Mother Madison Ch. 03

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By the time Rachel and Linda made it to the bedroom, they were both naked. Rachel closed the door, took Linda in her arms and kissed her.

Linda cradled Rachel’s breasts in her hands. “God, I wish I had your boobs.”

Rachel looked down at her oversized melons. “These things? They’d just get in your way like they do for me.”

Rachel nibbled lightly on Linda’s earlobe. She teased the opening with the tip of a very wet tongue. She moved down and licked the hollow of the younger woman’s neck and then kissed her way down to her breasts, stopping once to give her a love bite just below her neck.

Rachel lifted Linda’s left breast and kissed and licked the underside. She gave it a light squeeze before moving her hand to the younger woman’s hip.

She wet her lips and began to kiss her way around the base of Linda’s breast. She moved her mouth up the side of the young woman’s breast about a half inch and once again made the circuitous trip around that magnificent orb. She continued kissing in this manner, each time, making smaller and smaller circles until her face was hovering over the nipple.

Rachel left a wet trail of saliva as her tongue traced the outer edges of Linda’s areola. She pursed her lips and blew softly, causing Linda to shiver from the excitement of it all.

Linda’s body jerked involuntarily when Rachel made first contact with her nipple. “Oh, fuck!” she cried out in a voice made raqged by her need for release. “You’re making me crazy.”

Rachel licked along the surface of Linda’s nipple as it expanded to a size she’d only heard about before this moment. “Damn!” she thought. “Them things have to be at least an inch long! And huge, too. Why, they’re nearly as big around as my thumb.”

She gently captured that oversized protuberance between her lips and pulled back, allowing it to slide out of her mouth. She exhaled, her hot breath caressing Linda’s nipple and areola.

Linda sucked in her breath and held it as a series of tremors rendered her nearly helpless; helpless to do anything except lay back and let Rachel stoke her fires of sinful lust.

Rachel continued to slide her lips over Linda’s nipple and then, after letting it fall out of her mouth, she blew on it. Then she moved her attention to the other breast.

Linda’s mind was in a tizzy; her reasoning abilities quickly fading as she gave herself over to the hedonistic pleasures that threatened to consume her.

For several minutes, Rachel switched from one breast to the other, gently massaging one while she sucked the other’s nipple and nibbled on it with lip covered teeth.

After what seemed like an eternity to Linda, Rachel left her breasts and kissed her way down to her belly button.

Linda’s breathing was already labored but, when Rachel’s tongue rimmed her belly button and began to slide in and out of that indentation, her breath caught in her throat and it was several seconds before she remembered to breathe. Her mouth opened wide and her chest heaved. She placed her hands on top of Rachel’s head and pushed. “Eat me! Lick me!” she screamed. “I’ve got to cum before you drive me crazy!”

Still unhurried, Rachel was now kissing Linda just above her bushy mound. From thigh to thigh, she licked and nibbled the other woman’s sensitive skin along the edges of her hairline.

Linda cried out in total ecstasy when Rachel began her downward journey across her bush. She groaned in disappointment when Rachel bypassed her clit and her pussy. An approving sigh escaped her lips when Rachel began kissing her inner thighs.

Rachel kissed, licked and nibbled a path from Linda’s knee to the crease that separated her thigh from her pelvis.

Linda was hopeful when she looked down her body and saw Rachel’s face hovering just inches above her clit. She shivered when the warm air of Mrs. Madison’s exhalations caressed that little nub.

Rachel moved to her left and treated Linda’s right thigh in much the same manner as she had the left one.

After a few broad swipes of the tongue along the crease where thigh met pelvis, Rachel centered her attention on Linda’s pussy.

The blood engorged lips of Linda’s outer labia had already spread wide, revealing a slightly swollen labia minora. Rachel immediately pushed her tongue deep into the recesses of Linda’s vagina.

“Oh, yes,” Linda moaned as the tremors returned with a vengeance. “Fuck my pussy with your tongue.” She arched her back in an effort to get more of Rachel’s tongue inside her.

Rachel licked Linda’s cunt lips from the bottom to the top, paused as she blew warm air onto her clit and then lowered her face until her mouth was over the younger woman’s back door.

Rachel pushed the lingerie clerk’s legs up and over her shoulders. She pulled the twin globes of Linda’s ass cheeks apart; revealing the puckered, winking hole. She eased her tongue out between her lips and licked around the edges of that small opening, triggering Linda’s first orgasm of the night.

