has not disclosed his interest in any girl yet, though I keep telling him about my fooling around and fondling with Reema.” I protested and shared by own amazement of his strange behavior.

“It doesn’t matter what he does, you got to help him as I said.”

I was silent.

“Hmmm…Reema…ahhh…she is a sexy young thing…yes rub little harder and pour more water…”


“You bring Reema here and ask Raman to hide and see how you fuck her.”

“Oh…you mean…”

Yes…..hmmm…ahhhh…” Can you do it?” She threw the challenge in her lusty voice.

“I will try aunty…” My voice was unsure.

“Hmm..Okay…let’s see if you can do it some of these days. Now wash my Gaand and Choot with water and towel me dry.”

Padma aunty led me back to the room and switches the projector on. Images began to flicker on the side wall. She climbed the large bed and signaled me to be close to her. I wondered about Dr. Rekha, who should have arrived be by now. A lady moving around alone at mid-night made me perplexed and worried too.

“How Rekha aunty will come alone, so late in night?”

“Don’t worry, no one can dare to touch her, even if she decides to come here nude..” Aunty laughed, mocking my concern.

“Ahhhhh….wonderful….look at them….hmmm…lovely bodies and glorious fucking” Lusty voice of Aunty and sounds of moaning, whacking from the speaker of the projector made me look at the side wall. The moving images showed a nude beach party with perhaps more than dozen of nude and partially dressed men and women in various stages of sucking, fucking, masturbating, licking, sucking and fingering. There were whites and blacks having sex. The camera was moving around slowly, staying little at each pair or group of men and women enjoying sex.

Aunty garbed my dick and started to pump me slowly. Her other hand moved to her swollen tits. One the wall, the moving image was, grainy but quite clear. The camera now, stayed on a young man with long and thick dick, being lapped, licked and sucked by two ladies, one gorgeous black woman and a young white girl. The boy was sprawled on a reclining beach chair, his eyes closed, enjoying the attention given to his dick by two ladies. One more girl came, seductively placed her cunt on mouth of the boy. His hands immediately cupped the hips of the girl and, tongue leaped to taste her hole. The girl moaned loudly and started to move her butt over the flickering tongue, taking it to her asshole as well. The camera moved in to the close of her beautiful rimmed pink anus being lapped and probed, she was now trying to take the tongue in her back orifice. One more lady joined, kissed the girl, turned, bent her body bakırköy rus escort and offered her cunt and ass to be licked.

“Hmmm….look at the boy and four girls with him…lovely…I wish my son Raman also enjoys wonderful sex like this.” Padma aunty started to pump my dick fast.

The scene on wall changed. A beautiful black lady was busy sucking dicks of about six guys one by one, they circled around her, pumping their dick and waiting to be sucked. She was beautiful lady with short hairs, oval face, thick pouting lips, almond eyes and glow on her face

Now all the guys closed and stared to pump their dicks to unload their spunk. In lusty anticipation, the lady opened her mouth wide, ferociously licked her lips and eagerly waited for boiling semen to hit her face, a thick string of semen erupted from one dick and hit her on nose and cheeks. The guys moaned and kept on pumping, as he continue to eject his cum on the face of lady now moaning and trying to lick prized reward. When the flow of first dick was ebbing, another dick sprouted, throwing blobs of semen. Now the whole crowd of men and women gathered around the lady, getting facials in abundance. One by one about half a dozen men emptied their balls on her face, which turned smeared and dripped with semen. Few ladies pounced on her and started to lick her face.

“Hmmmm…gosh…lovely…see the lucky bitch…sucking and getting spunk from so many dicks…I wish to do it someday and you have to help me get few good fuckers.” She moaned and pulled my dick hard. I didn’t say anything and wondered that if such a thing was possible in our small Indian town. Aunty sprang on me and took my dripping dick in her hot mouth. For few minute, she sucked me slowly, pulling and rubbing my balls.

“Switch the projector off; let me do something exciting and new to you before Rekha comes…it’s important, because we both love doing it. You are going be our partner, so you must experience it, enjoys what it involves.”

She left my dick from her grip; I got up, went to the projector and switched it off. Aunty opened a side drawer of the bed and took out a rod with lots of knotted thick silk thread attached at one end, like flog along with a black scarf.

“Come here boy and let me blindfold you.” Her voice reeked of deep lust and sensual expectations. She turned me and tied the scarf over my eyes. I didn’t know what was going to happen and why I was made to wear a blindfold.

“Aunty, I can’t see anything…” I heard my self feebly protesting.

“Don’t worry boy, you don’t have to see anything dear, just experience and enjoy the pleasure, you have yet not known. Now let me guide you to the bed and be on your four,” I was helped to ride the bed, gently pushed in to doggy position, with my butt raised up and head down on a pillow.

“Hmmm…gosh…you look so delicious and hot…hmmm” I felt the knotted thread moving over my back , butt and thighs.

Suddenly, aunty started to hit my butt with flog and gradually increased the speed and force. I felt conflicted, humiliated like slave but the flogging was inducing a slow heat of pleasure in my body as well.

“Ahhhh,…Oh No Aunty…it hurts..” I protested as she suddenly hit my buttocks very hard. The big knots caused pain at many points. But surprisingly, it was getting increasingly pleasurable too.

“Shut up Madarchod…mother fucker, don’t you feel pleasure?”

…to be continued.

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