Morning Surprise

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Big Tits

You are still in bed after I finish taking my morning shower. You are lying at an angle across the bed, naked on top of the covers. You legs are apart and your arms are stretched above your head. You look so relaxed and “ready” at the same time. I begin rubbing your legs and thighs. I give you long kisses on the inside of your thighs. I notice your nipples are erect. I move to the other side of the bed and begin massaging your neck and shoulders.

Next I run my hands between your breasts and around your stomach. I bring my hands back up and lightly brush across your hard nipples. Next I lean forward and begin kissing your nipples. I use make circles around your nipples with my tongue. As I lick and suck on your hard nipples you begin to squirm a bit. I move from your breasts back to your neck. As I am giving you long wet kisses on your neck, I use my hands to gently pinch and rub your nipples. I squeeze and press your tits together while teasing your nipples. I notice, your legs begin to move back and forth.

I move again to the other side of the bed. I kiss your thighs some more and slowly move up to your pussy. I kiss the inner areas of your thighs and around your pussy lips. I let my tongue lick around your pussy and the small area between your pussy and asshole. Next I use my hands to spread your pussy open. Your swollen clit is very visible and looks ready for some attention. I gently use my tongue to like your erect clit. Your body shudders at the first touch. I begin moving my tongue a bit faster across your clit. You let out a soft moan. As I lick your clit my hands move bahis firmaları back to your tits to rub your nipples.

You are obviously wide-awake now and your hands on top of mine as I play with your tits. After a couple of minutes, I let your hand take over with the nipple rubbing and pinching. I use my hands to spread you pussy wider, so I can get my mouth around your clit for some sucking. You begin to moan even more. As I begin to suck harder, your body shudders again. I move my hands down to play with your pussy and ass. I squeeze your ass cheeks a few times and then a finger finds its way into your cunt. I stroke the inside of your pussy in time with the sucking motion I am giving your clit. With my other hand, I use another finger to tease your asshole. You thrust up against my face to allow my fingers deeper inside your pussy and ass. Your whole body is tingling. My fingers are swirling around inside you as I suck on your clit. Your hands are still squeezing and rubbing your tits and nipples. Your moans are now louder.

Your body is feeling very tense. You feel an orgasm getting closer and closer. You move one hand down and press my head tighter against your pussy. I begin sucking and tounging your clit harder. Your begin thrusting your pussy in rhythm to my fingers working inside of your body. A rush of heat flows through your body as you begin to cum. I yell out how good your pussy feels and tell me to suck harder. My fingers are as deep as they will go into your pussy and ass. I begin moving my fingers in and out of both holes. You whole body is bucking up and down with kaçak iddaa each thrust of my fingers. Your hands are firmly squeezing your tits.

You suddenly push my head away from your clit and turn over. You get on your knees with your ass in the air and tell me to fuck you from behind. I get up on the bed and you guide my hard cock into your very wet pussy. Is slowly slide my dick inside your cunt until be stomach meets your ass cheeks. I feel the head of my cock swell as I fill your pussy. Your pussy is very warm and smooth inside. Your squeeze my balls and begin moving your ass up and down, leading me to move faster.

I begin pumping my cock in and out with the longest thrusts possible without pulling completely out. I am smacking hard against your ass to get the deepest penetration into your pussy. We are both thrusting and humping in rhythm. I insert my finger into your ass for additional sensations. We both moan with each hard thrust into your pussy.

After a few minutes of hard fucking. I pull out and instruct you to get on top of me. My hard cock is shining from the wetness of your pussy. As I role onto my back, you grab my cock and stroke it a few times. Then you bend over and insert it deep into your mouth. You move your head up and down at a steady pace. You stretch your lips over the entire shaft. I can feel your tongue tickle the head every time you move your mouth up my cock. When my cock begins to twitch you slow down and squeeze my balls to prevent me from cumming. After a few minutes of sucking my dick you move slow down and move a hand underneath my balls to rub kaçak bahis my asshole. You begin jerking me off with one hand and fingering my ass with the other. Your lick my balls with your tongue as I moan with pleasure.

After jerking my dick and finger fucking my ass, you get on top of me and guide my very hard cock into your still dripping pussy. You bounce up and down my cock pressing your clit against me with every bounce. Your clit begins to feel tingly again. Keeping my dick deep inside your cunt, you begin rubbing your clit against me. I reach up and begin massaging your tits. Your nipples are hard again. You begin rubbing against fee faster as my cock twitches inside your pussy. You feel another orgasm as second heat wave hits your whole body. You fall on top of me and begin rapidly thrusting your hips up and down. As your pussy is sliding up and down my cock I grab your head and we begin a long wet tongue session. As we kiss passionately, I feel my cock swell even more as my orgasm gets closer. As you slam your pussy harder against me my cock twitches again and a large gush of hot cum shoots into your pussy. I let out a loud moan as cum is shooting through my cock.

We both roll over at the same time so I can get on top of you and thrust even deeper. You put your legs on my shoulders for deeper penetration. I thrust as fast and as hard as I can. After a few minutes of more hard fucking, I slow down and let your legs down. I lay on top of your and give you another long wet kiss. I slow down my thrusting. My cock is slowly sliding in and out of your cum filled pussy. As will fuck in slow motion I realize that I am late for work. Who cares. A few more minutes of love making makes the rest of my day. Sitting at my desk I think of your body spread across the bed waiting for another session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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