The heat in Linda’s loins burned hotter with beylikdüzü anal yapan escort each swipe of Rachel’s tongue until her dam burst. “Oh, oh, Oh,” Linda whimpered continually and without ceasing. Her body trembled. She arched her back. Her legs, still resting on Rachel’s shoulders, became rigid and straight.

The flames from a thousand fires emanated from between her legs and spread throughout Linda’s body. A cauldron of boiling passion exploded inside her and she began to scream.

“Oh, fuck! Goddammit!” Linda yelled. “I’m cumming. You sweet bitch, you’re making me cum!”

Rachel, her senses heady from the sweet odor of Linda’s arousal, let her tongue lie still until the younger woman rode out her orgasm.

When the trembling had ceased and Linda’s body had gone limp, Rachel licked up the perineum and along the outer lips until she reached Linda’s clit.

One stroke of Rachel’s lips along her hard and sensitive clit sent Linda’s senses into another tailspin. With both hands full of hair, she held Mrs. Madison’s face against her hungry cunt while she fucked her enlarged clit between Rachel’s lips.

The hard, determined thrusting of Linda’s mound forced a loud grunt from Rachel’s lungs each time she made contact with the younger woman’s mound..

Although she’d experience one of the most powerful orgasms of her young life only moments ago, Linda could feel another one quickly building. Each time she felt the friction on her clit when she pushed it between Rachel’s soft lips, Rachel aided the building tension in her body by a hard flick of her tongue against that hard bundle of nerve endings.

Seconds later and Linda was experiencing another mind bending climax. Again, her shouting and screaming announced her arrival at another orgasmic peak.

She continued pressing Rachel’s face against her heated sex until the storm of sexual stimulation had passed. Her body now limp and satiated, she released her grip on Rachel’s hair and slowly lowered her back side to the bed. Both women were gasping for air.

Her breath still coming in short, measured bursts, Rachel slid from between Linda’s legs, crawled up the bed and laid down beside her. She slid an arm under Linda’s neck and pulled the younger woman to her. She pushed a strand of hair out of the way and kissed Linda on the forehead.

After several minutes of post orgasmic bliss had passed, Linda stirred. “You do something to me that no one else has ever been able to do,” she said as she caressed Rachel’s cheek.

* * *

Tammy clung to her brother. Never in her life had she been so exhausted after a round of sex. Over and over again, she recounted in her mind the recent events that had led her to this moment in time.

“A week ago,” she told him, “I could only imagine what it would be like for you to make love to me.”

Jeff had been dozing off and on since he’d stopped his oral attack on his sister’s sex and had lain down beside her. It took a second for him to realize he wasn’t dreaming. He kissed her lightly as he cupped her left tit and began teasing her nipple.

“So far, it’s only been an oral affair,” he said. “We haven’t even begun to make love.”

Tammy laughed. Her eyes opened wide in a mock show of surprise. “You mean there’s more?” She let out a low growl when he sucked an earlobe into his mouth.

“Much more,” Jeff told her. “Much, much more.”

Tammy wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed her sex against his. She felt his hardening cock moving through the folds of her hot, yearning sex. Small bursts of incestuous desire made her body tingle when their lips met and their tongues began wrestling for control.

Jeff pushed his cock, now as hard as a length of steel pipe, between her hot, blood engorged outer labia.

Tammy slid her hand down his hard stomach and over the fine pelt of black hair on his groin. Jeff groaned loudly when she grabbed his uncircumcised penis and slid the foreskin down over the glans. She attempted lifting her hips so she could take his hot, yearning piece of man flesh deep inside the recesses of her sex, but he resisted.

“Brother,” she began, “Don’t you want me? Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“More than life itself,” he replied. He backed away from her grasp and stood. He looked down at her, mapping the subtle and the not so subtle curves and contours of her hot, young body. His cock twitched and seemed to get even harder at the thought of sliding his member into her hot, clutching vagina. He offered her his hand and, when she took it, he helped her to her feet.

In a low voice that was thick with desire, he told her, “Let’s do this in the bedroom.”

Tammy stood and hugged her brother tightly. The lust and desire that raged throughout her body gave her voice a bit of a throaty timbre and made Jeff want her even more.

“Let’s join Mother and Linda in Mother’s bed,” Tammy suggested. “Her bed’s big enough for all of us and half the town of Beddington Falls.”

“I beylikdüzü balıketli escort like that idea,” Jeff said. “But, only if the citizens of Beddington Falls sits this one out.”

Tammy hit him playfully on the arm. “You goof. I didn’t mean it literally.”

Tammy and her brother entered their mother’s bedroom amidst a backdrop of the loud moans and groans of two naked females on the bed engaged in a serious bout of cunnilingus.

The fire in Tammy’s loins multiplied exponentially when she saw Linda’s face buried in her mother’s hairy cunt. She touched Jeff on the arm, looked up at him and then looked at Linda’s near bald pussy. “I’ve got to have some of that,” she whispered. “And I’ve got to have it now.” She left her brother’s side, climbed up onto the bed and promptly buried her face in the lingerie clerk’s sex.

Linda was too busy licking Rachel’s slit to pay much attention to whoever was between her legs. She continued licking from Mrs. Madison’s ass hole to her clit. Each time her tongue touched that elongated bundle of nerve endings, she would pause long enough to capture that shiny pink bud between her lips and lightly nibble on it.

Jeff had thought it impossible for his dick to get any harder but, looking at the three women had proved him wrong. “It’s hard enough to use as a lethal weapon,” he thought with a smile.

It took a couple of minutes to register in his mind that he was about to stroke himself to a climax. “That’s not what I’m here for,” he told himself. He climbed up on the bed beside his sister and positioned himself so that his head was between her legs. He brought his face to within an inch or two of her cunt.

He drug his tongue between her splayed lips all the way up to her overly sensitive clit but he did not tarry there for long. After a couple of flicks of his tongue, he moved south and began the journey all over again.

Rachel’s body was on fire. The warmth she’d first felt deep inside her sex had spread quickly until it threatened to consume her. She was getting dangerously close to yet another orgasm.

When Linda’s lips closed around her clit for the umpteenth time, Rachel placed her hands behind Linda’s head and held her in place.

“Oh, God, yessss!” Rachel hissed. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Linda had no intention of stopping; not just yet, anyway. When she sensed that Rachel was getting close, she stuck her forefinger in her mouth until it was dripping with her saliva, pulled it out and pressed the tip against Rachel’s back door, massaging it with the utmost of care.

She lifted the older woman’s legs and put them on her shoulders, making her wrinkled brown hole more accessible to her probing fingers. Again, she wet her finger with her own saliva and pressed it against Rachel’s butt hole.

Rachel groaned with anticipated pleasure. Nobody had ever played around with her anal opening before. Certainly not George. Anything besides the missionary position was nasty and dirty. She instinctively knew that Linda would take it slow so as not to hurt her.

Linda continued to rim Rachel’s tight little hole with the tip of her finger, occasionally, teasing it with her tongue

Once more, Linda made sure her finger was well lubricated. She pushed her finger deep into the recesses of Rachel’s hot and hungry cunt. Rachel’s vaginal muscles squeezed the invading finger until Linda thought it would surely be broken and ripped from her hand.

Linda struggled to get her finger out of the older woman’s tight, clasping pussy. Covered with the secretions of a sexually charged vagina, she finally managed to extract her finger from Rachel’s hot box. She immediately pressed the tip against Rachel’s puckered hole.

Linda let her finger rest at the entrance to Rachel’s back hole, allowing Rachel to get used to something touching her in such a sensitive spot.

Finally satisfied that the older woman had relaxed enough to attempt an insertion, Linda pressed lightly against the tiny brown hole. She was surprised at how easily it slipped inside Rachel’s colon. She stopped pushing when she felt the wrinkled ring of muscles that guarded the entrance to Rachel’s bowels squeezing her finger just below the first knuckle.

Slowly, Linda pushed a bit more of her finger inside Rachel’s rectum, stopping after each endeavor to allow her to get accustomed to the digital invasion. Finally, Linda’s entire finger was inside Rachel’s ass.

“Ohhhhh,” Rachel sighed when Linda began to pull her finger out of her back door. Then Linda eased it back inside that dark hole. Thus began a series of thrusts and retreats as the shop girl picked up a bit of speed. Soon, her hand was almost a blur as her finger pistoned in and out of Rachel’s ass.

Rachel began to whimper; short little high-pitched sounds that sounded much like the chattering of a squirrel.

Rachel’s whimpering quickly morphed into a series of screams as a warm, tingly feeling began to develop in her stomach. beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş Before she could fully comprehend what was happing to her body, that feeling had traveled quickly down to her pussy.

The tongue bath Linda was giving to her clit; combined with the finger fucking of her ass, was more than Rachel thought she could endure. She tightened her grip on Linda’s hair and held her head in place. Finally, it was there.

Rachel arched her back, thrusting her secreting cunt into her newfound friend’s face. The muscles in her body seized. Her legs, still resting on Linda’s shoulders trembled. She could feel her toes curling from the increasing intensity of her orgasm. She felt like she was going to explode.

Linda could feel Rachel’s anal muscles slowly squeezing the life out of her finger; yet, she continued to finger fuck Rachel’s ass.

Linda, herself, was getting dangerously close to popping a cork. Her clit was throbbing and her insides were already beginning to lurch like a ship being tossed about in a storm. The warmth she’d felt when the younger of the two Madison women had first latched on to her clit had increased a thousand fold.

Tammy, though, was a bit disappointed, wondering why her brother hadn’t already impaled her on his beautiful fuck rod. She couldn’t see that his wonderfully hard cock was only inches away from entering her molten hot sex.

The first touch of Jeff’s glans against her outer labia was electrifying. Her moans and groans poured out of her mouth and into Linda’s clutching cunt.

Tammy felt Jeff’s cock head spreading her splayed lips even further apart. Her swollen inner labia, for the moment, was denying him entrance.

She felt her juices flowing and lubricating her insides. The walls of her tight, clutching vagina grudgingly acquiesced. In just a few seconds, all of him was buried to the root inside her fiery hot box.

Jeff felt the resistance as his cock pushed forward, stretching her tight, young pussy as it molded itself around his hard, veiny tool.

“Oh, fuck, Tammy,” he cried out as his balls settled against her ass.

Jeff started out slow; easing his dick out of the confines of her quivering quim and pausing for a second or two before slipping it back in.

Tammy’s continued oral assault on Linda’s sex muted her cries of ecstasy and made them unintelligible.

Gradually, Jeff increased the speed and strength of his thrusts until he was slamming his cock into his sister’s hot velvet lined box with the strength of a bull elephant.

It was like a chain reaction. Jeff grunted loudly each time his cock bottomed out inside Tammy’s young cunt. The harder he pounded her pussy, the louder Tammy screamed.

Tammy’s muffled cries were absorbed by Linda’s overly sensitive sex, causing the young shop woman to cry out. Linda’s continuous outbursts sent vibrating waves of hedonistic pleasure throughout Rachel’s body, making her cum yet again.

Rachel gently pushed Linda’s head away. “Too sensitive,” she explained.

“Ahhhh, shitfuck,” Linda said as her own orgasm struck without warning. Like lightning from above, continuous messages of joy and extreme pleasure traveled from her almost hairless gash to her brain, tripping the switch on her every nerve ending along the way.

Linda’s face became heated and flushed as wave after wave of orgasmic contractions robbed her of all her strength. Finished and spent, she fell; face first, onto the bed, smothering Tammy’s face with her hairy mound. A few minutes later, she rolled off the younger Madison woman and lay down next to Rachel, totally exhausted.

Like a fish out of water, Tammy thrashed about as her lungs took in massive amounts of air.

The friction raised by Jeff’s hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt was driving her crazy with her need for release. The fingers of her left hand found her clit. She bent the first two fingers and placed one on either side of the hooded nub and cautiously began to slide her fingers up and down, pausing every few seconds to squeeze her fingers together.

Brother and sister rutted against each other; lost in their own separate worlds as they strove towards orgasm.

Rachel, seeing her daughter getting plowed by her own brother, began to get excited all over again. She moved over in the bed, positioned her face mere inches away from Tammy’s pendulous breasts.

A low, lusty growl escaped Tammy’s lips when her mother began to suck on her nipple. “Oh, shitfuck,” she cried. “Suck my tits. Suck my clitty! Lick my pus. . .”

Tammy stiffened. Her bellowing cry announced her orgasm as it hit her with the force of a train traveling at full speed. The bright glowing ember of her incestual passion was now an unquenchable flame, burning hot; like a blacksmith’s forge.

Tammy’s vagina was leaking large amounts of a clear fluid. Jeff could feel it as it flowed haltingly around his cock and out her pussy. In no time at all, his pubic hairs were wet and matted.

Even in the throes of her orgasm, Tammy was still thinking of her brother. She squeezed her vaginal muscles around his hard cock, milking it; trying to coax his spunk into spraying the walls of her vagina.

Even though her orgasm had subsided, Tammy continued to match her brother thrust for thrust. In a few short minutes, she felt his cock swell, causing her to squeeze the shaft of his weapon harder and more often.

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